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My employer is an unscrupulous man. He is very rich and very well connected. However, most of those connections are all coerced. He has an extensive collection of information on numerous people around the country and he does not flinch when it comes time to threaten release of that information in order to force the individual into giving him what he wants, which is usually controlling interest in a business venture. Sometimes the individuals need a little convincing, or additional information needs to be gathered regarding them. That is where I come in………
The “Fucking” Job – Assignment #2

I have some very unique talents and am very discrete which is why he hired me. He pays very, very well per assignment; six figures, never starting at less than $150,000. Sometimes the assignments can be distasteful, but not enough to make me give up the money. The boss is usually very specific on what he wants done so much that he provides written details of some very specific things he wants accomplished, in specific manners. We discussed the assignment; although there were some details I was not totally comfortable with, I put my personal feelings and likes/dislikes aside as soon as he put half the cash in my hand. I am not going to explain the details of the assignment before I describe how I carried out the assignment. I think the gist of the assignment will become apparent as I relate the details

Assignment #2
I had studied them and determined I would not need an assistant this time. He is a minister of a large, well to do church and president of a multi-national organization that has over time expanded its boundaries to include activities that are not necessarily religious in nature. The boss wants to launder money through this multi-national organization but, obviously, the preacher needs a little convincing. He is 51 years old, 5’-11” tall and approximately 185 pounds. His wife, Chloe, is a 42 year old brunette, 5’-5” tall and 117 pounds. They have an 18 year old daughter, blonde, 5’-4”, 110 pounds. She is spending the night at a friend’s house this evening.

It is 1:00 am Saturday morning. I have stealthily entered the house and prepared their den for my work. Among other things, I attached the remote control video cam to a tripod and sat it in the corner of the room. I then connected the video cam to their large screen TV so I could make sure the shots were properly framed. I then removed the pistol from my shoulder holster and proceeded to the master bedroom.

Chloe and Chuck are deep asleep. I flip on the lights and shout “Wake up you fuckers!” They bolted upright in bed frantically looking around the brightly lit room. She began to scream and I fired two rounds into the mattress between their legs. She swallowed the rest of her scream and Chuck just turned a sickly pale color. I had their full attention now!

“We are going to make a little home made video. This can be easy for you or extremely difficult. Your choice. If we go the easy route it will go quickly.” I flatly stated. “Hell, you might even enjoy it” I added with a leer. I continued “But, if it goes the hard way, one of you will not survive the night AND I will return when your daughter is home and have a little fun with her. Understand?” I stood there waving the pistol back and forth between them. “Well, what’s it going to be?” I inquired.

They exchanged a frightened glance then Chuck said “Easy”.

“Good choice. Now, strip and go into the den.”

My cock leaped in my pants as Chloe peeled her nightgown up over her head. She was stunning; perfectly proportioned. Her 34B tits had silver dollar sized, brown areolas with perky little nipples. As they meekly started down the hall, after I waved my pistol, I followed, noticing that she also had a very shapely ass. Both of them were in very good physical condition. Both of them had shaved off all their pubic hair which struck me as odd for a religious couple, but I liked it.

When we entered the den they both took a quick glance around and saw my set-up and how I had re-arranged some of their stuff. I motioned them to the middle of the room, centered on a blanket spread out on the floor. “Fuck” I stated. They shot me a questioning glance. “Fuck” I repeated “fuck her right there on that blanket.” I wanted a little show plus I wanted to check out the pan, tilt, and zoom remote control of the camera and make sure it was in the best position in the room. They stood there a minute, and then tentatively touched each other. I fired a round into the back of the fireplace. They almost pissed on themselves. “Fuck” I shouted and added “you better make it believable, make me think there is nothing else in the world you would rather be doing!”

I watched him reach for her neck, pull her face in and kiss her as I turned on the camera. They continued for a few minutes, their tongues interlocked, their hands roaming over each other, his fingers playing with her nipples. His mouth moved to her sensitive neck. As he nibbled on her neck and tweaked her hardening nipples her hand slid down and grasped his flaccid cock. I played with the camera, zooming in, out, panning left, right, up down. It worked perfectly. I zoomed in on her hand as she fondled his cock. The image on the TV was so large I could see little cracks in her fingernail polish. OK – the camera is fully functional and all checked out. I am going to enjoy the show until it is time for me to join them.

I saw his member growing in her soft hand as his lips and fingers continued to stimulate her body. Soon his 6” cock was fully erect. One of his hands had moved to her pussy and he was making small circular motions occasionally dipping his finger into her hot interior. Time to move this on I thought to myself as I said “69. Chuck on top, ass toward me”. This would provide an excellent camera angle.
Chloe silently lie down on her back and Chuck straddled her face then leaned down. He must have immediately gone for her pussy with his tongue because I saw her body flinch and her eyes start to drift shut. Before they fully closed Chuck pushed his cock down to line it up with her mouth. As it brushed her lips she grasped it and began to bath the head of it with her wet tongue. She completely licked his 6” cock before taking it into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down a couple times before I heard him start to groan. Shit – it sounded like that fucker was gonna cum already. Either she never gave him blow jobs or else he was just a sick pervert, sort of like me I guess, that was really excited by this situation. It makes no difference; I have a job to do. I framed the scene nicely. She had stopped bobbing her head but he was now pumping his hips sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. When he would go balls deep she furrowed her brow a little but did not seem to be effected by it. I will change that later I chuckled to myself. He grunted again and increased the pace of his thrusts. I have to stop him now because I need more footage, different scenes. I don’t want him to cum so soon then not be able to get it up again. “Fuck her pussy. Both your asses toward me” I ordered. He rose up and she spun around spreading her legs to allow him between them.

I watched as he took several amateurish, misaligned stabs at her pussy. She reached down between her legs and grasped his dick. She rubbed the head of it up and down a couple times between her labia the poised it at the entrance to her cunt. “Now” she whispered to him. I watched as he jammed his cock home. She squirmed a little then wrapped her legs around his waist. She gripped tightly in an effort to slow him down but to no avail. He fucked her with jerky, stabbing thrusts that barely moved his cock in and out of her. I zoomed the camera in for a close up of his cock embedded in her pussy. At that moment he groaned loudly and his body locked up with his cock about halfway in her pussy. I glanced over at the TV screen and saw quivers run through him as the vein on bottom of his cock began to expand and collapse as he shot his cum into her waiting pussy. I heard a sigh of disgust escape her lips as she let her legs fall down from around him. Then he collapsed on top of her.

I stood up, slid the elastic band of the credit card sized camera remote control around my left wrist, and approached them. I looked down and saw a look of disappointment in her eyes. Then she suddenly came back to reality and a look of terror consumed her face. “Pretty weak” I said “if I could not fuck any better than that I would just give it up!” I reached down, grasped his wrist and plastic cuffed them behind his back. I then pulled him up off her dragging his deflated pecker out of her cunt. God damn she looked good lying there, her knees slightly bent, her legs apart, her smooth tummy moving up and down with each breath, tits slightly moving also. And, her pussy, my God it was perfect. This was my first opportunity to get a really good look at it. I pulled him aside, focused the camera on her cunt and said “Eat her pussy”. I pushed him to his knees between her legs. “Spread your lips” I told Chloe. She complied. I pushed his down on his back to get his face into her cunt while I held back on the plastic cuffs to keep him from falling face first into her. “Clean it up, suck all your premature cum from her hole!” I ordered. He gave me a very disgusting look then shakily stuck out his tongue and gave her pussy a tentative lick. With my free hand I grasped his balls and gave them a severe twist and tug. He cried out but got the idea. He began to lick her pussy lick a dog dying of thirst. “Squeeze the cum out” I told her. She complied. At first one small dollop exited. It hit his tongue and rolled off. “You better not let that happen again” I snarled. She spread her lips wider and squeezed hard. A large dollop of cum strung out of her hole. He curled the tip of his tongue and caught it as it exited her cunt. “Swallow” I hissed. He retracted his tongue into his mouth, a line of cum stringing from the tip of it to the bottom of her open hole, closed his mouth and with great effort swallowed it. “Suck her hole, clean it all out” I ordered. As he finished the job I double checked the TV to make sure the scene was properly framed.

I sat him on the floor in front of the massive couch and took two more of the large plastic cuffs, hooked them end to end, looped them through the cuff around his wrists then looped them around the leg of the couch and pulled it tight. He was not going anywhere. Now it was time for me to “enter the picture”!

This was going to be fun…..for me at least! But, I had to make this look real, like they really, voluntarily did this. That may be a challenge? So far it had gone pretty well. The video could easily be edited to make it look like a run-of-the-mill home porno.

I walked over to the coffee table and with my back to Chloe, but watching her on the TV, removed all my clothes, kept the remote around my wrist and judging by her action, or lack thereof, decided to leave the pistol in the holster on the table for now. That might relax her a little more. Watching that stunning vixen suck cock and get fucked had made my cock painfully hard. I turned toward her, my 9” long, fat, throbbing cock jutting proudly out in front of me. Hers eyes widen, “Oh……. My……. God” she whispers to my great satisfaction. I glance over at Chuck and sneered at him. “Now, I will show you how it’s done”.

I kneel down between her legs and drink in her beauty with my eyes. I lean forward to kiss her lips but she keeps them tightly shut. Hmmm, not quite the willing participant yet. I scoot down and grasp her delicious ass up with one hand as my other reaches to her left breast just as my warm tongue separates her swollen pussy lips. I slowly slide my tongue up between her lips, lightly brushing her clit. She shudders and moans. I flick her clit several more times then I pull back and move down to press the tip of my tongue forcefully against her rosebud. I feel her ring begin to stretch slightly as the tip of my tongue begins to enter her ass. I stiffen my tongue and begin to wiggle it side to side rapidly as my fingers sink into the soft flesh of her breast. She squirms and moans deeply as my tongue stimulates her sensitive anal nerve endings. I keep pressure on my tongue and continue wiggling it side to side as I ever so slowly move it upward. Across the top edge of her quivering rosebud, across the t'aint, now at the bottom of her sensitive pussy lips. She sucks in a sharp breath in anticipation as my wiggling tongue begins to separate her pussy lips! Slowly I continue upward as my right hand finds her nipple and begins to pinch. I suddenly clamp my lips around her hard clit and flick my tongue across it! As her pent up orgasm, from years of inadequate fucking, builds up I slip my fingertip into her ass and she goes over the edge! She stifles her moans as her orgasm crashes over her! I very quickly spit in my hand and rub it on my cock then move up and thrust half my cock into her just as her climax is peaking! The warmness of her cunt generates an incredible sensation for my cock. The suction of her pussy is like a warm, pliant vise grip. I grasp the back of her knees and put her legs over my shoulders.

"Oh, yes. Oh my God" she whispers as my big cock stretches her pussy wider than any cock ever has! "Oh, fuck! Oh yes, right there... fuuuck!!" she moans out, feeling her orgasm peak again “so big, mmmmm”. At this moment I plunge the rest of my cock into her. I feel my knob strike her cervix. She squeals loudly! I look down at her, clenched eyes, furrowed brow, in the midst of orgasmic bliss and I am overwhelmed with lust. I begin to piston my rock hard cock in and out of her. I feel her pussy juice wetting my balls as it seeps out around my impaling cock. I move my left hand to her sweet pussy and rub and flick her hard, flaming clit. I feel her pussy milk my dick as her orgasm continues and explodes into a stronger, violent one.

"Like that baby?" I rhetorically gasp out, thrusting fast, pumping harder, and rubbing quicker. "Oh shit!" she moans. "Its ahh...sensative…ahh.. FUCK! Oh God!" she gasps out between my thrusts as I take her breath away each time I slam my cock head against her cervix. “It’s the biggest cock I have ever had” she whispers to me.

"Yeah" I say, going even faster, sticky fuck sounds echoing off the walls around us. I move my head to suck on her nipple as I continue pumping my cock into her. Herr nipples are very hard and sensitive. She moans louder and another orgasmic spasm flows through her! All the sucking, thrusting, rubbing, and pumping finally gets to me! "Oh shit... Fuck yesssss!" I hiss. "I’m gonna cum!" I exclaim! "Oh yes, cum in me, let me have all of your fucking cum!" she grunts out, red in the face, moaning. "Oh shit!" I hiss out as my big, throbbing cock erupts sending intense bursts of warm cum deep into her, causing her waning orgasm to flame up again! My cum mingles with her copious juices and leaks out around my pistoning cock as I feel her pussy milk me. "Oh fuck yeah; I feel it squirting in me.... Fuck!" she cries out one last time. She wraps her hands around my neck, her legs still over my shoulders, and squeezes me tightly. I feel little spasms course through her body. I slightly relax my upper body against the back of her thighs, lean in to kiss her. This time she responds warmly, greeting my lips with her tongue, parting my lips, and then hungrily kissing me. She breaks the kiss and whispers into my ear “you are also only the second man I have ever had.” “Well, you are going to have me some more before this is over” I say to her.

I glanced over at Chuck. He had a very dismayed look on his face, along with a very hard cock! Seems he must have liked watching his stunning wife get properly fucked. However, I do not think him and I are best friends just yet. “Ok Chuck, your turn to be part of the movie magic” I leered as I grabbed the pistol and a knife then strode over and cut him loose.

As much as I wanted to fuck Chloe again, I had specific details yet to film for Hardwick so I had to keep on track.

“OK, go over there and lie down on the blanket, on your back, head pointed away from the camera.” He did as instructed and I re-aligned him slightly. “Now, Chloe, 69 him.” She less than enthusiastically complied, probably thinking it would be just more of the same old, same old. She was wrong. And, if I seem to be judging her correctly, properly detecting the fact that way down deep she has a wild side, then she will in fact most likely really enjoy this next “scene”.

Chloe straddled Chucks face, settled her pussy down on his lips then bent over and began sucking his cock. She was able to get the entire 6” easily into her mouth and throat. I adjusted the camera then stood and watched for a couple minutes. She slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth allowing her lips to purse out and apply pressure around the shaft of his cock until they reached the bottom of his crown. Then she slowly eased back down again until his shaft completely disappeared between her lips and her nose was against his nut sack. Damn that looks like it feels very good! Wish it was my cock! AT that point I began to feel a little stirring in my loins. My cock is starting to come back to life a little. Chloe opens her blue-green eyes and stares directly into mine. She does not break eye contact with me as she slowly eases back up his shaft. This time as her lips contact the bottom of his crown she grasps his shaft with her hand and continues sliding her mouth upward. As her lips pass over his piss hole she snakes her tongue out and begins to flick the tip of it rapidly across his slit. Chuck moans deeply, muffled by her pussy. My cock jumps at the sight of this. She notices and smiles at me with her eyes and once again moves back down his shaft repeating the process and keeping eye contact with me. The fourth time she does this my cock reaches full attention. I grasp it and begin to stroke it as her tongue once again assails his piss slit. At that instant Chuck groans very loudly, despite her pussy covering his face, and begins to pump cum all over her tongue. I had hoped he would last a little longer but at least he lasted long enough for my cock to get hard again. She let his cum fall off her tongue, across her fingers, across his balls and string down his ass crack. Well, it is time to move on.

I moved over to them, got down on my knees, placed the pistol to my side and a little behind me, making sure it was within easy reach but also that it was out of the camera view. After all, this had to look like a “normal” home porno. Nothing was said. As I knelt down Chloe rose, supporting herself with one hand and grasped my firm cock with her other hand and guided it to her mouth. She hungrily sucked my cock. She tried to repeat the same process on me but my cock was too big. She could only get a little more than half of it in her mouth. Still, it felt good. Her mouth was open wide, her lips stretched thin as she slid up and down my cock. She bumped the head of my cock against the back of her mouth each time. She valiantly tried to get the head of it more than half an inch down her throat but was not successful. I reveled in it as she kept trying, it felt very good, and she truly seemed to be enjoying it. The upcoming part she was probably not going to like. “You are going to have to swallow it all for the camera” I whispered to her. I saw her eyes go wide and she slid up off my cock. “There is no way” she replied. “Yes, there is” I intoned, “especially if you really want to” I questioningly added. “Align your mouth with your throat, get my cock very wet, relax your throat muscles, focus on overcoming your gag reflex, and swallow it down” I instructed. Along with my coaxing and added instructions I saw a look of determination pass over her face.

“Suck my clit” she hissed at Chuck as she lowered herself a little by spreading out her knees on the floor beside his head. She leaned down, straightened her back and tilted her chin at her first attempt to align her throat. She then tugged on my cock pulling me to her lips. She used her tongue to liberally apply spit to my cock. When she had fully coated it she took it in her mouth. I let her try it on her own a few times watching as her hunching, gagging became less intense with each try. She was getting well past halfway now. I stared intently as she kept trying. The site was magnificent, this beautiful vixen trying valiantly to swallow my cock. I think the poor gal may need some help. After a few more tries, which I might add were stimulating my cock beyond belief, she looked up into my eyes with my cock resting in her mouth. Her nostrils were flared and she was breathing heavily. Tiny beads of sweat were glistening on her brow. Her eyes were pleading with me for assistance. I reached down, entangled my fingers in the hair on the back of her head and waited a moment. At this instance I glanced over at the TV to make sure the scene was still perfectly framed. It was. Then, as her mouth started back down on my cock I began to apply pressure to the back of her head. When she reached her earlier maximum I applied a quick surge of pressure to the back of her head causing another inch of my cock to go down her throat. She gagged again and jerked back and I allowed her to this one time. She paused and looked up at me. She started down my cock again. This time we never lost eye contact. Her eyes were very wet, almost teary. As she reached the same point again I applied pressure again, this time with both hands! I watched her eyes widen in fear as the pressure in her throat built up, squeezing my cock tightly. Another inch down! I saw silent tears begin to spill from her eyes. Her lips looked paper thin around my cock. I kept pushing. Suddenly I felt a “pop” and then my entire 9” of raging cock went in her mouth, down her throat! Her eyes bulged and bled tears profusely. Her nostrils emptily flared open and shut trying desperately to get a breath. Oh, holy fuck this was exquisite! This beautiful woman with her face totally impaled on my cock! I did not want to let go, but for the sake of the camera, I relented but did not totally release her. As she backed off my cock I stopped her with just the crown of it in her mouth. I allowed her ragged breathing to calm a bit, and then began applying pressure to the back of her head. She looked up at me with a frightened stare. “You have to make me cum like this” I whispered. She understood. I helped her all the way down my cock three more times then she took over. She reached up and grasped my hands and moved them to her generous tits. Then she began to sway her body back and forth, building momentum, then slammed her face down my cock! She repeated this in rapid fire fashion! All the way from my knob down to my pubic hair with each thrust! My god this woman was amazing! She seemed possessed! I had to hold on to her tits to keep from being knocked over backward. Every time my knob hit the back of her mouth and slid down her throat I almost collapsed with pleasure. She was grinding her cunt onto Chucks face, ferociously! I suddenly felt my nut sack draw up and the next time my cock shot down her throat it erupted! She gagged and as she drew back up my cock another huge spurt of cum rocketed from the tip of my cock and hit the back of her mouth nearly entering her trachea and choking her. She grasped my cock and pulled her reddened face off it while beginning to stroke it to finish off my orgasm. At that instant another rope of cum shot from my cock and hit her nose and chin. “That’s it you fucker! Cum on me!” she shouted as she continued stroking my cock. One more spurt exited my swollen knob and then cum just dribbled from my cock as her hand began to tug harder and faster on my cock! Her body tightened and she nearly ripped my cock off as she squealed loudly and roughly ground her hips on Chuck’s face as a powerful orgasm swept through her! Her body constricted and contorted, she shivered and jerked, hunching her hips hard, driving her cunt onto his face. Then she began to calm down, released my cock and eased her weight off Chuck’s face. He lay there gasping in huge breaths of air; she nearly suffocated him!

I waved my cock in front of her face and said “don’t stop, keep me hard ‘cause there is more movie making to be done”. She wiped my cum from her face and used it as lube as she stroked my cock. She began to flick her tongue across the head of it as she slid her hand up and down my shaft. She was doing a good job of keeping my dick from deflating any further. Now she just needs to get it fully hard again. I just hoped I would be able to cum for the camera again without having to wait forever. As I was contemplating the next “scene” I felt her fingertip brush across my asshole! That naughty little vixen! It made my cock twitch. Then she started sucking on my knob and swirling her tongue over it at the same time just as her finger penetrated my ass, knuckle deep. That caused a shot of excitement to run through me. She wiggled her finger around and kept sucking my cock. At this point my cock was about 80 percent hard. She raised my cock up with her other hand, moved her face down and suck my balls into her mouth. She let go of my cock and it rested across her nose and forehead. She grasped my leg for support and really began to work my balls with her mouth as her finger, still in my ass, wiggled more frantically. This felt great and was having the desired effect. Slowly my heavy cock began to rise off her face as it stiffened. She soon had me at full mast. By this time Chuck had regained his composure and was breathing normally as he quietly, meekly lie there staring up at her pussy.

I made sure my weapon was still within easy reach because I had a feeling the next scene might cause Chuck some problems. “OK. Time for the next scene” I told her. “Set on his chest with all your weight. Grab him behind the knees and pull his legs up as far and as wide as you can” I instructed. Upon hearing this her eyes went wide and Chuck stammered and sputtered out something unintelligible and began to try to work his way out from under Chloe. Both of them knew what was coming. As she tried to pull up on the back of his knees Chuck resisted strongly. I reached back, grabbed the pistol and fired another round into the back of their fireplace. Chloe saw what I was doing so it was no surprise to her. Chuck, however, nearly flinched out of his skin. Then I saw his body go limp, resigning himself to the fact that whatever was going to happen, he had to go along with it.

Chloe pulled Chuck’s legs up and spread them shoulder width apart. She wrapped her arms around the back of his knees pinning his legs against the outer edges of her shoulders. His legs formed a nice vee, framing her upper body and giving me an excellent view of her tits as I spat into my hand and lubed my big cock. I aimed my cock head at his asshole and saw the moist remnants of his earlier cumshot stringing between his ass cheeks. I slid my cock up and down collecting those strings of cum for additional lube then positioned my cock at his little brown ring and unceremoniously shoved it about a third of the way in. He screamed and tried to move away but her weight and grip on his legs held him in place. “Just go with it Chucky-boy” I snarled. “You better relax, push out, breath; If not this is going to be really bad” I said as I pressed two more inches of my cock up his asshole. I paused for a moment to allow him to get used to this anal intruder. I glanced at the TV to make sure the scene was properly framed. I then spit on my fingers a couple of times and applied it to my shaft from the point it entered his ass back to my pubic hair. With spit dripping off my cock I leaned forward grasping his hips and just slammed the rest of my cock up his ass. He bucked wildly but then figured out it was less painful to just lie still. That maneuver left me flat up against the back of his legs. Chloe’s wonderful tits were protruding from between Chuck’s legs and her rock hard nipples were pressing into my chest. She looked into my eyes. There was a wild look of lust in hers. “Oh God” she whispered “I can not….this is just so..oh fuck” she moaned as she rotated her hips in tiny circles sliding her pussy around on his chest. I paused for a minute letting Chuck get used to all 9” of my fat cock up his ass. I then began to slowly pump in and out, looking over Chloe’s shoulder to watch the contortions of his face as I did so. After a couple minutes or so his body was basically relaxed and his face was not showing any signs of extreme distress. At that point I told Chloe to get up. As she got off him I grabbed his legs, bent his knees over my shoulders, scooted forward bringing his ass and lower back up off the floor, bore my weight down on him and began to pile drive his asshole. He kept his eyes clenched the entire time. I fucked him harder. I glanced at the TV. Perfect shot of me slamming my cock in and out of his distended asshole. I slowed down, drove my cock fully in him, paused, and then slowly withdrew it. My heavy nut sack clung to his sticky ass cheeks like it was pinned to him. I watched the TV as my nut sack finally gave up its connection to his ass and afforded a good camera view of my cock turning his asshole slightly inside out as I withdrew it. That should be good. I scooted Chuck a little sideways from the camera then began to fuck him for all I was worth. The next, and final scene, called for me to cum all over Chuck’s balls and cock. I kept pounding and sweat was beginning to break out across my forehead. Chuck seemed at ease now, at least as much as he was going to be. The main thing is he “looked good on camera”. The sweat was now dripping off my brow onto his chest. I felt a hint of the familiar tingle in my balls but just could not get my orgasm started now matter how hard or fast I fucked him. I thought maybe a little visual stimulation would help. I rose up so I could see my raging cock slide in and out of his ass. I had never considered myself gay, not even bi, but there was something exciting about watching my big cock slide in and out of a man’s ass hole; watching his nut sack bounce around, watching his cock move about as I pound his ass. I also took note that Chuck’s dick was about half hard! I wonder what kind of suppressed desires he may have?

I started to get angry, frustrated because I could not get over the tipping point and start my orgasm! I looked at Chloe beside us as she absentmindedly played with her pussy while she stared mesmerizingly at me fucking Chuck’s ass. It is just not going to happen. I am wondering what to do when Chloe breaks my concentration. "I can't…..I can't take this anymore. I need you now" she huskily breathed out. I know this is not according to but something has to give. I have an idea.

I pull my cock from Chuck’s ass and lean back so that the camera can capture his distended asshole as it slowly closes. “Turn around” I say as I push sideways on Chuck’s legs. He scoots around so that his head is now towards me. “69” I say as I glance at Chloe. She quickly complies. She looks back over her shoulder at me as I move up behind her. She has one of the most lustful, burning, wicked looks on her face I have ever seen. “Fuck MY ass” she states. I do not have to hear a woman say that twice! I moved up, put my knees on each side of Chuck’s head, slid my cock into her pussy to lube it then quickly removed it and put it against her rubbery ring. I eased forward, slowly spreading her anal ring with my big knob. She sucked in a deep breath of air and to my surprise started shoving back toward me. I stopped. She continued backward. I watched as her luscious ass opened up and spread around my cock. She did not let up! She continued sliding back on my cock until her ass cheeks were against me! Then she forcefully blew out that breath she took in before she started sliding back. That was awesome! I leaned forward, reached around and grasped one of her tits and began to very firmly massage it. “You ready” I whispered into her ear. “Oh God yes!” she replied. I started to fuck her ass, slowly, then increasing my speed. I continued mauling her tit as I wildly hunched her ass. She reached between her legs and started rapidly fingering her pussy and clit. I started pounding her harder causing her knees to spread apart a little more which lowered her ass. This caused my nut sack to begin grazing across Chuck’s nose. OK – Chuck is gonna get cum on him, just not on his balls as Hardwick instructed. Hope the boss is happy with it. “Lick my balls” I ordered.

I felt Chuck’s tongue begin to bathe my nut sack. I released her tit rose upright and grasped her waist. I began to fully withdraw and then plunge my cock back into her fine ass. “Suck’em” I ordered. He feverishly sucked one of my balls into his mouth which caused a pleasurable tension and tugging on my nut sack every time I thrust forward. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and think I may now be able to get over the edge. I just need a little more. I pull my cock completely out of her ass, my nut sack wetly “pops” out of his mouth. Chloe emits a disappointed moan as she frantically fingers her pussy. I quickly grasp my shaft and aim it at his still open mouth. I did not have to say a word. He knew exactly what had to be done. He sucked about a third of my cock into his mouth, swirled his tongue around it before I withdrew it and slipped it back into her ass, balls deep. She emitted a deep, guttural moan of unbridled lust as my cock once again filled her ass. I did this two more times and then felt the cum start up out of my balls as I plunged my cock back into ass. I needed to get it out quickly to cum on his face! I started to feel my muscles weaken a bit so for added leverage I put my left hand on the small of her back and frantically shoved while pulling my hips back. This caused her knees to slide further apart, lowering her pussy, with her fingers still working it, down to his chin. As my cock exited her ass I grasped it with my right hand. After the knob cleared her ass and my balls drug back across his eyes a rope of cum spurt out. The tip of it landed on her asshole, strung down across the fingers in her pussy and ended up on the edge of his chin. Instantly I had my pulsing cock aimed at his lips and he obediently opened his mouth just as the second spurt of cum exited my cock and Chloe cried out in orgasm as her fingers worked my cum into her pussy! I then slid my cock into his mouth and pumped my hips a little making him suck the last few dollops of cum from my deflating cock. I relaxed back, my cock head still in his mouth, my softening shaft bending so that my cock lie across his nose and lower forehead with my balls spilling over his upper forehead. Chloe’s fingers had finally stopped. She was breathing deeply and tiny little post orgasm shivers were passing through her. Suddenly I remembered the camera. I glanced over at the TV. Well, this was a very good shot. I hope the last few minutes were as good since I had forgot to check and remotely adjust the camera since I had stopped fucking Chuck’s ass.

As I was leaving Chuck got into the shower and the still naked Chloe came over to me and asked if she would ever see me again. “Well, not unless things go terribly wrong between your husband and my boss. And, if they do, the meeting will be much more unpleasant, and final, than this one was”. A look of disappointment crossed her face and I turned and walked out the door.

I guess Hardwick liked this footage, even though I had departed from the , really liked it because he added 40 percent to the deposit in my bank account.

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