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Chapter 2 - Captured



Where am I?

I felt around the area surrounding my feet.


Where are my clothes?

My hands wrapped around my naked body. Shivering. So hard to remember. My head foggy.

“Hello…” I whispered in a raspy voice.

“Hello….Anyone there?” I coughed.

I searched around for my phone in the dark. Total darkness, so consuming.

“Ahhhh…” I weakly cried out in pain. My body, muscles, and ……

“Oh my god” I sobbed, remembering what happened to me earlier.

Memories, rushing back. I reached between my legs feeling the sticky, wet evidence of my reality.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, a shrill, piercing scream. A scream of total agony and terror echoed back at me. It was a scream I had never heard before. Deep, desperate…

Howling, rasping.

In desperation I got up feeling my way around the room. There has to be a door here, right? My hopeful thoughts sinking as I felt my way around the small, empty room.

“Please, help me!”

As I searched with my hands I realized how alone I was. I realized that I was probably going to die here. I would never see Jake again. This was it.
I sobbed as I planted my face against the brick wall. I let my face scrape the wall as I fell to my knees. Who fucking cares. I could feel the blood start to bead up down the left side of my face and body as I lay on the floor crying like a helpless child.

“I’ll never see you again!” I screamed again and again.
“Fuck you Kaleb. You will never have me again” I reached for the ring on my finger. Jake’s class ring.

I would rather go like this than be tortured ever again I tried to convince myself. I grabbed the ring tightly with my shaking hand and jabbed it into my wrist as hard as I could. I dug it in with all of my strength, sliding it down….down….


I see light cover the room. The brick door opens out of the smooth brick wall.

“Miranda...” I hear his voice. Him.

Blood pooling onto the floor I laugh.

You can’t fucking have me Kaleb. Not anymore.

Starting to feel light-headed, I sway.

“What the fuck are you doing!” he dropped the tray of food onto the floor. Rushing to me as he ripped his shirt off, he kneeled beside me.

“Fuck you, you piece of shit” I screamed as I batted at him and kick weakly. I try to squirm and scratch at his face, making it difficult for him to wrap my arm.

Feeling warm. Very warm.

Pain stops.

It’s getting dark again.

Whack! I feel a slap across my face.

I feel this stinging sensation burning my cheek.

Soft dim light as I open my eyes.


Wrapped in a blanket, in his arms.

“You!” I yell with contempt and hate. Seething at him between gritted teeth I growl, “You fucking sick bastard. Let me go.”

“Shhhh, don’t talk right now. We will talk, but you are weak.” He said softly.

I glimpsed at his face with disgust.

Those eyes.

They seem to bore through me. Raping me, deep inside. Deep inside of me.

How can such a monster have the face of an angel? You think of some groady sick fuck out raping college students. But him? He could have anybody. Must be some sick fucking fetish…

I cry. What can I do?

“Why do you fucking care you sick fuck; you did this to me…remember?”

He lifted an eyebrow.

He didn’t look away.

We stared.

Was he mocking me?

“I’ll need to change your dressing soon. I cleaned it while you were sleeping but it is a deep cut.” He said calmly.

Was that sadness in his voice?

“Take me to the fucking hospital then!” I quipped mockingly.

“You know I can’t do that!” He answered angrily.

He gently set me down into a chair. Where did that come from? I wondered.
The pain of my body startled me.
I cried out involuntarily.

He reached in to his pocket.
“Take this” he handed me a small white pill. I looked at it, examining it carefully.

“No”, I don’t know what it is. Why the hell should I take it.

“It is a pain medication. You are going to need it. You are not going to be happy with me for what we have to do soon. I cannot explain anything to you yet but you must take it.” He looked concerned.

“You are in no condition Miranda, we must prepare you now.” He said with a pained look on his face.

I got a bad feeling in my gut at that moment, washing over me a pain and desperation that could not be sated.

“You are not going to let me leave are you?” I pleaded.

“No” He said sternly, squaring me in the eyes. “Get that thought from your head now; it will only cause you more pain from this moment forth.”

“Ever?” I again pleaded. Tears rolling down my cheeks.

He did not answer, he looked away from me.

Get yourself together Miranda. If he doesn’t kill you, you have a chance.

“Am I going to die?”

“Not by my hand” he smiled almost sweetly.

Disgusted, I attempted to look at my surroundings. A small room shaped into a circle. Brick walls, very smooth. Fur rugs covered the entire floor. A strange looking tiffany lamp toward the center of the room gave off light. The chair I was sitting in was beautiful. It was solid and also covered in fur. It was reclined back and quite comfortable. There was a strange bag sitting next to me. A spilled tray of food to the right of me. No door opening that I saw.

“What do I have to get ready for” I said with contempt.


I popped the pill into my mouth with my good arm.

He picked up the flask and opened it and held it to my mouth as I gulped down hurriedly, spilling down my naked chest.

I didn’t know what to say.

I wept.

He watched with a pained look.

Don’t fucking look at me, pig. I thought it but dared not say it. How could he. I am bleeding, bruised, raped. He is sitting there pretending like this hurts him as he prepares to rape my damaged body…again. How could he do this? How…

“How could you Kaleb. You said you loved me. Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to deserve it? Just let me go!” I begged.

“I don’t have much time left. Save your energy please. I do love you, I do care. I will be gentle if you don’t fight me this time. You are wounded, but I have no choice.”

“Everybody has a fucking choice” I yelled.

He looked away.

“I do not” he spoke softly.

“Please” I begged again.

He reached into the bag and pulled out some dressing for my arm. He took my arm out of the blanket and cleaned it with some strange ointment that was also in the bag. He quickly and tightly wrapped it again. Securing it with a clasp it tucked it into the blanket.

I wanted to kill him as he touched me.

Weakness and pain wrapped my flesh in agony.
He then put the same ointment all over the rest of my fresh scrapes. Down my face. Down my shoulder. I shuddered under his gentle touch.

He then walked to the middle of the room. He was feeling around the floor as if he was looking for something.

He then pulled up some rings from the floor. Strange they pulled out in perfect places around the rug. Then pulled up a total of three.

“I didn’t want it to be this way you know. I thought you were ready. I couldn’t wait” He walked over to where I was sitting again.

Unwrapping the blanket from me.

I shivered from the cold crisp air.

He picked me up carefully, making sure not to touch my arm.

“Oh fuck this, Not this again!” I cried and kicked. I writhed in his arms. I don’t care what it takes. I am not letting this sick fuck head take me without a fight. I strained in his grip as he set me down onto the soft floor.
Forgetting about all of the pain for a moment. I fought with my life. Biting him, scratching him. Trying to scratch the eyeballs out of his head. The dressing on my arm started to bleed through.

Chunks of skin missing from his chest and arms he placed his body on top of me.

I pushed, he kissed.

Biting into his chest, finally I had a good grip with my teeth. I bit down…Harder, harder…

He strapped my good arm into the ring.

He grabbed my jaw softly pushing. Pressure point…I released.

Quickly he moved down to my legs, holding them down. I couldn’t sit up to swing at him anymore.

He strapped my legs into the other two rings quickly, with ease.

“Do I have to strap your other arm too? I don’t want to hurt you but if you continue to struggle you will be hurt worse by me leaving that arm free.”

What choice did I have? I would rather have some freedom. Give me one fucking good chance and I’ll…and I’ll…what? What can I do?

He kissed up and down my body. I tried not to be turned on. This is the fuck that just raped you. I kept repeating it as I felt him grow hard.

“Would you like me to please you, or would you like me to be done quickly so you can rest?” he smirked.

“What the fuck do you think? Is this a joke to you? My life is a joke to you…You sick asshole.”

“As you wish”

“Don’t ever say that again” I growled. “I never wished for this.”

The tears came streaming down. I tried to hold them back. I tried not to let him see me cry. He didn’t deserve the satisfaction of my tears ever again.

“Cry if you need. I will be done soon, I promise, beautiful. I will take care of you when it is over.”

I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. I sobbed like a lost child. He positioned himself on top of me as I sobbed. Gently pushing into me as I screamed as loud as I could. He caressed me. He looked into my eyes like I was his lover as I screamed in horror and pain.

I strained to accommodate him. I couldn’t take it. He pushed the tip in gently. Stretching me. He leaned down and pulled my ass up off of the ground to get a better angle.

I opened my eyes to look at him. His muscles were straining as he drew into me. His face was very peaceful looking. He never looked away from me. Trying to concentrate on anything but the sheer pain his body was imposing on me I stared back.

Sharp pain as he plunged his huge hard cock inside again. Harder. I watched his body jerk and lose control. Unable to move my arm and legs, I looked over to my bloody arm. Lying next to me as if it were a foreign object. Wheels turning in my head.

He stopped.

Gently he grabbed my arm and pulled the other ring from the ground.
“No, no, no, no please…..” I begged. “Stop, stop, please…Pleeeasse.” I cried like a little girl.

“I am sorry. I cannot risk you doing anything stupid in this condition” he sighed.

I heard a loud clack as he snapped it down over my wrist.

“It won’t hurt if you are very still” he warned.

“How can I be very still? You are moving me around.”

He pumped harder. Each pump his cock straining to go further inside of me. I began to relax myself.

Breath….Breath slowly. Think…Think about Jake. Smiling faces.

“Jaaaake” I moaned loudly.

“Jake” Kaleb repeated angrily “Is not here.”

“Jake”, I screamed again feeling not so helpless.

Did that strike a nerve?

Again I sucked down the pain as he rammed me harder.

“Oh fuck me Jake” I screamed.

The veins popped out in his neck. His body strained. His cock rammed in again.

Fucking me hard and rough he started to pound me.

My delicate flesh ripping.

My cut starting to bleed profusely.

Blood pouring out into the fur.

I watched it.

The pain started to elude me.

“I love you Jake” I smiled.

He slammed my delicate body so hard I saw white…white, then gray…then, black.

Nothingness, again.

Nothingness was good.

I woke up alone.
Food, water and clean ointment and bandages were sitting next to me. No straps and chains.

No pain.


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