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Just an over active imagination
Legs spread wide
Plump pink lips glistening with the juices of desire.
Small hardened little kernel aching to be touched.
Opening swelling and expanding.
waiting to be penetrated.
Round breast's flushing, turning the faintest shade of pink.
Nipples hardening to dark pink little jewels.
Come to me you whisper.
"No...on your knees" you firmly say as I begin to move towards you.
Crawling towards you, eyes on the throbbing part of you in front of me.
Watching my breasts sway with every movement I make, you bid me to stop.
Placing round buttocks on slender ankles, I sit up before you.
Not daring to touch you until permission is given.
My pink little sex spilling liquid pleasure between my thighs onto the carpet.
Shuddering with want, Patiently waiting for permission,
Looking into those light brown pubic curls just above your object of desire
Trying to silently make my wants known to you.

At last, you speak. Enticing words, so short and firm.
"Touch Me"
Immediately taking your Throbbing cock into my warm hand
While my other moves up to stroke and fondle your balls.
Small pleasure sighs escaping partially open lips.
Firm hard hand on the back of my head, guiding my warm wet lips
Slowly sucking every inch of you into me, feeling the head hit my throat.
Salty drops, clear liquid like gel leaving its after taste on a smooth tongue.
Wanting to increase speed, not daring to invoke punishment
Needing to be filled by every drop of you.
Slight moans encouraging me to move with speed.
Sucking the full length of you I begin to incorporate my hands on your shaft.
Pulling from the base, hearing moans grow louder.
Nearing your peak, needing release, slamming hips forward
Finally, strong hard release, Liquid heat running down my throat
as I continue to drain you completely.

Shuddering with the strength of your release
Feeling me swallow every scorching drop of your essence
Grasping a handful of hair, pulled to a standing position
Eyes drop to the floor, craving your very touch
Never daring to ask for it...
Ordered onto the bed, bent over, spread from behind
Silent little drops of moisture gliding over dark pubic curls
Expecting anything, hoping for hard cock.
Smooth cold handle of your paddle rubs juicy pussy lips
Spreading them wider, finding that hard kernal of lust
Touch stops suddenly when my body begins to shudder.
"Oh no cant have my little Love Doll cumming so soon"
"Such a precious little toy, I want to fully enjoy your charms"
You firmly say into my ear, bending over me.
Feeling the tip of your hot throbbing sex glide against me.
"Brace your self my darling one" you whisper.

Loud cracks filling the room as paddle swung back and forth.
Smooth, round buttocks reddening, heating up
yet pushing back to meet your every blow with the smooth wood.
Whimpers escaping open mouth, Paddle hitting spread open pussy lips from behind.
Reddening them further, making them swell to reveal my inner most opening.
Pleasure mixing with light pain, growing wetter with every minute.
Cool hand glides over heated butt cheeks, Yes I'd say your ready
You calmly say as paddle is laid aside,
Within arms reach though should your little slave need a punishment.
Strong, firm, hands grabbing soft hips roughly
Feeling the heat coming from your dick
Slammed roughly deep within my swallowing hole.
Wetness gliding over throbbing cock
Thrusts becoming rougher, faster, harder
Loud moans escaping wide open red lips.
One hand reaches up to grab handfuls of jet black hair
The other hand creeping around smooth waist
Running over soft pubic curls
Roughly parting slick wet lips, firm finger tip finding
Ultimate pleasure spot. Rubbing fast and rough
Feeling my body shudder as I struggle to meet every hard

Cock slamming deeper and deeper
Almost reaching that point..ready to explode..
"You will cum when I tell you, not a second before"
"yes Master" Almost screamed through clenched teeth.
Hearing my pussy swallow you whole, thrusts becoming harder
Deeper your dick slams, hitting my G-Spot.
Harder and harder you slam inside my wetness
Me, your obedient slave struggling to keep from expelling my passion
Still meeting every thrust with one of my own
Battling back onto your cock harder and faster.
Sharp nails biting into silken skin, Thick Red droplets
Falling to soft white sheets.

"Cum for your Master" you roughly purr into my ear.
At once I release every drop of pent up essence.
Screaming Masters Name, as you can feel the sheet of
liquid fire gliding over your still thrusting cock.
Grabbing both hands full of swaying breasts
Biting deeply into soft flesh drawing thicker red droplets this time
You at last release streams of hot wet silk deep into my pussy.
Shuddering, shaking with every pulse of your dick.
You lean slumped over me.
Quickly regaining your strength and stamina
You snap your fingers pointing to your softening cock
"clean" you sharply reply to my confused look
Ever so gently, Warm tongue gliding over
first your balls, then silky smooth skin of your cock.
Licking and sucking the mixed juices from Master and Slave.
Once clean, you snap fingers a second time directing me to the bed.
You are to sleep now, beside me, so that you might understand your place.
Soft fingers gliding through jet black hair.

Gentle kisses on smooth lips...
Then I know no more as reality gives way to dreams.
From afar I hear whispers...good night my obedient little slave,my Love, I'll see you in my dreams.

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