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Horny man looking for a young girl to roleplay with
Her'es another Omegle chat I just had with a random stranger. I hope she was really who she claims she was! Enjoy.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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You: Horny man looking to role play with a girl – I can be ur daddy, uncle, teacher, coach – whatever you like. Wanna play?

Stranger: Hey ;)

You: hi!

Stranger: I choose daddy ;)

You: i like being a girl's daddy! what is your role and how old are u in this role play?

Stranger: Daughter and 14 :)

You: mmmm - nice! ok - i'll set the stage. it's in the evening on a warm summer night. You are on your bed in a t shirt reading a book with your pretty bare feet up in the air. I come by to wish you a good night - knock knock sweetie - can I come in?

Stranger: Of course :)

You: hi darling! I admire your young beautiful form. you have the sexiest legs and feet! what story are u reading? would you like me to read it to you like i did when you were a little girl?

Stranger: Well thanks dad! And I'd love u to

You: ok! i sit on the chair in your room and pat my lap - come here sweetie - come to daddy and sit on my lap! i am wearing just a pair of thin shorts with no underwear on. i wait for you to come to me

Stranger: I walk over there with my book and slowly slide on your lap

You: mmm - i'm in heaven! your body is so warm and soft. as you slide onto my lap my cock immediately starts to get hard. you smell so delicious! i just want to eat you up right there! I take the book from you and start to read the story quietly and in your ear. With one hand i rest my hand on your very sexy leg and make small circles as i continue to read. my voice is a little raspy becuase i'm nervous. mmmm.

Stranger: I start to notice the change and I ask daddy is something wrong?

You: no sweety - it's just that you are so beautiful. I hope you are enjoying sitting on my lap! I continue to read the story and stroke your leg. I begin to slowly raise the hem of your t-shirt up a little higher and expose more of your sexy leg. I let my fingers creep a little closer to your panty covered pussy. I'm worried that you might get upset, so I wait for a sign that you are ok with my exploring...

Stranger: I start to grin then kiss u on the forehead

You: mmm - my little sweetie seems to like the attention! I smile and become bolder and gently stroke your clit through your panties. I can feel the heat radiating from your pussy and can see a little dampness starting to form. I think my little girl is getting turned on! My cock is so hard I know you must be able to feel it through your thin panties. Are u feeling ok sweetie?

Stranger: I'm feeling great then I take my shirt off claiming it's hot. Then I sit on top of u with my legs wrapped around u. I feel your cock on my pussy so I start rubbing my hips on u back and forth

You: oh wow - i didn't expect my hot teen girl to be so bold - i love it! I toss the book aside and place my hands around your sexy waist and start to lick and suck your delicious firm little tits. I know my cock won't be able to stand this attention very long! oh yeah baby girl - grind that hot teen pussy of yours on your daddy's cock! make me cum!

Stranger: So I stand back up and take off my panties and I come back over to u and say - daddy I'm still a virgin

Stranger: Will u take it soft on me at first

You: oh sweetie~! You are so beautiful! I admire your lovely teen pussy - clean shaven no less! would you like your daddy to take your virginity sweetie? oh yeah - i stand up and remove my shorts and free my rock hard cock. I will take it nice and slow my sweet one! come here and lay on your back on the bed.

You: i am clean shaven too and love the look of your bare pussy!

Stranger: I say I wouldn't mind at all, so I go lay down on the bed

You: i take a moment to admire your perfect nude form. from your very sexy perfect bare feet to your lovely long legs to your perfect little titties. oh you are heaveon on earth. i stroke my cock for a moment and gather up the courage to deflower you. first i kneel in front of you and begin to lick your delicious pussy to get you ready. oh god you taste so good!

You: do u like this sweetie?

Stranger: Slightly out of breathe I say of course daddy, don't stop

You: little did we know that there was a spy in the shadows in the hallway watching us! i had not bothered to close the door. I continue to lap at your very hot wet cunt. Ok, darling, I'm going to enter you now - it might feel tight at first, so try and relax. I will go in slowlyand once you're used to me, i'll start fucking you like crazy! I ease my hard cock into your wet slick love tunnel and slowly press in...

You: your tight virgin pussy is like a hot velvet glove!

Stranger: Die t

Stranger: Due to the size of your cock and that I'm a virgin I let out a faint moan while grasping the sheets of the bed

You: ahh perfect! i slowly press in and pull back out. pushing in a little farther each time. i admire my bare cock and pubes press against your hairless cunt. Soon i'm in all the way and I slowly beging to fuck all the way in and out of you. you relax and begin to meet my thrusts. our little spy is getting bolder and peeks in the doorway to get a closer look but neither of us notices her. I begin to fuck you faster and harder. your moans are intense and music to my ears! tell me how you are feeling sweetie! talk dirty to me!

Stranger: Oh daddy fuck me harder! Don't stop! This feels so good!

You: oh yeah baby - that's what I want to hear! i fuck you good and hard and i can tell you are nearing your climax. i want to watch you cum so bad! do u want daddy to cum inside of you or to shoot my hot load on your hot body baby?

Stranger: I want it inside me daddy

You: that's all it took - i immediately shot a huge hot load of cum deep inside your virgin pussy. i could feel the cum leaking out of you as I continued to pound on you. your pussy milked my cock for all it was worth! i was sweaty and hot and could see a sheen of sweat on your hot teen body as your chest heaved with deep orgasmic breaths! oh this is so fucking hot baby! oh yeah!

You: i've wanted to fuck you for so long sweet baby! oh for so long!

Stranger: I start squirting all over you're dripping cock as you keep going. Daddy this feels so good! As I let put my screams of ecstasy

You: i finally collapse from sheer joy and exhaustion but so i don't crush you i roll you over on top of me and just hold your warm soft body tightly against mine with my cock still inside you. oh i love you so much baby girl! so much! that's when i finally see your little 10 year old sister with her hands down her shorts rubbing herself silly! I take a sharp intake of breath but don't so anything as I don't want to shock you so I hope she goes away before you see her! i just close my eyes and enjoy the post orgasmic bliss. Sweety - daddy would love to clean up your pussy now - would you like that?

Stranger: I'd love that very much daddy, I've always been your little girl

You: my cock remains hard at your sexy talk. i pull out of you and lay you on your back and spread your legs. i didn't even care now about your little sister so i just started licking your leaking pussy and cleaned out all the cum I could get. I slid up your hot bod and french kissed you and shared my cum with you. mmm - you are such a great kisser baby! what else would you like to do?

Stranger: I tell you I saw my sister, you look shocked, then I tell you it's okay. Since you love both of us why done you get her in here too - with a big smile

Stranger: Dont

You: [ you are GREAT at this!!! ] i am shocked to the hilt - did i just hear my 14yo daughter invite me to bring in her 10 yo sister to join the fun? wow! i think i must be having a wonderful dream! but i look up and see bianca still standing there so I smile at her and say come here sweetie! would you like to join us? I bet your big sister can teach you a few things about what we just did!

Stranger: So slowly she approaches us while we're still naked. She seems kinda nervous at first but I kiss her on the cheek and tell her to join us, so she gets up on the bed and I start to help her strip her of her clothes

You: oh my! i really have died and gone to heaven i think! i watch as my older daughter strips biance naked and there lies another absolutely stunning beauty - naked as the day she was born! My cock is rock hard all over again! i slowly drink in the sight of bianca's precious nude form and i stare at her perfectly formed naked little cunt. lay down bianca. I begin to lick her beautiful little cunt and i feel your lovely teen hands start to caress my tight ass and stroke my hard cock

You: bianca

You: i want u to talk dirty to me while i eat your sister's cunt

Stranger: I take my sister's hand and slowly guide it to my pussy as she breathes heavier and heavier from the pleasures you're giving her. She starts to finger me while I stroke your cock. Daddy does this feel good

You: oh crap - it feels more than good - i think i'm gonna scream! i watch bianca stroke your naked pussy. i go back to eating out bianca. I reach over and start to stroke your tight ass and let my finger explore between your ass crack until i find your tight puckered asshole. i run my finger around your anal ring and playing push the tip of my finger against your anus. bianca is beginning to moan loudly and i feel your young pussy begin to get very wet...

You: i feel "her" young pussy...

Stranger: I start to kiss her small tots as I see they're hard then I tell you - I think she wants it too daddy

You: oh sweetie! bianca - do u want to feel daddy's cock in your little cunt? then i kiss you on your lips and whisper in your ear - you are a naughty older sister and I love it! i then nibble on your hot little ass cheeks. Then i go back to bianca - do u like this bianca?

Stranger: She then nods her head yes, and then I start French kissing her then I slide my tight pussy over her face and she begins to lick it.

You: i am so fricking hot with lust as I watch my two baby girls pleasuring each other i'm not sure I can even keep myself from shooting before I try to enter bianca's tight little twat! I spread her legs and lick her pussy and rub my slick cock up and down her crack. ok baby - nice and slow and I very slowly and carefully begin to enter her 10 yo cunt. I only go a little at a time and pull out and then push in a little bit more. i marvel and how her cunt stretches to accept my manhood. i'm thankful that i'm only average in size!

You: soon i am in all the way and begin to slowly fuck - god her cunt is so tight!

You: she is moaning as she continues to lick your pussy while I fuck her

You: your facial expression is one of pure joy and lust

Stranger: You begin to go faster and harder while som of your cum still in my pussy drips down her chin. As she let's out loud moans of pleasure

You: oh i am so in lust! bianca's tight little pussy has an iron grip on my hard cock and i can't hold back and let out another huge load of cum and shoot it deep into her hot little pussy! as she cums herself she buries her tongue deeply inside your pussy and brings you off to another earth shattering orgasm yourself! the room is filled with the smell of young girl sex and moans of pleasure. I pull out and kiss you deeply and thank you so much. i want to have fun like this with you girls every day!

Stranger: We both agree that you could have us anytime you wanted

You: wow! you are absolutely wonderful at this role play! god I am SO fucking horny right now! i've been stroking my cock furiously the entire time! lol. have you done this kind of roleplay before?

Stranger: Nope, and I've squirted like three times already

You: no way! seriously! when you say squirted - are u a guy or girl?

Stranger: Girl

You: damn - would you mind if we did this again sometime? do u have any chat ids like msn or yahoo or google chat?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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