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This is only a fantasy and not real, although names have been changed. This is my first story so please don’t be to negative. constitution criticism is always welcomed
This is only a fantasy and not real, although names have been changed. This is my first story so please don’t be to negative. constitution criticism is always welcomed

At the age of 14 I was a very horny boy as most 14 year olds are. My name is Mike i have black hair with a average body. I already had a bush of pubic hair which I guess was normal for my age. At the time I had just started home schooling and had my own laptop which I used for school, bust mostly for porn. I didn’t really have to many friends but there was one kid who lived close to us his name is Drew hes 15 with brown curly hair very thin and athletic body. He would come over a lot and play as we called it, mostly jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek, playing video games, or watching tv. In my room I had a small closet along with my other closet that I keep my clothes in.

One day Drew came over to “play” we jumped on the trampoline and watched a little tv when Drew asked “Hey wanna play hide and seek.” “Sure” I said. Drew hopped up and said he would be it first and started counting to 30 I ran and hid in the other room. “Ready or not here I come” Yelled Drew. Did I mention my parents weren’t home. Drew stayed in my room for a few minutes checking and head downstairs to see if I was down there, I hopped up and ran for base. : 1 2 3 base on me!” I yelled. “Okay, you won mind if I hide now”. Now I’ll mention right now im not gay, I;m bi or atleast I wanted to be as I loved watching a girl masturbate or get fucked but I also enjoyed seeing a nice cock. “Ready or not here I come”. Me knowing drew so well knew he always hide in the little closet in my room. This closet didn’t have a light and mostly had stuff animals and a bean bag chair thrown in it, not to sit on just a place to keep it while it wasn’t being used. I opened the door and Drew was back against the wall with the bean bag chair on top of him. “What are you doing your not even hidden” I said. “Sorry, I’m kind of embarrassed but ive been horny all day sinced my girlfriend rub me through my pants at school today and this has been the first time ive been able to relive myself.” Drew explained. “Its cool I guess. Mind if I see it”. “Uh…. I guess if you wanna but you got to show me yours!” Drew answered. “Okay”. I pulled down my pants and left them at the door got in and sat down next to Drew and pulled down my under where to my knees. My hard on stood at attention at 6 inches. Drew pulled back the bean bag to show his big 7 inch dick that pointed up not straight out like mine did. “ Whoa how did you get it to do that” I asked. “ I don’t know kinda just grew like that I guess.” Answered Drew. We sat in the closet for another hour jacking off slowly watching each other until we both came. “wow,” Drew Said,” that was cool.” “Yea, wanna spend the night and we can watch some porn or something and do it again.” “Let me ask my mom”. Drew left the room and went downstairs to call his mom. I cleaned up and went to pee. “She said I can!” Yelled Drew up the stairs.

Later that night after my mom and dad went to bed I asked Drew if he wanted to watch some porn of course he replied yes and I pulled up a video of a good looking black guy with a nice black dick fucking a older but really good looking white women, the daughter of the women walked in and was surprised to see her mom fucking a black guy. The video ending after a few minutes and I went to another of a guy and girl fucking like crazy. After the video ended I went to one of my favorites a guy getting fucked in the ass but another guy while fucking a girl. I jerked off very fast at that point. “Man what I would do to be the guy in the middle” I said. “What you want to get fucked by a guy?” Drew asked. “Well I mean girls love having a dick in their pussy and ass it just seems a guy would to.” I said. “Dude don’t get gay on me” Drew pleaded. “Never, but I might get Bi on you” I said with a chuckle. I then reached over and grabbed Drews dick and jerked him off. “What are you doing” Drew yelled. “Getting Bi on you” I laughed. Drew then came the biggest cum he had his entire live up to that point. “Wow, it felt so good to be jerked off by someone else. Lauren said she will next time where alone.” Drew said. Lauren is Drews girlfriend of 2 months being the oldest of us three 16. “Well if you let me after you get hard again id love to suck you” I Said. “You wanna put my dick in your mouth?”. “Sure maybe even one day my ass.” I said while laughing. “You wish.” I looked down to see Drews already hard dick, with my awesome fastness I reached down grab his cock and put it in my mouth and sucked. “Oh god, that feels so good.” Drew said. I stopped sucking. “Lay down and lets 69.” “ Okay”. Drew laid down and we got in the 69 position. We sucked each other for 5 minutes until we both came. We both tried our best to swallow all the cum but failed. “That was great,” I said.” Put on some clothes incase my mom or dad comes up tomorrow and lets go to sleep.” “Okay.” Drew agreed.

Drew and I continued our oral sex and one day lubed up enough for Drew to slid inside of my ass and fucked me very slowly slowly increasing speed, but it hurt like hell. Until finally my muscles relax and I told him to fuck me and cum in my ass. He fucked me very hard and good until he came yelled FUCK YEA! That night he fucked my ass twice more and my ass was sore so I sucked him and finally he let me fuck him.

Two weeks after our first anal sex with each other Drew came over to my house. “Dude I finally go to fuck Lauren!”. “Really, how was it?” I asked. “Great shes not that tight though, also she wasn’t a virgin.”. “Could have guessed that. Any boy man or women would want a piece of that body.” I said. “Got that right.” “You should ask her if shed like to threesome some time!”. “I don’t know…… I’ll ask her.”

To be continued………
(sorry for the shortness)

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