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Will loses his virginity, and Maggie makes a promise
By eight o’clock, Maggie had showered, dressed, and put on makeup, She wore white shorts with a blue spaghetti string tank-top. She looked for her purse, keys, and sunglasses, but remembered them to be on the kitchen counter. She fluffed her hair, and walked out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. As she walked by, she saw that Will and the girls were still in the TV room, sleeping on the floor. Maggie smiled and laughed to herself, as she thought about Will. Her little cousin, who she hadn’t seen for a month, was now surrounded by girls and the drama that they were associated with.
Maggie quietly walked into the TV room and crouched down next to Will. Though Maggie wasn’t sexually attracted to Will, she couldn’t help but notice how much he had grown in the past month. He was sleeping shirtless, and she could see that he had developed muscle, his shoulders were broader, and he had a slight bit of arm and underarm hair. he had an adam’s apple now, but still had his boyish face.
“Will, Will, Will-wake up” She said, quietly, shaking Will’s shoulder.
“Wha-what?” Will asked, confused from being waken up so early.
“I’m going into town to get you guys some breakfast. Okay?”
“yeah” Will said, as he dropped his head back onto his pillow, and returned to sleep.
maggie walked out of the room and into the kitchen. As she turned the corner, she jumped from surprise as she saw Anna sitting, arms crossed, on a bar stool at the counter.
“Anna! You surprised me!” Maggie said laughing.
“Good. I know you saw us”
“Hugh?” Maggie asked, attempting to play ignorant.
“Don’t be stupid! You say me and Will last night!”
“Listen, Anna. I didn’t see anything, all I-”
“Shut up! I know you say us! If you tell anyone, and I mean anyone! I will fucking kill you!” Anna shouted as she stormed out of the room, leaving Maggie with a surprised and frightened look. Maggie grabbed her purse, keys, and sunglasses quickly and walked out of the house and into her car.
“What the hell...” Maggie thought to herself.

Will woke up about fifteen minutes after Anna’s episode. Standing up, he stretched his arms and legs. Stiff from sleeping on the floor, Will, yawned and scratched his bare chest. Seeing that the others were asleep, Will didn’t attempt to conceal his morning wood. He walked out of the TV room, upstairs, and to his bedroom. Once there, Will pealed out of his cloths, and pulled on a new t-shirt, a pair of boxers, and cargo shorts. As he opened the door to his room to go back downstairs, Anna jumped at him, wrapping her arms around him and sucking and kissing his neck and face.
“Anna!” Will yelled from surprise.
“Will, I want you, I want you so much, Will!” She said as she pushed Will onto the bed, she peeled off her shirt and shorts, leaving herself completely naked. Will, attempting to keep up, pulled off his shirt, and unbuttoned his cargo pants and pulled them and his boxers off. Anna jumped on will, sitting on his stomach, with his naked dick pressing up against her lower back. She leaned forward to kiss Will’s nipples. She then started sucking on Will’s chest, making her way up his body until she got to his face.
“I want you to fuck me , Will! I want you soo badly!”
“I-I wa-want you, too Anna!!” Will said, his voice cracking, as he starred at his first real-life pussy. Will took his ring finger and middle finger and inserted them into Anna’s twat.
“AHHHH!” Anna moaned loudly, “AHHHH WILL!!” Will was now leaking pre-cum at a rate like no other, as he began to move his fingers in and out of Anna’s snatch. It was warm wet, and tight, she had shaved her pubic area, and her twat just the right size for Will.
“OOOOHHH WILL!” Anna moaned. She grabbed Will’s wrists suddenly, and pulled them from her vagina, “I want the real thing” She said.
The two switched places so that Will leaned over her in a push-up position form the knee. Anna rested her arms on Will’s shoulders, letting her hands dangle. Will supported himself with one arm, while he angled his dick to insert into Anna’s twat. She had dirty-blond hair, brown eyes, and had a slender and curvy form. She was defiantly the shortest of the three girls. He pushed his dic forward, and felt the extraordinary feeling of a young teenaged twat around his teenaged dick. The tight, war, moist, whole squeezed his cock.
“OOOOOHHHHH!” Anna moaned. Will began to hump slowly, moving his hips up and down.
“AHHH....AHHH.....AHHH” He moaned.
As Will began to pick-up the speed of which he humped the teen girl, He began to feel the wonderful feeling of an orgasm began to occur.
“UUUUHHHH” Will, moaned.
“WILL, I-I...OOOOOHHHHH AHHHH!!” Anna yelled, she gently scratched Will’s back with her finger nails. She suddenly pushed Will off of her, “AHH!!!” Anna shouted as she experienced her first orgasm. She rolled off of will and onto the floor. Will who, felt the moisture left on his dick from Anna’s twat, rubbed his cock vigorously, as within seconds he brought himself to and orgasm. His face now red from the rush, and his body quivering from the wondrous feeling, his boy hormones still refused to subside, as he enjoyed the feeling of an orgasm. He squirted cum all over his chest and stomach. Will still quickly jerked his dick, enjoying the best orgasm of his life. Out of breath, Will jumped out of bed to see that Anna had left the room. Sighing, he cleaned up the mess caused by his own ejaculation, and the wetness on the carpet, caused by Anna’s ejaculation. Shamefully, Will ran two fingers accost the ejaculate. He then inserted it into his mouth. The taste was arousing, as he became hard again from its taste. Next, he looked around to make sure he was alone, then with one finger, pushed the ejaculate up his asshole.
“Uhh..” WIll moaned, as the sudden pain caused his dic to twitch with pleasure, as he took advantage of his strange and embarrassing fetish.
“AHH! That hurts Anna!” He moaned, as he entered his own ass. Rubbing up against his prostate, Will fingered himself expertly, similar to what he had done with Anna. He quickly and roughly stroked his cock. Moaning and thrusting his finger into his asshole, Will finally felt the great pleasure of an orgasm once again shoot up his dic, as a much smaller amount of cum shout out of his dick and onto the bed.
“I’m not a virgin!” Will yelled in his head, “I wish I could tell everyone in San Diego!”
Will got dressed, wearing the t-shirt, cargo pants, and boxers, and walked downstairs, a throbbing erection, began to grow in his shorts, but he didn’t hide it, today he felt comfortable and proud.

Maggie pulled into the parking lot of the small grocery store. As she walked in, she took off her sunglasses and put them in her purse, which was draped over her left arm. She looked around to see that out of the twenty or so customers at the store, not a signal man could be seen. After gathering a box of muffins, a carton of orange juice, and a box of pancake mix, Maggie walked up to the cashier.
“Well, well, well, quite a breakfast you're making!” The cashier said in a friendly manner.
“Oh no! It’s for my cousin and his friends!” Maggie responded.
“I’m sorry, did you say, ‘him’ “ The woman asked nervously.
“In three minutes meet me behind the store.” The woman said quietly as she quickly checked Maggie out, sacked her groceries, and handed them to Maggie.
three minutes later, Maggie found herself standing besides the back entrance to the store. The woman opened the door, and walked out.
“I’m so sorry for this, but-but..” The woman began crying bitterly.
“hey, hey, hey. Don’t worry, its okay, you’re fine.” Maggie said as she hugged the woman.
“I-I’m sorry, it’s just, you have to get your cousin out of here!”
“I know, I know about the laws.”
“My son, about a year ago, they took him, he’s gone. I haven’t herd from him since...” The woman began to cry once more.
“It’s okay, honey. What’s your name?”
“I’m sorry, my name is Clair, and what’s your’s”
“I’m Maggie Soto, pleasure to meet you, Clair.”
“I’m sorry, I-I, its just that there’s no one to talk to about it, and I just want my son back!”
“Don’t worry, I’m here, and I won’t let them take anymore innocent boys, I promise you. What was your son’s name?”
“Sam, my son’s name is Sam”
“Don’t worry, Clair, I have a few connections, I promise you I’ll save your son, and put an end to Rev. Greene’s laws”

“Rev. Greene”
“Why yes, Emily, hows are plan goin’? I trust it is goin’ well?”
“It is, sir. The ‘angel’ has dealt with the problem”
“Good, an undercover agent! I’m proud of myself if I do say so myself!”
“yes, sir.”
“Well, that should put an end to this instruction, we can finally pull that poorboy into the light”
“Sir, I have further evidence that shows that the boy, I believe his name is Will, is also and atheist.”
“A non-believer in our midst. Well, maybe his rehabilitation at the Farm will bring him to the light.”
“Amen, Rev. Greene, amen.”.....TO BE CONTINUED

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2013-01-25 04:34:08
My relative is Mary Emma Counihan (listed as M. Counthan above). Her pnearts immigrated from Ireland in the 1860s to VC and she was born in 1878 in Virginia City. I have her graduation photos from the school if you are interested. After marrying William G Gray and living in Goldfield and Tonopah, she moved to Reno and died there in 1925. She is my great grandmother.

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2011-03-18 00:38:05
lol! I could totally see this becoming a movie too, the writer needs to invest while she can!

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2011-03-18 00:34:19
lol feels like a movie!

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2011-03-11 01:40:05
I like this story, but space it out more

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