I am the older of two sons, my parent's only children; but in many ways, my two cousins who grew up with me had always been more like sisters. Kristin was 2 years older than me, and much more of a "good girl" then I could stand. The other, Kara, was 3 years younger and was an annoying brat; that is until she entered high school. Suddenly, we had much more in common: similar interests, a love of partying, and several common friends. The year after she graduated, my parents moved away to the middle of nowhere; now that the kids were all out of school they could get away from the fast paced, stressful life in a suburb between 2 major cities. At the time I had a well-paying job and my own business that was doing quite well. At 22 I was on top of the world, and soon I could claim home ownership among my accomplishments. My parents sold me the house when they left, and soon I became the host of many wild parties. Kara and I would both invite all of our friends over for these massive parties, which progressively got more out of control. One major component of these parties was a drinking game called "Circle of Death"; in which if you drew a King you got to make a rule. The first rule that was picked was almost always "If you drink you have to take off a piece of clothing". This meant that everybody ended up naked, since the rest of the cards made you drink; and that is how I saw Kara naked for the first time.

I had always thought she was cute, but never thought about her in a sexual way. That never stopped my friends from cracking jokes about how they thought I was hooking up with her. That all changed when I saw her firm perfectly shaped breasts and her perky little pink nipples practically begging to be sucked, only a few feet away across the table. A few turns later, I learned that her pussy was completely shaven and very tight looking. When the game ended, everybody decided to stay naked and I was now standing next my 5'10", 120lb, brown hair, blue eyed, nubile cousin and could not get the thought of squeezing the flawless b-cups and sucking on her tiny clit.

A few months passed and, aside from a few new fantasies, nothing came out of that night. Kara and I continued hanging out occasionally, like usual, and this day was no exception. We were walking through city and taking photos of interesting things, and in between photos we talked about whatever was on our minds.

"Alex, I really like your new haircut." said Kara, despite the fact that she had first seen my new cut hours before. "You should get your lip pierced too, it would really complete your look." she said with a grin. "I dunno, never really been into piercings myself, although I really find them sexy on women." I said. Kara had 7 now: 4 in her ears, her belly button, her eyebrow, and, my favorite, her tongue. "If that's the case, what should I do next?" Kara asked, but there was no way I was going to give her my true opinion; I had always had a thing for bar piercings in nipples and her supple little breasts were made for them. "I dunno, you've got a bunch now, besides isn't something you should ask your boyfriend." I said, trying to dodge the question. "Shut up jerk! You know I don't have a boyfriend right now. Just help me pick my next one, I've been really wanting to get another but I'm not sure where. Just tell me what you'd want to see you girlfriend get." she said slinging the mud right back, she knew I didn't have a girlfriend. "Well in that case I'd say get your nipples pierced." She winced at the thought. "Do you know how much that would hurt?! And why the fuck would you tell your cousin to get her nipples pierced." she yelled at me as we stopped walking. "I thought you agreed not to get mad. I mean you're the one that asked me..." I started to try and calm her down, but she interrupted "Do you really think it'd look sexy?" Her tone had totally changed. "I mean they're not that big anyways, and they're so sensitive. Sometimes I cum just from having them played with. I just think I'd be too sensitive..." Kara started getting quieter and staring off into space. She was in her own little world, as if she had forgotten we were having a conversation. I started growing a little hard at the thought of Kara getting it done. I wasn't the only one getting turned on; Kara shut her eyes and started fondling herself. "Mmmmm", she moaned softly as she began breathing heavy. A few minutes passed and she suddenly snapped back to reality. "I... I.. look.. can we forget this..." she stammered, trying to find the right words to try and explain herself. Her face was as red as a strawberry already, but as she looked down to avoid eye contact she grew even redder. My 7.5" was now at full mast, and I couldn't think of anything to say either.

Unable to control myself any longer, I reached out cupped her right tit. She let out a small sigh and there was no resistance as I pulled her closer until my cock was resting between the cheeks of her athletic butt. Slowly she turned around, letting my hand slide down to the small of her back. She reached down and firmly gripped my cock, feeling its girth. Finally the silence was broken, "I'm sorry I've just been really horny recently and I just can't get any release. I mean... I can't believe I'm saying this to you, but it's not like I can't get myself off, it's just never enough. It's like I just want to cum all the time." Kara said as she started stroking my package. "Ugh, I feel like such a slut. I can't believe I'm doing this right now, we're cousins for fuck's sake..." She started sliding her other hand down her he shorts. I just stared, totally shocked that my little cousin I had been fantasizing about was apparently a nympho who couldn't stop feeling me up.

As if a switch had gone off inside of me, a cocky grin replaced my shocked expression. "You really are a little slut." My tone had deepened as well. I reach a bit lower and firmly grabbed her ass, pulling her face to face. "You really want his that fucking badly, huh? Well you'd better because once I'm inside that tight little pussy you're gonna be my personal little fuck toy whenever I want! Got that slut?" "Mmmm.. mmhhmmm..." she moaned back. I gave her a hard smack to the ass, causing her to gasp and squeal a little, obviously enjoying how I was treating her. "I asked you if you understood me you little cunt." I yelled at her. "Yessss..." she said as she continued fingering herself. "Not fucking good enough... Yes who?" "Yes Alex?" I smacked her ass again. "Wrong answer! Say 'Yes Master' and beg me to use your tight little slutty body however I want!" I had never felt his aggressive, or turned on. "Yes Master! Please fuck my wet fucking pussy. Use my slutty little body however you want! Tie me up and force me to cum over and over, while I suck on your fucking huge cock!!! I want it so bad, I've never had one this big inside me! Mmmmm! I want it right now, I don't care who's watching!!!" Kara was still fingering herself and getting close to climax. This reminded me, we were still in the park. A brief look around showed that nobody was around.

Using my other hand I grabbed her hair and pulled her lips into mine. She eagerly began passionately using her tongue until I pulled her back. She let out a gasp for air. "Alright you want it right fucking now you horny little bitch. Slide your slutty fucking shorts down and bend the fuck over." I commanded her. As she slid down her jean shorts I realized there was nothing underneath aside from her soaking wet fingers that she was still vigorously thrusting in and out of her snatch. After unzipping my pants and pulling out my dick, I pusher her hand out of the way and positioned the tip against her clit. I started rubbing it back and forth for a bit and then moved the tip into the opening of her pussy lips. "Uhhhh... Yes please, I'm so close..." she said softly. Ignoring her, I pushed in a little further and then pulled out. I continued this as her moaning became more intense, but finally she demanded that I stick it in all the way. "Please, I can't take it any more... I need it as deep as it can go! Uhhhh!! Just FFFuuuuccckkk mmmeeee.. Oh god! I need it to fill me up right now! I'm gonna cum!" she barely made out between cries of ecstasy. I pulled out completely, grabbed her tits and pulled her up so that her ear was next to my mouth. "Listen slut, you're not allowed to cum until I tell you you're allowed to. If you wanna come you gotta beg me, and don't fucking tell me what to do! You're my fuck toy now and I'll do whatever I want!!! Now bend the fuck over!" I whispered harshly in her ear and then pushed her back down and spit on her asshole. "Wait please don't fuck my ass! I've never done it before, just please fill my pussy up and let me cum!" she pleaded. I continued lubing up her asshole and began fingering it a bit to loosen her unbelievably tight hole. As I slid in the head of my cock she let out a seam of pain and pleasure. "Oh god! It's so good! Let me cum! Oh my fucking god, please let me fucking cum! Let your slutty little fuck slave cum, please master!" she yelled as I roughly fucked her virgin ass. I grabbed her hair and began to fuck her even harder. "Alright bitch you can cum now." I said as I shot off my load deep in her ass. Kara's whole body started to spasm as she came over and over again. As her as contracted I got hard again, so I pulled out and pulled her head over to my dick. "Suck it bitch!!! I wanna see how good you are with that fucking tongue ring!" She stared expertly sucking my cock, which she obviously loved as much as I did. After she finished me and swallowed my load I told her to pull up her pants because we were leaving.

She stood up and cum started running down her leg, which I refused to let her clean up. "Come on fuck toy. We're going back to my place but first we're making some stops. Don't fucking ask where I'm not telling you." I ordered. "Yes master." was all she said as shed limped behind me, unable to walk properly due to the rough fucking her ass has just endured. Her hair was completely messed up, her shorts were soaked front and back from each of ours cum; it was obvious she had just been used, but the looks people gave her only turned her on more. On the way to the car we stopped by and adult video store and bought 3 egg vibrators, a roll of wide surgical tape, 2 pairs of handcuffs, a butt plug, and a ball gag. As soon as we left the store we went into the alley next to the store and I had Kara put the plug up her butt. Next, I lifted her shirt and taped an egg to each of her nipples. The 3rd egg I suck in her shorts resting on her clit. "You're not allowed to adjust these or cum unless I tell you. You will pretend like you're not even wearing them. When we get to our next stop you will remove them before entering, but we're going to walk the long way, with the most people to see you." I explained. Kara had never been this turned on before; she loved being treated like a dirty slut, especially by her cousin. She was already beginning to become completely obsessed with cumming whenever possible, the more deviant her situation was the hornier she got.

After 45 minutes, Kara's walk of shame ended at the entrance to a body piercing shop. Kara knew what was going to happen and now she wanted it, badly. While she removed the vibrators and the plug in the alley, I entered the shop. There were no customers, and the only ones working were 2 girls. At the desk was "Stephanie" according to her name tag. Stephanie was 19, 5'8", and had blond hair, blue eyes, c-cups, and weighed 110lbs soaking wet. Stephanie was wearing a preppy looking plaid skirt and fitted polo, which sent mixed messages with her numerous piercings. Standing at the piercing chair was "Erin": a fiery red head with emerald green eyes and pale skin. She was also 19 and was 5'6" tall. Her b-cup breasts were snugly confined by her skin tight tube top. It was obvious to she wasn’t wearing a bra, as her nipple piercings were clearly visible. Her black G-string suck out just above her 1 size too small cargo shorts. It was obvious that Erin was very athletic, but not overly muscular, from her toned legs and tight butt.

I explained to the girls that I was buying my girlfriend some piercings as a gift and that they were going to be a surprise. I told them that she was going to get both nipples pierced, as well as her clit. Immediately Erin spoke up "Damn! She's gonna love them. I have both and it's the best thing I ever did for myself." Stephanie licked her lips and walked over to Erin. "Don't forget I love them too.." she said seductively as she slid her hand under Erin’s top and fondled her nipple. Erin let out a soft moan and grinned. "Go get your girl I'm excited to see what I'll be working with." she said as Stephanie moved back to the desk. "You know what it's so slow, if we like what we see we'll close up the shop and give both of you our undivided attention." Stephanie said with a smirk. "Do you do this for all you customers?" I asked. "Only the ones that bring their girl to get sexy piercings while smelling like they fucked on the way in." Stephanie retorted sarcastically as she moved up next to me and reached into my pants. "Erin you're gonna love this one, but I call first." she stated matter of factually and then went back to the desk. Just then Kara walked in with the vibrators hanging out of her purse. "I'm sorry master. I couldn't get them all in my purse." she said, obviously embarrassed. "It's ok. Just strip down and get in the chair. Erin is gonna take care of you while you get to watch me rail this blonde bombshell." While Kara undressed, Stephanie closed up the shop.

"God! Those are some perfectly shaped tits! You're gonna be so fucking hot once I pierce those tiny nipples." Erin exclaimed as she lightly caressed Kara's breasts. "I bet you're really sensitive too. You know the smaller you're boobs the denser the nerve endings, it makes you more sensitive. I bet you're gonna cum as soon as I pierce you, you're already hard enough to cut glass and you're soaking wet." Erin continued. "Master can I cum when I get pierced?" Kara half-moaned. "I'm letting you cum as much as you want while we're here, but Erin and Stephanie get to use your body how ever they want too." I explained. No soon had those words left my mouth then Kara went into a multiple orgasm. Erin and Stephanie gasped in amazement. "Holy fuck! Whatever you did to her you'd better do to me. I'll do whatever you want." begged Stephanie. "Are you sure? You'll end up being my fuck toy like that little slut and you're body will be long to me. You'll think about sex non-stop until you end up like her and will do anything to get off." Stephanie looked back over at Kara. Erin had already pierced her nipples and had stripped down and made Kara eat her out while she still wildly bucked back and forth in orgasm. "My body is yours Master." Stephanie said as she took off her shirt. "What about your girlfriend?" I asked. "Oh she's not my girlfriend. We're just roommates who are fuck buddies and work together." she said grinning ear to ear as she pulled off her panties. Breaking from her own orgasm Erin managed to yell "You're out of your fucking mind if you think I'll let you get all that fucking cock and this little rug muncher to yourself. I wanna be his fuck toy more than either of you and I'll prove it." Erin pushed Kara's head back down and pierced her clit, sending her back into uncontrollable orgasms. Leaving her strapped to the chair Erin came across the room and shoved Stephanie to the ground. Reaching into Kara's purse she pulled out the items from the sex shop. "This is how you please your master, slut." she said as taped 2 vibrators to her inner thighs and one just above her clit. Next Erin stuffed the ball gag in her mouth and cuffed her wrists to the desk forcing her to stay on all fours. Finally she jammed the plug up Stephanie’s round sexy ass, causing her to let out a muffled scream even though it went in somewhat easier because it was still coated in cum. Erin turned on the vibrators and Stephanie's juices started flowing immediately. "She's almost ready for you Master." Erin stated as she reached behind the desk and pulled out 2 small clamps with weights dangling from them. Stephanie moaned loudly upon seeing these. "Oh I know you love these, you big titted slut!" Erin said clamping them onto Stephanie's nipples. "Now she's ready, Master. When you're finished with her I'll be done setting myself up the sex swing we keep in the back." "Very good slave, but I want to make some changes to that plan. I assume you have a strap-on. If you do, put it on and put Kara in the swing. Start fucking her and when I'm done with blondie We're going to DP her." I ordered, while I pounded away at Stephanie's wet pussy.

By the time Erin had Kara setup in the swing, Stephanie had been in perpetual orgasm for 10 minutes straight and I had cum inside her twice. Once her convulsing pussy got my cock hard again I went to the swing and fucked Kara's mouth while Erin fucked her pussy. "Don't think I've forgotten about you Erin." I said as I shot my load down Kara's throat.

"Don't worry I have big plans for your tight little body." I explained to Erin. "I'm gonna knock those two up over and over to breed little sluts. If they have boys I will give them hormones until they're little ladyboy sluts. Once I'm done training them, I'll sell on the white slave market. I want you to keep my stable of sluts in line and help me seduce new ones. You'll be on the pill, and I'm going to fuck you every day. Those two are already mindless sluts, but I need you to keep your sanity. Otherwise you'll end up like them, another animal for breeding that I keep in a cage and feed dog food. Don't think I won't do it too... Kara's my cousin and look what I did to her." "Yes Master." Erin replied. Earlier today she wouldn't have imagined this would have ever happened, but she looked around the room and saw that this girl she just met, Kara, and her sex buddy, Stephanie, were quivering in ecstasy, no longer able to form coherent sentences. "Clean these bitches up and pack your shit, we're never coming back." I ordered Erin as I smacked her ass.

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