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I married my college sweetheart the summer after we both graduated, and after our honeymoon in Nassau with lots of sun and love making, we moved into our new home, a small apartment just outside of Boston. The apartment was in an old house that had been divided into four apartment units.
Before we were married, without knowing many details, I was aware that Maryanne had a bit on a reputation back in her home town, and liked to flirt with other guys and men, and perhaps fool around some, but I was totally in love with her and believed that once we were married she would never even look at another guy. In hindsight, it’s obvious that I was very naïve, as I should known that her need for male attention and her appetite for men’s bodies was not going to change just because she was married. I don’t believe when we got married she intended to continue in her slutty ways, but I guess we both should have known. They say that love is blind, and I believe it.
Within a few weeks of settling into our new life as a married couple we became friendly with another resident in our apartment house, a graduate student at a local university. John was about the same age as Maryanne and me, and we enjoyed each other’s company. We soon fell into a routine of getting together a few time a week in my living room in the evening to sip wine and relax.
One evening I noticed that John and Maryanne seemed to be flirting a little, and I became uncomfortable when the conversation drifted into areas that seemed improper for my wife to be engaged in. For example, Maryanne mentioned an article she had read in Playboy magazine, and that lead into a discussion of men’s magazines and women who posed in the nude.
That night in bed Maryanne teased me about being upset with her over the sexy conversation with John that evening, which lead to us getting turned on and fooling around. And while we were playing with each other, she asked, in a teasing way, would I be upset if she let John ever see her in the nude? She kept up the teasing while she played with my cock, until I agreed she could do it, but of course I thought this was all a fantasy game and nothing would ever come of it.
A few days later John stopped in for a visit after dinner, and as usual, we sat around for an hour or so talking and drinking wine. At one point, Maryanne stood and, announced she was getting tired and was going to get ready for bed. John and I continued to talk and drink while I could hear the shower running in the bathroom.
I was about ready to call it quits for the night when Maryanne came back into the living room. She had a towel wrapped around her wet hair, and was wearing a long, very modest bathrobe, and picked up a glass of wine for herself. Even though she was fully covered I didn’t like her being in the same room as John and not being properly dressed. And she seemed a little nervous, excited perhaps.
She finished her drink and stood up to get another one. As she was sitting back down she said she was a little warm, and proceeded to unbutton her bathrobe and flip it partially open. I could see that all she had underneath was a skimpy see-through night gown. I was stunned, didn‘t know what to say, and John just sat there and tried to act like everything was normal, but I could see his eyes were glued on Maryanne‘s body.
I felt myself somewhat scared, but at the same time starting to get turned on. Within a few minutes Maryanne, my sweet and loving bride of almost two months, said she was still warm, and asked me if it would be okay if she removed her robe. Neither John or I spoke, not sure I could, so she slipped out of the robe and stood there in a sexy pose before sitting down next to me on the couch again.
Seemed that none of us knew what to do next.
After a few minutes, Maryanne announced that she was going to bed soon, and perhaps it was time for good night kisses. She stood up and bent over to kiss me, giving John a nice view of her beautiful ass, and asked me if it would be okay to kiss John good night, as she had never kissed him before. I said okay, just a little one. So she walked over to him, bent over, giving me the lovely view of her ass, and kissed him, She then returned to me and gave ma a long passionate kiss, told me she loved me, would always love me, and then went back to John and sat on his lap. The two of them kissed and kissed; seemed they would never stop. I could see her hands start to wander around his body, and his hands caressing her ass. Had they done this before or was this the first time?
Then she slipped down on the floor in front of him, turned to me and asked if she could so something special to John. I was sitting there in a stunned state, knowing but not wanting to know what she meant, but managed to nod my assent, and she proceeded to open his pants, pull out his stiff cock and put it in her mouth.. I sat there without taking my eyes off the scene in front of me, watched the back of her head moving up and down, listening to the sucking sounds, and finally, watched as he shot his load into her mouth, heard her gag for a minute and then gulp down his cum. I almost shot my own load in my pants.
She then said good night to us both and headed off to bed, telling me to hurry to join her. John left immediately, and soon I was naked in bed with my wife enjoying her luscious nude body. After a long and passionate kiss, she whispered in my ear that she had forgotten to brush her teeth , and could I taste John’s cum? I told her I loved her and stuck my tongue back into her mouth as far as I could.
We talked later that night and in the days that followed about that night with John. I told her she could blow him again whenever she wanted to, and she asked, what about fucking him? And what about the bachelor who lived in the apartment behind ours? How did I like being married to a whore? I told her I loved her and yes, I found her sexiness a real turn on. Yes, marriage to Maryanne was not going to be what I had thought, but I knew thought I was going to like it

By the way, 30 years later Maryanne are still married and still very much in love. She asked if I would continue to write about episodes in the early years of our marriage, and I said I would. We both enjoy reminiscing about those exciting times. We look forward to sharing our adventures of “My wife Maryanne”.


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please share more..


2016-01-02 18:13:59
great story, and yes please share more...

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2014-04-09 01:36:13
My wife became very horny wen I told her my freind paul said she was horny and that pauls cock was huge


2013-10-07 06:49:04
you are one of the luckiest men on earth! to be so bold to let your wife have her sexual freedom and then for her to do it in front of you... what a wonderful marriage and life the two of you share!!!

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2013-05-22 03:49:55
我都好適合wor... 1) 雖然, 我唔係靚女... but I think it is not the requirement of Kelly.2) 算得上話頭醒尾, 但唔會扮醒目...3) 正正係唔鍾意遲到, 更加唔鍾意OT... I alawys finish my work on time..4) Always attention to call5) so far so good la6) 要睇下你有幾恐怖...7) 個人唔鍾意講大話...但講真心話就睇下大家相處成點 la... case by case8 & 9) same as pt.710) 做拍檔就唔係 assistant la...11) lunch 你請 no problem la12) 口密13) 已經有老公同埋仔, 所以轉工就比人歧視lor14) 個人都好鍾意講嘢... 係positive15) 唔會口黑面黑lor16) 請接受我都係普通人17) sure i willpls let me know Kelly's requirement...

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