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My third story, and this one is different than the other two. I hope you all enjoy.
Hoping to get some more readers on this story, and perhaps some comments about it. Would appreciate any and all feedback so I can become a better writer. Thank you all.

It is mid afternoon as we come to the surface of the clear waters surrounding the Bahaman islands. This is the end of our third trip under the ocean’s surface and a trip to the ocean floor. We have spent the day exploring coral reefs, the sandy bottom, an old ship wreck, and many other places. During this trip we were able to see two white-tip sharks among the reefs, but only from a distance. It was the highlight of the trip, but not the most fascinating thing we were able to see. We saw some large sea turtles, schools of brilliantly colored fish, a large eagle ray, and many other sea creatures.

As we slowly take off our scuba gear, you ask “So honey, what did you think? Did you see that lionfish at the end of the reef?” You start to towel off as you finish talking to me, and I smile slightly before answering.

“I sure did, along with the small eel just below it in the small cave. It was a wonderful dive and many great sights. Hopefully this weekend will be even more wonderful the sights.” I then start to towel off my self and then ask, “What do you think, get a shower and then head to shore for dinner and some time in town?”

You turn to me with a gentle smile of your own you simply say, “That sounds like a wonderful plan,” then as you turn to head inside the cabin of our yacht, you give me a small wink that suggests you have more on your mind then a quick shower.

You walk through the door leading down to the living quarters, and a couple minutes later I follow. Half way down the stairs I find your bikini top, and the matching bottoms at the bottom of the stairs. I slowly walk down the hall and find your towel at the door to the bedroom and walk inside. I let me towel drop to the floor and then remove my swimming trunks. I put your bikini on top of both towels and my swimming suit on top of your bikini. I walk through the bedroom to the bathroom where you are all ready in the shower and the mirrors all ready starting to get slightly foggy from the steam of the shower. You are standing with your head under the shower and the hot water cascades down your body. You back is to the rear of the shower and your eyes are closed. I step in behind you and my hands reach out and gently grab a hold of your waist, holding you.

As the water flows down your body, I step closer to you and my hands move around to your stomach and I lean forward to kiss your neck and then nibble on your earlobe. I slowly run my hands over you stomach and then one slowly moves up to your breasts and the other moves down to between your legs. My hand is lightly running over your clit and pussy and I gently kiss your neck and give a slight bite. You place one hand on the wall under the shower and your other hand moves around behind you and gently cup my balls and then move up to my cock, holding it gently before you start to stroke it.

My one hand slowly caresses your pussy and clit, one finger parting the silky folds the hide your pussy, pressing gently against you. My other hand caresses your breasts, stopping from time to time to gently pinch and twist your nipples. My hot breath plays on your neck as I gently kiss and lick from you neck up to your ear, and then back down to your neck. As you gently stroke my cock you feel it growing firmer in your hand. You can feel it growing more and more firm with each stroke and then it is fully hard and you still continue to stroke it, the water running off your body splashing down on it, lubricating it with each stroke.

Moments later as our bodies fill with passion, I bring my hand on your breasts up over your shoulder and down your back. I reach down and put my hand on yours and then gently pull you hand off my cock before putting my hand on your shoulder and turning you around. I then press on your body so your back is against the shower wall, and I am standing in front of you. My hand then drifts down from your shoulder down to your breasts again and my other hand continues to massage your pussy and clit. You reach up with both of your arms, draping them over my shoulders and your fingernails dig into the tops of my shoulders with a fierce passion. You gently pull on my shoulders forcing me to my knees and whisper, “I want to feel your tongue and mouth on my pussy. I want to feel you licking me, I want you to taste me.” With a small grin and while on my knees in front of you, I start to kiss around your clit, licking softly as the water from the shower continues to spay and flow over us.

With my hand that is already between your legs I lift your right leg up into the air just slightly and move against the wall so your foot is resting on the corner of the tub at the front of the shower. My other hand moves to your breasts, caressing and massaging each as I lean into you and start to kiss and lick your upper thigh, near your clit. My other hand then starts to move down your leg, then up to the top of your thigh, then up to your stomach. My thumb and first finger move down to you clit, gently pulling the hood back, and for a split second you can feel a touch of water running over it before my tongue reaches out and starts to lick you.

As the moments pass I continue to lick on your clit, bringing a heightened sensation of pleasure to your body. Each nerve of you starts to tingle with pleasure as my hand that was on your breasts slowly moves down your stomach and down you leg. It then moves back up your leg and you feel a slight pressure at your pussy and a single finger starts to slowly slide inside you. You dig your nails deeper into my shoulders, sending a small shiver down my back. You hold my body in place and after a small moan you whisper in a husky animalistic voice, “That’s it honey, lick my clit, finger my… my pussy. Oh my god, yes!!,” and then you thrust you hips towards me, forcing your clit further into my mouth.

I start to pump my finger in and out of your pussy, it’s tempo two or three times as fast as my tongue. I lick on your clit faster and faster, my finger is joined by a second finger, and then the pressure and speed of the fingers drive your body over the edge, “Oh fuck yes! Yes honey, that’s it. Fuck my pussy with your fingers. I’m cumming, oh god yes I’m cumming,” and you soon feel the waves of pleasure wash over your body with an intensity that causes your knees to weaken. You foot comes off of it resting spot on the corner of the tub and rests on the bottom of the tub. My fingers slow down and my tongue barely and gently licks over your clit, as your body spasms with pleasure.

As your body stops it shivering, you look down at me with a look of tenderness and heated passion. I start to kiss up your stomach and as I reach your breasts I gently hold one in each hand, gently kissing one and then moving to the other. I gently suck on your nipple briefly before I lick up your chest to your neck and then up to your ear, and then I move so I can give you long passionate kiss on the lips.

As our lips part, you look into my eyes with what I can only describe as a touch of mischief and you whisper in a passionate voice, “Now it is time for me to return the favor,” and then you start to kiss my chest, gently biting as you lower your self to your knees. You turn my body around so my back is now against the wall and so you are facing me. You have one hand on my balls, gently rubbing and caressing them, your other hand trailing down my chest behind your mouth. The hand you have on my balls moves up to gently caress my cock that is growing harder by the second. As your mouth kisses the final distance down my stomach, my cock grows completely hard, and then your mouth leaves my stomach and as your lips touch the head of my cock, a slight shiver runs through my body.

You form a small circle with your first finger and thumb and run this circle down the length of my cock just before your lips pass over the tip of my cock and then follow your fingers. Your mouth slowly slides down the firmness of my cock, then back up, and as your lips slide off the head of my cock, your tongue reaches out and swirls around the tip of it, teasing me. You look up my stomach and as the water splashes over you face you whisper, “Is this how you like it baby. You like it when I suck on your hard cock?” and then you press you lips against my cock again as all I can do is nod and moan.

You continue to stroke your circling fingers down the shaft of my cock, followed by your hot mouth. I moan slightly as I press against the wall, and gently rock my hips forward, pressing my cock further towards you. You other hand now comes down to gently cup my balls and tenderly fondle and caress them. You start to suck harder on my cock and begin to move your mouth up and down over it faster and faster. I start to thrust my cock in and out of your mouth and fingers as I start to feel the pleasuring sensations start to form in my body. You open your mouth a little wide and start to lick my cock as your mouth and head slide up and down on my cock.

As your hand continues to tenderly caress and fondle by balls you feel that my muscles start to clench together and my legs flinch. In your mouth you feel my cock start to lightly throb and you hear my moans start to grow faster and more intense, “Oh my god sweetie, I’m going to cum. That’s it, suck my cock. Lick it just….. just right.. oh god, here it is. I’m cumming” and then you feel my hot cum shoot from my cock into the back of your throat. My body shakes and I thrust my cock deep into your mouth as another flow of my cum shoots into your mouth. I put my hand on top of your head and my cock starts to bounce on top of your tongue as I continue to shoot my hot fluid into your hot mouth.

As my body starts to relax, you slowly slide your mouth off my cock, and turning your head towards the drain, you quietly spit out my cum. You turn back to my cock and start to suck it tenderly again, draining my cock of all my hot cum. Once you are satisfied I am drained you turn your head again and spit it out once more. You stand up facing the shower and closing your eyes you fill your mouth and rinse out the remaining drops before spitting it out. I turn and stand behind you, wrapping my arms around your waist, holding you close. “My god sweetie, that was great. Thank you for that and remember that I will repay the pleasure with interest later tonight.”

“You pleasured me first, so it was only fair that I did the same for you. You are welcome, and I will hold you to that promise when we get back.” You then move my arms away from your body and then reach over for the soap and wash your body. When you finish, we switch places and I take up the soap to wash off. You step out of the shower and start to dry off. By the time I am done washing you are walking towards the bedroom. I quickly dry off my self and enter the bedroom to see you pulling a full length dress over a very lacey, black bra and matching pair of panties.

I go over to my own closet and after putting on some boxers, I put on a semi-formal shirt and pants that compliments the dress you are wearing. We both finish dressing and make the final preparations for the evening. I put a small golden hoop and diamond stud earring in my left ear, and small ring on my right hand. I watch as you put a pair of dangling ruby gemmed earrings, a simple yet elegant necklace and simple bracelet before heading to the bathroom to put the finishing touches on your make up. I check myself in a mirror and then walk over to the door leading down the hallway and wait for you to finish. You step out of the bathroom, and like always, your beauty is breathtaking.

We walk down the hallway and up the stairs. As we walk out on deck, we tell the crew boss to secure the yacht for the night, and that only a very minimum crew will be needed to stay on for the night, perhaps two or three people. The rest can have a night ashore once things are finished for the night, but we would prefer, once we return, that everyone stay either in their own rooms or at least away from our room and below. We then go over to the side of the boat and climb down the ladder to our smaller boat that is used for us to go ashore. After a quick trip over the waves before sunset and we arrive at the docks.

After walking down the long pier we start walking down a cobblestone road that has been worn smooth with years of use. The streets are starting to gather more people as evening starts to set on Friday night. We see some familiar faces as we walk down the streets, streets that we have walked down many times. There is a sense of festivities in the air, music floating through the air, and people smiling in anticipation of a night of dancing. We pass many couples as we walk, some on benches talking, others standing under palm trees holding each other close, and a couple riding in horse drawn carriages. As the last carriage passes us you turn and look at me asking, “Sweetie, do you think that we could go for a ride after dinner. The sun should be setting about that time, and it would make for a very lovely addition to our evening.”

I smile back to you and hold out my hand to gently take yours, “I think it is a very wonderful idea. It will be something that will be very nice for us tonight.” We turn up a street and finally make our way inside of the restaurant we talked about earlier. We walk in and are pleasantly greeted before being seated in a quiet corner booth. The restaurant is filling up with people, which is expected at this time in the evening. After we take our seats the waitress asks us if we want anything, and we both order a glass of wine to start off.

We sit at the table and look out over the growing crowd, our hand resting on each others as we wait for our wine. Moments later the waitress comes back with a bottle and pours us each a small tasting sample to see if we like it. Agreed upon, she fills our glasses and says she will return shortly for our orders.

We decide on an appetizer of shrimp and you order an order of pasta and I decide on a steak and lobster tail. As we wait for the meal the waitress comes to the table, refilling our glasses of wine, lights the two small candles on our table, and brings us a small loaf of bread and butter. As I reach over and cut the loaf in small slices for each of us I look towards you smiling, “You do you look beautiful this evening sweetie. I have said it before, and like every other time, I really mean it.”

As you reach over and start to butter your slice of bread you smile and say, “Thank you honey. I have enjoyed the day, and it is proving to be a delightful evening,” then lowering your voice and with a slight blush you whisper, “and I am sure tonight will be even more enjoyable.”
“I know it will be. I hear there is a place just down a couple of blocks that I think will enjoy, and then later tonight I heard they are having some festival of sorts on the street. Something wonderful to be part of,” then after I look around quickly I whisper, “and I know we will enjoy the rest of the night on the yacht even more. It is going to be a very nice night.”

As we are finishing our second glass of wine, the waitress brings us our shrimp appetizer. Three skewers of large shrimp laid out on a plate of white rice. She also brings us two glasses of water and a carafe for when we want to fill our own glasses again. We each take a skewer of shrimp and quietly finish off each one. After splitting the third between us, we sit and watch the crowd, trying to figure out what the people are doing and what the evening holds in store for each one. “Look over the honey. It looks like that couple is out for the evening and have plans similar to our own for the night,” you whisper to me as you nod towards a couple who sit and stare at each other across the table.

“Sweetie, to tell you the truth, I haven’t really paid attention to many people in here tonight. You have my attention, and tonight, it is just about us,” then giving you a small smile I hold your hand a little more firmly and turn to look only at you. As the evening passes, we eat our meal, enjoying each others company and the good food that has been brought to us. We enjoy one more glass of wine with our meal before we settle the bill and prepare to leave. We walk out of the restaurant and the sun is setting over the ocean, painting a very spectacular sunset for us. I wave down one of many horse drawn carriages. I help you up and then follow behind you, and then we both take a seat on the padded cushions and enjoy the ride as the horses start to pull the carriage down the street.

The carriage starts off by going down the street that leads back to the seaside road, and once there, turns left and slowly makes it way along the beach. The sun is setting over the ocean, and with the clouds in the sky, the colors and sunset are really beautiful. I move on the bench so I am a little closer to you and gently put my arm over your shoulder, pulling you closer to me so I can hold you close. We ride in the carriage for almost an hour as the sun fully sets in the west and the lights along the cobblestone roads come to life. The people are now all over, filling the streets as we hear the music filling the air. We hear music coming from a nearby street, and we instruct the carriage driver to stop so we can see what is going on.

We walk down the block and find that the street is blocked off from all vehicle traffic, and at the far end there is a live band. The street is filled with people dancing and seemingly having a very good time. We wander down the street and see that some people are wearing very little clothing, but still dancing, having their share of drinks, and having a very fun time. The mood catches us and we start dancing with the rest of the crowd. We start off by dancing with the crowd. The beat of the music is fast and seductive, and as we come close to each other, I wrap my arms around your waist and pull our hips close together, and our bodies grind against each other. We separate and continue dancing, spinning around and holding each other close for moments.

As this song dies down and a slower, more sensually slow song starts we come together and hold each other fiercely. I pull you close to me and our bodies seem to meld, to become one, and the music seems to surround us. Our hands slowly drift over each others bodies, gently caressing each other. Our hands drift down the back, over the sides, and then down to and over the ass of the other. As my hands caress you ass, one drifts up to your back as you start to lean backwards and I hold you as our bodies separate briefly and you sway backwards, from one side to the other before straightening and our bodies mesh together again. I bend my head down and give you a long passionate kiss on the lips and hold you close for a long moment.

Two or three hours pass as we dance with each other there in the street. The night breeze grows cool, and keeps us comfortable. From time to time we wander to the side and find a table and chairs to sit and relax, sipping on a drink that is offered. We simply enjoy the time with each other, kissing, holding each other close, and dancing the hours away. As we leave the street of dancing I turn and say to you, “Sweetie, can you wait here for a moment, there is something I need to take care of,” and after giving you a small kiss on the cheek, I turn and walk down the street, pulling out my cell phone and making a phone call as I do. I go inside a store in about the middle of the block and when I come back out I am holding a small bag. I come back to where you are standing and then we walk hand in hand back to the pier and the dock where our boat is.

We climb down into the smaller boat and after untying the ropes holding the boat to the dock and starting the engine, we slowly pull away from the dock and head to the yacht. We travel almost in silence listening to the drifting sounds of the beach and the festival, and out to our yacht. There are small lights that can be seen over the water, showing where other boats are, and to let others know that people are traveling back and forth. We make our way to our yacht, and after turning off the smaller boat and tying it our yacht, we climb up to the back of our yacht.

When you climb up the ladder you see that there are many candles lit and placed in many places, bathing the floor and area in a very soft romantic glow. There is a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting on the table and very soft music playing over the speakers. You turn around and look at me, “You had this planned didn’t you. You sent the help to shore, keeping only one or two here, and then the phone call. You called here to have them set this up, didn’t you?”

I can only smile warmly and say, “Yes sweetie, I did. When I called I had them set this up and then take the other boat and head to the docks. We have the entire boat to ourselves for tonight, and they won’t be back till early in the morning.” You smile warmly and walk over to me, reaching up with one hand and placing it on my shoulder before gripping the back of my head and pulling my mouth down to meet yours, sharing a long passionate kiss.

I return your kiss with the same intense passion and my hand moves to around your waist, and down to your ass. I gently grip it with one hand after giving it a gentle squeeze, I pull your waist closer to mine, and for a brief moment, you can feel the firmness of my cock brush against you. My other hand goes up to your neck and finds the top button of your dress and I slowly undo it, before I slowly pull down the delicate zipper that holds your dress closed in the back. I then reach up and gently pull the shoulder straps off your shoulders and take a small step back as your dress falls to the floor. I then step in closer to you and give you a passionate kiss on the lips as my hands find your waist and gently hold on to you.

You return the kiss with a fierceness that is only matched by the passion in your eyes as you pull back from me and look into my eyes. You reach down to my waist and pull my shirt free of my pants and tug on it until it is up and over my head. You throw it off to one side and in a fiercely passionate voice whisper, “I want you to take me, to do with me as you want. I want you now,” and then you reach down and start ripping at my belt and pants, doing whatever you can to free me of my pants.

As you work on freeing me of my pants, I start to slowly work on your bra, undoing the clasp on the back and then gently pulling it forward and off your shoulders. At the moment it hits your hands, you have my pants button and zipper undone and then my pants and your bra hit the floor at the same time. I step out of my pants first with one foot and then the second, and then I slide my pants and your bra off to one side at the same time. One of you hands goes inside my boxers to gently grab a hold of my cock and the other starts to pull my boxers down. One of my hands moves up your waist to you breast and I gently fondle it before giving your nipple a slight pinch and twist. My other hand slides inside your panties and between your legs, forcing a soft moan from you lips.
As you finish pulling my boxers down and let them drop to my ankles, I slowly kiss down your neck, to your upper chest, your breasts, and then your stomach as I come to rest on my knees. My hands move up to your breasts gently fondling them as I kiss your stomach just above your panties. I tenderly lick and kiss around you naval before my hands drift down your sides and gently grab a hold of your panties. As I continue to kiss your stomach my hands pull your panties down and make sure they hit the floor. One of my hands move around to your lower back and the other around to your stomach, gently pulling you down to your knees and then holding you tenderly and pushing you on to your back so you are resting on the large blanket. I reach down and finish pulling your panties off and then push your legs apart. My kisses and licks move lower down your stomach until you can feel my hot breath barely reaching your clit. You put one hand on the back of my head and whisper in a lust filled voice, “Lick my clit, stick you tongue in my pussy. I want to feel your mouth all over my pussy.”
My hand that pulled off your panties slowly drifts up your leg and then as I lower my self down to my stomach my tongue gently glides down and over the top of your clit. As it does you gently lift your hips into the air forcing you clit up into my mouth and I welcome it, sucking on it gently. My tongue then slides down to lick the silky folds of flesh of your pussy, sliding inside just slightly before sliding back out and licking up to your clit. The hand that was on your leg moves up to your stomach and then down to your clit. Using two fingers I gently pull the hood of your clit back to fully expose your sensitive mound before I use my tongue to lick it one more time. My tongue slowly slides up and down, repeating the motions many times, driving your pleasure to the edge of orgasm.
I continue to lick over your clit as my second hand drifts down from your heaving breasts to you leg. A moment later my tongue and mouth leave your clit and for that brief moment, you gain a sense of loss, like something that has yet to be finished. The feeling loss doesn’t last long because I start licking on your clit again. Seconds later, you feel the pressure of one my fingers sliding into your pussy. It starts to slowly slide in and out for a few seconds before a second finger joins it, slowly and gently sliding in and out.
I start to lick faster and faster on your clit, doing what I can to drive you over the edge of pleasure as my two fingers slide in and out of your now wet pussy. “Oh god yes honey, that’s it, lick my clit, fuck my pussy with your fingers. OH MY! Fuck yes sweetie, just like that. Mmmmmmmmmm.” You reach down and with one hand pull my head into your pussy, grinding your hips up into my mouth and you use the nails of you other hand to dig into my shoulder, holding me there. You body starts to spasm and your hips buckle, driving you hips into the air, forcing my head up and back. “Oh my gggoooood!! FUCK YES!! I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming!” and then you close your legs, holding my head between them.
After a few moments you muscles relax, your ass slowly lowering back to the blanket and your hands coming off my head and shoulders to rest on the blanket beside you. I slide my fingers of your pussy, and after giving your clit one more lick and kiss I lick my fingers off. I move my legs over yours and lay next to you, my face near your waist and I let you slowly catch your breath and let your body regain some sort of normalcy.
As the minutes pass and your breathing returns to normal I look up at your face to find that you are looking down at me with a small grin. I slowly crawl up the blanket to lie next to you so our faces are next to each other. You lean close and with a lust filled voice whisper, “That was great. I haven’t cum that hard in a very long time. Thank you,” and as you finish, you reach over with one hand and gently caress my cheek. I take one hand and place it on you thigh, letting it drift up you stomach, and then up to your breast where it stops and starts to massage you. It moves up to the top of your breast where my first finger and thumb gently pinch and slightly twist your nipple.

I lean over and give you small kiss on the cheek before licking and kissing my way down to your neck as my hand slowly drifts back down you stomach and between your legs. I place one finger on either side of your clit and start to slowly rub it. I stroke it up and down as my fingers lightly play around your pussy, never entering it, but going close, parting your pussy lips. I bend my head down so I can gently kiss and lick around the top of you breast before moving my head down lower to suck, lick, and gently nibble on you nipple.

I start rubbing your clit faster and faster, changing the motion to small circles and then back to rubbing up and down on it. I take your nipple between my teeth and give it a slight bite, causing you to moan slightly. I then feel you reach over with the hand that is closest to my body and gently grab a hold of my cock, stroking it lightly. I give a light moan and my breath caresses your sensitive nipple. I start to gently thrust my hips back and forth, fucking your hand as my fingers between your legs quicken their pace, rubbing you clit faster and faster.

I bend down and start sucking on your nipple again, pulling it deeply into my mouth. I hear a moan escape your lips as you start to stroke my cock faster and faster, and then as your hips buckle once under the pressure of my fingers, you squeeze my cock harder in your hand. I moan with pleasure as you squeeze my cock again and then start to thrust my cock in and out of your hand. I start to press on your clit a little hard, rubbing it a little faster and then whisper, “I want you to cum one more time before I fuck you tonight. Just one more time sweetie.”

You hips start to move in circles and then your ass is thrust into the air, driving your clit further up and rubbing against my fingers, causing you to moan with even more pleasure. I then decide it’s time to slide my fingers inside you one more time before we fuck on the blanket. I gently push your hips back down, forcing your ass onto the blanket, and then slowly slide the two fingers inside your wet pussy. I put my thumb on your clit, and each time my fingers slide out of your pussy, my thumb rubs up on your clit, and each time my fingers slide into your pussy, my thumb slides down on your clit. I continue to rub your clit and fuck your pussy with my fingers like this for a few minutes, and as your orgasm starts to climb, I slowly slide my cock from your grasp, knowing that it would not be a very comfortable thing to be a part of.

After a few more thrusts in and out of your pussy with my fingers and more rubbing on your clit with my thumb you start to squirm and moan, “oh fuck baby, I’m cumming. Yes baby, that’s it, fuck my pussy with your finger…..OH FUCK YES!!!! I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming.” And then with a loud word less scream, your body buckles and your back arches into the air. Your body shakes with pleasure for a few minutes, each touch of skin sending a shiver of pleasure through you body. As you finally catch your calming breath you feel my hands on your side, rolling you over onto your stomach.

After you are on your stomach I turn over on my side and then move to kneel on my knees. I am to your side, near your waist and move so I am behind you. I lift your hips and ass into the air and move my body so I am behind you. I gently push your legs apart from behind with one hand before moving closer to you. My other hand moves around your hips, down your stomach and start to gently play with your clit. I then use my hand that pushed your legs apart to gently guide my cock into your wet pussy. The rigid head slowly slides inside you, and I wait for just a few seconds before I slowly slide my entire cock inside. “I know you like to get fucked like this sweetie, and I want to fuck you good. I want us to cum together tonight. God, you are so wet right now,” and then I start to slowly slide my rock hard cock in and out of your wet, wet pussy. My hips thrust back and forth, driving my cock in and out of you, the ridge around the head of my cock brushing against your sensitive g-spot.

I start with a slow and gentle pace as I thrust in and out of you. My fingers gently play over your clit, rubbing it gently. My other hand slides from you ass, up your back, and grabs a hand full of your hair. I pull on it just enough to force you up on your hands before I pull your hair to one side so you are looking back at me over one of your shoulders. I start to thrust faster and faster in and out of your pussy, my balls swaying from time to time hitting your clit. My fingers rubbing on your clit and pressing down on it while I say in a husky, lust filled voice “Oh fuck, your pussy feels so good and wet. I have wanted to fuck so good and hard all day long. Oh my god baby, this is great.”

I start to rub your clit faster and faster as I start to thrust in and out of your pussy faster and faster. As you look over your shoulder at me, your eyes start to gloss over and roll back into your head as you say in a whisper, “Oh god baby, I’m cumming again. I am going to cum,” and then start to rock back and forth on my cock. You reach back with one of your hands and gently grab a hold of my balls, hold them as I fuck you faster and faster. When I hear what you say, I start to thrust faster and faster, driving myself closer to pleasure.

I feel my ass muscles start to tighten and my balls start tingle and throb. I pull your hair just a little more, forcing you to arch you back and moan with pleasure. I fuck you faster and faster, my hips start to spasm and shake. Your body starts to shake with mine, and my thrusts go out of control. I can’t keep my body from moving straight back and forth as I start to try and thrust in and out of you from first one side and then the other. “oh fuck, I’m going to cum sweetie. I am going to shoot my hot load of cum deep into your wet pussy. I hope you’re ready. I am about to cuuuum.”

“Yes sweetie, that’s it!! Oh GOD!!! Cum in my pussy baby, I want to feel you cum. Yeah… yes… I’m cumming.. HOLY FUCK!! I’m cumming,” and you arch your back as your body starts to shake.

“That’s it sweetie, cum with me, cum all over my throbbing cock!” my thrusts start to quicken and not nearly has hard, “oh god, yes, oh….. oh…… OH FUCK!!” and then you feel my hot cum shoot deep into your pussy, filling you.

“OH YES SWEETIE!!! That’s it, oh god, I’m cumming!!! Fuck yes, yes, yes…. Oh yes!” and then you slam backwards, thrusting your pussy back on my cock, impaling yourself there. You rock one more time and then start to fall forward, and I keep my cock buried in your pussy. I gently fall forward too, holding me off you for a moment, then collapsing on top of you. After one more full body shake and one more throbbing gush of cum is pushed into your body, I gently slide my cock out of you.

I gently roll off of your body and lay on my side next to you. I lay there in the candle light and look over to you, my breath starting to come back. You roll over on your side, pressing your body against mine and whisper into the night, “My god honey, that was absolutely great. This has turned out to be a mind numbing night. Thank you.”

With a small smile on my lips, I gently drape on hand over your side so my hand in on your stomach, “You know I love to pleasure you, to hear you when you have an orgasm. It is the least I could do for you for the happiness you have brought into my life. Thank you for tonight, and I am glad to have been able to spend this day, this night, and hopefully many more years together with you. Sweetie, I love you and want to do what ever I can to bring pleasure and happiness into you life.” I then bend my neck slightly so I can lean in and give you a long passionate kiss on the neck, and as I pull my mouth away, you turn so you can look back at me and reach up to give me a kiss on the lips. I pull a blanket over the top of us and with the gentle rocking of the ocean we fall asleep on the boat under a canopy of stars.

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its good i like it ;)

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