An unusual night out for Jasmine turns out to be educational in ways she didn't expect
It was the end of another workday for Jasmine. There was nothing particularly special with the day as she just went about her business working the support desk. Call after call came through with not even a face to attach to the voice. She had gotten used to it all these years and was satisfied with what she did for the faceless people. However, her evening was going to be different. Typically, she would just go home to her lonely one bedroom apartment, fix herself some dinner, and go to bed watching TV. Tonight though she had to get dressed up and attend an after work party sponsored by the company. They will give out awards and such and try to make everyone feel worthwhile. She knew the drill though. Go there and get my yearly anniversary award, eat some free food, and go home and crash. Little did she know what awaited her at the party?

She arrived early to the party and found herself at a table with a few people she was familiar with. She dressed to impress as she always did for these occasions. While she had no personal life to speak of she liked to put on the persona that she did. She wore a nice tightly clung red dress that stopped just above the knee with black pantyhose on her long legs. That was one thing Mom had blessed her at least with was long legs. She more modest black pumps on her feet and accessorized herself well with a nice necklace and makeup. Makeup was something she hardly ever wore especially in the office. She had always been a loner of sorts in the office anyways so why dress up on normal occasions she always thought. She never really formed a tight bond with anyone there at the office. They were all just acquaintances to her. Sitting next to her was one of the new people that had just started only a few weeks back, Wayne. He was tall and stocky of sorts, and dressed as you would expect a guy who works at a tech support desk.

They started just regular small talk asking each other how each other’s day was and sharing the funny calls from people today. Out of nowhere he changed the subject with her and complimented her on outfit. He also made the stunning comment that he loved how long her legs were. To her this was stunning since nobody in the office had ever taken notice of her looks. Of course it was not everyday she was dressed like this either. She really did not know what to say but to say thanks. There was an eerie silence between the two at that point. She had not been involved with anyone in the past few years while she focused on her studies and getting a decent job. She was good at what she did for a living but was not able to handle many social situations. He quickly apologized for embarrassing her and she blew it off that she was just not expecting that kind of a comment from a co-worker. Shocked at this Wayne says, “That is the most shocking thing I’ve heard all day for someone as beautiful and sexy as you”. This comment did something to Jasmine she had not had happen in long time. She could feel her hands getting sweaty, her heartbeat increasing, and oddly enough, she felt her panties starting to get wet.

As the party dragged on the two talked more and more. Finally, as they could tell the party was coming to an end Wayne asked if she would like to go out after the party somewhere. Again her insides were about to come apart since she had not been out in such a long time. She agreed to go afterwards. After the party, they went out to a small but quiet jazz bar and had a few drinks. At this point, she was not only feeling turned on but she was also starting to feel a little tipsy. Along with this came a newfound burst of confidence. She decided to ask him back to her place. He quickly answered sure. Both knew what was to come next.

As they arrived to her place, the action quickly got started. Kissing quickly turned into touching and as this goes on her mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts. She had not been with anyone in years and was now getting nervous and scared about what was about to happen. He quickly began unzipping her dress and it quickly fell to floor exposing her simple black bra and panty set. Her pantyhose and black pumps still on as well to Wayne this was one of the sexiest sights to see. He quickly dropped to his knees and began kissing and caressing her legs. This made her moan with pleasure as he slowing worked his way down her leg. He removed one of her heels and began kissing and sucking on her pantyhose clad toes. Jasmine had never had a man do this before and it made her feel great. The feeling of him sucking on her toes made her tingle all over. She was about to burst with pleasure. She quickly got Wayne to his feet and began to remove his shirt and pants. As they come off she can see the bulge sticking out from his boxers. She could not wait to get her hands on that. She herself then got down on her knees, removed his cock from his shorts, and began stroking it. It felt so good in her hands and she could tell he was very aroused. She quickly took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on the tip of it. Wayne let out a very gracious moan. She then took him deeper into her mouth and began to lick and suck along his shaft. While she was doing this, she could feel herself getting so wet. She had never remembered being this wet before. She rose to her feet and propped herself up onto the bed. He removed her pantyhose and panties and much to his delight, he got to see her very wet pussy for the first time. It was perfectly trimmed as if she knew she was going to need it perfect for this occasion. Wayne caressed and opened her pussy with his fingers to show even more how wet she was. He could not wait any longer. He spread her legs and slowly inserted his cock into her. For her it was like heaven feeling him inside of her. He then began pumping himself in and out of her pussy with seemingly harder and faster strokes each time. He took her legs and raised them up onto his chest and shoulders. As he continued to fuck her harder, he took her leg, moved her toes to his mouth, and began to suck on them once again. This sent Jasmine into a fury and she felt her orgasm come on strong at this point. She began to moan hard and clinched onto the blankets below and she felt her body shudder and gush around his hard cock inside of her. He continued to dart his tongue in and out of her toes making sure not to miss any spot on her foot. She could feel his cock getting bigger and she knew he was about to cum. As he pumped into her even harder, he suddenly shot his hot load of cum inside of her. She could feel his hot cum covering her insides and she could not believe how great it felt. He removed his hard wet cock from her to reveal her cum soaked pussy. She put one of her fingers down there and could not believe how hard he had cum. She put her finger to her mouth and gave his cum a taste. It had been a long time since she had tasted cum and in a sick way she missed the taste.

They both got up and cleaned themselves up and then sat and talked a little more. She asked him about the fascination with her feet during their love session. He explained to her that he had always been turned on by women’s feet and that it really turned him on. He also explained that most women are unaware of the pleasure that can be gained from a man sucking on their toes and thought it might had added to her pleasure that night. It indeed had added to it and she never was going to forget this. Wayne left to head home and she sat and wondered if another night like this was to come. She knew though now that she had found something that made her feel wonderful. She knew should was going to desire more. The question was when and by whom though now was she going to get it from. There was going to be a new Jasmine strutting around now and nobody could see what was going to come next.
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