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My mom's secret.
This is my new story im still working on the My life stories but im beginning to work on this as well.

I am sixteen (about 6 ft 160 pounds) and i live with my stepmother (who was about 5'8 120 about a 34b cup size) in the house my father built up into the mountains. My real mom died when i was born, and my dad died last year. He married when i turned 14. Me and my father were close, he was my best friend. I think i blamed Jill for his death. She made him go out and get her wine. He was shoot as, the liquor store was robbed. i was devastated at the funeral. When Jill tried to hug me, I pushed her away. Three days later the lawyer stopped by. He brought us into the living room.

"You know why im here." He said opening his briefcase.

"Yes" Jill said

I nodded.

"well lets just get right to it" he said

"David left 1/4 of his 1 million dollar Life insurance to Jill."

"He left 14/ to pay for all of the bills, such as Mortgage, electric and all other bills and anything left gets put into updates and maintenance for the house."

"He left the rest to little Dave" he said

"he leaves the house and car to Little Dave as well, when he turns 18 and gets the car when he gets his license" he added

"he also said that Little dave is to be under the care of Jill, and if she refuses she must leave the house immediately" He said

"thank you sir" i said

"No problem sport."

"you guys should be getting your, check some time next week." he added as he left the house

" what do you want for dinner" she said

"im not hungry" i said as i ran to my room

The next few days went by and the only time i got any peace was when i went online to Play Xbox. I just Let out all my frustration out online. After i got home from school Monday, Jill was there sitting with the check, lets go to the bank. We pulled up to Pnc bank. and sat down at a booth.

"How may we help you" The teller said

"Well we just got my husband life insuarance check and we would like to open some accounts." Jill said

"Okay how many accounts would you like to open" he said

"Four" she said

"Okay so who are they going to be for well 1 is for me 2 are for David here and 1 is for both of us for our our house and bills" she said

"My house" i added

"yeah his house" she replied

"ok well David we will do yours first" what kind of accounts do you want" he said

"i would like a the best type of checking account you have and a saving account." i said

"well how much are you putting into these accounts." he said

"well 250,000 in each" i said

"okay we need your mother to be on this seeing that you are not 18 yet, is that okay" he said

"well if you make it so that she cant have access to it then yeah. that will be fine." i said

"Okay and what about you miss, what are the other two accounts for" he said

"well the other both are checking accounts" she said

After we finished the paper work, we left.

After a few days the mail came with our Cards and what not.

After school i walked to Bestbuy and bought myself a new Macbook. I went home and went into my room.

I went online to look at some porn. I i just couldn't help masturbating. Then Jill walked in as i was doing this. She was shocked and left the room. After about an hour i went down for dinner. i could tell Jill was uncomfortable with the situation. It was about ten and Jill went up to bed as she usually does. I waited up a while because i was going to take off school tomorrow. I went upstairs and started towards the bathroom so i could get some lotion. And i saw that Jills door was open. I peeked in and i guess she passed out or something because she was on top of her blankets and a little nightie. I snuck into her room. She was out like a light. I lifted up her nightie and saw that saw was not wearing any undies. I started feeling her pussy. I took off my pants, and got on top of her. I put some of the lotion onto my dick. And slid into her tight little ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed

"what the fuck are you doing" she said

"fucking your ass bitch" i said

"stop" she screamed as she was crying

"no" as i thrusted deeper.

She let out another scream. But then i could feel her moving her hips back as i thrusted. After about five minutes i came deep into her asshole.

"what the fuck was that" i said

"what" she said

"you fucked me back" i said

"no i didnt" she said in an embarrassed fashion

"yes you did" i said as i pulled out my still hard dick

"you raped me" she said

"well you wanted it" i said
"you didnt even try to stop me, and you started pushing your ass into me." i added

"well you may be right" she said as she sat up and started licking my cock dry.

"well next time just don't go right for my asshole that hurt like hell" she said

"well at first i was just going to tear your ass up for killing my dad but then it felt so good." i said

"you think i told your father to go the Liquor store" she said

"Yeah" i said

"no, no, no he was going to get that wine for a party we were going to have for you" she said

"what party" i said

" You getting your license" she said

"we were gonna let you have a glass, as we celebrated" she said

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2013-10-23 21:50:40
2Bbuma Im obliged for the article post.Thanks Again. Want more.

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2011-03-08 05:08:08
This is extremely underrated.

If you only have so much time, learn to use your Computer and Save in Word,Then Copy and Paste into this format.

Your stuff is underdeveloped because you have to little time at one time.

You make a guy who is Not a jerk come off as a jerk.

These two could become Great Fuck Buddyies and she could have his kids.

He over time could make his kids with his kids. Takes about 14 years.

He could then Play Double Egg Down and make twin grand kids. Another 15 years.

Then going out he could make his Great Grand kids.

Then with his Stored Sparm he could make his great great grand kids.

As this is going on he could do somthing useful as well as fuck.

$500,000 will not last a lifetime, and they are going to tax the hell out of him.

I suggest putting the money to work making money. Compound you entrence. Invest the Profits in Stock. Get lucky, perhaps start a Foundation. Make a Great Video Game and sell it. Whatever.

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2011-03-08 04:55:51
This could be developed and turn out to be very very good.

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