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This Story was written for and about my friend Mike and his wife Kate and her girl frien Catherine that he lusts for!
Kate, Catherine and more Big Black Cocks than they could ever Imagine!

Kate and I were friends for about 10 years before we got together, we like many couples had come from poor choice's in relationships. We had lived across the street from each other, she was single at the time and a big flirt! I told her once I used to jack off fantasizing about her, I made this comment on our first date and we have been together ever since!. She is 47,yrs old now 5' 7” tall, has shoulder length light brown hair with blond high lights and I would say she has an average body for a woman her age. She does go to the gym almost every day. Her breasts are 34 C with large light brown aureoles that have the most incredibly large nipples almost the size of a dime and that stick out almost half an inch!. This has always been a big problem for her as most bra's have been unable to hide these incredible nipples of hers, in high school she had to put tape over them in order to keep some modesty!. Kate has a narrow waist with hips that flair out perfectly into long well shaped legs and a soft round ass to die for, one that just begs to be paddled! Her skin is a firm tight smooth snow white that has not seen the sun lately. She is a natural light brown brunette, but you would never know it as her pubic hair is blondish, and neatly trimmed down to a one inch almost unnoticeable strip. She has large fleshy labia lips and a clit that easily protrudes out past them and her thin silky blond pubic hair with little attention!.

She is a typical soccer mom and most would view her as a nice respectable lady. She has children from a previous marriage that ended unfulfilled and sexless. Family and friends would be shocked to find out what kind of crazy sex life we have and some of the things she has talked about doing when it comes to kinky sex in public! . Kate and I have quite a collection of toys. She loves the feeling of being stuffed and I love doing it to her. I have a fat seven inch cock and have slipped some bigger dildos and vibrators up her pussy as I am fucking her tight ass!. The first time I did this to her she had the most mind blowing intense orgasm, you could ever imagine,.. and so did I!

She loves showing her body to strangers, we started off like many couples by flashing truckers out on the interstate she would become so wet and turned on by playing with her pussy when we have driven along side of them. Once she was so hot and horny after screwing around with this one truck driver for several miles that she had me follow him into one of the old run down truck stops, and out back in the parking area between the other trucks she got out of the car and walked up to his truck and brazenly propositioned him, by showing him her tits! I think she would have done him right there in the lot except this was a truck driving team and the other part of the team was the truckers woman who stuck her head out past him and said to Kate if she came up into their sleeper and fucked her man, that she would put on a big strap on and fuck Kate as well, and that she was wild and crazy bitch that just might cut Kate's nipples clean off! This episode with Kate standing there topless was quite erotic and amusing to watch. The thrill and turn on to do something like this with complete strangers has always left her wanting, but the thought of something scary and crazy like this happening has both tempered and encouraged her to push the limit!

Kate has been with another woman before and wants to do it again, and maybe even a threesome with one. I did talk her into being with another guy several times and this has been her undoing. He was a hansom friend with a big 8 “ cock,..after this big cock thing it has become an incredible turn on for her now almost an obsession. When she was with him didn't want to quit as she really love it when we both took turns hard fucking her! This was the hottest and most turned on Kate had ever been since her first wild dates back in high school and after the senior prom. After this three way with my friend she has become an over sexed almost insatiable little whore!

My male friend, started this thing with Kate that I had never done before. He has Kate open her mouth wide and stick her tongue out and then slaps her lips and tongue with his big cock. Her saliva and his precum drips down her chin as she moans and licks his big mushroomed shaped cock head. To hear her lusting sounds through this gooey gurgling cum is so erotic as he makes her tell him what she wants by coaching and telling her she is nothing but a slut and a cock sucking whore! It is so perverse to hear her moaning one minute and then saying that she is a slutty whore the next!

It seemed like most every day after this she would ask one or more question about some sort of bazaar sexually kinky encounter? It was as if all of her sexual energy and desires as a young girl in puberty had been re awakened and all she wants was to experience them all over again! I think part of it was her doctor telling her that the change of life was near and the fact that she would soon be 50, was what rekindled her ardent interest in sex! I really love her and this new found zeal for sex, but I have been having a hard time keeping up! I am not complaining mind you but she was starting to need much more sexual attention than I was able to give especially on a regular basis. We had been playing kinky sex games, by meeting in near by Columbus at raunchy motels where we could act like clandestine lovers that were meeting each other for the first time, we have had great fun and great sex playing these games! And it has been wonderful!
When we are away from home Kate likes to wear a short little red dress bikini panties and nothing else but heels, many times in the car she has removed her panties and given them to me. This lets me know that she is horny and wants to do something wild and crazy. At first she would show her body by flashing people because I asked her, but now she gets very wet and excited by brazenly showing her pussy to complete strangers. Usually I would park in the back lots of these old motels tilt the seat back and have her spread her legs. She would then unbutton her blouse so that her tits and incredible nipples were exposed, then she would work her dress up and masturbate. She has this incredible way of pushing her breasts together with her upper arms and turning her head off to one side when she masturbates,that just drives me crazy! The gasping and erotic noise she makes as her eyes kind of glaze over when she is close, has added to her perverse display of sexual manipulation! To watch and hear her make sounds like animals mating is such a turn on that would give me or any male a tremendous hardon!..

It would not be long until we would have several horny men knocking on the car window wanting her to let them in! This was great fun and very stimulating for both of us, and had escalated to adult video and topless bar parking lots. But now with all of the video surveillance these days we had to be more careful and not stay very long. I had to make sure her door was locked, as one time in the parking lot of an adult motel Kate had just pleasured herself to orgasm when one man had jerked her unlocked door open and another who was black scooped her up into his arms! She was half silly with pleasure and in no condition to resist! She earlier in order to really tease them more , had removed her dress entirely! It took me a minute to realize what had happened and to get out of the car and chase them down! He had picked her up by sticking his thumb in her wet pussy and had worked his other two long black fingers up ass hole as he carried her off just like she was a white bowling ball! By the time I got to her he, had gotten off again!. She had her arms around his neck and seemed to be quite blissfully content by being being carried off naked!. I was able to convince him to let her go by offering them money, having her kiss him as passionately as she could and promising them we would meet later in one of the adult, motel rooms! It was a wild and crazy night that I still tease her about and that I should have let them keep her for the evening! This thought of being naked and abducted still seems to turn her on!

Kate has always loved having her pussy licked and sucked with a finger up her hot tight ass hole. Another favorite of hers is to be mouth fucked hard, like her mouth is a pussy. I love looking at her face, and to see the look in her eyes when she sucks my cock she never really liked to suck down my cum that much, but the look on her face when my friend with the 8” cock face fucked her in the mouth was really priceless when he let off a big thick load, OMG! Her eyes were so big as it was all she could do by half choking as she gulp it down. We both were able to fuck her pussy at the same time and for her to have two large cocks stretching her cunt,... well she just really went nuts over that. I would've loved to have pictures!

She has a girl friend named Catherine that hangs out with her, and they go to the gym together a lot to work out. Kate has told me all about Catherine and that she is a hot little piece, She is 37, about ten years younger than Kate with an incredible body stands 5'3", her hair is similar to Kate's light brown with blond highlights as they sometimes do their hair together, is shoulder length and naturally curly. She pulls it back straight a lot trying to make her image at work look more business like however it has been a loosing battle. She is so petite and from a distance looks to be much younger. Her eyes are blue/green. But her lips are incredible and sooooooooo sexy especially when she wears red lip gloss! She has 32C tits with dark brown nipples that are a lot like Kate's but the tips are even bigger almost as big around as a man's thumb. Her little ass makes you just want to pick her up and jack off with her on the end of your dick! According to my wife her cute little pussy is even better, shaved smooth is hairless and that she has an enormous clit that Kate says is almost always swollen and ready! I know all about this because Kate has described her body in great detail,and has even taken several pictures with her cell phone to show me. Catherine seems to like being naked at the gym and she is not bashful at all around other women or in the showers.

Catherine told my wife once she is a one man woman, and one time said that she could never be with another man or woman. You would never know it though as she is always flirting with not only Kate telling her what a great body she has, and has done the same with several other young women that frequent the gym! She has told some really hot stories about not only seducing her husband for kinky sex, but has also had fun exposing herself and temping several of the girls in the gym she suspects are lesbian's! Once while on one of the exercise machines when they were directly across from her, she had purposely worn nothing while she worked out spreading her legs really wide each time showing her incredible pussy wide open and her swollen moist clit! She thought they might have raped her if some of the other women hadn't shown up at the time, and if they would have had dicks! She told Kate it was fun and a real turn on to lead these horny young women on. Kate told her she had better watch out or something like what happened to her with the truckers bitch of a wife at the truck stop might happen to her! Both Kate and Catherine are very attractive and incredible women. I am a very lucky man to have Kate in my life and Catherine close by as she really turns me on to be around her.

Kate has been wanting me to set something up again with more than one guy, she has been really horny and obsessed with big cocks ever since my friend did her with his 8 incher! This led to her joining the Naughty Ohio Wives Club it is a group of wives who's husbands are out of work and they have been offering them selves up for sex to help off set some of the family expenses. It is kind of like an X rated Craig's list only for sex! Kate posted some rather revealing pictures of herself on the clubs site as a lark thinking that as an older woman she would get little interest, boy was she wrong especially when I talked her into putting on her bio that she was interested in well endowed black men.

After several weeks of researching those who responded along with several other groups I made contact with the perfect black gentleman, he is a hansom guy in his late 30s, and not only does he have a 10 incher it is really fat almost 3 inches in diameter! He also claims to have several black brothers that are every bit as big as him and that all of them would love to do Kate! I have finally put all of the details together and set her up with him. I have told him all about Kate's kinky sexual desires, and how she likes to have her pussy sucked played with and eaten, to be face fucked, and that she wants to have another woman use and abuse her and, that she wants to abuse another women, this is of course along with her zeal for some really big cock!

I have made a deal, and told him that she is quite willing and will do what ever he tells her, But have told him what I want, and that is for her to suck me off while she is naked bound and blindfolded! I also want to fuck her, so that she will have no idea it is me! I have told him more than anything, I want to watch Kate really get hard fucked by him and his black brothers the more of them the better although she thinks there will only be three of them!. Kate is so horny now after seeing digital pictures of his enormous cock, the pictures I showed her though weren't even his actual size as when it was taken he was only half hard! She after seeing this picture has agreed to meet this black stranger at one of the seedy old hotels down in old town Columbus off Hwy 70. I have easily talked her into wearing my favorite and hers, it is that really short little red dress with a open plunging neckline that leaves most of her 34” breasts exposed, and if she bends over, ..well she will have no modesty left at all!. The red material is thin more like a nighty and the outline of her big nipples that are just barely covered poke out so perversely.. I know, she is really turned on by wearing little and especially with no underthings. So I have told him to make sure she comes to meet him wearing this dress her 5” heels and nothing else.

She is terrified to go alone and has confided in her friend Catherine about what she is going to do, and asks Catherine to drive her not realizing that something bad could or might happen to her friend in this part of Columbus after dark. Catherine has tossed Kate the keys to her car and tells her to do the driving as she knows where they are going. On the way over in the car Catherine has been bantering with Kate and teasing her. She is wearing a short white large knit dress and white matching heels. It is a wrap around and easily shows her small cleavage barely swelling over the white lace bra, her lace panties can easily be seen through the large knits. She has told Kate she is going to a sexy lingerie and toy party later that evening, telling her that she hopes to find something that will really turn her husband on as he is not always that interested in her! This is something that Kate has told me I find hard believe. The thin material of the white knit dress clings revealingly to her tight little ass as she squirms around in the seat!. She has unbuttoned the few big buttons and is squeezing her small breasts and asks Kate about the black man she is going to meet, and did she think,.or. would he like to play with her white little 32” titties as she pushes them up and together making more out of her small cleavage? All this does is to make Kate even hornier!

This sleazy old hotel at one time was a fairly high class place with a restaurant lounge and a doorman, but now has deteriorated into a place where all sorts of unsavory people are hanging around.. They park in the old rundown poorly lighted parking garage. Kate after seeing the place tells her friend Catherine she had better go an that she will be alright! Catherine boldly says in an adventurist mood that she will stay and escort her to the room.

The trip into the hotel is quite interesting as there are lots of men but only a few other women in the hotel lobby, but unknown to them they are all prostitutes. They attract quite a bit of attention, as they are really out of place as both are dressed like high class whores, but are clearly not acting like them. After asking the middle age Puerto Rican desk clerk directions who openly admires them, points to a ground floor room that they easily find and knock on the door. Once Kate meets him, he is surprised to see that there are “two” white women! He then tells Kate's friend Catherine after a short awkward introduction that Kate, is in his capable hands and that she can leave. Catherine after seeing how big and hansom he is, reluctantly says to him and quite sarcastic, have a good time, with both knowing exactly what she means!

This big hansom black man blatantly reaches out and forcefully grabs both of Kate's tits and pulls her up tightly to him and at the same time even more forcefully kiss's her deeply and with genuine passion! His hands then descend to her buttocks and work the hem of this short red dress up to where his large black hands have easily cupped and are squeezing the globes of her bare white bottom! You have seen black basketball players hold a ball with one hand and Kate's ass cheeks are a little smaller and a lot softer that a basket ball, this leaves her soft white bottom scalloped out erotically between the fingers of his big black hands! Kate is at a loss at how to react and easily allows him to violate her modesty by offering no resistance what so ever! She feels his incredible bulge against her “V”, and it is all she can do with her feminine sexuality at its peak, to keep from helplessly having an orgasm right then and there! For Catherine to see such a bold, open and lustful sexual display in public?.. Has left her genitals wanting and her clit almost buzzing inside her lace panties as she reluctantly turns away and heads for the parking garage!

Once Kate is inside the room the first thing he tells her is to strip, in moments she is naked as he secures her hands behind her back with some special leather restraints and slips a tight fitting sock type dark blindfold over her eyes and down to her nose. This is followed by him,.leaving her standing for a moment as he leaves the room and when discretely away from Kate, quickly calls some of his black brothers and tells them to abduct Catherine in the parking garage as she tries to leave the hotel!

He then pushes Kate out into the hall saying that he is going to take her to the hotel lounge so that she can meet some of the brothers that will be assisting him with her sexual pleasure! She is totally naked and even more concerned wearing only her red matching hi heels and a blindfold as she is guided down the hall. Kate's heart is racing to the point of almost pounding out of her chest and her body in anticipation has easily given itself away with gooey strings of long precum slowly dripping from her over stimulated labia!. Several black men as she passes give her a longing pat on her bare bottom drooling over her white naked helplessness . She is scared shitless as another pulls on one of her gigantic unblemished nipples telling her how perfect they would be to pierce and install some gigantic chrome nipple rings! She has no idea where he is taking her or how many are watching she originally thought there would be only three men. But for her this is a real turn on and beyond her wildest imagination, as my wife Kate is, from previous encounters an exhibitionist and this perverted situation meets her most delicious fantasy's about such things!

Once in the lounge he tells every one her name, “Kate” and embarrasses her by giving a detailed account of what she wants and that she is here for only one thing, lots of big black dick! Her white nakedness quickly turns red as she blushes helplessly! Many of the brothers are happy to comment as to what they are going to do to her! For her it is now obvious that there are going to be more than three black men! To be naked in front of them and to have no idea what is going to happen only adds to her sexually perverse thoughts. She is besides herself when he announces that he is going to take her down to the dungeon! OMG! She thinks “dungeon” this is something she had no idea would happen? The elevator grinds to a halt hitting the bottom floor in the basement in what seems like only minutes. As the doors squeak open Kate is led down the hall by one firm black hand on her arm and into the entrance of a well appointed replica of medieval dungeon! What it looks like is really out of place for such an old rundown hotel.! If Kate could have seen the glowing torches in the darkened half light of the hallway as they entered this place she would have been scared half to death! Part of the deal I have made with this black brother in return for him to sexually use and abuse Kate. Is to set things up in such a way that she has no idea I am involved!

I have arrived earlier and met with him about what they had planned for Kate and am in a small viewing room. It has several large one way windows that afford unrestricted view into several different rooms of the dungeon. From my hidden vantage point I am able to see Kate as she is led into the smaller of these rooms. I have never seen my wife so naked helpless and forcefully in the control of another man, it is an incredible turn on for both her and I, as it is for this big black gentleman!

She easily, and willingly does what ever he tells her! There are several other perverts in this room besides me that are casually relaxing in comfortable chairs with drinks that are about to enjoy watching my wife Kate be sexually assaulted and abused! Some are black and some white, I find out later that they are well to do Columbus business men that are interested in all sorts of kinky and abusive sexual bondage and have provided my new black friend with the money and assistance to turn this old hotels basement into this incredible dungeon! On the walls of this room I see several large screen hi tech color monitors , and am amazed to see them come to life. They are attached to numerous small video cameras that have been strategically placed around the dungeon. These recorded videos have also been used in the past to blackmail many of the abducted, unwilling and formerly straight laced white women into returning to be used and abused over and over again! As I watch he tells Kate, on your knees bitch and easily forces her down, by placing his black hand firmly on her shoulder and pushing.

He then tells her to open her mouth wide and to tilt her head back! This is followed by him casually saying with a smirk on his face as he looks in my direction. You, are going to get your first taste of black dick right now and you better do a good job sucking or I am going to whip your pretty little white ass! He then motions for me to come out of the room! She has no idea that the dick she is about to suck is my hard white dick! To see my wife Kate naked blindfolded and on her knees, and being ordered around by this big negro is one of my favorite fantasy's about her, and this has made my dick harder than it has ever been. After only moments of her aggressive sucking I am ready to explode! She is trying her best to do what her new black master wants. She sucks on me harder and more aggressive than ever still having no idea it is me!.

It takes only several minutes under the circumstances until I ejaculate harder than I ever have! She gags with cum gurgling, trying to suck and swallowing at the same time, something that I have never been able to have her do so willingly before! The sight of her wantonly sucking for all she is worth with her hands helplessly cuffed behind her back on a man she thinks is black and a man she has never met is an incredible turn on for me! This is something I thought would never happen, and this thought alone almost brings me to my knees in orgasmic pleasure as my cum floods into her open willing mouth! I pull out with a sucking pop! And slowly make my way back into this small room and clean up. After which I easily fall into one of the comfortable chairs to watch, one of the black men that has been watching gets up and goes through the same almost hidden door and takes my place with Kate! OMG! It is an incredible thing to watch, my dick is about 7” and about 2 1/2” around, but his is bigger!

The camera with incredible clarity and real time sound effects, instantly adjusts and zooms into a close up of Kate's pale face even with the blindfold, her expression goes from anticipation to wonder as this black master tells her to lick this new black bro's dick! She is quite timid at first as she sticks her tongue out, until she realizes the size as she touches it with only the tip of her tongue around the head of this enormous black cock! The contrast of black and white along with her pink tongue is stark and vivid! This man roughly grabs the back of Kate's head and intertwines his hands into the blond highlights of her light brown hair and easily pulls her head forward until she is impaled and her nose is only inches away from his kinky pubic hair, as his hard 8” black cock meets an area in her throat that no other cock has! The muffled sound is something I have never heard Kate make before as he pulls her head back and forth telling her almost lovingly at first and then coaching, he says goood baby very good ahhhh! That's good as he works her head back and forth with more force and at the same time starts to vigorously face fuck her, by thrusting his hips out to meet her at the same time he pulls her head forward until her nose is easily hitting his pubic bone! He can tell that Kate is having trouble breathing from lack of air and for a moment he makes her plight even worse by pinching her nose closed! She panics as her bound wrists try to come forward, but only her upper arms and shoulders are able to move helplessly and neither afford her any relief! Her lungs are burning and trying there best to suck in air as he unloads his warm squirting jizzem and abruptly pushes her head away as the second and third spurt of his cum hits her square on her cheeks and nose slowly running down her face and lips as she gasps for breath she helplessly sucks in through her lips and nose more of the warm cum, what is left is now dripping off her chin and onto her bare breasts.

She is then roughly jerked up by her hair onto her feet and led over to some medieval looking wooden stocks that are open, her wrists are first uncuffed and then placed along with her bare white neck, and are guided down into the cutouts of the stocks and the mating top with matching openings that is hinged on one end is pressed down on top of them forcing her wrists and neck tightly into the stocks as it latches with a positive metal clink! This has left her head slightly lower at one end and her bare bottom cunt and tight little ass hole vulgarly exposed and at the perfect height! From my vantage point I can only see her from the rear, but the video cameras and the half light easily make up for anything I cannot see! For Kate it is not bad at first to be bent over like this but the longer she is in this position the more uncomfortable it gets! Her biggest problem is her “Hi Heels”, the dungeon floor is slick enough to allow her heels to slide apart and it is all she can do to keep scooting her legs back together! It is a loosing battle as she fights to keep her precarious stance intact!

Finally all of Kate's strength and will power is gone and her legs are sliding farther and farther apart! She panics as her legs get wider and she sinks down farther and farther thinking, OMG ! that in moments she will be hanging by only her neck and wrists as her legs, do the splits she will end up choking!. Just as she thinks this will be her fate her ankles are grabbed by this black sadist who has been watching and letting this perverse scene play out, and leather restraints similar to the wrist cuffs are placed around her ankles and attached to rings in the floor! The results have left her with little strength or resistance and her gentiles are up wide open, and still dripping helplessly. To see a woman's clit swell like an animal when aroused is one of the most perverse and erotic things to see and Kate's has now become a dark red and is easily seen in between her labia lips! She is now so vulnerable, but this has easily ended her earlier plight. The relief is most welcome and allows her to stand in this bent over position that leaves her spent and her tits hanging straight down and unencumbered!...

Her friend Catherine's trip back wearing her white knit dress and heels have gotten several more admiring looks and comments. She has taken the keys from her purse and punched the alarm that unlocks her car door when she is accosted in the parking garage by half a dozen black brothers that seem to come from nowhere! She is younger than Kate, is strong and fights like hell screaming, cussing and kicking getting several in the balls, but it does little good and she is easily overpowered as they carry her off and into the parking garage elevator Once in the elevator they start ripping off her white knit dress! She is still trying to kick at them, her knit dress is in shreds quickly gone and whats left is on the floor of the elevator leaving her in only white lacy underwear and heels! This sexually revealing underwear is what she usually wears to turn on her husband, and what she was going to wear and model for the other girls at the lingerie and toy party later that evening, but its effect along with her resistance have left her perky little breasts heaving and both have also turned on her captors!. The old elevator slams to an abrupt halt as it hits the bottom floor of the basement! The rest of the brothers are already there waiting about 20 or so virile young black men . She is yelling at them to let her go and that when the cops catch them she will see to it that they all go to jail!

This comment is met with laughter, as no cops ever come around to this area of Columbus especially after dark and now that they have taken her down into the basement dungeon of this old hotel she finally realizes there is no way a police officer would ever know that she has been abducted, much less is naked helpless and in the basement of this old hotel! The realization she is screwed has finally dawned on her when two men grab her thrashing legs at the ankles and another first pulls her lacy bra down and then removes it exposing her little 32” tits with those incredible nipples! Another has pulled her sheer white lace panties down her open thighs stretching them! The fact that they are wet and her legs are spread wide easily lets these sheer panties rip into several pieces and quickly dissapear. This perpetrator has not only discovered her bare shaven pussy, but her horny body has also easily betrayed her! Catherine's slit is soaking wet and her clitoris is swollen up to the point that it is almost ready to explode, begging to be abused! He then hollers to his black brothers, ..hey come over here,look at this! The little white bitch is wet and horny, I think she really likes this! She is still cussing and hollering at them to let her go and is still trying to twist loose, but is not struggling nearly as hard or with the same conviction as only moments ago! One of the gang members tells her that she had better cooperate or she would regret it! She then spits at him and calls him stupid black bastard and to let her go! The laughter is even louder this time as the same young black man produces a 9”hard cock!

He then says sweetly to Catherine suck on this bitch, as he milks the precum out of the head! Ill, bet your honky white old man doesn't have a cock this big! She defiantly says that her husbands cock is every bit as big as that wimpy thing of yours, knowing full well that it is not! He then slaps her hard several times across the face as she yelps in pain he sticks his hard cock in her open mouth! She reacts defiantly without thinking, by biting the head of his big black dick as hard as she can! He screams out in pain calling her a slut and whore! Yelling at her, you are really going to get it now you filthy bitch!..Catherine then realizes she has made a terrible mistake! The black brother she has bitten is incensed with pain as he tells his buddies to take her into the dungeon and put her on the hanging torture hammock! Catherine is really scared now, and with all her might and renewed energy pulls and twists desperately trying to free herself! She is able to loosen the grip on one of her ankles and kick at her assailant but this does' little and relief is only for a brief moment. I have been watching Kate, But all of a sudden they bring another naked woman into the dungeon. OMG ! I am shocked to see that it is Catherine!... and for a moment am not sure what to do! My lust for this woman is almost as intense as it is for my wife Kate and this lust easily takes over as I watch this unexpected event in Awe as my wildest dreams about this woman are about to come true!...

to be continued in Chapter Two

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2014-05-04 23:28:52
An excellent, iniisrpng and thought-provoking evening. The tomato sauce episode was certainly food for thought (forgive the pun!) that's one thing I will be trying to put into practice, scary as it is.

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2013-06-21 08:03:51
I wish I had a wife like Kate!

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It is amazing what a woman will do for men. You get them started and they will do about anything you want. Once you break their barriers they will do it over and over again more and more.

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