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Boys living on a island after a plane accident
Subject: flight 247 lost boys chapter 3


A story about a group of boys stranded on
a deserted Island after crashing into the sea.


Must be 18 and over to continue reading
the story below and you have to understand that this
is all fiction as it never happened due to it being?
make believe, so what you do when you read this
is up to you as I have no control over you.
Sexual activity and swearing will be used in this story.

Any names, places or other information may or may
not be real and needs to be taken as so.

Copyright: 2010; Boys in the hood
Do not copy, change, repost any of my stories?
without contacting the owner.

Chapter 3 Boys just having fun

It had been 3 days now since the plane they were in crashed
into the Pacific Ocean, all the boys survived but no adults
lived to help the boys with daily life on this remote island.

It was now up to all the boys to continue living together as
a group, some of the younger boys could not understand why
they had to have rules here on the island and needed to observe

Ron was having a hard time as he was the oldest
boy there and most looked up to him, well at least two boys did
and that was after the night of fun and relaxation they received
from Ron's hands and mouth.

Jackson and Desmond were
happy to be together as friends and were now boyfriends and it
was looking good until Wesley saw the twins have sexual activity
with Ron. The day started with the morning piss and
dropping a few loads of coconuts and fish they had last night,
some boys had too much and ended up having the shits, loose
bowels and man it did stink the camp out as the smell was pushed
by the sea air and if you caught a whiff of it you ended up
smelling it all day locked in your nostrils.

"Hey you boys, how about
you go and dig some holes elsewhere as we don't want to smell
your crap here where we sleep." Desmond said to the younger boys.
"Sorry, we had to act fast or we would have crapped our briefs."
the red headed boy said. "Ok, quickly cover it up and mark it so
that no one else digs there and finds your runny shit and ends up
putting his hand into it." Jackson laughed as he watched the boys
try out the new toilet paper, big soft green leaves that felt good on
your butt hole when you wiped off your mess.

"How about we try
and see if we can catch some fish for breakfast." Wesley asked the boys.
"Sure Wesley, have you fished before and can you use a
fishing line without losing it." Desmond asked. "Heck yes,
my Daddy showed me how to do it and I caught a fish one time
with my uncle on his boat." Wesley smiled. "Ok then,
Simon and Wesley go find some fish bait, you know shellfish that
we can use to catch the fish." Jackson explained to the boys.
they soon ran to the rock pool and found a few large oysters
and used a hammer to break them off the rocks and returned to
Jackson with their find.

"This is good enough to eat but we need
to use them to catch the fish with."Desmond said as he always
saw his dad eat the slimy shellfish. In half an hour the boys caught
enough fish to feed the whole group of boys and Ron was smiling as
the boys returned with fish dangling off some bamboo poles.
"It looks like you had a good time fishing there so watch out or
the twins will get jealous that you caught the fish first."
Ron giggled as the twins saw what the younger boys caught.
Peter and Mike took the fish and cooked them with some of the
fruit that was collected the night before and soon had all the fish
ready for all the boys to eat.

"I love the way you guys cook, this is
like way good and not even burnt." Simon whooped as he swallowed
the cooked fish he had in his hands. Coconut milk was drunk quickly
as it was opened using some of the tools the boys found in the bunker
a few days ago.

"Now that you lot have had breakfast we need
to do a things around our campsite as it looks like a tip and we have
opened coconut shells everywhere and we can burn them in the fire
so make sure you pile them up near the fire, second, some of you
are not doing the right thing when you take a dump, mark where you
had dumped your load as a few boys have already poked their hands
in your turds and it's not nice to poke your fingers into a shitty load
of your poo so mark it or I will shove your hands in a pile of shit that I
just deposited in the sand." Ron explained

Some of the boys moaned
hearing that they would end up with a pile of shit on their hands and soon
learned to cover their mess up and mark it with some stones or rocks.
"We need to make a signal fire just encase we see a ship or aeroplane
and we can sent them a sign that we are here." Ron told the boys.
A few of the younger boys whooped like Indians and danced around
the campfire acting like they were on a war dance.

Meanwhile back in the states all the parents were waiting inside L.A's
coast guard's office waiting for news of their boys return. It was getting
frantic as all the parents were shouting and screaming at the captain
asking why they have not found their boys yet and what are they
doing to see where they are.

" Ok, Ok, just hush up for a minute,
please, you all have to calm down as we are doing our best to find
out where the plane went down and we are sending out ships and
planes to find your boys." the Captain explained...
" It's been over 3 Days now and we have heard nothing, nothing
at all about what you are all doing to find our boys." Mr Jenkins said.

He was the dad of the twins and was a single parent as his wife
left them for another woman after Zach Jenkins found his wife with
another woman in their bed and now was looking after the twins
and was shocked to find out that his kids were missing presumed
dead after their plane went missing due to the storm they flew in.

"We have contacted the control tower in Fiji and they lost the plane
after it flew into a storm and no contact was made to them after the
plane took off and was in the air for 15 minutes. " Captain Frank Mc Cain said.
"Did the tower send out any planes to see if they could find any wreckage
or anything at all?" Another parent asked. "It was a real bad storm and
they didn't have any planes that could fly in that type of weather and it
was 12 hours later when they sent up a small plane to see if they could
find any survivors." Captain Mc Cain replied.

"Are those Aussies doing anything, have they sent any ships out there
to find our boys?" Someone shouted out. `We are in contact with the
Australian navy and they have sent a warship, a frigate and it will be
in Fiji in a few days time as the storm has picked up again and we will
have to wait until it passes." Captain Mc Cain explained to the parents...

"Please forgive me but I have to contact my counterpart in Australia and
see how things are going on over there." Captain Mc Cain said...
"Now that you have heard what we are doing to find your boys, it might
be best to go home as it will be another 24 hours before we hear anything
from the Australian navy and other departments looking out for your children."
a Coast Guard Spokesperson said.

The parents slowly left the command center
and hugged and kissed each other as they went to their cars and returned
home waiting for any news. Back at the Island the boys were sorting out the
shelter they made and tried to make it more comfortable to sleep in, they
made a floor out of bamboo poles and tied them together with twine
found in the bunker.

"I wonder what our parents are thinking right now,
I bet they are pissing themselves worrying where we are and if we
are alive." Desmond said.

" I think they are doing their best to find us and will
send out the navy or planes to find us but we are in the middle of the
pacific ocean and there are many islands out here as I did a project
on the island life of pacific children and I found out that there is
hundred's of tiny islands out here and they would have to check every
one of them out to see if we are there." Jackson explained. Ron walked
up to the boys and asked if they would join him in a walk by the water.

"So what's up Ron and by the look of your boxers I would say your
pecker." Desmond giggled as he watched Ron adjust his boned up cock.
" That happens all the time, so how are you dealing with island life as if
it was not for you all finding the bunker we would have turned into raving
loonies by now." Ron said. "Nah someone would have found it soon
enough as we found it looking for food." Jackson replied.
"Have you heard anything from the other boys, like grumbling
or moaning?" Ron asked. "Well the only moaning we have heard has
been from boys enjoying boy fun with other boys, like ooh faster,
jerk it faster." Desmond giggled.

"Oh yes that is one hell of a grunt
you have as you jerk off."Jackson said to Simon as the boys looked
at him. "Well I'm a boy and I have needs, you know we are stuck on
an island with no parents and I have to jerk off to keep me calm." Simon replied.
"I bet Wesley would like to join in with you as he has the hots for you and
he was asking about you." Desmond told Simon.

" He's been abused by his dad and didn't know what was happening
to him as his dad always cleaned his pecker, he was the only one that
could do that and he loved to skin his foreskin back and suck it clean
so he has just lived with that and now wants me to suck him off and do
other things as he saw Ron and the twins enjoying themselves in the shelter
and he saw the whole thing and now he asked me if I could do it to him,
you know jerk his cock and let him suck me off." Simon told his friends.

" Man he was watching us fuck and suck, shit he must have seen us shooting
cum and thinking what his dad has done to him, I have to have a chat with
him and try and explain what we were doing." Ron gasped...
"I think he understands what boys can do to other boys as he has told
us what he and his dad get up too and we have seen him watching us
jerk off in the sea and he just stood there with a boner sticking out
of his legs”. Desmond quoted.

"I was like that when I was younger,
I found my older brother jerking off one night when he was 13 and
I was 10 and I saw him shoot his load and he never saw me watching
until I asked him what he was doing to his pecker and in the end he
showed me what he was doing and he jerked me off and in the end
he said I just had a dry cum and he shot out this thick goo out of his
cock and he gave me some to taste as he licked some cum off his
fingers and said it was great to eat." Ron smirked as his pecker poked
out of his boxers at full mast.

"I think the twins could take care of that
problem for you as it sounds like you had a fun night with them."Jackson
"It was, yes I'm gay and proud of it and the twins found me jerking off
while I was looking at the magazine you found in the bunker and we all
ended up having some fun together." Ron smiled as he quickly ran into
the sea and cummed just after a few strokes of his cut cock.

"That was way cool, see us boys need to jerk off from time to time
as my dad explained to me about wet dreams and when I would get
them and he said I would be masturbating soon enough." Desmond laughed...
"You know I found two boys hugging each other and kissing when we
arrived here and they said they were scared and needed to comfort one
another and ended up jerking their peckers as it felt good to do it."
Jackson told the boys.

"How the hell will our parents deal with us if
and when they find us as they will find out we have all had sex in one
way or another." Simon asked. "We will have to deal with that when
the time comes and they might send us to shrinks and debug us from
being gay or wanting to have special fun with other boys.' Jackson said.

"They can debug me as much as they like but they will never make me
go straight again, I like boys and will end up getting married to a man."
Desmond grunted. "Will Jackson be that man?" Simon asked.

"I sure hope so as he is my one and only as I love being around him as
I enjoy his 10 year old penis and he enjoys my 10 year old penis."
Desmond grinned. It was getting close to dinner time as young tummy's
were starting to rumble and the smell of cooked banana's and fish soon
took the boys back to camp where they found Ron and the twins setting
up opened coconuts in a row and soon were filled with the sweet
smelling meal that the boys just cooked.

"Looks like the twins did it
again. I bet they were pissed off that two 10 year olds could catch fish
and feed the group." Jackson explained. Ron got all the kids to sit down
next to a coconut and told them to say grace and thank whoever it was
that helped them survive the plane crash and that no boy was badly hurt.
Coconut milk was passed around in the bottles that were found and
cleaned up for the boys to use.

It was a feast of baked fish with bananas
wrapped in banana leaves, fried fish and fruit, oysters and other
shellfish as well as a pan full of chopped banana's coconuts and paw
paws but the boys didn't know what they were called but Ron had one once
when he went to the markets in L.A. Moans of pleasure could be heard
as the boys ate their meal, filling up empty tummies and feeding those
hunger pains.

"I could just kiss you both and hey I will just do so"
Desmond said to the 12 year old twins as he moved to Peter and Mike
and kissed them on the lips as hoots and whistles could be heard from
the other boys. `Hey I helped too." Wesley groaned.
"He sure did, he guttered all the fish and helped with the drinks."
Mike shouted out over the boys hoots. "Alright then come over here
and I will give you a kiss as well." Desmond giggled as Wesley walked
towards Desmond and puckered up his lips for his thank you kiss, all
the boys were silent as the boys locked lips and kissed for a minute
until all the boys cheered and clapped to the boys that cooked their dinner.

Wesley sat back down next to Simon and was grinning when Simon said
to him that he would give him a special kiss that he would like forever,
Wesley eyes lit up and could not wait for Simon to show him some loving.
Being 8 years old didn't matter to Wesley as he liked Simon and Simon
was eleven and has been good to him like an older brother and he
hopes that he can stay friends with his older friend when they get back home.

"Now that you have been fed I will tell you one more time to clean up your
mess and make sure you poop further down the beach and for heaven's
sake fill it up and mark it or you will be eating with shitty hands." Ron quoted.
The boys cleaned up their homemade plates and placed them into the fire
and washed their bottles in the sea and placed them in back in the boxes
where they came from.

"Do you think you could live here forever?"
Desmond asked Jackson. "Don't know, I miss my folks a lot, but I would
miss having my coke a cola, candy, potato chips and my pet dog ruffles."
Jackson laughed. "Yeah me too, I would miss my cat tinkles as he always
meow's at me to let him out for a tinkle so that is how he got his name."
Desmond said. "Wow, pets are funny when they want things and you can't
help but laugh when they do stupid things for attention." Jackson quoted.

The sun was slowly sinking as rain started to fall as a storm in the distance
rolled passed them, Jackson, Desmond, Wesley, Simon and the twins
ran towards the rubber life raft and jumped inside it and settled in for
the night, the rest of the boys cuddled up to Ron and laid side by side
as the rain began to fall.

The shelter was dry as the boys did a great job
with the palm and banana leaves and it was well rain proof so far.
Inside the life raft that was now deflated and had a long bamboo pole
placed in the middle of it to keep it from collapsing, a shabby blanket
was placed on the floor and some flour sacks filled with soft leaves were
used as pillows.

"Heck it's pissing down now. I hope the other boys are
not getting too wet." Wesley cried out as a thunderclap rang out.
He quickly grabbed hold of Simon's arm and hugged onto him.
"Ok dude it's just a thunderstorm, just hold onto me and it will soon
pass over us." Simon lovingly said. Wesley was happy now that he
was close to Simon and as a thanks to him Wesley slowly moved his hand
down to Simon's now dirty white briefs and moved closer to Simons
cut pecker..

Simon knew that Wesley was trying to get in to his briefs
and was slowly boning up as a warm hand snaked its way to his treasure
trove. It was dark in the raft as boys hugged and kissed as another
thunder clap sounded over their heads and Wesley quickly shoved
his hand into Simon's briefs and held on to the boned up cock and felt
Wesley fingers tightly hold onto his boyhood."
" Wesley you are crushing my nuts lighten up or you will squeeze the
life out of my cock." Simon whispered into Wesley's ear.

"Sorry Simon. I was scared when the thunder clapped." Wesley cried
out as he loosened his grip on Simon's tool. The twins were also stroking
cocks and it was not their own cocks but Jackson's and Desmond's cut
peckers as they laid on their sides feeling the young boys peckers boning up."
I wish I could cum like you two, does it feel strange when you shoot your spunk."
Desmond asked Mike.

"It's hard to tell you how it feels but soon you will
be shooting you're cum and you will know how it feels like to squirt.'
Mike whispered. Jackson was stroking Peter's pecker and felt the warmth
of his boned up cock as he rubbed his fingers down and up on Peter's
cut dick and heard his 12 year old friend moan as Peter began to thrust his
pecker in and out of Jackson's hand. "I'm going to shoot my goo do you
want to taste it, you know let me shoot it in your mouth." Peter asked Jackson.
"Ok, do you, well shoot a lot of it, you're cum" Jackson asked.

"No, I'm not old enough to shoot out a lot but you will get a dribble or two."
Peter gasped as Jackson slowly moved his mouth over his throbbing pole
and as soon as Jackson started to suck he quickly squirted his clear cum
and groaned as Jackson licked it all off his slit. "Oh god Jackson that was
so frigging awesome thanks pal." Peter whispered as he said that he would
give Jackson the same treatment and soon was licking Jackson's thin tube
and was fumbling with his balls.

Jackson now felt a warmth feeling as a
pair of lips swallowed his pink shaft until he felt a chin on his balls and
his whole pecker was swallowed up. He did not know why but he began
to move his pecker in and out slowly fucking Peter's hot mouth, it was a
fantastic feeling for him, he felt wonderful when his dry cum arrived and
soon had another and another until he pulled out of Peter's mouth saying
he could not take anymore of Peters cock sucking. `Wow, I came three
times and it tickled every time." Jackson whispered.

"I hope you enjoyed
it as we want to have you two alone one night or somewhere we can't be
disturbed." Peter groaned as he felt Jackson slide over the top of him
and cuddled into him. Desmond was also finding out how Mike tasted
as he too was licking the hot sticky goo off the twins cut pink pecker
and was rewarded with a few drops of sweet yummy cum.

Wesley was in heaven as he felt a warm mouth wrapped around his
uncut cock pulling his foreskin down and felt a hot tongue lick his
boy slit like his dad did to him but Simon was giving him a better
feeling as he was not rough like his dad was. "Does this feel nice,
Wesley, are you liking it." Simon asked him.

"Ooh yes, you are good,
it tickles. Simon, do it some more." Wesley panted as he was feeling
that special tickle arrive and gasped when he was hit with his dry cum
and it was better than he got off his dad and now he just wanted Simon
to do that to him and he would tell his dad not to kiss his dinky anymore.
Well the boys swapped back and forth until they were worn out and soon
fell asleep spooned up next to one another enjoying their nightly dreams.

End of chapter 3--

So will the boys be rescued or will they live on that
island forever, time will tell. Thanks for reading.

Boys in the hood.


boys in the hoodReport

2011-03-07 21:53:26
Hi I am the author of these stories and as I have not posted all of the chapters here yet I will let you all know what will happen to MY stories when it is finished,

Thanks for your comments so far, I write the stories in my own way and would like it to stay that way. At least it has a story line and a very few spelling mistakes and you can read it with no problems.

So enjoy them and vote how you think the story is going.

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2011-03-06 14:52:21
Why is everyone flaming me LOL I simply asked permission from the author to refurbish his story and post it is a clean, final version. I wouldn't take any credit from it at all, and I wouldn't forbid any of you from reading the original story. You just got to chill out and mind your own buisness. I asked the author, not his readers.

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2011-03-06 07:56:56
I'm all for free speech, it does not matter if the story is not right for you but others can make their own judgements on it. It's not like the author is making anything
off this and just wants to give us something to read. I for one can't stand a story that is almost one long sentence with bad spelling and no grammar.

To me I can see where he is going with the story and can visualize the island and see what is happening there. Love to see more chapters and where it goes.


2011-03-06 02:46:00
I'm just saying the dialogue is hard to read, the details aren't exactly precise, and there are many run-on sentences. I mean in my opinion a corrected version would be much more successful.

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2011-03-05 23:43:56
so what are the mistakes I didn't see any. why does the format need to be fixxed. it was a good chapter and I don't think the author would like others messing around with their stories.
Just my comment about this.

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