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She loses her virginity in a awful way, never expecting it.
Julie was a beautiful girl, she had raven black hair that stopped at her waist, dark exotic looks, and very unusual violet eyes. She was tall for her age, and not like other teenagers. She was courteous to older people, nice to everyone, if a bit aloof. She was into reading about magic, animals, and supernatural things. She didn’t have much interest in the world around her. Julie went to school, got good grades, exercised, and ate. She did some normal things, but it didn’t really interest her the way the books she read did. Both her parents didn’t really love her, they were to into their world, they were business people. They weren’t the richest, but they made more than average, because they worked so much. Even if Julie had disappeared for a week, they wouldn’t notice, she was old enough to take care of herself, and they always checked her grades, and made sure there was food in the house.
Julie did know that Andrew was a mean kid, will not really a kid anymore. He had flunked a grade, and was old for school. Adults didn’t realize what a bully he was, they just thought it was good of him to stick school out, to try and finish high school even when he had an extra year after a childhood mistake. Andrew was big for his age, strong, and even though he was eighteen, close to nineteen, he seemed like he was older. Andrew was sexually attracted to Julie, was always trying to impress her, or make her notice him, but never really succeeded. This would often make him angry.
Andrew knew that other boys never had any luck with Julie either, which made him feel slightly better, but he still wanted her to notice him. It was one of those typical days where he fantasized about Julie, and thought of all he’d do if he could control her. Then he decided to do something about it. He started to go to the local library, look things up in books and on the computer. Then he started buying wood, he started making contraptions. He also bought all sorts of metal cuffs, and started to figure out how he’d implement his plan.
Andrew knew Julie always walked certain paths home from school, and if the weather was nice, she’d take the current book she was reading and head to a meadow in the woods behind their house. Where she had set up a hammock, and also, there was a huge stump she’d sit on sometimes. She’d read for several hours. This area was fairly deserted of folks, but occasionally a bird watcher or nature lover would end up there and try to engage the beautiful Julie into conversation. Andrew knew of this place, because he’d spied on Julie for several weeks.
There was an old cabin, falling apart very deep in the woods, where no one ever wandered over to. Andrew had come upon it by chance, and this is where he set up his contraptions, and fixed it up so it would be comfortable to live in. When school had been out for several weeks, he decided that it was time to bring his fantasizes to fruitation. He gathered enough food for a month, and made a fence that surrounded the cabin, just to make it harder to leave it easily, he had a padlock, that he alone had a key to.
Andrew felt elation; Julie was in the meadow just like he thought she’d be at this time of the day. “Julie, hi, didn’t know you liked being out doors.” Andrew said. Julie looked up from the book she was currently reading, “Oh, hi Andrew, I thought you were going to leave this town now that you graduated from high school?” Julie was a bit annoyed to be interrupted, but she had been brought up to be polite. Andrew replied, “Well, I have to work the summer to add to my savings so that I can rent a place in the big city.” Julie nodded, “Well, I hope you have good luck with that, but if you’ll excuse me, this book was just getting to the good part.” Andrew said, “Yes, of course, sorry to bother you.”
Julie went back to reading, and was partially aware that Andrew kept walking, and was going to pass pretty close to her. She didn’t think anything about that until she felt his arm wrapping around her waist from behind. Julie dropped her book, and tried to make him unhand her, but she wasn’t strong enough to make him let go of her. Julie screamed at Andrew, “What are you doing!? Let me go right now!” “Sorry, no can do, I’m keeping you for awhile.” Andrew said. She felt fear, and tried her best to hurt him, and make him let go. He held her easily, and smacked her on the back of her head until she blacked out.
Andrew lifted Julie in a firemen’s carry, and had her book in his back pocket. He didn’t want to leave any sign that she had been in a struggle or something. Even though Julie wasn’t too much of a strain on Andrew, he had to put her down occasionally to rest, because it was a long way to the cabin. He had to knock her out one more time before they finally reached the cabin. He set her down on the bed, and gazed at her for about twenty minutes. Both scared and excited with what he had done. He finally got up, and went to her, he started taking her clothes off. He hand cuffed her to the bed, and watched her until she awoke.
Julie’s head was aching something awful, she wasn’t fully aware where she was at first, and then she remembered what happened. Julie finally noticed that she didn’t have a stitch of clothing on. She tried to cover herself without much success, she looked at Andrew, and said, “Why are you doing this?” Andrew replied, “Well, you are the prettiest girl around, and you act to high and mighty around boys.” “I do not! I just am not interested in sex or anything right now. I’m waiting for the right guy.” Julie said with tears swimming in her violet eyes. “Well, now I’ve taken the decision out of your hands, I’m going to be your guy for awhile.” Andrew said. Julie shook her head no, and then started screaming. “You better stop screaming, that hurts my ears, and no one will hear you way out here. “ Andrew said calmly.
Julie didn’t stop until she was hoarse, and Andrew had ignored her and had started to cook something in the fireplace. He was hungry, and the screaming hadn’t bothered him to much. Julie was silent, she was scared, and she was really thirsty. “Andrew, please let me go, if you aren’t going to, then please let me have some water?” Julie asked. Andrew looked up from his plate he was eating, he set it down, and grabbed a cup and poured some water into it. He went close to the bed, but he kept it just out of reach of reach of Julie’s hand. “Please, I’m so thirsty” Julie whispered. “I told you not to scream so much Julie, now, if you really want this water, you are going to have to kiss me.” Andrew said. Julie shook her head, and looked away. Andrew went back to his plate and finished eating, and drank the cup down.
Julie didn’t say anything, and soon, Andrew took out his sleeping bag, he had started reading the book she had been reading, then he shut his eyes and went to sleep. Julie couldn’t believe it, how could Andrew sleep now? After what he had done. She was cold, she could see an extra blanket, but that was out of her range, and she fell into a light troubled sleep. The next morning, Julie was still cold, and still really thirsty. “Andrew, please, I need some water.” Andrew looked up from the book, “You know the price, you ready to pay it?” “Yes.” Julie felt shame, but she had never been so thirsty in her entire life. Andrew came and sat on the bed next to Julie, he waited for her to start to kiss him. He didn’t move. Julie finally moved and kissed him, Andrew deepened the kiss and stuck his tongue deep in her mouth. While he was kissing her, he reached down and fondled her breasts. Julie pulled away while smacking at his hand.
Andrew didn’t say anything, he went and got the cup and gave Julie water. She drank it down, and was still thirsty. “May I have another cup of water, please?” “Well, you’ll have to kiss me again, and if I touch your chest, no hitting this time.” Andrew said. Julie nodded, even though she felt like she wanted to scratch his eyes out. Andrew again sat by Julie on the bed. She reached over and kissed him, again he deepened it. His hand reached out and fondled her breasts. It took all her will power not to hit him. When he was done, he went and got her another cup of water. She drank it down, and than didn’t look at him.
Andrew went and started reading from the book again, it was a pretty interesting read. After he had read for about half an hour, he heard her say something. He looked up and said, “What?” Julie cringed and said, “I need to use the rest room.” He got up, took another pair of hand cuffs, and cuffed himself to Julie. Uncuffed her from the bed, and dragged her outside to the outhouse. Julie was horrified, but she really needed to pee. The water had gone right through her. This was so humiliating, but there was nothing she could do about it. She looked around the outside, and realized if she got away and ran out, she’d have a hard time passing the fence that surrounded the front of the cabin, Julie felt despair. When Julie was done, she thought they were going to go back into the cabin. Instead Andrew dragged her to the corner near the cabin.
Andrew handcuffed her to the fence, both her hands. Then he reached up, she looked up and realized it was one of those camp showers. “NO, don’t Andrew.” Too late, she was drenched, then he reached down for a bottle of shower gel, and started rubbing her all over her body. He didn’t leave any part of her body untouched. She felt so violated, but couldn’t do anything to stop him. He rinsed her off, cuffed her to him, and dragged her back to the cabin. She tried to dig in her heels, but he was too strong. He didn’t drag her to the bed, he brought her over to a weird looking thing, and too late she was bent over it, her head and hands in a stock, her waist over a bar, her legs strapped so that her legs were spread pretty far apart. She started pleading with Andrew, he took out a strap with a ball, and put it in her mouth to silence her.
Andrew looked at Julie, he was so hard, she was so beautiful. Especially with her body wet and glistening. He had been planning to build up slowly before he had sex with her, but he couldn’t wait anymore, he wanted to bury his penis deep inside of her. He knew he wouldn’t last long, because she’d feel all warm and snug, so he masturbated near her face until he climaxed right on to her face. He then went to the back of Julie, he took out his little paddle, and started to spank her. She moaned every time the paddle came down on her behind. Soon her bare ass was red, and had welts all over it. He reached down and fondled her ass. He was getting to be hard, but wasn’t quite there yet. He knelt down, and spread her pussy lips as wide as he could, so that he could look at her. She tried in vain to close them, but couldn’t.
Andrew stood up, guided his semi hard cock into her slit. He felt her opening, then thrust forward as hard as he could. She screamed which was muffled from the ball, and squirmed, it was so painful. She hadn’t had sex before, and she wasn’t wet like a turned on women would be. Andrew was in a little pain too, but he kept moving in her very tight pussy. Soon her virgin blood was lubricating the walls of her insides for him. It felt so wonderful to Andrew, so tight, so form fitting. Andrew’s pace picked up, he was pounding into her until he climaxed again. When he shrunk, he pulled out of her. He looked down at the blood covering his penis, and felt content. He was her first. Julie was crying, this was not how she imagined her first time.
Andrew ran a wet cloth over his penis and over Julie’s pussy. He looked at her body, and started getting hard again. This time, he wanted to get into her asshole, he was sure it would be as tight, if not tighter then her pussy. This time Andrew took out a lubricate, and spread it over his penis. He went over, and spread some just inside Julie’s ass. Julie’s eyes widened, she started making louder noises, and struggled harder to try and escape. Andrew stood behind her, and pressed his cock against her ass hole. Julie whimpered. Andrew stroked her back, grabbed her hips, and rammed his dick into her ass. Julie screamed again, this hurt worse then her pussy. Andrew never had felt anything so tight. He kept stroking his penis in and out, it felt awesome, he rammed into her over and over. She kept moaning and whimpering every time he slammed into her. Soon his flaccid penis started hardening more then he’d ever been, and he climaxed so hard he almost blacked out.
Over the month, Andrew used Julie as a sex object, and had her body put into every position he could think of. It was only because of his contraptions that he was able to do this. It wasn’t painful for Julie anymore, but she didn’t like it one bit. Andrew enjoyed this immensely, but started getting bored. Now, he kind of wanted to have a virgin again. Julie used to be so tight, she wasn’t loose as a whore might be, but she wasn’t as tight as she used to be. Now, he just had to figure out a way to allow her to go, but make sure she didn’t tell anyone. He put some thought into this, and came up with a plan.
He went into town, had some treats in his pocket he’d use as a lure. He knew the owner would be at work, and the big black dog would be in the back yard. He befriended it, and brought the dog to the cabin. He then left, and looked for a homeless guy, one who would be into drugs, and not worry about doing what was right. He found one he thought would do, and went over with a proposal. The homeless man agreed. He followed Andrew to the cabin deep in the woods. Andrew took out his digital camera, and took pictures of the homeless guy sticking his dick into Julie. Julie was disgusted, but she was on the contraption that put her into doggy style, and couldn’t do anything to stop this.
Andrew made sure to take pictures where the contraption didn’t show, but Julie having sex did. When the homeless guy was done having sex, Andrew then brought in the big black dog. Andrew reached down, and used his hand to get the dog excited. He then led the dog over to Julie and waited to see if the dog would mount Julie. The dog did, and when his penis entered into Julie, Julie screamed behind her gag. The dog started humping her faster and faster. Soon his knot came out, and that went into Julie’s pussy. She screamed louder when that happened, it hurt so much. All the while, Andrew took pictures of her having sex with the dog. When that was done, there was one more position Andrew wanted to try. He strapped Julie to the floor on the four handcuffs, and got underneath her. He pushed his hard penis into Julie, and whistled for the dog. It took several tries, but soon the dog was in her ass, and Andrew’s penis was in her pussy. They both started to fuck Julie. She was moaning and didn’t have the gag on. The homeless guy was taking pictures. Soon both the dog and Andrew climaxed, and Andrew got out of underneath Julie and watched as the dog was stuck in her ass.
The homeless guy left, with his sexual drive sated, and fifty dollars richer. Andrew let the dog out, and it went home. Andrew looked at Julie, he said, “I’m going to let you go home, but if you tell anyone what happened, I’ll make sure those pictures of you with the dog and the homeless guy get all over the world. If you don’t say anything to anyone, I’ll leave it be. I’m heading into the big city, and going to see if I can get a job. So, what do you say?” Julie didn’t hesitate, “I won’t tell anyone, please don’t show those pictures to anyone.” Andrew nodded, he gave her her clothes, allowed her to dress and leave. He left too.
Julie went back to the cabin a month later, to see if Andrew was around, see if she could steal those pictures. Only it looked abandoned. She spied for several days, but he was defiantly gone. Julie was bitter, but glad to be alive. She went back to her house and tried not to think about what had happened to her.
Andrew got a job for about a month, then he started feeling restless. He started roaming around a lot of grade schools, checking out the young girls. One caught his eye, she was beautiful, looked a bit younger then Julie had, and petite. He spied on her, and knew her habits, along with what her parents did. He planned it out, and kidnapped her when the opportunity presented itself. He drove miles back to where he could reach the cabin. Of course he had to walk with her over his shoulder, but the isolation was needed. The month with Julie hadn’t been enough, maybe this young virgin will still his blood. He wasn’t sure what the future would be like, but right now, he was more worried about feeling her tight pussy on his dick. Andrew couldn’t wait.

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