A young man pays a heavy price
Where am I? Who am I? I struggle with figuring out these things from a fuzzy state of unconsciousness. As I slowly come to, I remember my name is Scott Smith. I am lying face down on some sort of table. I try to raise my head and torso, but I am strapped down. The room is pitch black so I can’t see anything. I try to remember how I got here. The events of last night are coming back. I was in a bar talking to a knockout looking chick. She was enjoying my come on lines that always work well, laughing at my jokes. We kept ordering drinks and that’s the last thing I remember.

I start to become more aware of my surroundings. The table I am lying on is metal and has some odd cutouts in it. I am naked and my balls and cock are sticking through about a 4 inch hole in the table. There are two similar sized cutouts where my nipples are. There is also one for my face that is padded. I am actually bent over the table so my feet touch the floor. My arms are spread wide and strapped down. My legs are strapped to the floor somehow. I feel some sort of strap across my waist which is holding my hips down and keeps my cock in balls in that hole. There is also one across my back which keeps my chest in position over the holes. There is something in my mouth shaped like a rubber ball. I can’t spit it out and realize it attached to a strap that goes around my head. Who ever has tied me up knows what they are doing because I can’t move an inch. How could this have happened? Suddenly the door to the room I am in opens and lights come on. I might get some answers but I don’t think they will be ones I want to hear.

“Hi Scott” a sexy voices says. “Remembering things yet? Surely you remember me from the bar last night? My name is Holly, well that’s the name we’ll use for these purposes. We have some mutual friends. My friends are all the women you have screwed and thrown away like useless toys. You should have never posted their pics and names on your Myspace page. You see they got to talking to each other and decided to hire me to teach you a lesson. That’s my job, I teach lessons to bad little boys.”

This was starting to make some sense. I had screwed a lot of women. It was fun to pick them up, fuck the crap out of them, and never call them again. I had posted some pics of my conquests on my web page, boasting of how they were worthless sluts. That apparently was a mistake I was paying for right now. She was walking around the table and all I could see was her feet in tall leather boots and some sort of leather pants.

“I think I have you secured pretty well wouldn’t you agree Scott? Of course that was easy after you got drunk and I drove us here. You were hoping to get some, but all you got was a drug in your last drink to knock you out. I have lots of plans for your punishment. Lots of new things I want to try. You see I do a lot of research on torture and ways to make bad boys pay. So let’s get started.”

I thought OK maybe she is going to spank me a few times, maybe even whip me a little then let me go. Oh was I wrong. She wheeled over some sort of table or stand. She squatted down and started shaving my balls. After a couple of minutes she had all the hair removed and wiped them down. I felt a sudden sharp pinch in them. Like a big needle was shoved in my sack. There was also a pinch at the base of my cock. She stood up and turned something on that sounded like a pump. I then felt something start to flow into my sack and cock.

“Scott I will tell you exactly what I am doing and the purpose of all the procedures as I go. I have placed two catheters in you. One in your scrotum and one in your penis. These are attached to tubing that leads to this special pump I invented. It is going to pump a solution of saline and silicone into your genitals. This is a special solution that will cause your cock and ball sack to swell to a very large size. The saline will be absorbed by your body but the silicone will be quite permanent.” My God I thought, permanent? Just how big is she talking about?

She then moved to the front of the table to where my nipples were poking through the holes. She whipped them down with a solution. Luckily I never have had chest hair so she didn’t shave me there. “Now Scott I want to show you this.” She stuck her hand under the table so I could see a syringe in her hand. “ This contains one of my most ingenious inventions. It contains a mixture of a bovine lactation stimulant, illegal in the US of course, and a group of synthetic female hormones that specifically target breast development. You know what bovines are Scott don’t you? They are cows and the stimulant increases milk production. Combine that with the hormones I am about to inject in you and in a little while you will have a nice set of tits that will be producing a lot of tasty milk. My goal is a set of DD’s for you, maybe even a FF cup. Anyway here we go.” She shoved the needle in to my right chest near my nipple and injected the mix. I gritted my teeth because it burned. She did the same thing to the left side. “OK we’ll let that go to work, and by the way, the changes to your breasts will be permanent.”

She moved around back to where my balls were and examined their progress. “Very nice, I think I will set a record with you. I better stick this in you before I can’t find your cockhead when you foreskin swells around it.” She grabbed my cock with one hand. It barely fit around it because of the swelling. She shoved what felt like a tube into my piss hole. It hurt like hell and burned as she kept pushing more in. I felt something expand in my urethra about 2 inches in. “Scott this is a special catheter I invented. It has a little balloon on it that I inflated so it is locked in place. It doesn’t go all the way to your bladder because I want all fluids to exit it not just your piss.” What was she talking about, all fluids? “We can’t have a mess on my clean floor now can we. I’m attaching the tube to another special pump, but I’ll get back to that later. Now for a really fun part.” I heard her wheel a heavy device directly behind me where my naked ass was exposed.

“This little gizmo is called a colonic machine. One I modified of course. It will clean out your bowels and pretty much everything all the way up your gut. We need to make sure your empty there because of more fun plans, but also I can’t have you crapping on my clean floor. Your going to be here awhile. I am going to insert this tube in you now and inflate a balloon on it so it is sealed in place.” I felt her hand spread my ass cheeks and with the other hand she started to shove a lubricated tube about 2 inches wide up my ass. At first it wouldn’t go in but she shoved harder and it popped through. I groaned with the discomfort. After she was satisfied with the inserted length she inflated the balloon and pulled on it to make sure it wouldn’t come out.

‘Now Scott, in a minute the machine will warm up and start doing it’s thing. What’s going to happen is a warm fluid is going to flow into you. It will keep flowing until the machine reaches it’s preset amount. It will then stop for awhile and then suck all the fluid and waste back out. Then it will do it again, and again, well it will keep doing it until the program stops. Oh I hope I have the fluid amount calibrated right. I would hate for it to overfill you and do some damage. I’m going to leave now and I will be back later. Oh I almost forgot the tube in your dick. I am sure you have been enjoying your ball gag. Have you noticed the little hole in it? That’s for this.” She then inserted a tube in the hole in the ball. “This tube is attached to the pump which is attached to the tube in your dick. If you need to pee just go ahead. The pump will push the pee up the tube into the ball and right into your mouth. Now I suggest you swallow your own pee for two reasons. First if you don’t you will drown in it because there will be no where for it to go. Second it’s the only fluid you are going to get for awhile and you’ll get thirsty. Now let me feel those tits of yours. Very nice, already a B cup I think. Later,” she said as she turned out the light and closed the door.

I started to have a panic attack, but was held down so firmly that I couldn’t move. I tried to scream but the ball gag muffled my efforts. I am sure she prepared well and nobody was going to hear me anyway. I tried to relax a little and review all she had done to me. All of a sudden I felt it. The machine behind me started to hum and a warm sensation filled my ass. This wasn’t so bad I thought. Kind of nice actually. I relaxed some more and the machine kept filling. My rectum was now completely full and most of my lower intestine. I was starting to feel my belly distend and this hurt because I was strapped down. I could feel the fluid continue its journey up my intestines and I started to get worried. What if she had set the fluid level wrong. The machine just kept humming and filling. I was really getting bloated and it was becoming difficult to breath. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore the machine clicked off. What now I thought here I was completely filled with some kind of fluid and nothing was happening. It must have contained some sort of chemical because I started to seriously cramp in my bowels. I couldn’t stand it anymore. It felt like I was going to explode. I had to take the biggest shit of my life and I couldn’t. Tears were coming to my eyes when I heard another click. The machine came back on and the pump reversed and started sucking everything back out of me. The suction was strong. I feared it would suck my guts out with the fluid. After a few minutes it stopped and I was completely empty. I was sweating and breathing hard and was glad that was over. Or was it?

I had been laying there for what had to be hours and I realized I had to pee. Not just a little, I had to piss like a race horse. I was about to let loose when I remembered the tube. If I peed it would be pumped up to my mouth and I would be forced to swallow it. No way could I do that. I kept trying to think of a way around that and there was none. The need to pee was overwhelming. I started to sob a little and almost on it’s own my bladder let loose and the urine started to flow. It made it’s way to the pump and then up the tube to my mouth. I braced myself as the warm fluid filled my mouth. I resisted swallowing as long as I could but the pump kept filling my mouth so I gave in and gulped my own piss. The pump kept filling my mouth over and over and I kept swallowing. It had a salty flavor with a hint of sweetness. The volume of piss was overwhelming. I swallowed what seemed like a quart when my bladder was finally empty and the pump pushed the last bit up into my mouth. My stomach felt full and I was oh so tired. My nipples burned and my chest felt heavy. What did she say? B cup? How was that possible? My balls felt heavy too, really pulling down. I decided to try and get some sleep even in my discomfort. I had almost drifted off when I heard a click and a hum start. Oh no did she say it was going to do it more then once? I felt the warm fluid start to fill my bowels again. It went through the same cycle of feeling like I would burst to total emptiness. I tried to anticipate the cycle so I could sleep in between but it was never the same. Finally I must have passed out.

I awoke when the lights came back on. “Good morning Sunshine” she cheerily said. “Did you sleep well?” She had to know I hadn’t She walked around the table and started to check her handiwork. “Oh very good. You went through 12 cycles of the colonic machine. I bet you are clean as a whistle. Let me take that nasty old tube out.” She deflated the balloon in my ass and roughly yanked the tube out. She inspected me then shoved a buttplug of some sort in my ass. She then bent down to inspect my balls. “Oh my, very good progress. So good in fact that I can remove this strap around your waist.” After she removed it I tried to raise my hips of the table some to get some stiffness out of them. When I tried to do this I couldn’t. My balls and cock would not come back through the hole in the table. She chuckled at my efforts. “Scott honey, unfortunately there is no way you are going to be able to get off that table. You balls are about the size of a volleyball and you cock is as big around as a beer can. They are progressing nicely but I think they have a ways to go. Want to see them?” She produced a mirror and angled it so I could see under the table where my genitals hung down. She was right, they were huge. The must have about 5 lbs of silicone in them. There was no way they would fit back through that 4 inch hole. I moaned at the fact I might be stuck here for a long time.

She then reached under the table to squeeze my breasts. Wait a minute, breasts? I could feel her squeezing what were unmistakably a pair of tits. My tits. “Very nice Scott. I would say they are up to about a D cup. Let me see if they are ready to go into production.” She started to roll my nipples and pull on them. I felt a strange feeling. Like a warmth spreading over them. Almost like pressure was building up in them. She continued her manipulation. All of a sudden I felt a warm gush from the end of my nipple. She pulled on the other one and the same thing happened. “Very good, want to see them?” She positioned the mirror again so I could see what looked like a pair of large D cup breasts hanging down from the table. As she pulled on the nipples small streams of milk shot out of them. I was shocked to see those big tits squirting milk like that. My tits. She quit pulling on the nipples and stood up and removed the strap around my back. I tried to raise that part of me up but my chest would not come off the table. My tits had grown so much they wouldn’t come back through the holes in the table. “Sorry Scott looks like those are stuck too. You are doing so well I just might have to go for the size record with those two.” She produced two more syringes with twice as much solution in them as the first ones and injected each of my breasts. I felt it burning as it spread through my tit flesh.

“Hey Scott I bet you are hungry huh. Well let’s see what we can do about that.” She moved around the table and wheeled the colonic machine away. She then wheeled some other sort of machine in it’s place. She took something off of it and walked around in front near my head. “Scott I want to introduce you to a new friend.” She reached under the table so I could see what was in her hand. It was a rubber dildo of some sort. A big dildo. It look just like a penis. It was about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide with a bulbous head. “Scott I am going to replace that small buttplug in your ass with this bad boy. The difference is it will be attached to one of my machines. Simply put it is a fucking machine. Have you ever been fucked up the ass Scott? I bet not. Anyway this machine is hooked to a computer and can do all sorts of neat stuff, but you’ll find out about that later. Anyway times a wasting, get ready for your first ass fucking. Oh, I almost forgot about the hungry part. You see this machine is angled and programmed to give your prostrate gland the ultimate massage. You do know what’s stored in your prostrate right Scott? That’s right your cum. All of your juicy semen and sperm builds up there until you have an orgasm and it shoots out. Just like you did in all of my friends. Well this time it’s going to go somewhere else. Remember that tube that’s up your cock, that leads to the pump, that leads to your mouth? That’s right this little gizmo is going to fuck you until you come, you will have no choice in the matter, and then you will shoot your load into your own mouth and eat it. I suggest you do because it is the only protein you are going to get for some time. But I think your new friend here will cause you to come so much you will have more then enough cum to force you to swallow.”

She moved back around behind me and attached the big rubber cock to the machine. I tried to move my ass out of the way but my balls were stuck in the table and I couldn’t. she smeared some sort of cold jelly on my ass after she yanked the butt plug out. She also had some sort of squeeze bulb that she used to shoot some of the same jelly up inside my ass. It made me have a strange tingling feeling. As she positioned the machine I felt the big bulbous head press against my entrance. She adjusted the alignment then turned the machine on. The motor started to hum and I felt the rubber cockhead press forward. It was pretty big and was really stretching me. It kept coming on and for a minute I though it would tear my asshole when it suddenly popped in. I let out the breath I was holding and waited for more. The machines settings had it thrust a little forward then back out until just the head was in then a little farther forward. It continued this until I was taking the entire 8 inches of cock. She seemed satisfied with everything and said, “OK I will leave you two alone. Goodnight.” She turned out the light and closed the door once again.

The machine continued its slow assault of my ass. I could feel every ridge on the cock as it came out and went back in. The big head was rubbing against a spot inside me that was making me feel like I had to pee, but different. I knew she said something about my prostrate gland. I could feel the pressure start to build under that spot and I knew what it was. I was going to cum soon. Back and forth the cock went, somehow sensing that I was getting close. It was actually picking up speed. I felt like I was going to burst, but I knew if I did what would happen. My own sperm would be pumped up into my mouth. I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back, but it was almost like the machine sensed this and started driving harder. Finally I could hold back the inevitable no longer and gave myself up. I started to go into spasms as my orgasm erupted. The pressure from the cock on my prostrate caused my muscles there to squeeze and squeeze pushing every drop up out of my cock and into the waiting tube. I was lost in the feeling of pleasure when the first rush of semen flowed into my mouth. Some how I forgot about that part. The flow kept filling and filling till finally again I had no choice but to swallow my own sperm. Just as I gulped down a big load my mouth filled again. How much of this stuff could I hold? It tasted very strange. Unlike anything else. Salty, warm and thick. I swallowed three mouthfuls before my spasms stopped and I was drained dry. The fuck machine also slowed down and finally stopped but with the cock still in my ass. How did it know to do that? I was able to rest a little after that. As I was laying there I found I really did have to pee and I had no problem letting my stream flow to be pumped up to my mouth. I swallowed the warm fluid, washing the sticky semen left in my mouth down my throat into my gut. I was tired and sore. My tits hurt. No telling what size they were now. The pressure in them felt like I need to be milked. That was hard to believe. My balls and cock weighed a ton. I started to drift off when I heard it. A click then a hum. The fuck machine had started up again. The big cock was slowly moving in my ass.

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