100% True Story, Please read if interested!!
Alright, how should I begin...Well for those gay guys reading this who are virgins, let me start off by saying, losing your virginity sucks, there is no "oh it feels better over time"....nope, it will hurt no matter what. And also you guys, losing your virginity, its really fun, just make sure its with the right guy. For all those who have had sex you know what I mean by it hurting, unless your a top...alright now to my story...The Following story is 100% true.

Alright now, how to begin, I'm 22 years old. Honestly I'm going to sound like some porn star to you, but I'm a real guy. I have Dark-ish blond/brown hair, its hard to describe but whatever, I have blue eyes, Not the most athletic body in the world, i'm your average joe body, No crazy 6 pack everybody drools over, but I am fit. Size 15 shoe, I'm 6,2...I'd like to call myself hansom haha.

Ok so when I lost my virginity it was the summer after I graduated from High School. There's this friend of mine, the casual Hey hows it going, hows your girlfriend type of friend but we never really hung out, yeah that kind of friend. I remember my senior year, we had a class together, psychology, I sat across the room from him, just at random times I'd so happen to look up and catch him staring at me, its like woah dude creeper, you know. This probably sounds like some True Love romantic bull, its not, he just stared at me a lot, which i thought was quite odd.

Ok, his name is Ryan, Good looking guy, my height, short brown hair, chiseled jaw, he's the kind of guy that wears Gym Shorts around and his hat to the side....A.K.A a wannabe, no just kidding, good guy, good heart real nice, good smile, what else can i say right? has big feet, like size 16, they were honking huge, crazy feet.

Ok now your probably wondering Geeze whens the sex going to start, don't worry i'm getting there.

So sure enough we graduate together. Have a grand ole time at the graduation party. never see eachother again for the summer. It was late July, i remember because it was HOT!! Ryan had called me, asked if i wanted to go to a party with him, i said sure why not.

Now your thining oh man they go to the party, get trashed, then go home and have sex on the couch, thats not the story. This party was lame ok, seriously 15 people showed, and we watched a movie, woo hoo party time!!!

I can't remember how, but i guess his parents were like out of town and he locked himself out, something along those lines, or maybe he was just kicked out of his house, whatever, anyway he asked if he could stay at my house for the night, and keep in mind after our amazing movie party, it was like hell 1:00 a.m so not to bad. I said fine whatever i'm tired,

Before long him and i got talking about like sex and shit and kinky stuff, you know typical guy talk, haha. I mentioned that he stared at me a lot in Psych. i was like hey whats up with that. He just basically said oh i can't keep my eyes off of a hot guy....and he said it jokingly and sarcastically, i was like ok creeper.

Well sure enough what happens when guys talk about kinky fetishes and turn ons, well we get boners. I don't even know how we got to this, i believe he just pulled out and jerked, and i pulled out and jerked too. Not going to lie, it was awkward jerking off in front of another guy jerking off, For one, you don't know where to look, you look at his dick it tells him you're gay, you look at his eyes, you tell him you don't want anything, its just all hard for a virgin mind right?

Well the next thing i knew he just took off his shirt, and i took off mine, then he went on saying how he liked me and really wanted this, bla bla bla, you know all that lovey junk that he doesn't really mean. Well sure enough next thing i know the guy's on top of me making out. and for all you virgins out there that never made out with a guy, its kinda weird, just because you can like taste their breath and their spit, and its not the most pleasant, but its enjoyable you know? then you don't know what to do with your tongue, awkward haha.

Well i'm assuming you want to know dick sizes right now. alright.... So me, i'm only 7 inches cut, your typical dick....Ryan on the other hand, dang he was bigger, i don't know how big, i'm not even going to guess because i might get it 2 inches or so bigger by saying like 10 inches or something. i don't know how big it was, it was significantly bigger than mine, for measurement purposes we'll just say it was roughly 8 uncut, and hairy, eww. oh and i guess i forgot to mention, i'm white and he's white too. so yeah.

Well we're making out on my bed, butt ass naked, and he starts to crawl up and i'm like shit, so bam there it is, his dick in front of me, and he was like oh suck it please, you know typical dirty talk. I stuck it in my mouth, it was really weird, tasted like salty at the end, ewww, nasty. Then i got like a hair in my throaght ever now and again, but thats just because he was hairy, so whatever right. For you virgins, your jaw kind of hurts, like because your opening it quite a bit, and you GAG A LOT, you may think you don't have a gag reflex, you wait, it magically appears when a dick is in your mouth, i gagged so much, i was so close to throwing up, not even kidding.

So he gets off me, he goes down on me, starts sucking my dick. first off a guy can suck a dick way better than a girl can. oh my god that felt crazy good. and he deep throated it too. it was pretty tight.

Now your wondering who's going to be top and bottom, well needless to say i was bottom, not the most pleasant first time experience. We did change it up in the middle but i'll get to that later. So he pulls out a condom from his pants, whips it on, and now he's on top of me, my legs supported by his legs, he's slowly jerking me off, and he's trying to find the hole inbetween you know where. well he finally found it and began pushing. damn, i rejected it so hard, i tightened up and ugh, it hurt. he went slowly sure, but man once its all in, you just wanted to scream take it out now. Your boner goes flat like THAT you know, it hurts.

For all you virgins, it feels like pressure down there, am i right? The actual hole itself, yeah its hurting, bad, but it just feels like immense pressure, thats what it reminds me off. like you gotta GO really bad you know. Its hard to explain,

So he's humping, going in and out ever so slowly, he's like on top of me literally, making out with me, i'm concentrating on my tongue technique. he looked me in the eyes a lot. pretty hot. Feel the breath of him run down my chest. it was pretty hot.

Ok he turned me over, and began doing me doggy style. I like this position way better, it's less pressure, its easier to go in and out, much easier. It hurts yeah. Doggy style, yeah not much to say there. I'm on my hands and knees and he's going to town,

well i'm hurting, and i finally say ok my turn. he agreed with me, took the condom off, i put it on my dick. not safe sure, but whatever, limited on condoms here guys. Wouldnt recommend it, but whatever. I turn him over and i find his hole, and this was his first time to i'm assuming, i don't know from that blow job.

Man as soon as i entered and he stopped whining, it was warm and tight and so freaking amazing. he flexed a lot and it just made it tighter. OH my god no other feeling in the world, your hand can't even compare to this amazing feeling.

Ok well i'm going to town on him doggy style, and shit it felt so damn good, i came, i literally was like Ryan im going to cum right now, and i humped hard and fast and he literally cried and whined, whatever, i jolted and came so hard in that condom, it was so many jolts i could feel every spurt of cum feel up that condom, it was so crazy.

Well then i plopped down on top of him breathing way hard, he was breathing hard as well, i'm still in him, i'm just taking a breather right now. Finally he said its my turn to cum, he turns around. jerks off, and cums on his chest, it shot pretty far too, it went past his head.

I don't know what i was thinking, but i licked it up off of him. For you virgins, Cum is nasty, Its salty and bitter and the texture is goop and gross ok. its nasty, but i licked it up anyway. he thought that was hot.

i pulled the condom off and i poured it in his mouth, he ate my cum. then we made out a bit longer, i can still taste that nasty cum taste, and his breath and everything and ew.

so the next thing i know i just plop down next to him, we're both breathing hard, finally i was just like shit that was amazing. It did feel amazing on the dick. not to amazing in the ass though.

Well the next thing i knew, we woke up, and he left, we didn't say a thing to eachother except bye. that was kind of a bummer. Well by the end of that day i had 47 text messages saying "IS IT TRUE, DID YOU AND RYAN HAVE SEX??!" that little douche bag went and told everyone. oh well it was worth typing back yeah and when i fucked him he cried like a little girl.

THE END...Please comment!

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52. "The road will be overcome by that person, who goes." I wish you never stopped and be creative - forever..!!

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2012-02-13 10:25:52
Author, keep doing in the same way..!!

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Author, Shoot yourself a knee..!!

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Honestly, not bad news!....

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Honestly, not bad news!....

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