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Wants wife to open her legs.
Part One.
“Come and get your treat John” Janice shouted to her husband who had been waiting in the adjoining bedroom. He entered the room to the site of his wife’s spread legs; and her bald pussy dripping cum. The cum had been planted in her by the huge black cock; which one of her hands was now squeezing. It belonged to Jacob her huge and powerful black lover.

“I sure do love those panties” he was referring to the ones John now had to wear before he was allowed to lick her cunt dry.

Only a matter of a month earlier Janice had detested sex; feeling it was everywhere she turned. “Is that all you think about” she would continually quote to her long suffering husband. She felt obliged to offer him sex once in a blue moon, but showed no enthusiasm for it whatsoever. “Are you finished yet” or “Hurry up it’s late” regularly killed the moment stone dead for him. Despite only being in her late thirties; he feared her attitude to sex would only worsen if that was possible.

He would almost certainly of been correct too; had she not had that huge portion of black cock inserted up her frigid cunt weeks earlier. That cock had acted as a key which released a completely new Janice in both body and mind. John her husband had played a major part in turning the key; but he could never have imagined the monster which would emerge. In very little time she was transformed into a big black cock loving slut; this was unfortunate for John as her dislike of his smaller white one grew stronger.

It had all began after a frustrating sex session for John; “Is that it can I go to sleep now” the old Janice had complained.

“Fuck me what’s the point of going on like this; I can’t remember the last time you wanted sex”.

“Sex, sex, sex that’s all you ever think about; I wish you would give it a rest”.

“What a REST? It’s been dormant for fucking years now. When we first met you couldn’t wait to get into bed; I thought you were going to be my perfect lover for life”.

“You should think about me having to do things I no longer like. Surely you don’t need to have sex all the time”.

“What the fuck are you on about; All The Time? It’s every five or six weeks; and then it’s like fucking a corpse”.

“Well if I can do without it so can you; now go to sleep”.

“You want to go without it; I don’t that’s the big fucking difference”.

John began spending more time on sex websites reading about women who were desperate for no strings attached sex. This made him even more frustrated; because some were in easy travelling distance, but he did not dare answer them. Eventually his surfing took him to a site called “Third Party” where a married discussion group was saying how much their love lives had improved by introducing a third party to their bed. There were links in the website to videos of them in bed fucking; and all were saying how liberated they had become. Couples were advertising for third parties; and third parties were advertising for couples.

He was fascinated and masturbated for hours while watching the trios having the kind of fuck he could never have. It was the comments afterwards that really got to him though; because he knew exactly what they were saying. “Our sex life had become a bore quite frankly until Gordon, Bill, Joe etc, joined us; now it’s heaven”. There were testimonials galore; and he recognised all of his problems in them. Only these couples had done something about it by adding that third party; man or woman whatever the case may have been. John knew he had more chance of winning the lottery every week for a year than introducing a woman to join them. The thought of another man fucking new life into Janice did excite him however; “Surely that would return her to the Janice of old”.

The Janice of old had never been sex mad by even normal standards; she had never allowed him anal or oral sex. She would however have regular sex and was passionate; which kept John very happy, but that was now a distant past.

Browsing over the videos he came across one which had a black man; huge in both body size and cock; he was fucking someone’s wife. John just loved the look on the womans face as the big black cock was being pushed up her. She was crying out in sheer pleasure; making noises he longed for Janice to make. Her husband was naked and jerking as he watched from close quarters; and judging by his expressions seemed to be loving it.

John marvelled upon hearing them say “Having a new cock inside me has done wonders for us; especially one like Jacobs”. Her husband continued “Yes no time for sleep now; she loves anal and gives me blow jobs; I never had any of that before”.

He looked up Jacob’s profile; “Fuck not only is he advertising to be a third party; he only lives fifty mile away”. This really had John thinking and he immediately signed up to the site as a couple who were looking for a male third party.

Then despondency struck; “How the fuck can I possibly arrange something like that? This is Janice I am talking about; not one of those horny fucking wives only other people have”.

The weeks passed and their love life had finally ground to a halt; neither of them was prepared to make any sort of effort now. Then something happened which became the catalyst for their completely new life. An auntie from Janice’s family died; and she felt obliged to go to the funeral which was over sixty miles away.

“John you will have to take me; it is a nightmare to reach by public transport”.

“I can’t take a day off work; besides you never ever spoke to her”.

“All my family will be there at least it will give me a chance to see them; not to mention what I may have been left in the will”.

“It’s in four days time and I have not let them know at work; they will be furious”.

“Yes I know it’s awkward for you; but put yourself out for me and I will do the same for you”.

“Exactly what does that mean Janice”.

“I know I have not been very responsive in the bedroom, but I will make an effort I promise; starting as soon as we return from the funeral”.

John did not believe her for a minute; but those words were the only positive ones she had said about sex in years. As for work he had always bent over backwards to help them; without being shown the appreciation he deserved. He knew he was the best draughtsman at the firm by a long way; yet others were paid more. He did not mind this however as he did not thrive on responsibility; and he knew they would not dare refuse him time off for a family funeral.

“Alright I will take you; I know it’s a hell of a place to get to if you can’t drive”.

“Oh thanks dear and I will do my utmost to make you happy; I will have a few drinks at the reception; then anything might happen”.

Janice could never have imagined how perceptive those words would turn out to be.

John had to smile at the irony of it all; he was becoming excited at the thought of sex with his own wife of many years. Then his thoughts turned to the website “Third Party”; was there even the remotest of chances that he and Janice could become an active part of it? Thinking he had nothing to lose and driven on by lust he conjured up a plan which was put into operation at once.

He left a message for Jacob asking him to contact him as quickly as possible with a view to using his service. The funeral was now only two days away so time was of the essence; and it seemed Jacob was his only possible hope. Finding someone else who lived local and belonged to the site would be a million to one chance; so it had to be him.

“He might only check out his messages once in a while; there’s not much hope really” he thought as he lusted again over the threesomes he wanted to be part of. Then just as he was thinking the worst it popped up; “You have a Message” his heart missed a couple of beats. He was trembling as he went to his inbox; after composing himself he opened the message, “Welcome to the site we hope you will” he closed it without reading the rest.

“Fuck, Fuck I knew it was too good to be true” then before he could curse anymore another message appeared with the name Jacob as the sender clearly visible. Panic set in once again; before he was calm enough to read Jacobs reply. “Can you please tell me details of the services needed”.

“At least he is interested; maybe, just maybe I can make this thing become a reality” he thought.

John wrote a letter explaining that he had seen him in the site videos; and that he would like him to give his wife the same services. He also went into as much detail as he could; but thought it would be better to talk on the phone so all questions could be answered. Within minutes John was dialling Jacob’s mobile number. John explained he wanted Jacob to travel into town about the same time they would arrive back from the funeral. He would initially tell his wife that he was a client from work.

“What if you are some kind of crank and after I spend money on train fare you don’t turn up”? Jacob asked clearly not wanting to be anybody’s fool. John understood what he was saying and quickly funded Jacobs PayPal account with much more than the train travel costs.

“That is to show you I mean business: and if no sex takes place you will be very well reimbursed for your troubles”.

“And if sex does take place”?

“Believe me Jacob if you fuck my wife I will be in great debt to you; and there will be a hefty fee going into your account”.

John could not stop feeling proud of his efforts; he had actually made arrangements for a threesome. It had come about within minutes of opening negotiations; all that was needed now was Janice to open her legs. That night he had his most satisfying masturbation for a long time; and never heeded Janice’s snoring.

On the drive back from the funeral Janice said “Thanks for being with me today; and I have not forgotten what I promised you”. Her hand ran up his knee almost to his crotch which was a massive sexual advancement coming from her. The drinks had clearly made an impact and he was going to make sure they kept flowing once back in the house.

Janice was more carefree than she had been for a long time; “You might as well enjoy yourself while you can” had become her post funeral saying for the night. When she returned from the toilet John said he had just received a phone call asking him to meet a client from work.

“What now, just when I am in the mood for some sex”? Janice said in drunken despair.

“I only have to give him some papers it is my payment for having the day off; I will be right back so don’t fall asleep”.

He had not dared tell Janice he was bringing the supposed client back with him or she would have gone to bed on her own in an instant. John was really taken aback when he discovered Jacob dwarfed him; he was much bigger even than he had looked on the video. After the niceties of introductions he explained the situation with Janice on the drive back to the house.

“Seems if we don’t manage to get her fucking tonight we never will” said Jacob earnestly as if it was a knowledgeable opinion.

“I have very strong doubts I just can’t imagine her going for it, but like I said you will still be well paid”.

“Have faith John my friend; I have my ways which have never failed yet I might add”.

“Jacob you will be gentle with her; I mean she has not had any other cocks up her only mine” he said a little concerned.

“John my friend I have a B.B.C.. which is a big black cock; it does not know the meaning of gentle, but don’t worry she will welcome it inside like a long lost relative”.

“Janice this is Jacob one of our clients; they have cut the last train off so I insisted he stays here for the night”.

She had no choice other than to make him feel welcome; she just thought that John would be disappointed that their night of passion would have to be abandoned. Drinks were poured and Janice was way, way over her normal limit. It seemed to be acting as a booster to her; as she began to enjoy the atmosphere. Jacob could really talk and most of it was compliments as to how good Janice looked. She had not had this kind of attention for a long time and was clearly thriving on it. As soon as her glass was empty John made sure it was quickly filled again. He looked at Jacob as if to say what do we do now.

“Can you show me to the bathroom please John”?

“Sure Jacob; follow me”.

“John when you go back in there start rubbing her thighs; bring the talk around to sex; she is so under the influence she will agree to anything”.

John quickly returned alone and sitting on the arm of her chair began groping his hand up Janice’s skirt; “I am so fucking horny honey”

“Mmm so am I; why did we have to have a guest tonight of all nights”?

Groping towards the top of her legs he said “Let him fuck you as well we can have a threesome; like you said you have to enjoy yourself while you can”. Janice just started laughing thinking he was having a cheeky joke while the guest was in the bathroom. John however was reaching sexual boiling point; knowing a chance like this would never come along again; so he decided that all his moves would be forward ones.

“Jacob while you were in the bathroom just now I told my wife she has the softest thighs; have a feel and tell me if you agree”.

Despite being drunk her mouth popped open, but before she had a chance to say anything; from a kneeling position his big hand was running up and down the inside of her leg.

“They are the smoothest sexiest thighs I have ever felt Janice; your husband is one hell of a lucky man”.

“She never wears stockings Jacob; never has to with such beautiful legs”.

Janice was in shock not daring to move; and feeling two different hands at the top of her legs was giving her a feeling between them she had never experienced before.

“We had planned on having a much needed sex session tonight” said John as Jacobs fingers began rubbing over her panty crotch. Janice was visibly beginning to relax and managed to speak.

“I am nothing special; I just wish I was sexy”.

“Baby you are beautiful; it’s an honour for me to be touching you like this” smiled Jacob as he felt her wetness emerge.

“Haven’t I always told you how sexy you are; you have to believe me now. Jacob knows and he hasn’t even seen your breasts yet”.

“My breasts are awful” she blurted probably for the need to say something.

“I sure would like to judge them for myself Janice; would you do the honours John” he asked indicating he would like them revealed.

John unbuttoned and removed her blouse revealing her bra cladded breasts; “Wait till you see these nipples Jacob; they are the most suckable you have ever seen”. He undone he clasp and Jacob let out a loud sigh of approval and said “You really do have a magnificent pair of milky whites”.

All the time John had spent revealing her breasts Jacobs’s fingers never once stopped their movement on her panty crotch. John was becoming ever more desperate to see her fucked by his big black cock; and to see Janice pull faces and groan like the women in the video.

Janice herself was mesmerised now; and very happy to be submissive and let them do whatever they wanted. As John began sucking on one of her breasts; Jacobs’s fingers began twisting the nipple on her other. This brought about the first clearly identified lustful moan from her.

John loved the fact that Jacob’s hand was up her skirt, but he wanted to see the movements of it on her pussy. He decided Jacob should take the lead though; and was going to savour every last moment of it. Eventually the curious fingers made their way under the soaking fabric and made contact with her pussy lips. This movement was a telling one; and the cause by far of the biggest moan to come from Janice yet.

John’s response to the moan was to quickly strip naked before returning to suck on her tits. He moved her hand until it was wrapped around his cock in a jerking position; she squeezed on it tightly. He was waiting to see what Jacob was going to do; as he had complete control over her pussy. He seemed to be waiting; knowing exactly when the right time would be to remove her panties. And the patience paid off; the fingers had had finally done their work when her moans became prolonged and desperate. Jacob smiled at John as he removed his shirt to expose his powerful frame. He unfastened her skirt to leave her in only her wet panties. For the first time her pussy was not receiving any attention; and she was moaning in frustration. However when she felt his big hands on either side of her panties; she knew something special was about to happen. He removed them in one pull causing her legs to point skywards; her tits escaped John’s mouth; and she lost her grip on his cock in the rapid movement.

Jacob became a little rougher now and pulled both her legs over his shoulder in order to bring her wet cunt to his mouth. “John let her taste your cock”.

John was amazed when she seemed desperate to take it down her throat; and was moaning in ecstatic delight as Jacob feasted between her legs. She had always expressed her disgust at oral; and here she was giving and receiving.

“Jacob you are fantastic; she has never done these things before”.

He took his mouth away just long enough to say “What we have here is a born again cock slut”.

He then wrestled her from John by placing a hand under each of her armpits and effortlessly stood up straight with both legs still spread over his shoulders. The oral she was receiving now was intense; her clit had never known such bliss.

“Shove a finger up her ass John”.

This was the first time he had seen her ass hole so exposed at close quarters; and he was about to put a finger in it at someone else’s invitation; she cried out like never before. What was all this liquid squirting out of her? John could no longer think clearly; was it all a wonderful dream?

“Unfasten my pants and take them off my friend; it is time for me to be naked.”Jacob was supporting Janice with one hand and groping her tits with the other; so he felt obliged.

His hands trembled as he pulled the zipper open almost afraid; knowing he was about to see the cock that would fuck his wife. With a daring pull on each side both trousers and underwear were round his ankles. In it’s stiff state Jacobs mighty black weapon ran up his waist as if it was searching for it’s prey; which happened to be Janice’s cunt. He then took her from his shoulders and held her with her legs apart facing Johns’ face.

“Taste you wife my friend savour her nectar; you will find it has been worth waiting for”. With Jacob supporting her by her ass her legs were now over John’s shoulders; his mouth and tongue sucked in as much as they could.

“Oh this is wonderful” Janice finally spoke in gasps.

To John’s dismay Jacob again took control of her body by turning her back to face him again; he was able to manoeuvre her like a toy doll. He began sucking all over her body as he held her; concentrating mostly on her tits and nipples. Then carefully he laid her down on the thick rug and began kissing her. She wrapped her hands around his head and was kissing him back among her gasps and moans. John watched as one of Jacobs’s big hands claimed her cunt; it’s palm covered her bush while the fingers between her legs parted her lips. John could not reach past his huge frame to feel her tits or pussy, but was enjoying the show and gasping “Janice, Janice” as he jerked his stiff cock.

She suddenly let out a lustful moan and John could see Jacob had begun lightly finger fucking with at least two inside her. He broke from the kiss and moved his mouth over her tit; John quickly moved down and began sucking the other. His joy was again short lived however; because Jacob raised her back up again in his arms.

“My friend; she is too beautiful for me to make love to on the floor; show me the way to your bedroom”

Eager to continue the proceedings John with his cock pointing the way headed for the stairway door. Jacob followed with a huge smile looking down on Janice; whose face suggested she was in a state of sexual bliss. He rested her down alone on the bed; from that position she was able to see Jacob naked for the first time. Her mouth and eyes opened simultaneously in amazement.

Jacob quickly knelt on the bed with his cock almost touching her face; “Hold it, feel it Janice; I think it is important you get to know it outside before it invades your inside”.

She placed one then both her hands around it; before running them up and down the length of it. She then moved one hand down and cupped his huge ball bag; moving her fingers to find the shapes of his balls. Seeing her play with his cock like that was driving John crazy with excitement; and he shoved two fingers up her drenched pussy.

“Kiss it, taste it, take the end in your mouth Janice”; Jacob assured her.

He moved a little closer so she did not have to raise her head; and forced the end to meet her mouth. She began by almost biting on the head; he pushed forward a little and the end disappeared past her lips. John was clearly going to have an orgasm until Jacob moved his jerking hand away from his cock. John was shocked as if he was doing something wrong; until Jacob gave him a reassuring smile.

“Wait, and observe as your wife’s pussy takes my cock; watch her hips as they buck up to love it; look at her facial expressions; you will have the best orgasm of your life”.

With that he positioned himself between her open legs; and raised her ass up with one hand for a direct entrance in to her cunt hole. Turning to John he said: “Watch my friend, watch as your wife’s white cunt takes my black cock deep inside her”.

John could not possibly have been enjoying it anymore than he was at that moment. The cries of her lust; plus the amazing sight of a beast of a cock slowly entering into her was his utopia. Her hips began bucking up forcing her ass to leave the surface of the bed just like Jacob said they would. Jacob had not begun any surge fucking of his own yet; he was allowing Janice time to enjoy the feel of it. The sight was too much for John now; and he could not last any longer; with a mighty gasp of “Fuck his cock Janice” he exploded his load over the top of the quilt cover.

“Oh fuck; I have never cum so good as that before”.

Jacob smiled “I told you it would be special; it is my cock for your pleasure; now put it in Janice’s hand and get it hard again”.

Janice seemed oblivious to their conversation and with Johns cock now in her hand; was continuously trying to ride the massive motionless one in her cunt. Jacob was watching and waiting for Johns to be stiff again; which it was in moments.

“This you will enjoy: I am going to fuck her now; she will have a very loud orgasm; and will squirt like she has never before”.

This had John almost on the brink of passing out; Jacob winked and began a few slow surges forward. Instantly Janice began to emit long moans of ecstasy; John’s face was filled with lust as he fiercely shook his cock. As if waiting for the perfect moment Jacob suddenly picked up speed and his huge ball bag smacked her ass he power fucked her. It took only a few moments of this; and again just like he had said the inevitable happened. She howled in a way John could never have imagined; Jacob pulled out so he could see her squirt; it was so good for John it was like watching an oil strike.

“Enjoy the rewards of your endeavours” Jacob said inviting John to lap her liquids up.

He needed no more encouragement and began licking and sucking up every bit of the sticky fluids along the inside of her legs, and all around her pussy.

“I never believed she possessed such liquids” said a happy John.

“Oh they all have them flowing in there somewhere; you just need the correct divining rod” winked Jacob.

Then amid her moans and with her husband still licking her out; she spoke “I can’t believe I am enjoying sex so much; it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me”.

“Well purse your pussy lips pretty one; because my balls are still fighting to hold back a whole load of spunk. So Jacob my friend; if you can kindly move your head from your wife’s delightful pussy; I can begin it’s evacuation”.

He once again moved between her legs; and parting her pussy lips with one hand he held the thick cock head in place with the other. “John this is really your show so where would you like me to unload? I can fill her belly with it; or perhaps you would like to see me cum over her tits or pussy; there will be a lot so you decide”.

The words had John in a state of high degree lust and he jerked his stiff member even faster as he said “Fill her up with it; I want you to cum as deep inside her as you can”.

“Sure thing my friend; I don’t think she has anything left to squirt, but she will orgasm long and loud again. Janice are you ready precious; none of this could have took place without you; it is an honour to fuck in your excellent cunt”.

As previous he started off with a few slow thrusts then the power strikes began bringing a crescendo of yells from Janice. John almost wrenched his cock off as he watched it all happen; her facial movements; and the way she met his cock with her hip bucks was an incredible scene for him. Then he could tell by the grunts and jerks that Jacob was unloading inside her; and Janice orgasmed all the way through Jacobs cum shooting. John’s excitement had his own cum bursting out in blobs on the quilt again; Jacob collected some in his hand and put it in to Janice’s mouth.

“Swallow it precious; it’s all good”.

She did of course and just said “Mmmm”.

Jacob then moved his cock to Janice’s mouth once again and told her “Now taste the combined mixture; there can be nothing that tastes sweeter”.

He hovered above her mouth so she could reach every part of his cock and balls; “So sweet; hmmm” she moaned.

John was now desperate to have his own cock up her cunt after it had just been savaged by Jacob’s monster. If it had been stretched he wanted to feel the difference; he wanted to know if she would gasp like she had just done with Jacob. He knew she now had a completely new pussy; and he could not wait to fuck it.

However she was now in a naked embrace with Jacob and seemed to have fallen asleep. Her head was resting on his chest; and the huge weapon must have been sandwiched between his and Janice’s stomach.

“I hope she doesn’t stay asleep long: I haven’t fucked her yet”

“My friend remember it has been a long day for her; one that has been both traumatic and joyful. She will be mentally and physically drained, but I can guarantee when she awakes she will be begging for more cock”.

“Jacob everything you have said has come true; is it exactly the same with all the people you are third party to”?

“Almost, almost; I have been blessed with this mighty cock, but it would not mean anything to me if it did not bring joy to others. For any couple who find they have drifted into the illness of a sexless marriage; there is no better medicine than “Big Black Cock”.

The embraced couple fell asleep; and John was forced to manoeuvre his body into a restful position at the bottom of the bed around Jacob’s huge frame. He panicked for a moment; “What if Janice is her old self when she awakes and can’t remember a thing”? He would have hell to pay, but that could wait. Tonight he had seen her cunt accept a cock which had fucked her like never before. She was currently lying naked pressed against the very same cock; and had a huge hand gripping her ass. Surely he was now in for the kind of sex life he had always dreamed about. He could not sleep at all despite his tiredness; and was still masturbating when he heard Janice say “It wasn’t a dream”.

To be continued----John is desperate to fuck Janice’s new cunt, but it never seems to move far enough away from Jacobs cock. Nothing is straight forward and there is a lot more licking and fucking, not to mention surprises before the end of this story.

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