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Sharon gets shared
part four Sharon gets shared

I had been sleeping with Sharon for just over 3 months by now, the Saturday mornings were a regular fixture as she came to my room after both parents had left for work. Occasionally if we had time after school (Sharon had now left school after finishing her exams) we might fuck in the living room or her bedroom.

At he end of the road where I lived was a school with sports field attached behind which lay an old abandoned apple orchard( it has now built on) next to which was an old derelict house. In the middle of the orchard was a circle of intertwined 5 trees in the middle of which was a clearing in which we had made a Den from vandalising the house. One Saturday morning Sharon decided it would be more exciting to go to the den instead of staying in bed. When we got there though Sharon was to nervous to have actual sex in case anyone came so would only suck me off (which I still enjoyed) and let me finger fuck her but she didn’t cum on this occasion due to the nerves.

A few days after this as I was having a 1 to 1 session with Phil in the den in the evening has he had been pestering me to tell him where I was getting my ideas from, kept telling him it was my imagination but wouldn’t buy that. Eventually told him Sharon was teaching me but he wouldn’t believe that either he thought Sharon would do nothing like that and demanded proof. Of course I couldn’t provide any. The following Saturday as Sharon entered my bed after we had a long deep kiss I let slip that I had told Phil about us. Sharon was absolutely bloody furious slapping me round the face hard twice and storming out of the bedroom telling that we were finished as she had warned me not to tell anyone. During the next couple of days she calmed down and started to enquire what I had said and what kind of reaction Phil had given. When I said he wanted proof Sharon said we were safe then as that was never going to happen and we could resume our activities.

Over the next couple of weeks I would introduce the idea that someone was watching us into our lovemaking, saying there was someone at the window, in the wardrobe etc. She told me to keep my sick fantasies to myself but also noticed that she would get more excited and animated when I did this. once when on her bed I was kneeling with her head between my knees as she wanked me into her mouth, when I took hold of an hairbrush that was on her bedside table and inserted the handle in to her soaking wet pussy. As I pumped the handle in and out of her pussy I told her to imagine it was another cock fucking her as I started to rock back and forth fucking her face , just imagine it I said 2 cocks, four hands , 2 mouths all over her body, doing whatever they wanted to her body , as my hand with the hair brush got faster and faster, she stopped sucking me as she had a very violent intense orgasm as she trashed around on the bed underneath me which took me over the edge and spurted 3 thick loads over her tits.

After this last session it gave me an idea that perhaps she wouldn’t be so averse to involving Phil as she liked to appear. So I put a plan into operation and told Sharon that I was getting bored with doing it on the bed so with my heart in my mouth asked her if we could try the Den again this Saturday, she said she would think about but she doubted it, finally on the Friday morning she agreed to it, this made me over the moon and bounced off to school with a skip in my step. As I walked home from school with Phil, I told him to meet me at the den in the morning at 10.30am for some sexy little fun as we used to call it.
I woke up early on the Saturday morning as I couldn’t sleep as I was very nervous about what I had arranged , when I got up I was dressed in T shirt and jeans my mom hadn’t left for work yet , so just sat around talking to my mom wondering if Sharon would go through with it this time, had a bit of breakfast, Sharon got up after my mom had left , Sharon was wearing a black sleeveless dress with buttons all the way down the front, but there were more buttons undone than done, made small talk for a bit while she had breakfast, but was very hard to keep my hands off her. Eventually the time came to leave, a 1000 feelings running through my body and a 101 questions running through my head, as we reached the front door Sharon stopped turned to me and kissed me deep and long as I ran my hands up the length of her body around her back feeling that she had no bra on, I pulled our lips apart and opened the front door and ushered her out of it as I said come on lets go before we change our mind s and fuck right here right now.

We walked up the street to the dirt footpath that led to the orchard, which was very overgrown on the sides with the school on one side and a house on the other , my stomach was turning and churning with nerves at 100mph while questions raced through my head , once we were out of sight of the street I placed my arm around Sharon’s waist before moving my hand up and inside her dress through her armhole cupping her right breast and fondling it and rubbing her nipple as we carried on walking, she dropped her left hand to my crotch and cupping my balls in her fingers rubbed my rock hard cock with her palm as we walked. Once we reached the entrance to the Den I pushed her back against a tree and pressed my mouth hard against hers forcing her to open her mouth so my tongue could move back and forth against hers, , as I was doing this I ran my hand up the length of her dress undoing all remain buttons, stopping at her groin to give her soaking wet pussy lips a quick rub through her red satin panties, pushing the material into her between her lips making her moan as I did so, before moving my hand up her body to cup her right breast and flick her nipple with my thumb. Sharon moved her right hand down to my crotch and undid the button and zip of my jeans before gripping my cock through my Y fronts and started to stroke it, I released her boob and flicked her dress of her shoulders with my hands so the dress fell to the floor.

I then took hold of her left hand and with her right hand still stroking my cock, pulled her inside the den as we stood facing each other I slipped my T shirt over my head and pushed my T shirt and jeans down over my knees , before slipping my hand inside her panties and stroking her pussy lips before pushing the lips apart with my fingers and inserting 2 inside her and began fucking her hard and fast she started to make loud moaning noises and placed her left hand on my shoulder for support as her knees began to buckle , her right hand never leaving my cock as her wanking movements increased in both pressure and tempo I could start to feel the spunk rising, as I didn’t want to waste it I said I wanted to fuck her . The floor of the den was a dirty carpet rescued from the house, Sharon dropped to her knees and turned round, before getting on her hands and knees, and wiggling bum at me and said come on then stud fuck me hard. I needed no second invitation as I dropped to my knees behind her, pulled her red satin panties down to mid thigh, as she reached between her legs , took hold of my cock and guided it into her soaking wet pussy, she let out a short gasp as it entered her , and soon had a smooth fast rhythm going as I placed my left hand on her hip and reached round under her with my right hand and lightly placed my palm just so her nipple of her right boob gently rubbed on my palm as her tits swung back and forth with the fucking motion. Sharon started to moan quite loudly , I glanced down at my watch and saw that Phil should be here any minute , I was listening hard to see if I could hear him approach, so started talking dirty to their telling her how sexy she was, how much she turned me on , how I loved her pussy, , her tits etc. I was really getting in to the swing of things when he just appeared at the entrance to the den, neither of us had heard him approaching, my heart leaped in to my mouth as he spooked the shit out of both of us, as he just said so it is true then.

My started to shrink a little but remained hard enough to stay inside her as I stopped thrusting waiting for Sharon’s reaction, looking Phil straight in the eye she said to me to keep going , don’t stop , I’m nearly there. Sharon started rocking back and forth on my cock bringing it back to full attention, banging into her in long hard deep fast thrusts she was soon moaning again and soon her pussy muscles rippled against my cock milking my spunk into it as we both came at the same time grunting loudly and collapsing on the floor and rolling over. Sharon just said that he can tell whoever he liked it was our word against his and no would believe him anyhow.

I noticed that Sharon made no attempt to hide her nakedness from Phil’s gaze, and was in fact quite flaunting it, Phil had a large bulge in his crotch which I commented on to Sharon about her making him hard and she should do something about it, she just smiled mischievously as I took hold of her right hand and placed it on his bulge. I expected Sharon to remove it immediately but instead she kept her hand on it looked up at him and asked him if it was ok to carry on. Phil said help yourself and started to rub up and down it saying it would be a shame to waste it, with Sharon lying on her back, Phil undone the button and zip of his jeans and pushed them down round his ankles and dropped to his knees so that his cock was reachable by her mouth, I shuffled round between her legs and placed my mouth at the entrance to her cunt, before inserting my tongue as far up her pussy as I could. And wriggling it about, lapping up my own spunk. , at the other end of her body she was wanking Phil’s cock into her mouth, after a few seconds of this I knelt up, pulled her knickers right down off her legs and used them to wipe my face clear of her juices. I then asked Sharon to let Phil fuck her, she yelled yes fuck me now, both of you just fuck me. I moved away as Phil crawled between her legs , rock hard cock in hand , as he entered her pussy he said how wet it was , I just looking on in amazement getting more aroused by the second . Watching my sister getting fucked by someone else for the first time was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. I had to get involved again in this, so shuffled over and leaned my head in to hers so our lips locked as our tongues’ snaked back and forth between both mouths as she reached out with her right hand and started to wank me off using the same rhythm as phils cock . Sharon then wanted to change positions so we all parted as Sharon got on all fours again, with Phil behind her he placed his cock at the entrance to the very wet pussy lips, I shuffled forward to her face and offered my cock to her mouth after a bit of a tizzy we managed to get a rhythm together as she was rocked back and forth between both cocks, and both of us playing with her tits, as this was phil's first time he didn’t last very long and was soon shooting thick heavy loads in to her pussy for the first time, Sharon carried on sucking me saying she could taste herself on my cock, I wanted to fuck again not be sucked off. So pushed her shoulders back so she was lying on her back, twisting her legs out from underneath her and parting them, I crawled between them shoving my rock hard cock straight up her in one hard shove, this time it felt very different and very sloppy, a lot of the tightness was gone and it was very , very wet and making loud squishing noises, , she moved her left leg slightly and this new position brought some of the friction back against my cock so started banging her for all I was worth, , she had a series of small orgasms instead of a big one , soon my cock was spurting the 3rd load of spunk into her pussy that morning, . this time my cock shrank very rapidly bringing a trail of spunk from the head of my cock as it left her pussy, I looked over at Phil who was sitting at the side stroking his hard cock with a big grin on his face as I crawled in to a corner to recover totally exhausted. Phil immediately took my place between Sharon’s legs and placed his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy before thrusting forward and having her pussy fucked for a fourth time that morning he hadn’t been pumping very long before she asked him to stop as she was too sore to carry on. She said to give her his cock and she’ll suck him. So he shuffled round to her face as she got up on to her knees he stood up and fed his cock into her mouth as she cupped his balls with her left hand , I was getting hard again as I watched my sister enjoying herself playing with phils cock and balls, I stood up as well and walked over to Sharon offering my rock hard cock to her face so she had a choice of 2 cocks to play with, she began to alternately suck between the 2 while sucking one and wanking the other , somehow I managed to come first over her face and tits while she was sucking Phil , this spurred Phil on and he came in to her mouth as she sucked and swallowed his entire load down her mouth.

Sharon then collapsed on to her back exhausted and lay there for a few seconds recovering before thanking us both for a great session, she then slapped me hard across the face as she accused me of setting her up, before picking up her panties and wiping her face and tits with them , Sharon then left the den to pick up her dress and put it on with nothing underneath before re-entering the den and walking up to Phil and kissing him full on the mouth, and saying the ball’s in your court, you can blab to whoever will listen or we can do this again .........and again, it’s up to you. I must admit I did feel quite jealous at the last comment as I felt I was losing a part of Sharon that was exclusively mine. But also extremely horny at the fact of watching her get fucked again.

As we walked home slowly we discussed what had taken place stopping at the dirt track to talk, and decided we needed to take time out to gather our thoughts, that evening I had a long talk with Sharon in her bedroom, and another with Phil the next morning.

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My sister Julie, older by 18 months came on to me and we fucked Saturday mornings after our mom had gone to work, our sister April 11, was sleeping. but one morning she woke early and came looking for Julie, she watched us from the hall for a few minutes before coming in, she blackmailed us and i ended up fucking her too, at 13 i was in heaven, fucking my two sisters.

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