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My boyfriend and I were having a wonderful breakfast that Thursday morning. We had a quite a night, we played board games and made love all night but there is just something missing. We seemed to have lost some spice in bed. He is a great lover, got great stamina, a body to die for, broad shoulders, muscular thighs, taut ass but fleshy enough that you can sink your teeth in it. Hmmmm just thinking about him makes my mouth water. He is indeed well proportioned and I really mean well proportioned. Oh God his cock is so yummy all that 8 inch meat banging away.

Anyway I was making him french toast with his coffee, as I was at the stove cooking I was swaying my hips in tune with the music playing. Just then he wrapped his arms around me from behind and gyrated with me. I felt every fiber of my body tingle with anticipation of what comes next. He nuzzled my neck while he grinded his hips locking it with mine. I can just feel that delicious cock start to harden as it was nestled between my ass. I was starting to sweat, breast tingling, nipples hardening peeking like little peas through my shirt while my plump pussy starts to glisten.

Brett nipped my earlobes darting his tongue in for a quick lick while his hand starts to glide up my waist, then my ribcage and sensuously cupping my heavy breast in his big warm hands. I moved a little telling him to touch my hard nipples, needing to feel its warmth to stop the tingling but he teased me. He kneaded my breast without touching my nipples. They were screaming for his attention. I turned off the stove and slowly turned around, his massive chest squashed my breast making juice gush out of my throbbing pussy. I licked his lips begging him to kiss me and when he did he sucked my tongue . I went wild and gripped his head wanting everything. Our hands went everywhere, grabbing anything we can of each other’s body. He grabbed my hand and rhythmically squeezed them… ohh the feeling it evoked.

It was inbelievable. I felt pressure building up. My juice flowing freely, dribbling down the sides of my thighs. I rubbed them together as if willing them to stay put. I then spread my legs over his hips as he lifted me up on the countertop. Even the coldness of the tiles didn’t put a dent on the raging heat flowing in my blood. He pulled me forward and thrust his hips banging his hard cock through his jeans to my pussy soaked panty. He gyrated his hips grinding it into my pussy. We were both enjoying ourselves when the doorbell rang. We both groaned and stopped. We froze in place willing that visitor to disappear but sadly the bell rang insistingly, frustrating us both. I arranged my clothes as best I can, he went back to his coffee and I went to answer the door.

It was Shiela one of my girlfriends. She was fair skinned, around 5’9, nice firm body, big breast, long legs, long blond hair. She’s quite stunning and in complete contrast to my bronze skin, voluptuous body, and jet black hair. I forgot about our meeting the day, we were going to the mall to shop for a gift. I apologized and invited her in. As we walked to the kitchen I could feel my juice dribbling down my thigh making it so slippery as I moved. Brett and Shiela said their hellos. I noticed Brett checking her out. A wicked thought formed in my mind. We were casually having a conversation when I whispered to Shiela “ Hey girl wanna do something wicked?” Somehow she knew what I meant. She looked me straight in the eyes and winked.

Brett went to the fridge to get some juice for Shiela when I pushed him on a chair then pulled Shiela aside... and started to make out with her as he watched. I gave my gf a good nipple lick as I thrust my thigh up in between her thighs. Then I kissed her while I looked Brett straight in the eye. I saw heat starting to smoulder in his eyes. He was there staring wide eyes at us. I pumped my thigh up her pussy, felt her starting to get wet.

Brett stood up and joined us but I have other things in mind. “ If you don’t behave brett, We will both leave u here alone and make out with out you. Do you want that to happen?” “ No” “ Good now sit your ass back down on that chair and don’t move till I tell you too” . I turned Shel around to face Brett while I went behind her back. I slowly stripped her for his pleasure. As I opened her blouse Brett opened his zipper and took out his hard cock and played with it while he watched. I heard Shell sucked in her breath, arousing her even more. Her nipples poked through her lacey bra, I pulled one side to expose her delectable breast, then I licked my finger and touched her nipples making her jump with pleasure.

Then I slid my hand down her stomach then disappeared inside her skirt. I began to stroke her as Brett watched. Watching him watching me do things to shell is making me so damn hot and sweaty and aroused. My pussy soaking my panty like never before. As I stroked her she undulated her hips teasing Brett as he cant see anything except my hand moving under her skirt. I pushed her forward towards Brett. “ Honey will you please take off her panty for me” “ With pleasure baby.” He slid his hands up the sides of her thighs and slowly slid her soaked panty off her. She stepped out of them.

When Brett was about to touch her again, I pulled her back and I heard Brett moaned in frustration… “ Not just yet lover boy” I told him as I slowly slid her skirt down exposing her clean shaven clit that was glistening with her juice. I stroked my finger up one swollen lip then down the other making her shudder with pleasure. I took off everything she wore.. Now she is standing there aroused, panting and needing more. I left her standing there and went to Brett’s back whispering in his ears. “How badly do you want that cunt baby?” “ Very bad babe” “Willing to do anything I asked?” “ Yes babe, for you anything”. “ Good. Don’t do anything til I tell you what to do.” “ Shell will you suck Brett’s hard cock for me?” “ With pleasure Anne”

Shel kneeled in front of Brett and opened his button and took his pants off him. With that done she then gripped his hard cock at the base and gave it a good licking. Making him moan with pleasure. I could see his cock bounce in her hand in reaction to her ministration.I slid my hand down his chest while we kissed. I held his cock as Shell sucked his cock while she played with herself. Flicking her clit in rhythm to her cocksucking. I felt Brett about to cum so I told Shel to stop what she is doing…

This got a moan from Brett. He gripped the chair and closed his eyes. I told Shell to straddle his hips and fuck Brett til he cums. She did just that. She bounced on his stiff cock while I held his cock at the base stroking him at the same time. The 3 of us were moaning and panting. I slid my hand on Shel’s clit and rubbed it to increase her pleasure…. It sent her on a frenzy. Fucking Brett harder and faster and deeper. Till he came so hard he almost passed out. Shell took herself off Brett and I was there to lick her wet pussy tasting both their cums. Brett became hard again looking at me mischievously as he shove his hard cock in me and rammed me hard going deeper and deeper in me while he sucked my nipple intime with his rthym making me cum hard , felt the juice ooze out of me spasm after spasm. At the same time licking Shel clean. It was pleasureable and arousing to taste another womans cum while my boyfriend is shoving his hard cock in me…Now that’s what I call spice.... It was a great day.


2005-02-07 11:53:55
let's all start a day like this!! great job!! keep it up.


2004-09-06 12:18:08
nice short sweet story how about some more with a little voyuerism added in maybe their mom or an auntie catching them and watching


2004-08-20 19:07:45
that story was so dumb bitch


2004-08-19 01:28:47
What a way to start the day?This is the way my sister and I like to start our day too.

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