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Part 4) Epilogue:
The author would like to apologise for this epilogue.
It does not contain any sexual activity at all!
The author simply wanted to let the participants in
the story regain some sort of normalcy in their life.

Monday morning I woke late, my alarm had gone off unnoticed.
When sensing who my naked partners in bed where, all thoughts of work soon evaporated.
Next to me lay Susan, a 38 year old ebony beauty, mother to Lisa, a 17 year old equally stunning
teen, who lay on the other side of me, both clinging lovingly to me.

The weekend had been the highlight in my "sex career", to which I could thank my two vixens in bed,
but also my daughter, Mary T, and my best friend, Alan, who were sleeping together in her bedroom.
The idea of them as a couple was a bit odd, him being more than twice her age, but still I was
certain that this would be the case. Two years later they indeed tied the knot, and I was doubly
rewarded by following her down the aisle and being best man at my own daughter's wedding.

When my two lovers slowly awoke, I kissed them both tenderly and led them to the bathroom.
We went thru our morning routine, sharing our body juices, showered together and got dressed.
After a nice and nourishing breakfast, the three of us sat down in the living room for a talk.

I wanted to share my thoughts with my two darlings about our present and possible future.
"First of all, Susan, I'm grateful for Your warm acceptance of Lisa's and my relations during
the weekend, I admit my feelings for her have grown very strong over the last few days.
But I have equally come to the conclusion that You, Susan, has won my true affection over
the past 24 hours. Is there any chance You could feel the same?" I asked, holding her hand.

Her eyes went watery and with no hesitation she answered: "Yes! Indeed You have won my heart,
so quick it's almost like a miracle!". Her hands came to me in a friendly embrace and she
kissed my cheeks, holding me close. Lisa also started to cry softly, in pure joy of my words.
She embraced both of us, and whispered: "Ed! You have made my mother and me the happiest mother/
daughter ever! Thanks!" and "Mum! I really love You both!".

"Then would You both allow me to take You out to a nice restaurant this evening?
I'm sure Mary T and Alan would also love to come, if You don't mind?" I asked them.

"Yes! And no, we wouldn't mind the least to have them as table guests! Agree, Lisa?" Susan said.
"Of course, Mary T is my closest friend, and I admit Alan has some qualities too, at least in bed!"
The latter she only whispered. So it was settled, I kissed them both goodbye for now,
and Susan drove her daughter home.

I sat down, trying to gather my own thoughts and emotions, caused by this weekend's escapades.
Could it really be? Not only had I had the fucking of my life, but my heart had been won over
by not only Lisa, the slutty teen, but also her sexy mother, Susan! Wallowing in my own thoughts
I soon heard someone yelling loud upstairs. Not too alarmed, I knew Mary T had one of her more
heavy orgasms, no doubt thanks to Alan.

When the stud and the slut later came down, they seemed curiously refreshed, but happy.
I had breakfast (or more precisely: lunch) ready for them and we all went into the kitchen.
After some pleasantries, I asked if they would like to join Lisa, Susan and me to the diner
that evening. And sure enough they both were glad to be invited and accepted.
We agreed to take off in a single taxi, Mary T and me from our home, picking up Alan on the way,
then Lisa and Susan at their home.

Just before 8 o'clock the taxi reached it's final destination: the restaurant "Chez Henri".
Henri, an old acquaintance, met us himself once we entered inside. He was as always, happy
to greet me to his gourmet establishment. "Une table pour cinq, non?"
"Oui; Mary T and Alan You already have met, and this is Susan and her daughter Lisa.
Susan is..a.. a good friend of mine. I hope You will take good care of them, and the rest of us?"
I stuttered and smilingly said.
"As always!" Henri smiled back, truly pleasant as usual.

Henri led us to a table in the quietest corner, expertly aiding the women with their chairs.
A preordered bottle of champagne were sitting on the table, and Henri opened it on my hint,
serving the ladies first, then the gents. I raised my glass and asked everyone to join in a
toast to us all and our good fortune. I nodded friendly to Henri, meaning to include him in
my good wishes. He smiled back and went for the menus.

After a three-course meal we were drinking some coffee, and I decided to become a bit serious:
"Dear Susan and Lisa! I hope You have enjoyed Yourselves this evening?"
"Yes, thank You, darling!" they replied almost in unison. They smiled and looked lovingly at me.
"I admit this may be a bit premature, but would the two of You consider coming home with Mary T
and me tonight, to stay, permanently that is!?" I swallowed when the words were uttered.
"Dad!" Mary T said mockingly and thumped my shoulder softly.
Alan just smiled and looked quizzical at Susan and Lisa, who in turn grinned with eyes sparkling.

"Are You sure You would like to have two such demanding creatures in Your house?"
Susan said with a playful voice. "You know You would have to serve us both, for as long as we all
shall live?" she added, still smiling at me, holding my hand lovingly.
"Hehe, well after this weekend's debauchery, I can not claim I don't know what to expect!"
"But, yes I would love to have You both in my home and I would make sure You both were looked
after and cared for, for as long as You would want to!" I stated with an emotional voice.

I truly meant what I just exclaimed, and knowing Mary T agreed, I felt a rush of rejoice coming
over me. Susan leaned over, embraced me and kissed me hard: "Thank You, darling Ed!"
Lisa also came over to me and kissed me, embracing Mary T as a sister and Alan as a future brother.

The taxi took Alan back to his place, Mary T deciding to stay over with him.
Susan, Lisa and myself were then driven back to our home, all happy with the arrangement.

In the following weeks, Susan and Lisa had all their personal belongings moved into our home,
all superfluous furniture sold off or given away to charity.
Their old house was rented and they only had to pay to the end of the following month.
Lisa got her own room, but would just as easily sleep over in our bed and even in Mary T's.

Less than a month after our eventful weekend, it turned out that Mary T carried Alan's and hers
first child, a girl, as it later turned out to be. Both parents were overjoyed.
And to my lovely surprise, Susan also turned out to be pregnant, even she with a girl.
Lisa was to have a younger sister, and we all looked forward to having a baby in the house.

Mary T stayed with us the next year, but finally settled down with Alan, their wedding being
prepared for her 18th birthday. She would come by our house almost everyday, sometimes staying
over with Lisa in her bed. Alan too was a regular guest, even in our bed.

Susan and me, in agreement with Mary T and Alan, decided to marry on the same date as them,
making it our common anniversary, a day to remember with joy for all of us.
Alan agreed to be my best man, while Lisa was both Mary T's and her mother's maid of honor.

And so began our new life as happy families. Susan and me finally finding our true love, once more.
Lisa securing a loving father, and sometimes paramour, who truly lived for her happiness.
My darling daughter Mary T went on to have a prosperous life with my best friend, Alan.

(The end)

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