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New Approach
Chapter 8: New Approach

The next day passed by with Harry trying to win Hermoine again. Upon another failure, he went to Ron. “I have tried everything to win her but she won't budge. Hermoine doesn't hate me and I am this depressed. She must loath you and you seem like you don't even care. What's your secret?”

“I apologized to her like you did and she doesn't hate me. The only thing is that I don't run after her so she doesn't have the opportunity to reject me. You should do the same.”

“I can't man. I like her a lot.” With that said, Harry went outside to clear his head. Ron immediately dashed to the common room to find Hermoine.

“Hermoine. We need to tell Harry about us. If he finds out some other way, he will be heartbroken.”

“We can't tell him. He will hate me. He won't understand my emotions towards you. He will just hate us.”

“What else can we do? He won't stop chasing after you unless he knows about us. And if you agree to be his girlfriend, he won't let you go. Both ways, we are screwed.”

“I got an idea. It's a long shot but it could work. There is a lot up to chance and it might end up with me and Harry getting intimate. Would you be ok with this?”

“Uhh. I don't see any other way so let's go with your idea.”

“Tell Harry that you, me, Ginny are going to meet in the common room at one in the morning to play a game. Tell him that he should come as well. I will go talk to Ginny and I will see you at one.”

At one, everyone met up in the common room. “Follow me,” whispered Hermoine. Hermoine led them out the common room and upstairs to an abandoned corridor. The corridor seemed familiar to Harry and Ron but they could not remember the details. “Wait here,” said Hermoine.
Hermoine went down the corridor and paced three times around an empty wall. On the third pass, a tiny door appeared. Instantly, Harry and Ron knew that it was the room of requirement. Hermoine took a peek inside and ushered everyone to follow.

Inside, the room was very small. The floor was covered with blankets and pillows. The walls were draped with silky curtains. Two standing lamps stood in the far corner and a table with candles stood on the side. Even with the lamps, the room was quite dark. Hermoine sat down in the middle of the room and the rest followed, making a circle around the center. Hermoine waved her wand and a deck of cards appeared in her hands.

Hermoine opened the deck and began fumbling through the cards. “We are going to play a game. With previous experiences, I have discovered that we all have sexual needs. If they go unchecked, they can result in very damaging behavior such as what Harry and Ron did to me. Everyone knows each other here and is very comfortable so we shouldn't have a problem with this game. This game is all about power. There are four suites in this deck. There are four hearts, seven clubs, ten diamonds and thirteen spades. Each suite represents a certain type of act. A spade means that you can tell a person to do something to themselves. A diamond means you can get one person in the group to do one thing to you or you can do one thing to someone. A club means that you can get two people in the group to do something to each other. A heart means you have full control over the game. You can tell anyone to do anything or you can do anything to anyone. Once someone gets a heart, that person is God meaning that the game is over after that. We all go in turns to draw a card. I will start off so you know how its played.”

Hermione shuffled the deck of cards and placed it in the center of the circle. She reached and grabbed the top card. She took a quick peek at the card before showing it to everyone else. Spades. Hermione pondered for a moment before saying, “I want Ginny to take of her top and massage her breasts.” Without hesitation, Ginny unbuttoned her blue top and let it fall to the ground beside her. Ginny was now covered only with a matching blue lace bra and her blue pajama pants. Ginny ran her hands up her belly to her breasts where she groped them with her palms. She began squeezing them and playing with them over her bra. Hermione, Ron and Harry's eyes were glued to Ginny's breasts. Hermione could imagine the feeling of pleasure Ginny was feeling as her breasts were rubbed and squeezed. Ginny was getting really excited as her nerves on her breasts were turned on. As the pleasure started to increase, Hermione yelled stop. Ginny was so caught up in the moment that she forgot about the others watching her. She looked at Hermione questioningly. “I am in control, so you have to stop when I say so.” Disappointed, Ginny stopped massing her breasts and wore her shirt, although she didn't bother to button it up. From the gap, everyone could still see her flat belly and half of her blue bra. Hermione put her card on the bottom of the pile and told Ron to draw a card.

Ron drew a card, a diamond. “What does a diamond do again?” questioned Ron. Hermoine replied with, “You can either perform one act on someone or you can get someone to perform an act on you.” Ron knew exactly what he wanted to do. “I want to kiss you, Hermoine,” Ron declared. Ginny and Harry stared at Hermoine, trying to read her facial expressions. They both knew how Ron had tortured her, but they didn’t know about the events that took place at Hogsmead. To play along with Ginny and Harry's expectations, Hermoine pretended to be taken aback by Ron's request. Ron saw right through the charade and leaned over to Hermoine. He placed his hand behind her head and brought her face closer to his till her lips touched his. Ron and Hermione’s passion ignited as both started to kiss deeply. Hermione’s tongue darted into Ron's mouth while Ron's tongue licked her crimson lips. For an entire minute, Ron's face was stuck to Hermione’s. Throughout the entire kiss, Harry was on edge, seeing the person he liked smogging his best friend. When Ron finally let go of Hermoine and parted the kiss, Harry let out a sigh of relief. Ron sat back in his spot with a smile beaming on his face. Ginny felt happy inside, seeing that her brother was happy again and that Hermoine has forgiven him. Ron placed his card on the bottom of the deck.

Harry was next and he was really excited about it. If he got the right card, he would also get a chance to kiss Hermoine or do something more. Harry anxiously went to pick a card but was depressed when he saw it was a spade. That spoiled all his hopes. All was not lost though. After thinking for a couple of minutes, Harry said, “I want Hermoine to masturbate in front of us.” Hermoine again pretended to be taken aback but because of the rules, she had to comply. She unzipped her pants and pulled her pant half way down her thigh. She then placed two fingers, index and middle, into her mouth, to wet them with her saliva. After they were sufficiently lathed in saliva, she slid them under her silky black thong. “Before you begin,” commanded Harry, “please lower your thong. You are supposed to be masturbating for us so you can't be hiding your hand under your thong. Also, lower your jeans to your ankle so everyone can have a better view.” Hermoine sneered at Harry for displaying her so openly but in her mind she was content with the request. Harry and Ginny had already seen her masturbating herself so the only person it would be new for was Ron. She had done much more intimate things with Ron that masturbating in front of him was not a big deal.

Slowly, Hermoine lowered her jeans down to her ankle. Harry started getting excited with just the anticipation of Hermoine being nude from the waist down that his dick got hard before Hermoine even lowered her thong. Hermoine lowered her thong, inch by inch, teasing everyone. As the top of her pussy became visible, Ron's dick started getting hard. After her entire pussy was visible, Hermoine quickly moved her thong down to her ankle. Between her legs, her belly and her pubic region, there was no skin color change. Her whole body glowed with a peachy color.

Hermoine licked her fingers again and began rubbing her pubic region in long, vertical motions. Her hand hid most of her pubic region but whenever her hand moved upwards and revealed part of her pussy, Ron and Harry's dick got harder. After some time, Hermoine slipped her middle finger inside her pussy and began pumping in and out with a constant tempo. A small stream of clear liquid dripped down her pussy towards her ass. Hermoine then slipped her ring finger inside her pussy to join her middle finger. She maintained the same rhythm for a while before she started increasing her pace. As her pace increased, her moans became audible. “Stop!” yelled Harry. Hermoine did not stop. She was so close to climaxing that she did not want to stop. Harry jumped across the circle and pulled Hermione’s hand away from her eagerly awaiting pussy. “You did not listen to me when I asked you to stop, which is why you will be punished. You have to lick every drop of liquid that streamed out of your pussy,” said Harry. Hermoine was appalled but she knew he was right in punishing her for not obeying. After all, this game was all about power and right now, he has the power. Hermoine began by licking her fingers clean. Her juice was not salty like Ron's cum; it actually didn't have a strong taste, more of a nectar tinge. After cleaning her fingers, Hermoine used them to grab some of the juice still dripping from her pussy and began to lick that as well. It took a couple of times but Hermoine managed to clean her entire pubic region. Hermoine then looked at Harry satisfied with her job. “I said every drop. That means the drops that are also on the pillows and comforters.” Hermoine looked down to the small puddle underneath her ass. Most of the juice was absorbed by the fabric, which meant that she could not use her fingers to clean it up. There was only one way to get every drop; she would have to suck the juice from the fabric. Hermoine scooted back and bent down so that her face was above the puddle of juice. Hermoine made an O with her mouth and pressed it on the wet area. She could smell the pungy smell of her vaginal fluids as she was forced to suck them dry. She began sucking vigorously, making slurping sounds. For five full minutes, Hermoine sucked till Harry told her it was enough. With a satisfied smile, Harry placed his card on the bottom of the deck.

Ginny picked a card and looked at it. She gave a wide smile scaring everyone. Everyone thought she had picked up a heart, meaning she would control everything. When she showed her card, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. It was only a club. Ginny said, “With this card I can make two other people do whatever I want. I want Harry to kiss Ron!” Ron and Harry were both frozen with shock. Hermione let out a giggle and said, “This should be fun to watch!” Ron was the first one to snap out of his shock and started to argue with his sister over her request. No matter how much he argued, Ginny was adamant about her request. Finally, Ron got tired of arguing and told Harry to give him one quick kiss. Harry looked at Ron nervously while Ginny and Hermione looked at Harry intently. Harry leaned forward and gave Ron one quick peck on his cheek. “There!” Harry claimed, “Are you satisfied now?”

“No!” replied Ginny. “You have to kiss Ron on his lips.”

“What?!” exclaimed Harry. “That is so not going to happen.”

“According to the rules I was full control over my request and you have to obey it. Either you kiss Ron on the lips soon or I will make it a French kiss. You have until the count of five. One...Two...Three...”

Harry looked at Ginny and saw her seriousness and knew there was no way out besides doing what she wanted. Harry quickly grabbed Ron's face and pulled it till it was inches from his face. Harry leaned forward and gave Ron a one second kiss on his lips. Cheers and laughter erupted from Ginny and Hermione. Meanwhile, both Ron and Hermione wiped their lips with their hands. “Now are you happy,” asked Harry. “Yes. Very much so. You guys looked so cute kissing each other,” replied Ginny. Ginny then placed her card at the bottom of the deck.

It was Hermione’s turn again and she anxiously picked up a card from the deck. “Diamond,” she exclaimed. “I get to tell someone to do what I want. I want Ginny to eat me out until I cum.” Ron's eyes widened with surprise. He couldn't believe that Hermione wanted a girl to eat her out when there are two guys here. Ginny, on the other hand, was not surprised. Hermione loved the way Ginny made her feel and really craved satisfaction after Harry stopped her from masturbating. Only a girl knows how to make a girl really satisfied.

Ginny laid on her belly with her head next to Hermione’s crotch. She swiftly pulled down Hermione’s pants, revealing her wet black thong. A chill swept through Hermione as the wind flowed over Hermione’s wet pussy. Ginny bunched together Hermione’s thong, making a rope from the fabric. She then placed this rope between Hermione’s labia and began moving it up and down. The fabric quickly soaked up the remaining juice from Hermione’s pussy, yet it made her pussy expel more juices. Running fabric through Hermione’s pussy had gotten her pussy aroused once more, which made it produce more juices. When the fabric could hold no more juice, Ginny moved it aside and used her tongue to lap Hermione’s juices into her mouth. Ginny’s warm tongue was a nice contrast to the cool flow of air.

Ginny sucked and bit Hermione’s clit lightly before shoving her tongue deep in her soaking pussy. Hermione’s tight pussy welcomed Ginny’s tongue by expanding to accommodate her probing tongue. Ginny was perplexed at the ease at which Hermione’s pussy expanded this time as compared to last time but she dismissed that thought on the grounds that Hermione’s pussy was warmed by the earlier masturbation. Little did Ginny know that Hermione’s pussy had actually been stretched by Ron’s large dick.

As Ginny wiggles her tongue inside Hermione, Hermione begins moaning. Hermione then grabs Ginny’s head as if to push her further while moaning and jerking to every tongue lash. With every tongue lash, Hermione’s moans get louder and her jerks get more violent until Hermione’s body tenses up and lets loose a final jerk along with a piercing moan. Euphoria surrounds Hermione as her body finally gets relief after an extensive period of pleasure buildup, starting from her masturbation. It takes a couple of minutes for Hermione to catch her breath and finally relax her body.

When Hermione is finally stable, Ginny gets up from her spot between Hermione’s legs and moves back to her seat. Harry and Ron are frozen in their spots with a look of awe on their faces and stiff dicks in their pants. They could not believe their eyes as Ginny performed an incredible fellatio on Hermione. Hermione seemed in a truly blissful state and that was achieved by another girl. Both of their egos hit rock bottom after witnessing a girl giving another girl so much pleasure. If they could not top that, they would never be able to lift their heads and walk with pride.
Hermione moved her wet thong back over her pussy and pulled up her pants, although she didn’t bother buttoning it up. Hermione then placed her card at the bottom of the deck and Ron reached forward and took a card. Ron showed his diamond card to the rest of the group. Ron thought for a moment and then exclaimed, “I want Hermione to give me a blowjob.”

Hermione looked appalled. She threw a disgusted look at Ron but Ron didn’t mind. It was his time to have fun. Hermione already had her pleasure and it was now time for him. With all eyes on Hermione, no one noticed Harry snaring at Ron. Harry was furious that Ron was going to have fun with Hermione and he was stuck with nothing.

Hermione slowly moved over to Ron. As she crawled, her pants lowered a bit. When she finally got into position between Ron’s legs, her pant had lowered enough to reveal the top of her succulent ass cheeks to Ron. Hermione looked up at Ron and stared into his eyes. His eyes were filled with excitement and desire, the same desire he had when they were together last time. She now realized why he wanted a blowjob. It was too soon to ask to have sex, so Ron was using this blowjob as a filler. This turned Hermione on; knowing that Ron was going to imagine the warmth of her mouth as her wet, tight pussy. She was now determined to make this very worthwhile for Ron and give him as much pleasure as if she was actually fucking him.

Hermione unbuttoned Ron’s pants and pulled them down to his thighs, revealing Ron’s red boxers. Ron’s dicks quickly sprang out, stiff as a pole. Ron let out a sigh of relief as his dick was finally free from the prison of his pants. Ron’s dick was still trapped beneath the thin fabric of his boxers so Hermione gently moved his boxers over the firm pole and down to his thighs.

This was the first time Hermione had actually gotten a close look at Ron’s dick. His dick was slightly darker than the rest of his body. It was a reddish brown color compared to the tan color of the rest of his body. At the tip of his dick, a whitish drop of liquid was visible. “It must be precum from all the excitement of the first round,” Hermione thought to herself. Hermione could see that Ron was already warmed up and ready for action but Hermione wanted to tease him some more. Hermione bobbled her head so that all her head dangled downwards. She then moved her head above Ron’s thigh, up to his crotch, and back down to his other thigh. As she moved, her hair dragged across Ron’s thighs, tickling Ron and teasing him. As her hair moved across his dick, Ron had to clench his fists to avoid masturbating right then and there. Hermione could see the frustration on Ron’s face, which amused her greatly.

To further her amusement, Hermione bent down and started planting light kisses on Ron’s thighs. In Ron’s heightened state of awareness, even the faint pressure of Hermione’s soft lips on his legs sent shockwaves through his body. As Hermione moved upwards towards Ron’s crotch, the shockwaves increased in magnitude. Hermione strategically placed her kisses to elicit the greatest amount of anticipation without actually touching his dick. She even made her kiss sounds audible so Ron could hear the sound of her rosy lips touching his skin while her mouth sucked on his tender body. Hermione planted kisses all over Ron’s crotch without letting even the smallest part of her body touch his dick. She even managed to kiss Ron between his dick and his ball sack. By this point, Ron was getting really aggravated. Hermione did not want her foreplay to ruin Ron’s moment so she decided to quit the teasing and give him the best blowjob of his life.

Hermione started by running her tongue from the base of Ron’s shaft up till the tip. As soon as Hermione’s warm tongue touched his dick, an electrified wave shot through his body. Hermione moved up his dick, wetting it with her saliva. As she reached the tip, she flicked her tongue out to lap the drop of precum that sat on Ron’s dick. The precum tasted differently than cum as the precum was less salty and not as repugnant. Hermione quickly flicked her eyes up to Ron’s face to see his reaction. Ron’s eyes were wide open as he watched the unbelievable scene unfold. Hermione flicked her eyes back onto the task at hand. Hermione moved down and licked Ron’s dick again, trying to get the parts she had missed on her first pass. After a couple of turns, Ron’s entire dick was covered with her saliva.

Finally, Hermione put her mouth around the head of Ron's dick and began sucking. She then moved her head lower, engorging more of Ron's dick. Six inches down Ron's dick, Hermione's mouth was full with the head of Ron's dick touching her tonsils. Hermione slowly backed out, sucking intensely as she did. As Ron's head came out of Hermione's mouth, a loud pop sound was heard. Hearing the sound, Ron looked down at Hermione. Ron watched in awe as Hermione, once again, put her rosy lips around Ron's cock and began moving lower and lower. At the six inch mark, Hermione stopped going lower. Instead of pulling out like she had done earlier, Hermione kept sucking the top half of Ron's cock and used her right hand to stroke the bottom half of Ron's cock. Hermione's hand began slowly but picked up speed quickly as Ron's dick was wet from Hermione's saliva. After about a minute, Hermione pulled out her mouth from Ron's dick to gasp for air but kept stroking it. When she had finally caught her breath, she went down on him and began sucking Ron's dick while bobbing her head up and down Ron's dick to match her hand motion. At this time, Ron could not take his eyes of Hermione. Her head bobbing up and down his dick was turning him on and instinctively, he put his hand on top of her head and started forcing her head lower and faster. Hermione could feel the pressure on her head and knew Ron wanted more. She could either resist and deny Ron the pleasure he wanted or force her body to the max to ensure that Ron enjoys his moment. Hermione went with the second option and allowed her head to get pushed by Ron. As Ron kept pushing, his dick started hitting the back of Hermione's throat causing extreme discomfort and even creating a sense of gagging but Hermione endured. Soon, Ron's head started sliding down Hermione's throat, blocking her airway and making her choke. Hermione didn't complain as she knew Ron was deeply enjoying this. After a minute of deep throathing, Ron's breaths started getting quicker. Ron whispered to Hermione, "I am about to cum and I want you to swallow it."

Hermione was shocked at the fact that she would have to swallow his cum again, even though she showed animosity when she had to drink it the last time. But some part of her knew that it would come to that and that she would have to swallow cum. The precum didn't taste that bad so cum wouldn't be that bad as well once she gets used to it. After a couple of more seconds, Ron's body started to tense up. His eyes rolled back in their sockets, his knees went weak and he began swallowing involuntarily and repeatedly. The whole room felt like it was spinning. Suddenly, something started at the tip of his penis and radiated up, passing through his navel, like an electric current which exploded in his chest and sent current through the rest of his body. Ron was in complete ecstasy. Ron felt as if every little gram of energy vaporized from his body and was in a completely blissful state. After a while, the feeling subsided and Ron came back to reality.

By the time Ron regained his composure, Hermione had already swallowed Ron's cum and was already backing away from Ron. Ron looked at Hermione and saw no signs of cum, which meant that he had shot cum directly into Hermione's throat and Hermione had swallowed it like he had asked. In Ron's blissful state, it seemed that Ron couldn't get any happier but realizing that Hermione had swallowed his cum even though she didn't like the taste of cum brought a wide smile on his face and his heart. When Hermione had taken her seat, Ron pulled up his boxers and pants and put the card on the bottom of the deck.

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