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Tommy drives around town with Dave for awhile, enjoying the weekend, until something good happens.
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I pressed the unlock button on my keys, and opened the door. I sat in my driver’s seat, threw my bag in front of the passenger seat, and hooked in my iPod. I thought about just hitting shuffle, trying to get back home for Friday so I sleep. I put the key in the ignition, but Dave and my new friend Greg from California jumped into my car. “Tommy, bro how’s it?”

“Uhh, Good. Don’t really got anything planned since its Friday, no meeting for our study group. You?”

“We need someone to drive us for a pickup. Can you give us a ride?”

Never shunning my boy Dave, “Sure. Where?”
“I’ll put it into your GPS for ya.”
“What are you picking up?”
“Haha, uhhh, our order.”
“I don’t get it.”
“Tommy, you little fucker. Our bud order.”

Ohhh, they’re picking up bud. And I’m driving. Sweet.

“Oh, uh, sorry. Not really into that shit.”
“No big. You cool to drive?”
“Yeah man, yeah.”

I drove there checking nervously behind me every ten seconds no cops were tailing, I don’t know why though. I was crazy paranoid. My leg kept twitching and I think I was breathing really hard.

“You okay bro?” Greg asked.
“Y—Yeah. Kinda.”
“Here. Chill out bro.”

He hands me a cigarette. Once the car stopped at the red light, I looked at him in the back seat.

“Chill man, it’s straight. No one gives a shit and your car’s got no stickers on it. No one can tell you’re in high school man, chill the fuck out.”

“Okay man.” He stuck a blue lighter in my cup holder, and when I parked in front of the apartment complex they needed to pick up in, I light it. After I exhaled, it felt pretty good, actually. My muscles relaxed, my eyes widened, and my legs untensed. I could feel the stress of school melt away. And we didn’t have a meeting today, so I couldn’t fuck the stress away. And goddamn was I horny. I took a look at the cig after two longs drags, and flicked the ashes out the window. I did it like I saw my uncle do it, between the fingers. No one people liked these, it was kind of cool. My phone vibrated in my pocket. It was Heather. Shit.

I looked at my phone, and read a text.

“God, I wish there was a meeting today.” She texted.

True shit, I thought. I clicked reply, and texted, “Yeah, I’m dying right now.”

I saw Dave and Greg walking back to my car, and saw her text, “Wanna chill?”

I looked at the phone. I wasn’t gonna be weird and scared, I thought. “Sure,” I wrote, “where can I pick you up?”

Dave and Greg sat back in my car, bumped fists while laughing, and put Greg’s bag in front of their seat in the back. “Where you guys wanna go back?”

“Drop me off at home with Dave.” Greg said.

I dropped them off, and when I was slapping Dave bye, I felt a small bag in his hand.

“That’s for you, man. Enjoy your weekend, haha.”

Nice. Weed.

“Thanks man. You too bro.”

I went to my phone, and saw Heather wanted me to pick her up from school. I headed back, blasted some music, and pulled up in the circle after flicking the cig out five minutes before. I waited for like twenty minutes before Heather came out, jogging with her backpack and team bag. I hopped out quick and grabbed one of her bags from her, and opened the doors for her. I threw both bags into the back, shut the door to the back, let her in the front, and closed her door. When I did, she smiled through the window. The walk around the car took forever. I was so fucking scared. Don’t mess this up Tom. Don’t fuck this up Tom. Don’t fuck it up Tom. Tom, you fucker.

I opened the front door, sat in the seat, and closed the door, clicking the seatbelt.

“Do you smoke cigs?”

Tom, you mother fucking fucker. You fucked up already.

“Uhh, no. It was Greg. New Greg.”
“Aww, Greg! Greggggy.”


“Yeah. Him.” I said.
“What? Greg’s a good guy.” She replied.

I mean, I guess he was. Girls seem to enjoy his presence.

“Did you try the cig?”
“Yeah,” I said, “It was okay I guess. Red’s are okay.”
“I was gonna ask if you could get me one, I like one every now and then.”
“Sorry. Next time, I promise.”

She reached for my iPod, and I didn’t notice, until she said, “What flavor?”

I had no idea what she meant, until I looked at her, holding my gram Greg gave me. Well I’ll be damned, she’s into weed as well.

“No clue. Greg gave it to me. You smoke?” I ask.
“No, not really. My sister used to be a huge pothead.”

We drove to a Starbucks, and I bought her a latte. We sat in my car, seats back, talking while enjoying our drinks. I played some music in the background really light, and I was having a great time. I was in the club for two days, and I felt like I knew her forever. She was my first, and we hung out like friends. I didn’t mind it at all, to be honest. I looked as she grabbed for her swim team bag, and she grabbed out of it her phone. She held it in front of me, and said, “Smile for facebook.” I threw up a gogo sign, and made her laugh. She posted it, showing my obnoxious gang sign. We laughed harder when we got ten likes in like five minutes.

“Drive to the lot down there.” She commanded.

I drove down hunched forward so I didn’t have to adjust my seat, and I stopped in front of the cleaners.

“Actually, go to the side there.”

I moved to the tight-squeeze lot behind the strip mall, and she took off her track jacket. I wonder what’s she’s doing. I took off my hoodie, exposing my tee. It was sort of warm. She laid back, relaxing, and I followed suit. We talked about sports. I didn’t really play any, and she swam.

“You’re really chill, Tom.”

I was shocked by her outburst.

“Thanks, you too.”
She looked at me, and laughed. She was definitely a new best friend, I think. Friends were a big part of my life, they were family. My family was built on the ideal of fidelity, no matter what. I would die for my family. I think I would die for her, too.

“Fuck Tom. I wish we had a meeting right now.”

I closed my eyes.

“Seriously, Heather. I’ve had the biggest mind-boner since last night.”
“Haha, never heard it like that before, but I feel ya.”

She climbed over the middle, and sat on my lap. Holy fuck.

“What?” She said, her lips meeting mine.

And we were kissing now. Whoa, there fella. Am I missing something? The chlorine and perfumey smell lingered in my nose as I gasped for air in between kisses. Her tangled, pool-spoiled hair was tickling my face. She started to rub herself against my crotch, dry humping my balls and semi. I slipped my hands on her ass, and moaned, “Damn girl.”

She laughed again, and sat back in her seat. She slid off her team sweats, exposing her yellow panties. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs and body. DAMN. I slid my jeans down past the seat, and moved my boxers, exposing my dick. “Ooooh!” She said. She climbed back on my lap, and lifted herself in the air, handling my cock. She played with my dick along her slit, torturing me. I put my hands in my face in frustration, and she laughed. She threw her head back as she finally lowered herself onto my dick, moan getting harder and louder the farther she sat down. Finally, the place my dick was meant to be again. Relief at last. She raised and lowered herself, taking her time. Her moist, crazy tight snatch was unbelievable after a long school week and long wait from the meeting. We kissed for a little while more, until she put her head on my shoulder. She increased her pace, slamming me in the crotch. I was in for some serious bruises this weekend.

“Shit Heather!!” I yelled.
“Ha. You enjoying this Tom?”
“Uhh—fff--- yep!”

She sat back up, throwing her hair back. I looked up to see her striking eyes meeting mine. That laugh and smile got me every time. I grabbed her hips, and pulled them towards me, railing her on my dick. Her moans met my thrusts, and she put her hands on either side of me. She increased the pace, screaming for climax.

“Ohh—fuck!! FUCK!! OOOOOOOOOOOoooooohhhh…”
“Haha.” I laughed.

Her orgasms were funny to watch. Wow, I thought, I made her come. The fiend herself. Another defining moment in my life. She circled her hips in an effort to drive me crazy, and did it well. I nearly began to cry from the feeling I was experiencing, and held on for as long as I could, until I couldn’t anymore.

“Fuck Heather. I’m—shit—- there.”

She went harder. She rolling her hips forward and back at a monstrous pace, until I put my hand on the armrest to brace for orgasm. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, blowing a giant load deep into her gut. She smiled, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of my seed in her. She kissed me one last time, then used her swim towel to clean us off. The cold moist towel was weird to feel, but wasn’t bad. She got all of the hot sex off of us, and got dressed. I slid my pants back on, brought my seat back forward, and looked at phone. Two texts from mom asking me to get home. Whoops, it was 4:45. I laughed, telling her the time.

“Can you give me a ride home?” She asked.
“After that experience, any time you want, yeah.”

I drove her back to her community gate, where I couldn’t enter, and got a kiss from her on the cheek, goodbye. I watched her figure walk away. How was I fortunate enough to get some of that. DAMN.

I drove home, dropped my shit in my room, and helped empty the groceries from the car. I ran back downstairs again, and crashed on my bed. I threw the gram Greg gave me in one of my books, and my phone and wallet and keys on my bedside. I fell asleep quickly, not waking up till after Dinner. I went upstairs to grab some of the leftovers, and went back downstairs. My phone had texts from Greg, just saying yo and shit. I read most of the ones I left before, until a brand new one appeared from Heather. It was her address, saying keep it for later. Fuck, I might as well tattoo it on my body. I’m never gonna forget it.

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2011-06-08 07:31:53
I'm getting bored of him fucking only heather. What about a threesome?


2011-04-11 19:42:37
Great story! This story is one of the best stories I have ever read on here please keep writing more parts. If I can suggest making the stories a little longer and maybe talking about the society a bit more and how it came to be. Again an amazing story.

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2011-03-15 15:17:20
Very good, Well put together. but i must agree with Anonymous reader from 2011-03-09 14:30:46. with a little bit of work you could turn what is now Erotic writing into a short story of very high quality. with some work you could become a very good author. now i by no means am saying i am better but i read ALOT and most not on this site and i know good writing when i see it this definitely has potential

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2011-03-15 04:24:29
part 4, it has to happen

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2011-03-12 14:19:13
def need a part 4 and a part 5 and part get the idea. all are great stories

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