Part 2 An Investigation Starts

That afternoon I returned to my apartment and tendered the plants. They looked to be dry from the heat that day, so I went about watering and playing music, which especially helped my satisfaction too. After I tendered the plants, I started making dinner and preparing for Samantha, hoping she’d like the meal. I cleaned up the apartment and ensure that my bedroom had fresh sheets, though I knew that she would not be joining me there. After I had finished, I waited for her arrival and hopefully the coming event of tonight. I hoped that Samantha wouldn’t be disappointed and whatever I dreamt was actually there.

By the time that Samantha was due to arrive I made dinner and changed to present myself in a better light for her. I was nervous hoping that she would come to see me as a friend and not as some kook, though I may have been hoping for too much from this woman. As time wove on, a knock came at the front door to my apartment. I went and opened the door and standing there, all business like was Samantha, who I ushered into my place.

At first Samantha looked around and saw the lounge room and balconies. Though she didn’t say much I hoped that she may have been impressed. I showed her my room where I believed that the apparition visited me on the previous nights. Samantha looked around the room, made several notes and we left. I showed her the rest of my apartment, including the bathroom and other bedroom. Again she made notes and her attitude seemed more business like than when she first came through my front door. I allowed her to freely wander my place so I could continue preparing dinner.

I offered her some wine to drink, when she looked at me and glared. She said, “I’m not here to be wined and dined. You said there’s a ghost here, and if there’s anything less than that, I’ll ensue to cut your balls from your body.” I was taken back by the hostilities this woman showed. I told her that was not my intention I only wanted to make sure that she was comfortable, whilst in my home. Samantha relaxed a little, though her demeanour seemed that she either hated me or all men. I wondered how she was so forthcoming to my friend, given that I considered him to be a chauvinist.

I asked Samantha if she would like dinner as I prepared more than enough for myself. She accepted and we sat down to eat. During dinner I spoke with her about her life, but she abstained from really giving an answer, except for a yes or no. Then I turned my attention onto para-psychology and at the questioning of this doctorate, Samantha started to show her true love for life.

She told me that she had gone to a University in Orange, NSW, where she studied psychology. That she had started that semester into her master degree that year under her brilliant teacher. As I listened the more she spoke of this teacher the more I came to understand that the teacher may have been the real interest, or he was exceptionally brilliant. Samantha never told me why she had gone into that field of study, or anything about her life that would hint in that direction, so I never pried into it.

After dinner I allowed Samantha the run of my place. I tried to make conversation about her life, especially if she liked men or not. But, she wasn’t talkative in this area. As the night wore on, I made coffee and discussed the visitations of the previous nights. After being interrogated over each detailed, several times, I was growing tired. After the inquisition, I decided that I wanted to retire to my room for sleep. I offered her a blanket and pillow so she could rest on the longue, during her vigil. I didn’t think that she wanted a room and she made no mention of it before.

She took the offered coverings and soon after I left her, retired to my room where I undressed, as I did every night, then opened my book and began to read. I could hear the TV softly in the next room, but wasn’t perturbed by it. I allowed the book to consume me and soon my eyes became heavy, as it had done every other night. So, I closed my book and turned off the light.

I slept deeply until the room brightened around me, with a feeling that the apartment had come alive. Then, as before, the heavenly apparition of this woman, with red hair, seemed to be above me. She smiled and spoke to me that she loved me for the way I restore the plants and the home, and that she felt a longing towards me. Then the apparition lowered her body until it came in contact with mine. The electricity that passed between our bodies electrified my senses. The arousal, made by this woman, heightened my senses. It seemed that our bodies had mingled together.

The merging of the heavenly vision and me, caused my man hood to grow, standing proud and tall. And through this blending, I produced an ejaculation that transfixed my soul. Now, as before, my cock shot my seed into the air, only to land upon my body. And though I felt like I was dreaming, I also believed that I was awake.

I did not know that Samantha, when seeing the light emission, investigated the source. She stood in the hallway, watching, as the spirit and I merged together. Then on watching my seed exploded from my body, she herself had an awakening that left her unfulfilled. That she witnessed the apparition above me, then make love to me, made Samantha horrified and aroused at the same time. She knew that what she witnessed was beyond her comprehension. That further investigation was needed to determine why this apparition visited and gave part of its self to me.

When the latest episode had finished, I took time to gather my senses, then on getting up, I cleaned myself and the room, grabbing tissues to aid me. I made sure that what I had ejaculated from my cock had been removed. It was then that I remembered Samantha and left my room, finding her standing in the hallway dazed. I asked if she had seen the apparition, though she didn’t answer me or even look in my direction. I wondered about her mental stated, when I discovered I was still naked and returned to my bedroom to dress.

Afterwards I came out to the lounge room to find Samantha sitting, waiting for me. I said, “Did you see that. Please tell me that you saw what transpired.” Samantha looked in my direction then slowly answered my question with a “Yes.” I asked, “Well what do you think. Am I in danger or what?” She sat there looking in my direction but not looking at me, when she replied, “I think that was the most beautiful scene that I ever saw.” I asked, “But what do you think, am I safe? Or what…..” I left my voice trail off, until Samantha finally looked at me, when she said, “I don’t know, but I’ll come back tomorrow night and then we’ll see. Okay.”

With that Samantha packed her things together and left. I sat up the rest of the night, until the sun rose and I felt relaxed once again. I did what I had to do and looked after my plants, and then rested until midday. I started to wonder about the ghost and why was she thanking, and rewarding me with sex. So I went and knocked on several other doors in my apartment block, when I found an old lady one floor below me.

At first she was suspicious of me when I told her that I had moved back into the apartment on the next floor up. When I mentioned about the plants, the old woman, Mrs Keegan, recognised my apartment and said, “I thought the young girl returned, when I saw all those plants and flowers.” I said, “What young girl? Do you know who she was?” The old woman went on, “No, I don’t know who she was. But she was friendly and she had a beautiful smile.” I said, “Did she have red hair and green eyes?” She replied, “Yes she did. I heard from another tenant that she died. But I don’t know if that’s true or not.” We talked further, but about the plants and what seedlings I’d used. Before I left I asked about the other tenant, but she couldn’t remember who that was.

I decided to see the real estate agent who I dealt with, when organising apartments. On speaking with her she didn’t tell me much, except that the previous tenant had owned the apartment and passed away unexpectantly. When I asked about her parents the agent wouldn’t tell me anything except that they were happy with me as a tenant. So, I left and returned home to start dinner and wait for Samantha wondering about my apparition.

Once I entered the apartment the feeling that greeted me was of intense longing and love. This atmosphere made me feel happy to be there and I was glad to be in my world once more. I started dinner, tendered the plants and made the apartment ready for Samantha. As I busied myself, I heard a knock at the front door. On opening it Samantha was standing there, carrying what looked to be photographic equipment. Beside her was another woman with raven black hair to her waist. Her lips were full and her eyes shone when ever she began to talk. A pretty figure and a lovely smile adorned her face. She was introduced to me as Kylie.

I asked them to enter, and allowed Samantha to show Kylie into the apartment. After they settled, Samantha and Kylie started looking around the apartment, with the later carrying a hand held device. I waited till they returned and offered dinner to both, as there was plenty to go around. Kylie accepted dinner with a smile, but again Samantha looked at me suspiciously. As we sat at the table, Samantha told me they had setup cameras and equipment to record whatever night’s events occurred. Before and during dinner I watched the interaction of both females. I noticed that Samantha was all smiles around Kylie, but when she turned to speak with me, there was disdain in her voice.

I started realising at that point that either these two beautiful women were lovers, or Samantha wanted them to be. I never took Samantha as a lesbian or even bisexual, but on reflection I didn’t really know her that well. Also, as I remembered her approached to me on our first and second meeting, I thought it may have been that she disliked me. But on reconsidering the situation I thought it may be all men and not just me.

As the night wore on we ate dinner and drank a little. Kylie and I were enjoying our conversation, and on several occasions I noticed that Samantha wasn’t impressed with our interaction. The night grew later and soon I noticed that I was yawning, and my eyes grew heavy. So, I left my guests with blankets and pillows and bade them a good night. I retired to my room and immediately undressed, slipping under the sheets that were there.

As I lay there I kept wondering who this spectral woman of beauty was. Had she lived here before I did? And why hadn’t she moved on to the other side, which I really didn’t believe in. So my eyes were heavy and I allowed sleep to conquer my wakeful self.

During the night I dreamt of the light and that it took in all areas of my room. Then the light left and I was alone. I started thinking of Samantha, when the sheets on my bed lifted up and a warm body lay next to me. I dreamt that Samantha was naked and lying there, caressing my chest with one hand, then felt its way down my body to find my cock. Though I was limp, her warm hands encircled my cock and slowly ran up and down, until I became rigid.

She lowered her mouth, until her mouth was inches away from the head. Her tongue slip past her lips and as slightly as she could she proceeded to lick the edges of my cock head. She allowed her tongue to circle around the edges. Then, lifting her tongue, she went straight to the slit at the top, and bathed this opening until her saliva had covered the entire top. I watched as Samantha lowered her mouth, engulfing my cock head and shaft, stopping only millimetres away from its base. She continued taking me in as far she could go, always straining a little bit further. I felt electric and invigorated by the touch of this goddess, with the sensing of my seed rising through my cock, to ejaculate.

I brushed my hand though Samantha’s hair and called to her. She stopped and looked at me. It was now that I saw an emanation was radiating from her, and her eyes took on a hue of green. She smiled on looking at me and I called her to my face. She climbed my body until we looked into each others eyes. Her smile captured me and I felt that mine would never stop. Her head bent down and I raised mine so our lips could touch, and touch they did. We kissed so passionately with our tongues probing the others mouth. I lift my hand and cupped her perfect breast. This arousal was coursing through my body and kept my throbbing cock hard and ready.

I lay Samantha down, leaving my lips connected to hers. Then I broke our kiss, letting my lips travel to her cheek, and then her neck, kissing all the time. I lifted my eyes and looked down at her, when I said, ‘Samantha you are so beautiful, I only want to give you the pleasure that I hold inside me.” Samantha said, ‘Adam please call me Sam and I will take your pleasure.” With that I lowered my mouth once more and kissed her deeply. I wanted this woman to feel the power of my passion and grasp the loving that I could give.

I lowered my head till I reach her breast, where I used my tongue to lick the entire breast. I then encircle her nipple and flicked it. Her nipple was hard, point away from her body. I took her nipple into my mouth and started to suck it as far into my mouth as I could. Sam moans and took my head into her hands, running her fingers through my brown curls. I drew her nipple in and took hold of it with my teeth and pulled on it. Sam moaned louder but I didn’t care, as this was a dream. I allowed my free hand to travel down her body and find her mons. On touching her mound I cupped her groin, letting a finger stroke her pussy slit and a deep moan escaped her lips.

I wanted to find out how she tasted, to explore the essence of her delicious body. To experience her clit in my mouth, so I lowered my head, kissing every so often until I reached her pussy. I lay alongside her, looking at the radiance that flowed from her. So, I moved my body over until I was between her legs and faced her pussy. I placed my arms under and around her legs and drew her pussy to meet my mouth.

My tongue explored her outer lips running up one side and then down the other, and then retraced my steps. I poked my tongue between her lips to feel the warmth of her love canal and search its hidden wonder. Her moaning were deep and long, to show that her pressure was building. I felt her legs start to clamp around my head and her body pushed up towards my mouth. I licked her inner tunnel until I withdrew and found her clit. I took this hard nub of flesh and chewed on it till I felt her body go rigid and her pussy thrust into my face. Her juices were copious and her orgasm followed, another deep moaning. I found that her legs locked my head to her body, and even thinking of moving away was the farthest from my mind.

As Sam calmed down from her pleasurable ordeal, I rose and moved my self to be above her. I place my cock to the start of this succulent pussy that I had feasted on, and was ready to invade her inner core. I looked into her dazzling eyes and lower my body to meet hers. Her legs lift above and allowed my cock to enter her canal of delight. As I slowly entered her, I found that I needed to enter her slowly several times as this tunnel was tight and I wondered if she was a virgin.

It took me several attempts until I found my way blocked by that scared piece of skin, her hymen. I whisper, “Sam this may hurt but I will try and be gentle.” She replied, “Oh Adam I trust you I want you to take me.” I extricated myself from her once more, then pushed into her, forcing my way through her barrier, to find myself deeper. Sam was groaning at my intrusion, though this did not stop me from pressing on further. I kept on fucking her pussy until I found that my cock was at the end of her tunnel and pressing against her cervix. Sam was groaning all the time that I pushed my way into her. Though this did not stop her pain, from her lips, but changed to one of pleasure. Now her groans seemed more like enjoyment.

As I started to fucker her harder, she encircled me with her arms and legs, drawing me in closer. Now as I pushed my cock into her body, her hips lifted up to meet my thrust. As we began to meet and thrust together, our actions were quicker and the noise from our groins slapping together were louder. Sam was now panting, which seemed to match our actions, as her body started to tighten hard against me within her folds. I felt my seed rise again and ready to be ejaculated from my body, when Sam, groaned deeply, “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ahhhhhhhhh.” With the pressure of pulling me into her body, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I rammed into Sam until the head of my cock was forced into her cervix, and I shot my load into her womb.

We lay there arm in arm, holding each other into the night. Sam was panting, gaining her breath back, as was I. As soon as we were calm enough, we released each other and lay side by side. We kissed each other laying there not saying a word, when Sam got up and left my bed. I lay there wondering if this was a dream or not. Then as soon as I wondered I opened my eyes to see the first light of day.

I lay in bed for what seemed an hour, trying to decide whether it was a dream or real. I couldn’t decide what my experience was when I heard voices come from the other room. I left my bed and dressed, then left the room to find Sam and Kylie moving about. I asked each if they wanted coffee to drink and both replied yes. I asked Sam, “Sam, white and sugar?’ When she pounced and stated, in an angry tone “Its Samantha not Sam.” I apologised and wondered at her change in attitude. I was going to ask about that morning but decided against it.

The women showered and drank their coffee, while packing their equipment. Both seemed overjoyed at the equipment being activated, though Samantha seemed pained at moving. Kylie informed me that they recorded something and would let me know of their findings. Kylie was gracious when thanking me for my hospitality, though Samantha was rude. They left shortly afterwards, and I thought back to the events of Sam and myself, wondering what had happened to her.

Part 3 Finding an Answer

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