This whore at college....
When I was away at college, I'd often go to a couple nearby schools to visit friends. As was our norm, we'd party our asses off and try to get laid. Sometimes, we'd get so wasted we didn't even try to score, but not often. Getting laid on campus is easy enough, but sometimes, you get more than you had hoped for.....

My buddy Glen was the guy I was visiting that weekend. I got onto campus Friday afternoon and we started right away with cold beer and good weed. After we grubbed, we headed out for some serious partying. After a couple stops in other dorm rooms, we ended up at a frat house he was going to pledge in the next class. As usual, the house was rocking and loaded with girls. Grabbing beers, we started dancing with whatever girls were out there. I fell in with this one named Randi.

Randi was from a suburb near me up around Chicago. She was very pretty, short as hell....maybe 5' 2"....and curvy as hell. she had big tits and a big round ass. She wasn't fat by any means, but she wasn't skinny either....she sure filled out that top and jeans. I noticed plenty of guys checking her out as we danced. I thought I even caught some knowing smiles. After a while, we broke away from the dance floor and went outside for some air.

The cool evening breeze felt great and we were joined by a guy my buddy knew from his floor named Jim. Jim gave Randi a quick hug and slapped me five. We knew each other well enough from my previous visits and I liked the guy. Randi excused herself to use the ladies room, leaving us to talk.

"Hey, what's the story with you two?" Jim asked me. "No story, we kinda hooked up on the dance floor and I was hoping to fuck her tonight. Why, is she your girlfriend or something?"

"Fuck no, but I have been sort of working her for a couple weeks in class and was gonna make my move tonight." he replied. I asked if he thought he had a chance and he said of course. I thought I did too and told him so. He got this evil grin as Randi walked back towards us.

"So Randi, we were talking and it seems both of us were hoping to score with you tonight." Jim shot out of his mouth. I almost shit, figuring he was blowing it for both of us. He continued, saying there was no reason she should have to choose between us, that was should all go back to her place....she had a single room...and figure it out there. She kind of blushed and said the words we wanted to hear...."Let's go." We scrambled up to our feet and walked out thru the party. My buddy Glen saw us and gave me a thumbs-up.

We walked about 4 blocks to her place. There wasn't much conversation by any of us. Even though we were all lightly toasted, I guess the reality was hitting us. I had never had a threesome before and wasn't sure what was going to happen. Maybe she was going to choose him? Maybe neither? I can't figure women to this day and being 19 didn't help my thought process.

As we entered her room, she turned on a light and turned to us. "Guys, I have to confess....I don't want to choose between you. How about if we all got naked and you both fucked me? I've never done two guys and always wanted to, but you have to listen to what I say, okay?" We both nodded and approached her. I grabbed for her top and she backed away, telling us we had to undress first. We didn't want to blow this and did as she asked.

Standing naked next to another guy was nothing new to me....playing team sports and showering afterwards was passe, as was dormitory showering. But being next to another dude with a hard-on starting was something new. She looked approvingly at us and told us to come over to her. She dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth while grabbing Jim's rapidly hardening dick. She knew how to suck a cock and her mouth was like a little furnace.

As I moved her head on my cock, she switched off and started jerking me off while sucking Jim. She did a nice sloppy job with plenty of spit and gurgling. Jim took his cock out of her mouth and slapped it on her face. She seemed to enjoy it and I followed suit. Having two rigid dicks beating her face was turning her on like we flipped a switch. She stood up and told us to take her clothes off. We stripped her quick and asked her what she wanted.

"I want one of you to fuck me from behind." Randi told us. She got on the bed, on all fours, and reached under herself and started rubbing her pussy in anticipation. "You go first" Jim said. "I want her to suck me some more."

I got behind her and slammed myself up into her. She gasped and rammed herself back onto me hard. Jim got in front of her and invaded her open mouth. She gagged as he rammed into her throat. I met his thrusts towards me with a returning thrust of my own. We ping-ponged her back and forth really hard, with me slapping her ass hard with an open palm. As we pig-roasted her, she started to tremble and shake with an onrushing orgasm. I picked up my pace a bit and let her have it.

She started to come violently, her screams and moans muffled by the cock in her mouth. She bucked hard against both of us, slapping the bed in a torrent of pleasure. While she finished, Jim told me he wanted to try that pussy. I slid out and we flipped her onto her back. We changed places and he drove up her cunt in one motion. She yelped and wriggled to get into position for pounding. Her head was hanging off the corner of the bed so I straddled her and shoved my trobbing cock into her mouth. We had reversed what we were doing at first and she loved it just as much.

As she sucked my dick, Jim pounded her even harder than I had. I reached down and kneaded those huge boobs and twisted her nipples. She seemed to like being treated rough, so I started slapping her tits hard, like I was slapping her ass. Gagging and slurping, she was like a wild woman with all her spasming around our cocks in her holes. We could tell she was close to coming again and let her rip. I withdrew my cock to hear her scream and yell and she didn't disappoint. Her second orgasm was even more intense than her first, as I thought the bed was going to collapse.

By this time I was ready to come. I looked and Jim and he nodded his head in agreement....he was ready too. Randi was limp as a dishrag by this time, both of her orgasms had drained her.

"We need to come, Randi. Where do you want it?" I asked her.

"My tits....come on my tits. Not inside me." she managed to sputter, as she was still gasping for breath.

We took up sides on either side of the bed and told her to finish us off. She reached up and took each of us into a hand. She did a decent job of it, but couldn't get any rhythm going. We each took hold of our own cocks and started jerking while pointing at her big titties. Jim hit the brink first and let out a groan. His first couple ropes squirted up onto her tits, coating them. The next couple dribbled into her hair. She looked great laying there all covered in goo and it triggered my own orgasm.

My cock jumped in my hand and I launched my load directly onto her face. Two or three bolts plastered her dead in the face. She clamped her eyes shut in response. I hadn't come in a week or so and it was a real lake. Three or four more huge globs slobbered out of my cock onto her tits, joining Jim's load. I managed to squirt another glob out and dribbled it right into her mouth. She spat it out and wiped the cum out of her eyes. She was nice enough to suck both our cocks clean, though.

As we dressed to leave, Randi lay there, still covered in cum. She rubbed some of it into her tits and licked her fingers. We left her there and headed back to the party to finish the night with a few more beers.

I visited down there a bunch more over the next couple years and hooked up with Randi once or twice more, solo. She was a good lay and loved to fuck, but she seemed like the type of girl who needed two guys to bring out the best in her.

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great got hard reading it

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Nice storie looking forward to a pt 2?

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