He lays in the darkness
listening to her breathing.


Years spent working
to acquire all they could.


The doctor's demeanor
when they broke the news.


Months of waiting and hoping,
asking for an answer to prayers.


The surgeries, the medications
all to extend her life, no quality.


Alone with her everyday
putting up a front for others.


He stands and goes to her side;
one last kiss, he pulls the plug from the wall. last.

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2011-04-18 15:09:04
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2011-04-06 12:12:33
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2011-03-22 12:31:40
Was she a white lady? Then she was wasting precious air that could be used for a better purpose, like burning down white people's houses to make way for the new, gleaming, big, clean Black housing paid for by the USA Govt. under control of his high magesty, President Obama. That is what I'm talking about!


2011-03-21 01:36:04
Lovely. So much is not said yet you feel the passion and connection between these two. In the first line where he listens to her breathing, reminds me of how much I loved listening to my newborn infants breathing. There is so much love in that.

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2011-03-18 10:29:39
This could be titled, Murderer. Obama believes that abortion is wonderful and must be funded by the federal govt. He has in his healthcare law the govt right to pull the plug, or, the death committees that Pelosi, Reid, and, of course, Obama all denied. They all lied, of course. The dumb-assed Americans were tricked again. How do you like the 105 billion pre-payment put in there, nice trick. You Americans are sooooo stupid.. The only thing prolonging your demise, until Obama is re-elected, is that your currency is getting to be worthless, that will allow an extra couple of years until you collaspe and the world, and Obama, all laugh at you, then Obama will be unvieled for who he really is, honored by the world and America will be all slaves and a dump for the world's dangerous waste. Obama will be honored thru the world for taking down America. White people will be killed and put in zoos, because so few have survived after males are killed and females are breed by dark men. T

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