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This is about a girl and her neighbor, Joey, find what is buried in their hearts.
Most people in their life have the ‘good neighbor’. My entire life I grew up next to a boy named Joey who was the same age as me. As children, we played with our toys, rode our bikes, and played in the sandbox as another child our age would do.

When I was around twelve, my body started to change. I began growing breasts, my body began taking the womanly shape, and I became more attracted to boys.

Joey noticed me as a changed, but he did not stay far behind. I noticed his voice getting deeper; I could see the hairs that were growing on his arms and legs become thicker.

We both noticed each other changing; however, we never said anything about it. When we were both thirteen, things were changing from what they used to be. We were still friends, but we did not play like we used to, of course.

Instead of building sand castles and playing with dolls, we would often go into Joey’s room and play on his computer or air hockey. At that time, I never felt any amorous attraction to Joey; I only felt a friendship. I had never even thought about being Joey’s girlfriend or even what Joey thought about me.

At this point in my life, I was shaving my legs and my pits every two days or so, I was on my period regularly and I had A cup breasts that looked good and would soon become larger as I aged.

As far as masturbation, I did do some exploring and I did masturbate on a nightly basis. Our house did not have locking doors so the usual routine was to pull down my pajamas under the covers and rub myself off.

Getting back to Joey and me, one day after school I promised to help him do his homework. We went to my house after school.

It was the beginning of our sophomore year in high school. I was on the younger side of fifteen as Joey was one month older. At this time, I had grown into B cup breasts.

We brought our books into my bedroom and then went to the kitchen where my mom prepared something to eat. We watched television as we ate our cheese-its and drank our water.

During the school day, I had worn a t-shirt and a tank-top underneath. I wore the t-shirt because of the dress code at our school, but since we were home, I decided to take it off.

When we were finished eating, I said, “Let’s get started on that homework so we can have it done at a decent time.”

Joey agreed and we headed to my room. We both sat on the floor and pulled out our books for Biology. We had the same class together which allowed this assignment to be easier.

It was quite a bit of homework; it took an extensive amount of time. As we were wrapping up, I leaned forward to close the books and notebooks to place them back into my bag.

I looked down and noticed that the way I was leaning forward revealed my nipple. I sat back up and rearranged my top, hoping that Joey did not notice. When we stood up, I noticed that he had a bulge in his gym shorts until he quickly tried to hide it. I pretended that I did not notice.

“I’m going to go home now,” said Joey. “Okay, see you tomorrow,” I replied.

I thought to myself, “Did he see my breasts, or was that a coincidence? And if he did see my breasts, could he have possibly been turned on my that?” I reviewed in my head what I saw for the rest of the night, and for the first time, thought about Joey when I was in bed that night.

The next day I felt different. Knowing that Joey might have been attracted to me turned me on. On the other hand, the thought that it was a coincidence made me feel stupid. I decided to milk this situation.

After school, Joey offered to do our homework in his house today. I agreed and we followed the same routine that we usually do. After we finished our mid-afternoon snack, we went into his room and started our homework.

Joey’s mom was the only other person who lived in his house. She worked late at night because she was single and needed to make enough money for her and Joey.

I was nervous because I was going to do something that I had never done before or even thought about doing before this day. I purposely brought a change of clothes to his house that would be revealing.

I wore a different tank top, but this time I did not have on a bra. Also, I brought a skirt that went about half way to my knees. I was not going to wear underwear. My plan was to ‘accidentally’ forget that I was in a skirt. Joey, sitting across from me, would get a peak at my pussy.

As we worked on my homework, I was nervous; my heartbeat getting faster, not knowing what I was going to do or how Joey was going to take any of this. I was becoming wet as well, which surprised me because I have never felt this way toward Joey.

After working on homework for a while, I slowly stretched my right leg out, still laying it flat. Then I subtly bend my left knee so that my foot was just to the left of my pussy. Joey could not see anything yet unless he really tried.

Then, I bent my right knee so that my right leg made an upside down V shape. This allowed Joey to see everything. My eyes were focused on the paper, but with my peripheral vision, I could see his eyes shoot up to the direction of my pussy.

I was nervous; however, I continued to talk about homework. Every once in a while I would close the view for a while and then open it back up to make me seem more innocent.

This continued for a while. We finished our homework and then stood up. I decided that I was going to take this even further. When Joey stood up, I could see the bulge in his gym shorts until he quickly hid it.

“You have a hard on, Joey,” I said apathetic to the corollary that may have followed.

Joey blushed and ignored what I said. I knew this wasn’t the way I usually acted; however, I wanted to see this through.

“Did I give you that? Or were you thinking of someone else?” I said again.

Again, Joey blushed and did not say anything as if he was trying to hide from me.

“Aww, come on Joey. Don’t act like for one second that you did not like what you saw,” I said in an amorous tone.

Then, I heard his quietly say, “You meant to do that to me?” and, of course, I replied, “yes.”

He quietly again, “Do you…umm…”

“Do I ever what,” I interrupted.

Joey continued, “Touch it?”

I smiled and blatantly said, “Do you want to find out.” I did feel bad trying to get this out of Joey, but at the same time, I felt that my teenage hormones were taking over and this was contingent to our friendship.

“I guess so,” Joey mumbled under his breath.

My heart was relieved that he said yes. From this point, I did not know what to do. We stared at each other for what seemed like a long time, but in reality, it was only a few seconds.
I suggested to him, “Let’s both take off our clothes so we can see each other.” When I said this, something hit me. What if this ruined the friendship that Joey and I have built up these past fifteen years.

On the other hand, it could lead to a different stage in life. I decided to take the second option ignoring the consequence.

He took off his clothes first. First his shirt, then his pants. As he pulled his boxers off, I saw his erected penis. From my knowledge of measurements, it looked like it was a good five or six inches. His penis was surrounded by black public hair that seemed to fit really well on him.

I followed his actions: first taking off my top, revealing my B cup breasts, in which made Joey’s eyes gleam; secondly, taking off my skirt, revealing my unshaven pussy. For me, it has never been comfortable and never seemed attractive to have the hair shaven.

We stared at each other for a few minutes, examining the differences between genders. This was my first time seeing anyone nude. After a few minutes of dead silence, I reached over and put my hand around his cock.

There is something about being in a sexual situation for me. I never know what to say, but I always know what to do, as if I have done it a million times.

I began to stroke his cock, moving my hand up and down. He leaned back on his hand while I jerked away. It was a nice feeling to be holding a boy’s penis, especially since it was a nice looking one.

I continued to stroke; I could tell that he was horny to start with and he was ready for this. I saw pre-cum forming on the top of his penis head. His breaths became more violent as I continued to jerk him. Occasionally, he would jerk his leg because of the building pleasure inside him.

Suddenly, he took one deep breath, let out a manly moan, and shot five or six ropes of cum onto his chest and pubic hair, some of which also landing on my hand. I continued to stroke him until I was sure he was finished.

I removed my hand, wiped it on my skirt on the floor, and stared at the substance he produced, having never seen such before.

Without a word, we switched positions. I leaned back on my hands; he took two of his fingers and stuck it inside of my warm, wet pussy. It was a different feeling than I felt when I did it to myself, almost as if I was using a toy.
Joey was doing well for a beginner. He started moving is fingers in and out of my pussy. I felt the sensation that comes from masturbation already beginning to kindle. As he continued to finger me, juices dripped onto the floor. The wetness of my pussy began to make a more emphatic sound.

Joey fingered me faster and faster. Each stroke was like a rush of pleasure through my muscles. My heartbeat increased every minute, my breaths became deeper, and I could hardly withstand keeping quiet.

I would let out the occasional moan. Then, I could feel it getting closer and closer. I knew that this one was going to be a big one. As it got closer and closer, I my breaths became louder and deeper. Then I took one last big breath, and the orgasm hit. I moaned rather loudly, I could hardly breath, and the shaking over my body was almost too much to bear.

I sat there amazed. I had never felt an orgasm that strong before. Joey stopped fingering me; I looked at him and thanked him.

I stood up, barely being able to walk, and went into the bathroom. Still nude, I cleaned myself up and went back into Joey’s room. He was cleaning himself up and we put our clothes back on.

When we were dressed, we stared at each other again. Then, we moved closer and began to kiss. We both laid on his bed and made out for what seemed like forever. His lips were the first ever to touch mine. A new, strong feeling kindled between Joey and me.

When we were finished, we told each other that we should date. We expressed our inner feelings for each other that perhaps were buried by our regular friendship.

As I headed home that night, I remembered thinking how happy I was that I had my first boyfriend and was able to do something with him. The boy that I knew before was now a man; the girl I knew before was now a woman, as they engendered a relationship that had the potential to last for a long time.

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions, grevances, or corrections, send me a private message.

Sarah Scott

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