A nice guy gets his reward from his fantasy girl
Michael lifted his hood up over his head against the rain as he left the pub. Behind him he heard the door being locked by his boss. Another shift over, time to go home and get some sleep. At least he was off now for a couple of days. He headed towards his car, head down to keep the rain out. It was bucketing it down, had been all night. As he reached his car he heard a sound. Looking up he glanced around, and spotted someone sat on one of the chairs. Whoever it was, was crying softly. They were also getting soaked. He quickly looked around, to see if there was anyone else on the car park. It looked empty, the only other car was the pub landlord’s. Carefully he headed over to the person. It was only when he got closer that he saw who it was, Siobhan Potts.

Siobhan was one of his colleges at the pub. Though she had not been on that night, so what she was doing there was a mystery. She was also the subject of several of Michael’s fantasies. She was twenty, five years younger than him. She had a beautiful face with almost elfin looks. Deep dark eyes, and a mouth with full kissable lips. Her hair was jet black and when it was allowed to, hung down to between her shoulder blades. She had a sexy figure, with long shapely legs and ass. Her breasts were not large, but they did not need to be. They always seemed perfectly round and shapely to him.

Of course she did not look that good now. He had no idea how long she had been sat in the rain. From the look of her it had been a while. Her hair was so wet it was matted. Her eye liner had run leaving black marks down her white cheeks. The top and skirt she was wear had probably looked hot. Now they were so soaked they had almost become shapeless. She was huddled up in ball, still sobbing softly. Michael carefully reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, she jolted upright. Michael jerked back as she stared at him. “Hey calm down, it’s me.” He said to her, it took her a second to recognise him. When she did she calmed a little. He stepped closer to her. “What you doing here?” He asked carefully.

“I’ve got no where else to go.” She said in a desperate voice.

“What about your boyfriends place.” Michael asked.

“I wouldn’t go back to that cheating prick if he paid me.” The venom in her voice was obvious. Michael hid the wild jump of joy in his chest at the words. So she had finally dumped the prick. “And I can’t go back to my moms. She’ll explode if I turn up like this.” Her voice was slurred and she seemed to be unsteady, even sitting down. Michael wondered just how much she had drunk that night, he guessed a lot.

“I’m sure she’ll understand if you explain it to her.” He said, Siobhan shook her head.

“No, she warned me that if I ever turn up pissed again she’ll just lock the door on me. I’ve been so good, not got pissed for the last three months. Then I find out that my boyfriend has been fucking a girl from work for those three months. Oh god I’ve got no where to go.” The last few words came out as a wail as she began to sob again. Michael easily came to a decision. There was no way he was leaving her here. She would freeze to death by the morning.

“Come on,” he said pulling her to her feet. “You can come back to my flat for the night.” She turned to look at him, her eyes wide with hope.

“You sure.” He nodded.

“Yes, I’m not leaving you out here.” He told her as he guided her towards his car. An act that was not easy. She could hardly walk straight, she was so pissed. Somehow he managed it and she sank into the passenger seat. Carefully he fastened her belt, getting a full whiff of her breath as he did. It stank of alcohol, man she must have seriously been knocking them back. He ran round to the drivers side and got in. Quickly starting the car up and setting off on the short journey to his flat.

It was not easy getting her up the two flights of stairs, but again he managed it. Then he guided her into the single bedroom in the flat. His flat was nothing fancy. There was a open kitchen/living room, a bathroom and a single bedroom. But it was within his price range, and the neighbours kept themselves to themselves. Which was find by him. Siobhan sat on the bed looking bleary eyes at him.

“But this is your bed.” She protested when he told her to stay on the bed. “Where are you going to sleep.”

“The sofa is very comfortable, I know I’ve crashed on there more than once after staying up late.”

“No, I can’t. You should sleep on your bed.” She said standing, or trying to. If Michael had not caught her she would have gone face first into the floor.

“It’s ok, you need to sleep it off. The bed is the best place for that.” He told her, but he could feel how wet he clothing had become. “We do need to get these wet clothes off you first.” He said, she looked at him for a second. Then she calmly began to undo her top. Michael blinked as she quickly opened it revealing her breasts, covered by a skimpy bra.

“Um, I’ll find you something to wear.” He said turning away as she took the top off. Just that glimpse had made him hard. God she had a nice pair of breasts. He opened a draw and pulled out an old football shirt. He turned back to find that she had stripped totally naked. He felt his eyes widen as she stood in front of him. His cock growing rock hard, straining against his trousers. God she was so hot. Her breasts were small, but perfectly round. Topped by small pink nipples, which were hard because she was cold. She had a flat stomach and firm shapely thighs. The black hair between them was cut into a tight little triangle. Michael held the shirt out in front of him. Forcing himself to look only at her face.

“Here you go, it should keep you warm.” He told her as she took it off him. She smiled at him, but did not put it on.

“I can think of something else that would keep me warm.” She said stepped towards him. Michael swallowed hard as he felt her pressing her body against him. “You don’t have to sleep on the sofa. I’m sure we could share the bed together.” She whispered to him, brushing her lips against his. Michael lifted his hands to push her away. Before he could she kissed him, firmly pressing her lips against his. “And I’m sure you could find ways to keep me warm all night if you wanted.” She whispered against his lips as she kissed him. He felt her tongue probing against his lips. Almost automatically he opened his mouth. She snaked her tongue into his mouth, wrapping it around his tongue. She slipped her arm around him, pressing herself harder into him. Michael felt his erection getting even harder. Her body felt so good against his. Better than he had ever imagined it would feel.

But he was not going to take advantage of the situation. As much as he wanted to, he could not. She was drunk, had just split from her boyfriend and was not thinking straight. Carefully he reached up to grab her arms. Gently pushing her away from him.

“As much as I’d love to say yes, I can’t.” He told her stepping away from her. Her eyes flashed with surprise and hurt.

“Don’t you want me either.” She asked.

“God Siobhan you really don’t know how much I want you. But not like this. You’re not thinking straight. You’re pissed out of your head, hurt from your spilt. If I did this all I’d be doing is taking advantage of the situation. And you’d know that in the morning.”

“What if I want you to take advantage of the situation.” Michael closed his eyes tight at the emotion in her voice.

“I still can’t, because you’d hate yourself in the morning. And you’d probably hate me, with good reason if I did. What you need is to is put the shirt on and get some sleep. I’ll make you a hot drink before you go to bed. What do you want?” For a second he thought she was going to try again. And he was not certain if he would be able to resist her if she did. However, she turned to grab the shirt after a second. Then told him what she wanted to drink. Michael headed into the kitchen to make her drink, took it back into her.

“Here you go, drink this then get some sleep. In the morning if you want I’ll take you back to your moms.”

“Thanks.” Siobhan said, he sensed it was for more than the drink. Michael grabbed his sleep ware on the way out and headed to the sofa. He had not been lying when he had told her about crashing on it before. On more than one night he fell asleep watching T.V. until early in the morning. Unfortunately tonight he found falling asleep hard. His mind replaying her actions, his body remembering how she felt pressed against him. The feel of her breasts pressing into his chest. Her leg rubbing against his, her arms wrapping around him. It took him ages to fall asleep, as he mentally kicked himself for not accepting her offer.

He woke first in the morning, stiff in more ways than one. His dreams all night had been repeated porn images of him and Siobhan. He got up and went to check on her. She was still asleep, her face streaked with the remains of her make up. He quietly gathered up her clothes. Putting them into his washing machine and switching it on. Then he made some coffee and start to cook himself breakfast.

He was just finishing cooking when Siobhan appeared. She had obviously been to the bathroom for a wash. As the black streaks of make up had vanished and her hair was no longer matted. She padded towards him still wearing just his football shirt. Michael was glad he was stood behind the counter. The sight of her in his shirt made him instantly hard. There was something about a woman in a football shirt that always look hot. In Siobhan’s case she look smoulderingly hot. It did not help that he knew she was naked under the shirt. All her clothes were still being washed.

“Umm, that smells nice. Is there any left for me.” She said sniffing the air.

“Yes, there’s coffee made and you timed it perfectly for breakfast. Hope you're up for a full English breakfast.” She smiled and nodded. Michael poured her a coffee and grabbed two plates. He quickly plated up the food and handed her a plate across the breakfast bar. He still needed to keep something between them, to hide his massive hard on. In his PJ’s there was no way he could hide it from her.

They eat in silence, both simply enjoying the food. Michael had hoped that the time would give his cock chance to go down. Unfortunately it did not. Having her so close was just adding to his arousal. How watching someone eat could be a turn on he had no idea, but it was with her. She emptied her plate and pushed it away. Then stood up and to his horror walked round the bar to stand next to him. She gave him a gently kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” He asked, slightly shocked.

“For helping me last night. You could have just ignored me but you came over to see if I was alright.”

“I’d have done it for anyone. I’m not going to ignore someone in trouble.”

“I know, and I’m glad it was you who saw me. I doubt many of the others at the pub would have come over to me.”

“I’m sure they would.” Siobhan shook her head.

“I should also thank you for not taking me up on my invite last night.” She said, “I bet it was hard for you.” Michael looked at her, how should he answer.

“Yes, but any guy would have found it hard. Especially when faced with a beautiful woman like you.” She smiled and to his surprise blushed slightly.

“Why didn’t you, I know you wanted to. I could feel your hard on when I kissed you.” Now it was Michael’s turn to be embarrassed. He coughed softly and tried not to blush himself.

“I would have been taking advantage of you while you were drunk. And I’m not that kind of guy. You’d have felt bad about it this morning if I had. And I didn’t want to do that to you.”

“Not many guys would consider my feelings in that situation. That’s so sweet.” Michael felt his heart sink. Sweet, nice, good guy, all things girls had said about him all his life. When it came to girls one thing he had figured, they all wanted the bad guys. Good guys came last in the sex race. He waited for her to walk away. She did not, instead she stood looking at him. Her face slightly bemused, as if she was trying to figure something out. As he watched her he saw her eyes flash, like she had come to some decision. She lent forwards towards him to kiss him again. This time she pressed her lips firmly against his.

Michael froze for a second in shock. Only coming out of it when he felt her hand slip round his neck. She was actually kissing him, and it was a serious kiss. He felt her pressing her lips against his. Now his shock was over her responded. Kissing her back hard, slipping his hand into her soft hair. He felt her tongue probing at him lips and opened his mouth. She snaked her tongue into him, softly twirling it around his tongue. She tasted sweet against his lips as the kiss deepened rapidly. Siobhan pressing herself against him. Michael shifted round so he was facing her. She quickly pushed herself against him. Her arms pulling him into her. Her body felt so soft against his. Apart from her breasts that were hard pressing into his chest. After what seemed like hours she broke away from the kiss.

“I’m not drunk now, and I still want you. You won’t be taking advantage of me if you want me too.” She whispered softly, staring into his eyes.

“God do I want you.” He told her, his voice deep with lust. Her face lit up and she pulled him into another deep kiss. Michael quickly took the lead. Firmly pushing his tongue into her mouth. Tasting her, trying to devour her mouth almost. She pushed against him, grinding herself into his body. There was no way she could not feel his hard on. He could definitely feel her breasts pressing into his chest. He slid one hand down to cup one breast. Squeezing it firmly through the shirt. Siobhan gave a soft murmur as he probed her breast with his fingers.

He could feel her pressing her pelvis into his groin. Rubbing herself along his cock. Reaching down he cup her buttock and pulled her into him. Pressing her tightly against him. All the time they were kissing passionately. Twisting their tongues together in a wild dance of lust. He felt her hands slide down his back. She hooked the hem of his top and pulled it up. He lifted his arms up letting her take the top off. Then she ran he fingers down his chest. Rubbing them over him slowly.

“Um, I do like a man with a firm chest.” She said softly as she ran her fingers along his chest. Michael smiled to her as he ran his hands down to the bottom of his shirt. Slowly he pulled it up. Siobhan raised her arms to let him remove it. He dropped it to the floor then ran his hands slowly up her body. Sliding them up her side and over her shoulders to come down onto her breasts. He took one in each hand and squeezed them firmly. Looking down to see how they looked cupped by his hands. Two firm mounds of porcelain white flesh. Each topped by a small pink nipple. He slowly lowered his head down towards them. Gently kissing one, then the other. Before drawing one breast into his mouth.

Siobhan gave a soft moan of feeling as he began to suck on her breast. He felt her arch backwards. Pushing her chest out towards him. He took his time sucking on her breast. Drawing it fully into his mouth. Licking his tongue over it. Curling the tip of his tongue around the hard nipple. He heard her soft hiss of pleasure. He ran his tongue over the nipple. Licking it fully, hard. Siobhan moaned deeply and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He moved to her other breast. Giving that the same treatment. Sucking it into his mouth. Licking it all over. Paying deliberate attention to the hard nipple. Siobhan’s moans grew deeper, she gave a guttural groan from deep in her throat. Michael sucked deeply on her breast as he lowered his hand between her legs. Softly he ran his fingers up her pussy. Just pushing them inside her outer lips. She gave a soft hiss. He probed deeper, sliding his fingers along her inner lips. Then he pushed two fingers softly into her.

She gave a sharp gasp and he felt her fingers dig into his neck as he pushed his fingers inside her. Her pussy was already wet. He could feel her juices soaking his fingers. He pushed them as deep into her as he could. Then pulled them out, sliding the tips along the roof of her pussy. Siobhan gave a deeper groan of pleasure. Then gasped again as he pushed his fingers back into her hard. As he sucked on her breasts he began to fuck her pussy with his fingers. Sliding them in and out rapidly. Feeling how she tightened around them. How warm her pussy felt, how wet she was.

He broke away reaching down to hook her legs. With a single motion he lifted her up onto the kitchen surface. With a sultry look into her eyes he lowered his face between her legs. He saw the lust flash deep in her dark eyes as she realised what he was about to do to her. Slowly he ran his tongue along her lips. Then used his fingers to part them. Letting him look into her inner sanctum. He took a moment to savour the way she looked. The soft petals of her lips around the deep pink depths of her pussy. Then he lowered his face down to taste her. Pushing his tongue deeply into her.

Her juices instantly flowed over his tongue. A musky taste with a hint of sweetness. He savoured it, licking deeply at her. Pushing his tongue as far into her as he could. Licking it over the roof of her pussy. Siobhan moaned and gasped. Deep sounds of pleasure that came from low in her throat. He probed her depths with his tongue. Licking hard at her, tasting as much of her as he could.

“Oh yes Michael, oh god that feels so good.” She moaned to him. Glancing up he could see her lying on the kitchen surface. Her back was arched and she was moaning deeply. Her obvious pleasure drove him on. He licked harder at her. Pushing his tongue deep into her body. Tasting her fully, totally. He felt her hand slide around his head. She softly tried to pull him up. He guessed what she wanted.

Slowly he ran his tongue up her pussy towards her clit. With a soft flick of his tongue he exposed the hard bud. Then he began to softly flick the tip of his tongue over it. Siobhan gave a sharp gasp of pleasure. Michael smiled to himself as he licked at her. He began to build up the pressure. Moving his tongue faster and harder over her clit. Flicking it repeatedly, licking all around it. Using every bit of his pervious experience to give her as much pleasure as he could. From her deep, high pitched cries he guessed it was working. He felt her fingers wrapped around his head. Pulling him into her body. Looking up he could see her other hand pawing firmly at one breast.

“Oh yes, don’t stop please. Unn I’m going to cum soon.” She moaned to him. Michael was happy to continue. Focusing totally on her clit. Licking it hard, running his tongue over it. Bringing her to the edge of her orgasm. Only to slow down and hold her there for a few seconds. Her cries becoming almost desperate as she strove to tip over the edge. Then, when he felt he had held her long enough, he pushed two fingers hard into her pussy. At the same time he gave her clit a rapid series of hard flicks with his tongue. It was the trigger she needed.

“OH GOD YES.” She screamed as he felt her body explode into it’s orgasm. Her breathing came in sharp gasps. She cried out in a shrill voice. He rapidly thrust his fingers in and out of her. Licking her clit all over to add to her pleasure. Keeping up his assault on her senses until he felt her orgasm dying. Then he pulled away to watch her as she slowly recovered. She looked up at him, her eyes glistening with lust and passion.

“God that was fantastic.” She whispered to him breathlessly.

“I tried my best.” He told her.

“You succeeded I’ve not had an orgasm like that for ages.”

“That was just for starters, we’ve still got the main course to come.” Her eyes glinted and she pushed herself off the surface.

“Well in that case we better get started on that main course.” She said before kissing him hard on the lips. He kissed her back, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Slowly he manoeuvred her around the kitchen cupboards and across the lounge. Heading, he hoped, towards the bedroom. They did not make it. Instead they stopped when they hit something hard. Michael managed to look down and see it was the sofa. Which meant he had been going in completely the wrong direction. Before he could alter course Siobhan slid her hand down his PJ bottoms.

Michael gave a sharp moan as he felt her fingers slip around his cock. He felt her smile against his lips as she ran her hand up and down him. He groaned softly at the feel of her soft hand wrapped around him. Using her other hand she pushed his bottoms down exposing him. Then she dropped to her knees in front of him. Before he even had time to realise what she was doing her mouth was sliding over his cock. He gave a gasp of pleasure as she drew him into her mouth. Her lips tightly gripping his cock as them sank down him.

She began to suck on him. Moving her mouth up and down him. Slowly at first, drawing him into her mouth. Then with more speed, sliding her mouth along him. Her lips running faster and faster up and down his length. He felt her tongue licking up his cock. Then she ran it over the head and curled her tongue around him. He moaned, his one hand gripping the top of the sofa to hold him up. She smiled up at him as she lowered her mouth back down him. This time going slowly. He watched as she slipped her mouth lower and lower on him. Until she had taken his whole cock into her mouth. She held him there for a moment before slipping her mouth back up him.

Her dark eyes glinted as she looked up at him. She began to slid her mouth along him again. Each time taking all of his cock into her. He groaned as he felt every inch of him sliding into her mouth. He was sure he felt the head pressing against the back of her throat. If it did she showed no sign. Instead she increased her motion on him. Moving up and down him. Sucking on him hard as she moved faster along him.

Michael could feel his control being stretched. He did not want her to suck him off first. The first time he came in her he wanted it to be in her pussy. Reaching down he pulled her up to him. Kissing her hard as he turned her so she rested against the sofa. He positioned himself between her legs. She reached down between them to guide him to her entrance. He pulled away from the kiss looking into her eyes as he thrust hard into her. Her eyes widened and she gave a sharp gasp as he entered her. He moaned at the feel of her warm pussy opening to him.

Pulling out he thrust deeply into her. Burying himself totally inside her. He thrust in and out, hard and fast. Burying his cock totally in her body. Siobhan moaned loudly with each hard thrust. He reached down to lift her legs and she wrapped them around her. Leaning forwards he kissed her face and neck. All the time thrusting hard into her. Fucking her as deeply as he could.

Her pussy felt so tight around him. It was so warm and wet. He thrust hard into her, repeatedly pounding himself into her body. He felt her pussy opening around him. Taking him into it with each thrust. He felt her arch backwards and lowered his mouth down to take the offered breasts. Her moans of pleasure grew deeper, harder. She began to push up towards him with each thrust. Grinding her pelvis into him. Taking him as deep into her body as he could.

He hooked his hands under her shoulders. Holding her tightly as he sucked on her breasts. Moving between them, licking them all over. Biting gently at the hard nipples. All the time continuing to pound his cock into her. Fucking her as hard as he could. She was crying out, wild cries of passion.

“Yes harder, fuck me harder babe.” She urged, “god you feel so good in me. So hard in my pussy.” She cried as he thrust in and out.

“Yes Siobhan oh god yes. Take it in you baby. In your hot pussy.” He hissed back as he pounded her hard. He felt her nails digging into his back. The sensation made him gasp and sent a wave of feeling through him. She pushed up harder, seemingly wanting him as far inside her as she could. Which he was happy to oblige with. Ramming in deep, feeling his cock buried fully inside her.

“Oh god babe, don’t stop please I’m going to…Ohmygodyessss.” She squealed sharply just before he felt her body tighten around him. Then she erupted into an orgasm. Squealing and gasping hard into his neck. The sensation of her cumming brought him to the edge of his own orgasm.

“God I’m going to cum.” He hissed to her. Not sure if he should pull out or what.

“Yes, yes cum in me.” Came her reply, answering him instantly. With a hard thrust into her he released his grip on himself. Grunting hard he came, pumping his cum inside her. Siobhan gave a deep hiss of pleasure and clung tighter to him. Squeezing her pussy around him, as if she wanted to pump every drop of cum out of him. Only when he had totally emptied himself into her did she release him. He slowly lowered her to the ground and staggered back. The pair of them moving shakily round to sit on the sofa. For a minute neither of them spoke. They just sat and took deep breaths. Then Siobhan turned to face him.

“If that was the main course it was well worth the build up.” She said with a smile.

“I know, that was…” Michael struggled to think of an appropriate word.

“Amazing, fantastic, wild, explosive.” Siobhan offered, Michael laughed.

“All of those things.” He smiled at her, then frowned remembering how he had cum in her. “I know it’s a bit late but I didn’t mean to cum in you.” He said to her, she shook her head.

“No problems, I’m covered there’s no chance of me getting pregnant.” She told him. “And if I remember I told you to cum in me.” Michael nodded.

“Begged is more like it.” This time she laughed then lent forwards to kiss him softly.

“After the two orgasms you just gave me any girl would be begging you cum in her.” She told him, then kissed him harder. Michael kissed her back. As he did his cock reacted, hardening fast. Siobhan noticed as she slid her hand down and wrapped her fingers around it. He hissed around their kiss. “Umm, does this mean there’s a chance for seconds.” She whispered to him.

“I think there might be.” He told her before kissing her hard. Firmly pushing his tongue into her mouth. Entwining it around hers, sucking her tongue into his mouth. She ran her hand up and down him softly. Bringing him to a full arousal. Then she broke away from the kiss and shifted off the sofa. She moved round to kneel in front of him. Lowering her mouth down to kiss his cock. Then lick her tongue over it. Michael reached down to lift her head up.

“You don’t have to do that you know. I’d just be happy fucking you.” She smiled up at him.

“I know I don’t, but I want to. Unless you didn’t enjoy it earlier.”

“Oh I enjoyed it, trust me.”

“Well then sit back and enjoy it fully this time.” She told him.

“Yes mistress.” He said as he sank back into the sofa. She smiled up at him. Then lowered her mouth down onto his cock. Michael moaned softly as he felt her sliding her lips down him. She started slowly, moving gently down him. Sucking softly on his cock as her mouth moved up and down him. He moaned at the feel of her mouth on him. She curled her tongue around him, making him gasp. He saw the glint in her eyes as she heard him. Slowly her movements grew deeper. Sucking harder on him, drawing him deeper into her mouth.

She lifted her head up, looking up at him. As she ran her tongue down his cock. Curling it around the base then licking back up the under side. Michael gave a long groan of pleasure. She took him in her mouth again and lowered her mouth down him. As before she took all of him into her mouth. Sucking hard on him as she pulled her mouth back up. Then she began to slide up and down him. Swallowing all of his cock into her mouth each time she sank down.

Michael gasped hard arching his head at the pleasure. She was sucking hard on him each time she moved along him. Lowering her head right down him. He reached forwards to wrap his fingers in her hair. Gasping as her movement grew faster. She sank down on him, taking him deeper into her mouth. This time he knew he could feel the head of his cock brushing against the back of her throat. Then she went further, sliding down until her lips were pressed against his groin. He felt his cock sliding into her throat. She held herself still before moving back up. Then dropping back down him again. Taking him deep into her throat.

Michael gasped unable to believe what she was doing. As she increased her speed. Swallowing him totally each time she sank down. Her lips sliding along him. The sensations flowing through him were exquisite. Pleasure swept through him in waves. Breaking against his resolve. He knew which would win, and soon. As her movements grew harder and faster he felt his will crumbling.

“God Siobhan, you’re going to make me cum.” He warned as he felt himself on the verge of his orgasm. She kept up her movements. Sliding right down him, taking him deep into her throat. He groaned as he felt all his control shatter. “Yes, babe cumming.” He grunted as his balls tightened. Siobhan dropped her mouth right down him taking him to the back of her throat. With a series of sharp grunts he came. Pumping his cum into her mouth. Her felt her clamp her lips around his cock. Letting him fill her mouth with his cum. Holding him still until he had emptied himself. Then she pulled away and gave a deliberate swallow. She licked her lips to catch any remaining cum. Smiling lustfully as she did.

“Umm, very nice.” She said, “I take it that it was as nice for you.”

“Better, that was amazing.” He told her as he pulled her up to him. He kissed her hard reaching down to rub at her pussy. Siobhan moaned as he ran his fingers along her flesh. She reached down to wrap her fingers around his cock.

“Still hard, you want more.” She whispered, he nodded.

“I want to feel you around me again.” Siobhan smiled her eyes flashing with lust.

“That’s good because I want to feel you deep in my pussy again.” She told him as she positioned herself on his lap. Slowly she lowered herself down onto him. Sliding her pussy down him until he was buried completely inside her. As she did she gave a long shuddering sigh. “Oh yes that feels good.” She murmured before sliding back up him.

“You feel so good around me.” He told her as she lowered herself back down onto him. Dropping down slowly until he was buried in her again. She began to ride him. Slowly at first, sliding up and down him. He watched her as she slid along him. Seeing the look of pleasure on her face. Seeing the way her body shuddered with each gasp of pleasure.

Slowly her movements increased. Growing faster and harder. Sliding her pussy along him quicker. Each time dropping right down on him. Michael ran his hands along her thighs. Feeling the way her muscles rippled as she moved on him. Watching her body sliding up and down him. Taking in the appearance of her pale flesh as it flushed with her pleasure. He focused his attentions on her breasts. Watching the two small mounds lifting and falling in time with her movements. Seeing the slight pink flush in them. He ran his hands up to cover them. Cupping them and squeezing them firmly. Rubbing his fingers over her hard nipples. She gave a soft moan of pleasure. Holding her breasts still he leaned forwards to take on his in mouth. Siobhan gave a sharp hiss of pleasure as he sucked on the breast.

He drew it into his mouth. Sucking hard on it. Licking his tongue all over it. Then moved to repeat the process with her other breast. Before biting on the nipple. Sucking on it and flicking his tongue over it. Her gasps of feeling showed her pleasure at his actions. He moved to do the same with the other nipple. Moving between then, licking and sucking firmly on each nipple.

Siobhan moaned loudly and he felt her movements on him increase again. Until she was riding him hard. Dropping down onto him, taking his cock deep in her pussy. Now it was his turn to moan at the sensations she was causing. The way her pussy rippled down him. His body shuddering as she dropped down on him. He sank back into the sofa. Simply enjoying the feel of her riding him. Her face was screwed up with pleasure. Her eyes tightly closed, her mouth open gasping deeply. He slid his hands down to her hips. Wrapping them around her and thrusting up into her as she sank down on him. She gasped and her eyes shot wide apart. He thrust up into her each time she sank down. Ramming himself even further into her body. Feeling the way her body jolted with each thrust. Her moans grew louder, shriller. She lent back, arching herself away from him as she rode him. He reached between her thighs and began to rub at her clit.

“Oh fuck you,” she gasped as he rubbed at her. “Oh god yes, fuck yes babe. I’m cumming babe I’m cumming.” She squealed as her body exploded. He gripped her tightly as she rocked on him. Squealing as her orgasm rolled through her body. Gripping her waist tightly he twisted round. Dropping her onto the sofa. Then he began to ram into her hard. Slamming in with all his strength.

“UNN FUCK BABE.” She cried out with the first thrust. Her hands clawing at the sofa. He gritted his teeth and pounded into her. Fucking her hard and fast. Ramming repeatedly into her body. Slamming his cock deep inside her pussy. Her body rocked with each impact. Her breasts jolting hard. He reached up to grab one breast. Pawing roughly at it as he fucked her.

“Yes, Michael yes. Oh fuck my pussy hard. Yes fuck it oh god.” Siobhan cried her body writhing on the sofa. She squealed loudly arching upwards sharply. “OH fuck again, god cumming.” She gasped arching her head back. He rammed into her as her second orgasm made her pussy tighten around him.

“Siobhan, yes, fuck going to cum. Unn god Siobhan.” He cried as the sensation slammed into him. Burying his cock deep into her pussy he exploded inside her. Pumping his cum into her. She cried out in pleasure, riding her own orgasm even as she felt his cumming inside her. The two of them stayed locked together, ridge until their orgasms died. Then she sank into the sofa. Michael collapsing on top of her. For a minute all they did was hold each other. Then Michael sat up onto his knees. Siobhan looked up at him.

“You really wanted me didn’t you.” She said.

“Yes, for a while now I’ve wanted you.” She smiled up at him.

“I knew that, we all did. I’m just glad you enjoyed it.”

“God yes, even if we never made it to the bedroom.”

“We might get there next time.” He looked down at her in surprise and hope.

“Next time?”

“Yes, I’m assuming you want to take me out tonight. After we can come back her and see if we make it to the bedroom.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” He said, because it did.

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2014-12-21 07:24:54
I agree with tasting my cum and a cocks cum together!! I just love making a cock cum!!!!! Yes I love have my pussy fucked hard,,,,, but don't know why I enjoy it so much when knowing I made a cock explode !!! If i see I made a guy hard , I tell them I want your cock in my mouth!!! Last night I was picking juke box songs and one guy came over and asked if I needed help,,,, I said no, but if your cock is hard I will help you!! He said well me and my friend both do after checking out your sweet ass.... I sucked both of them and some other stranger !!! Am I a slut??? Well I am a damn good cum loving slut !!!!

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2014-08-01 09:34:55
Great story shite ending though

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2014-04-08 00:44:52
Why u no write another one?

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2012-02-21 11:47:22
My very favourite thing is to suck a mans cock after he has fucked and cum in me and I've cum off myself. The taste of my cunt juice and his cum mixed with it is the nicest thing in the world.
I've liked this best of all ever since I started fucking which was 8 years ago, I'm 21 now and it's as good as ever.

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2011-12-08 12:33:34
You could have drawn the beginning out a little bit, but I thought it was definitely a good story. The sex seemed real and fun and like it meant something. Some of the other comments are overly critical and don't need to be!

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