Third of a series, but you don't need to read the other two, you'll soon work out whats happening.
The Nineteenth Hole - Day Three

When I arrived at the driving range I was surprised to see Carol there. She is a gifted golfer with a beautiful natural swing and normally wouldn’t dream of practising, the two or three games a week that she plays being more than enough to keep her form.
“What are you doing here? “ I asked.
“David’s joining us again and this time you and I are going to beat him and Susan.” She’d already decided the teams and the result! “I’m determined to beat him.” Did you hear the arrogant sod last week “I was always a giver not a getter”? He needs taking down a peg or two. Oh nice choice of words!”
I’d never seen her so fired up about a game of golf / sex session.
“Hang on a minute, if we win, we get to fuck the losers. That means I’m going to fuck Susan and David. I’m not gay you know, I don’t think I can handle fucking a guy.”
“Oh come on, an arsehole is an arsehole and you didn’t seem to have a problem sticking your dick up Susan’s last week.”
“Yea, but not a man’s. Shit, even worse, if we lose he gets to fuck me.”
“That’s not going to happen, I’ve spoken to Susan and she’s quite happy to lose. Apparently since he saw you two last week, he hasn’t been able to keep his hands, and other things, off her backside and, although I’m sure she’s enjoyed the attention, she’s ready for a bit of payback. We’re going to play foursomes so she can drop in the bad shot as needed.”
“Ok Mistress, whatever you say. Now pass me that bucket of balls, I need to practise. I’m not getting fucked this week.”

If Susan did play the odd deliberate bad shot she was very subtle and I didn’t notice it. Perhaps a sliced drive or duffed chip, but when we reached the eighteenth tee we were still level. Carol hit a wonderful drive down the middle of the fareway and Susan’s was as straight but thirty yards shorter. David hit a fareway wood to about fifteen yards short of the green and my iron pitched onto to the green, coming to rest about twenty foot from the hole, my best shot of the day. Susan slightly overhit her wedge to come up about ten foot from the hole and Carol’s putt stopped about six inches short. I wasn’t going to miss that so David knew he had a ten foot putt to save the game, his dignity and his arse, I could see the sweat appearing on his forehead as he measured his putt. It stopped about a foot short, I tapped mine in, game to Carol and me. He brusquely shook our hands and stormed off the green. Susan ran after him, calling out “We’ll see you back at the house.”

She must have worked her magic, because a few seconds after I pulled up outside Carol’s house David’s Range Rover roared onto her drive. Carol opened the door to let us all in and showed us into the lounge, “David, Susan, take a seat. John, will you give me a hand to fix some drinks?”
I followed her into the kitchen and she poured out four gin and tonics. She then crushed up a white tablet and added it to one of the glasses.
“You’re not giving him Viagra again?”
“Not today, this time I don’t care if he gets a hard on. No, I get the feeling that David’s not very happy about losing. This will relax him a little, well quite a lot actually.” I carried the drinks through into the lounge, making sure that David got the right glass. I sat on the chaise langue with Susan and David, Carol sat opposite us in one of the arm chairs. Susan immediately blurted out,
“David is backing out of his side of the bet. But he’s quite happy to let you fuck me!”
“What I said was that I can’t seriously be expected to allow myself to be debased in that way but, as it was your awful chip that meant we lost, you can pay off our debt by letting Carol and John fuck you. I’m quite willing to sit here and watch.” Carol gave him a very stern look.
“I’m sorry you feel that way David. I’d hoped you’d be more honourable. But if that’s the way it’s to be, you may watch but not participate at all. Now, you all drink up while I go and change into something more comfortable.”
I rubbed my hand along the length of Susan’s thigh and said,
“Why don’t you give us a little strip show, and then you can tell your husband what you want me to do to you.” Susan stood up and tried to undress as sexily as she could, not easy when she was wearing a polo shirt and golf slacks. It improved drastically when she was down to bra and knickers, matching black lacy numbers. She was dancing slowly, gyrating her hips, squeezing her breasts and running her hand over the front of her panties. She turned her back towards us, her rear swaying, and reached around to undo her bra strap. She faced us again, a hand holding the flimsy bra onto each tit, then she took the hands away, letting the bra fall to the floor. God, she has gorgeous breasts, full and smooth, the nipples erect and tipped upwards. She moved away, sat on the armchair, lifted her bottom slightly, and slowly pulled her knickers over her thighs and down to the floor. She spread her legs wide, showing us her fanny and untrimmed bush in all its glory,
“Play with yourself and tell David what you want me to do” Her hand went to her cunt and she pulled the lips apart, we could see her damp pinkness. She ran her index finger up and teased her clit between it and her thumb, she gasped.
“I want you to slam that prick into me with no mercy, flatten me into the floor with all your weight and fuck me as hard as you can.” She put her index finger into her mouth, wet it and then slid it inside her fanny, pulled it out and put it and a second finger back in her mouth and then pushed both fingers back into her fanny. By now, David and I had both undone our trousers and were slowly wanking. Susan had three fingers wrapped together and was pushing them forwards and backwards into herself.
“I want you to turn me over and do me doggy style and spank my backside while you’re fucking me, spank me hard.”
“Stop that and bring those tits over here to me.” She left the armchair and came over to me, she knelt on the sofa between my knees and with both hands fed her left breast to my mouth. I sucked at the nipple, rolling my tongue around it. All the time her eyes were on her husbands.
“Bite it, bite it.” I did as she asked and she sighed. She pushed the right nipple into my mouth, I sucked and nibbled at without being asked.
Carol appeared alongside us and, with what looked like an old style teacher’s cane, slapped David across his hand and dick. He hardly groaned, the relaxant drug must be working.
“I said you could watch but not participate.” She was had on a black basque which was tight around her waist and stopped below her pert breasts, and was wearing the double dildo again, this time with the black half inside her and the pink half pointing up to the ceiling. (Later I examined it closely, the engineer in me I guess, it was made of two solid rubber penises joined with a clever universal joint which meant they could be bent into any angle relative to each other, fascinating). As I looked at it sticking out from her, it appeared that in some sort of anti-stereotype joke the pink half was a couple of inches longer and an inch broader than I remembered the black half to be. Carol saw me looking and read my mind.
“Yes it is, I told you we were being gentle with you.” she turned to Susan, “I’m glad you have John nice and hard, now undress him and put this onto him, I don’t want him to come for a while.” She threw some leather straps to Susan.
“Hey, I won the game as well, I should be doing the fucking as well.” She slapped me once with the cane, across my stomach catching my prick, God it hurt.
“Remember where you are and who I am!”
“Sorry, Mistress.”
“Good. Don’t worry, you will be fucking and you will certainly get to come, just not too soon.” Susan stripped me off and fitted the straps onto me. There was a metal ring which slipped over my dick to the base and the leather straps were tied tightly around my balls. Susan leaned forward and sucked at my dick, I felt the ring tighten as my prick swelled. She climbed onto the sofa, straddling my legs and lifting herself, guided the head of my dick into her fanny, sliding down with a groan.
“God David, this feels so hard. You’re going to have to try this.” I’m not sure whether she meant wearing the straps or having my dick inside him. David wasn’t listening because the drug had kicked in and his head was lolling back in a semi-conscious state.
“Ok, you two can stop now. David’s ready, let’s strip him and take him down to the cellar.”
“Oh no Mistress, I want some more of this fucking.” Susan complained, and Carol answered her with a cane stroke across her buttocks. I was thinking “What was that about a cellar?”

Susan and I stripped David and lifted him to his feet. We dragged/helped him stagger along as Carol showed us the way through the hall to a door which led down some stairs to the cellar. There were four doors in the cellar and when Carol opened one and guided us inside, I was gobsmacked. It was some sort of torture chamber. The wall facing me was covered with climbing bars, like in a school gym, with manacles and ropes hanging from the bars. Against a side wall was an x-shaped cross made from six inch thick wood, painted black with more manacles at its ends. On a third wall was a cabinet covered in whips, vibrators, handcuffs, gags and other things whose purpose I have no idea. The walls themselves were bare brick and the back of the door was covered in black leather and studs. In the centre of the room was a vaulting horse, also from a school gym, with leather straps at the base of each of its four legs.

Carol told us to drape David over the horse and Susan started to fasten the straps around his wrists and ankles spreading them wide apart. Carol picked up a ball gag from the cabinet, forced the ball into David’s mouth and tightened the straps behind his head. David was beginning to recover and started to struggle against the straps, Carol moved behind him and gave him six full blooded strokes across his backside. David stopped struggling.
“That was six of the best, I’m sure you remember that from your school days. There’s more where that came from if you keep resisting.” She was stroking the cane across his buttocks and bollocks as she spoke. “Are you going to behave?”
“Yth, yth” he mumbled.
“That wasn’t quite right, was it?” giving him a slight tap.
“Srry. Yeth Mishrth.”
“Good boy. Susan, prepare your husband.”
Susan got a tube of gel from the cabinet and squirted some onto David’s arsehole. She rubbed it around the edge for a while and then pushed one finger inside him. David stiffened as it entered him and then groaned against the gag when she pushed a second one inside. She finger fucked him for a few minutes until she decided he was lubricated enough.
“Ok John he’s ready for you now.” I moved behind him, I could see the weals from the cane strokes across his buttocks, his hairy buttocks, and I could see his bollocks and his dick hanging down between his legs.
“I’m sorry Mistress, I can’t do this.”
“You will John, or you will be feeling the cane as well. Help him a little Susan.” My dick had begun to wilt, despite the arab strap, so Susan got to her knees in front of me and started to suck it. It, having a mind of its own, stiffened again. She stood up and pulled my prick towards David. She pushed the head of it inside his arse, he groaned and pushed backwards against it. He certainly wasn’t resisting so I pushed further into him. Carol had been right, an arsehole is an arsehole and I found that by not looking at him, I could happily fuck it. He was meeting my strokes and we settled into a rhythm.
Carol was standing facing us with her back to the climbing bars, her knees slightly bent and the dildo pointing to the ceiling. Susan walked over to her and holding the bars above Carol’s head lifted her feet onto the bars level with Carol’s knees. This meant Susan’s fanny was hovering just above the dildo and Carol grabbed the dildo and pushed it into Susan. Carol braced herself and Susan raised and lowered herself onto the plastic prick. David and I could see it sliding into her, her juices running along it and as she squealed, we increased our rhythm. Susan came with an almighty yell and climbed off.
Carol looked at me, “Are you nearly there John?”
“God yes, Mistress”
“Pull out then. Susan, un-strap them both.” Carol left the bars and moving behind David, took my place forcing the huge dildo into him in one push.
“Oh my God!” he yelped.
“Now fuck his mouth.” What the hell, by now I’d already decided I was probably bisexual so I just went for it. David was holding his mouth open with his tongue hanging out so he didn’t seem too worried either. He closed his lips around me and sucked, his tongue was playing around my dick head pushing into the hole. I think he’d done this before. If it hadn’t had been for the arab strap, I would have already come about three times, so I couldn’t handle much of this treatment. Carol noticed and said,
“Don’t come in his mouth. Spray his face.” I pulled out and, after three hand strokes, exploded hitting him in his eyes, the second spurt over his nose and the third into his open mouth. Carol said
“Wonderful, I’m sure the cameras caught that.” David and I both said, simultaneously, “Cameras!”

“Yes boys, if you look at the corners of the ceiling you’ll see my web cameras. You didn’t think I could maintain my lifestyle on my widow’s pension did you? No, I have some gentlemen friends who pay quite generously to come in here and be treated far worse than you were David and some of them like to be filmed in the act, even broadcast on the net. Don’t worry we’re not broadcasting, but we are recording and I will be editing and pixellating the faces later. Not yours though David and if you make any fuss about this a copy of the dvd will land on you bosses desk and probably do the rounds at the golf club. Do we have an understanding?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Good, I’ll send you a copy of the dvd. John you come with me, Susan you untie David and you’d better drive him home, he might be drowsy. You can also relieve him of that,” pointing at the huge erection hanging between his legs.
“Thank you Mistress” they both said.

Carol led me upstairs to her bedroom. It wasn’t the black gothic den I’d been expecting, but was pastel colours and chintz, very girly. She unfastened her basque and pulled out the dildo and threw them in a corner. “John, can I ask you for a favour?”
“Of course Mistress, anything.”
“No, I’m not Mistress in here. Would you just cuddle me for a while and then when you’re ready again, make love to me?”
I coughed and looked downwards.
“Oh, you’re already ready again! Oh well, cuddle me afterwards.”
We got under the quilt, Carol lay on her back, I climbed between her legs and slipped my full length into her. I think Carol started to come as soon as I entered her, her breathing getting heavy, and by gently moving in and out of her, I kept her at a peak for about five minutes. I could feel the pressure mounting in my balls and increased my pace. She matched me and, with her hands on by backside, pulled me harder into her. We both finished with a groan. We lay together cuddling for about ten minutes and Carol whispered in my ear, “Thank you. That was lovely.” Then I did what most men would have done. I fell asleep.

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