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This poem was inspired by an old girlfriend that made me choose between the boat and her. She decided I could have both after I made my decision. I decided I only needed one after the ultimatum.

I still make my living during the winter with that old boat and I still love that old boat.

Don't forget to tell me what a piece of shit I am for not writing this poem about our sex life. lol


fishing so bad
can't hire a crew

times so tough
barely survive

sea so rough
barely afloat

long hard days
not wasted on her

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2012-09-09 05:45:47
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2011-03-20 16:49:03
Not really stoic, more spiritual. No crew hassles and no other fisherman hassles. Just me, the old boat, enough crabs to survive, and the sea. Everyone should be as fortunate. They were satisfying times and are some of my favorite memories.

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2011-03-10 00:12:28
It's stoic, I guess.


2011-03-09 23:54:17
The boat may leave you, but will never make you choose.
Stay with it and calm seas and following breezes. Good fishing.

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