Changes at the HO Ranch
My situation is so surreal. My name is Scott Smith and I find myself standing naked In front of a ranch house. The house is on the HO Ranch and it is here that I hope to get some answers. A nice elderly couple drove me here after picking me up on the road outside a warehouse that I had been held captive in for who knows how long. My tormentor did some cruel and unusual things to me. She injected my breasts with a bovine lactation stimulant mixed with female hormones. It caused my breasts to overdevelop to size JJ cup and start producing milk. She infused my scrotum and penis with 15 lbs of silicone and they now hang below my knees. My anal sphincter, rectum and lower intestine have been permanently stretched, so much so that I was able to have sex with a champion bull from this very ranch. She did something else inside me, I don't know how or what, that makes me think I actually might be pregnant. With “what” I don't know because besides the bull, she injected human sperm in me as well. She also branded me with this ranches brand on both my ass cheek and right breast.

I slowly try to walk up the steps to the main houses front door. It is a struggle in my present state. I weakly knock on the door. I hear someone coming and slowly the door opens and some sort of house maid is standing there wide eyed. I turn and point to the brand on my ass and then pass out falling into the house.

When I wake up I find myself laying down on some sort of metal table in what looks to be an examining room. It doesn't look like a regular doctors office more like a vet's office. I am covered up by a clean white sheet but I am still naked underneath. After awhile I hear a light knock at the door and in walks a big man dressed like a cowboy.

He smiles at me and says, “Hello son how are you feeling. My name is Mac Cooper and I am the ranch boss of the HO ranch. It looks like you have been through quite an ordeal.”

I say, “Yes sir I have, my name is Scott and I was hoping I could get some answers here.”

He smiles and pulls up a chair and then sits down. “Tell you what Scott, why don't you start from the beginning and tell me your story.” he says.

He listens intently as I tell him as much as I can remember of my captivity and torture. Of all the strange things the woman called Holly did to me. He nods in agreement but says nothing until I am finished. When I am done he gets up and walks over to me and lifts the sheet to look at the brand on my ass.

“Yes” he says, “That's our brand, The HO ranch.”
He lowers the sheet and sits back down with a serious look on his face and starts to speak..

“Scott I have some bad news for you. You are correct. She did a serious number on you. We have one of the best Doctors in the country on staff here. This ranch is a huge cattle and dairy operation and we need a full time vet here. You were brought over here to the ranch hospital and he sedated you and for the last 3 days has been running tests and checking all your vital signs. He tells me that she must have done a lot of research and had access to experimental equipment to be able to do what she did.” He took a deep breath and let it out slowly and said, “Scott you might have suspected this already, but all the tests confirm that you are pregnant.”

He let that statement hang in the air for a moment and I said, “How is that possible, I am a male.”

He nodded and said, “Yes, I don't know all the details, the doc will explain things better, but it seems she was able to successfully implant a bovine uterus and set of ovaries in you. She had to have shot you up with all kinds of hormones and drugs to make it work. When she forced you to have sex with our bull, who was kidnapped illegally I might add and we have dealt with those involved, the bulls semen somehow found it's way from your intestines into your uterus which was fertile at the time. The doc figures you are about 2 months along with a calf.”

I just close my eyes and say, “Well when can we get it out?”

He pauses for a minute then says,”That's the problem Scott, the way she arraigned things inside it can't be cut out. There are too many arteries and other organs in the way. The only way it is coming out is the natural way. The doc says she was very evil because the way she attached things there is no way for it to come out naturally at this time.”

I was holding back tears and said, “Then what am I going to do, what choice do I have?”

He smiled and said, “Well son there actually is a ray of hope here. The doc tells me he has a lot of reconstructive experience and thinks he can redo things that will make it possible for you to give birth to that calf. Of course they will be permanent changes, but unfortunately if you don't do it you are going to die”

He lets that sink in for a moment. I really had no choice if I wanted to live. I slowly nodded and said, “OK I go through with it.”

He said, “You are making the right choice son, in a minute I will bring the doc in and he will explain the procedures to you. There is one other thing we need to discuss though.” I thought oh no what now. “This operation he will perform is very experimental and very expensive. He tells me it will cost upwards of $500,000. I don't think your medical insurance will cover the cost of this, Scott. Do you have $500,000?”

“Do I have that kind of money? I have to pay for this?” I said. First there was some hope and now this new twist.

He smiled again and said, “Yes you do have to pay for it son but I have a solution for that too. Did that Holly woman say anything to you about being able to make money off of you?” I nodded and said, “Yes she said she could sell my breast milk on the black market for thousands.” “Well, she was right.” he said. “I have done some research and your milk is very valuable. We would handle everything for you, production, processing and distribution. I am sure that by the time you are ready to give birth you will have produced enough. We have a huge dairy operation and we would take good care of you.”

I thought this was nuts, sell my milk to make the money? She had used a milking machine on me and it wasn't so bad. I actually enjoyed it when the pressure in my breasts got to be too much. “OK, I will do it” I said.

He slapped his thighs and stood up and said, “That's great, I will make all the preparation for you to go into production. The doc will be in here in a moment to talk to you.” He turned to leave the room but stopped and said, “After all, you do have the HO brand on you, I think you will fit in here just fine.”

After he left I asked myself what the heck did he mean by that. This was going to change my life forever. I hoped the procedures they were going to do to me weren't too radical, but I guess they were going to have to be for me to be able to birth a calf. The door opened and a middle aged man in a white coat entered.

He said, “Hi, I am Doctor Kelly. Mac tells me you have agreed to go through with the operation. Let me tell you how I plan on doing this. First off, I am going to have to remove your male genitals. Since she injected them with so much silicone they are pretty much useless, and they are in the way. She knew what she was doing when she modified your anus and rectum. It is almost a perfect duplicate of a cows vagina. That made sex with that bull doable. I am going to move your anus, rectum and lower colon forward and realign and attach them to the bovine uterus. You will have a cervix and when it's time it will be a straight shot for the calf to come out. I will extend your small intestine down and create a new anus for you and you will be able to have normal bowel movements. Of course your diet will have to change, no more meat, you will have to basically become a vegan, lots of grains and leafy vegetables. You will be given periodic hormone treatments of both bovine and human estrogen until your ovaries produce enough hormones on their own. Your milk production will be regulated by some injections. I know she gave you a lactation stimulant, but we have some new stuff that I think will work much better. Do you have any questions?”

I just laid there thinking about everything he was going to do to me. How could this be happening? Finally, I just sighed and said, “Let's go for it.” “Great, I'll operate in the morning,” and he left.

It was hard to open my eyes. I could tell I was lying on some kind of soft mattress. I struggled to wake up for a few minutes and then was finally able to open my eyes and look around. I was on a mattress but not in a bed or a regular room. I was in some sort of wooden stall and the mattress was on top of some clean hay. I was able to sit up some and took a look at myself. I was naked except for what looked like an adult pair of diapers. I still had my huge tits and they were very full and ached. I didn't feel that huge weight between my legs so I guess my deformed balls and cock were gone. I was still feeling a little woozy when the door to the stall opened and in walked the doctor.

“Good Morning, how are you feeling today? I guess you are wondering what kind of room this is. We really don't have any hospital rooms here. This is where most of or animals recover from procedures. I hope it's not too uncomfortable. I need to check your dressings. You have been sedated for about 2 weeks. I removed the stitches a couple of days ago.”

He bent down and undid the tape and removed the dressing. He smiled and said, “Perfect, I think you will be pleased. Here I'll let you see my handiwork.”

He produced a mirror and angled it so I could see my new body. My mouth dropped open when I looked and saw what appeared to be a large female set of labia lips. Much larger then a humans. Down below the I could see a little pink anus. “Where do I pee from?” I asked.

“Here let me show you.” he said as he reached for me. He gently spread my inner labia lips and pointed to a hole at the top of the large entrance. “Right here, that's your urethra. Oh, and here's a bonus.” He pointed to a large knob looking piece of flesh at the top. “I was able to save the glans from your penis and I turned it into a clitoris for you with all the nerve endings it had. It should work very well.” I was speechless. “I told the ranch boss that I thought you were ready to start production. If you have any discomfort I want you to ask to see me. I will check on you often to make sure things progress well.”

I said, “Doctor what do I do if I have to pee or poop?” “Oh, just go over to the corner of your stall and go on the hay. They will clean it out for you.” He smiled and turned and left. When he close the door to the stall I heard a latch close. I guess they didn't want me to leave.

After a couple of hours I felt like I really needed to pee. I was still a little weak so I just crawled over to the corner of the stall and aimed my rear at a pile of hay. It felt weird and burned a little, but my new piss hole worked just fine. A strong stream came out almost directly behind me. That was strange, I was used to peeing forward. When the last few drops were coming out the door to the stall opened and one of the ranch hands came in.

“Good your awake. The boss asked me to take you over to the dairy barn to get you started.” he said. I stood up on wobbly legs and resigned to my fate said, “OK lets go.

He led me out of the stall and we walked through the small barn my stall was in. I had been naked for so long it didn't bother me to walk along with this guy totally exposed. I had to walk with my arms under my huge breasts to support their weight. A few steps across a paddock and we enter a huge building. I was hit with the smell of animals and milk. There were hundreds of cows in pens hooked up to milking machines pumping gallons of milk into huge collecting vats. He led me to an area in the back that was segregated from everything else. It was a large stall of my own. In the middle was a custom wooden milking rack. It was padded so I could lay forward on it comfortably and had contours so that my huge tits would hang down on each side for easy access. When I laid down on it my feet still stayed on the ground with my butt in the air, but it supported most of my weight. He gently led me over to it and asked me to try it out. I laid down on it and found it to be very comfortable.

He said, “The boss wants to start your milk production today, OK?” When he said that I could almost feel my breasts start to heat up and my milk let down and travel to my nipples. “Sure hook me up.” I said. He opened a door in the stall that revealed some machinery and turned a few switches on to start the pumps. He the walked over to me with two milking tubes that led to the pumps and held each one of the up to my nipples until the suction took over and held them in place. In few seconds my milk started flowing and I sighed with relief. As I was lost in this feeling I didn't notice he walked to the back of me and placed a strap across my hips and a strap across my back securing me to the milking rack. I guess they didn't want me getting up. He left without saying anything. I had been through this before so I just relaxed and let the pumps do their thing to my breasts. I was actually able to take a couple of naps laying there. I peed a couple of times, getting used to the idea of just letting loose when ever I needed too.

I knew I had been hooked up for a few hours because I could tell it was getting late in the afternoon by the light. My nipples were getting sore and I knew the suction had stretched them out to a length of about 4 inches. I was getting hungry when the same ranch hand opened the door and came in. He walked to the pump and turned it off. He detached the tubes from my nipples and removed the straps. I stood up and stretched a little.

“You did very well today, almost 4 gallons and that was only one session. The boss thinks you are going to be one of our biggest producers.” he said.

I just smiled and he led me out of the stall through the milking barn and back to my own stall. When I walked in I notice the mattress was gone. There was clean hay and a couple of buckets. One had some water in it and the other had what looked like oatmeal. It was actually a mixture or oats and milk. Before he closed the door he said, “Make sure you drink lots of water, that will help in your milk production.” I stared at the 2 buckets and thought what the hell I'm hungry. I squatted down and took a scoop of the oatmeal in my hand and tasted it. It was actually pretty good. I ate about half the bucket and drank a lot of water. I pushed some of the clean hay into a pile and laid down and fell asleep quickly after my first day of my new life.

I woke up because I felt something moving around inside of me. I guess my calf was restless. I had to pee so I crawled over to the corner and let loose. I also need to shit and for the first time tried out my new rectum and anus. I pushed and some round balls came out and formed a little pile beneath me. I felt better and figured everything was working right. Right when I finished the door to my stall opened and in walked the ranch boss. I was a little embarrassed because I had left a pile of crap in the corner but he didn't seem to notice or care.

He said, “You did really well yesterday. Here is the routine we will use on you. You will be milked twice a day in two 3 hour sessions. We have found that can increase a cows output by almost 40 %. I think 8 gallons a day is a good attainable goal. We have found a reliable distributor for your milk that will give us top dollar. The normal bovine gestation is 9 months just like a human and we figure you have about 7 months to go. We will have to stop milk production about 2 months before birth to dry you up so you will be able to produce the right kind of milk volume when the calf comes. So that's what your daily routine will be, and by the way, I think we need to stop calling you Scott. After all your body is really female now and you're pregnant. I'm going to tell everyone to just call you Mama from now on.”

With that he got up and left. He didn't ask my opinion and I didn't think he cared if I had one. If a few minutes a ranch hand came in to take me to the milking barn. He had something in his hand and when I stood up he came over to me and placed something over my head. It was a bridle of some sort with a bit he inserted into my mouth. He tightened it down and then led me out with the lead.

So that was my routine for the next 5 months. Milking twice a day. A diet of oats, corn and on occasion a salad of some sort that tasted like grass and clover. My breasts were becoming more and more like cow udders. They would be all big a swollen in the mornings and after milking the would hang down to my waist like two deflated pendulous balloons. My nipples stayed long from the constant sucking, growing to almost 6 inches long. I was getting shots all the time containing who knows what mix of hormones and drugs. My belly continued to expand. They had to modify my milking rack to hold it. The calf was growing and felt like it weighed a ton. One day the ranch boss came into my milking stall while I was hooked up to the pump.

He said, “You know Mama you are producing a record amount of milk. You are making me, I mean you, a lot of money. 8 plus gallons of milk a day on average. I have a reward for you. He walked over to the milking rack I was strapped to. I still had the bit in my mouth so I couldn't say anything. He bent down and grabbed my left ear. Suddenly he pinched my ear lobe in some sort of gun looking device and squeezed the trigger. I felt a sharp pain as a spike was driven through my ear lobe. He pulled the gun away and hanging from my ear was a gold plastic tag with the number 348 on it. He said, “There, only my best producers get gold tags, you should be proud of yourself.” He smiled at his new mama cow and turned and left the stall.

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2014-11-12 01:43:36
It's a pretty good story. But somethings take away from the realism of this fiction.
given scotts original personality I doubt he'd just give up his manhood like that, even with death as the alternative. There's also the fact that he seems to be too compliant with a lot of the things happening to him. For all I know holly could have been giving him inhibitors to make him more docile, but unaffected, the norm will always be resistant to extreme changes.

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2012-08-16 16:15:26
Oh Mama ! This is so good I hope somewhere he is gonna get a fucking of his time and the calf pops out. I am enjoying this. Good Good.


2012-01-16 01:56:40
Doesn't he see this is a set up Scott is dumbass They aready have what they need to do eveything to him and doesn't it seem weird that the guy happens to say your making me alot of money all the time and one more thing isn't it weird that holly gave him the HO brand and not just stick him with a hot iron

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2011-03-18 23:17:14
who's gonna fuck mama? I keep waiting.

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2011-03-10 16:38:17
Very excellent work don't stop now.

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