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Janet starts to take a bigger interest in her new job
Janet’s Story
Janet had been at her new job for about six months and she was loving it. She had jumped at the chance to move to the downtown branch, but she really didn’t know anyone there at first. She had taken to the promotion quickly and easily, and was soon feeling right at home. She discovered after her first couple of weeks that she actually knew one of the IT guys from college. They talked from time to time, and one of the first things he told her was to watch out for Clyde and Earl, a couple of big black guys in production that were well known for going after all the “new” girls. He thought she didn’t have as much to worry about, as she was not one of the regular office girls, but a supervisor, so they would probably not try anything. Janet thought that was Jim’s way of being polite about her weight.

It’s not that Janet was grossly obese, but she felt she was fat and unattractive. She was somewhat overweight, but she was still a very beautiful woman, with long wavy Auburn hair, Green Eyes, and a beautiful 40D bust. Most men still found her very attractive, even if she thought otherwise. After the first two months, Clyde and Earl did start teasing Janet a bit. At first, she put it off as them just being nice and trying to make her feel better. After all, they couldn’t be interested in someone that looked like she did, right? But, Janet had always been a tease herself, so she of course teased right back. Over time, the teasing slowly progressed to the point that Janet was starting to get turned on by what the guys would say to her. She soon started wearing tighter tops that were low cut just to see their reactions.

Soon, they started sending emails to Janet. She thought they were funny, and still didn’t think the guys were truly being serious. One day, she was in a room with Clyde, and he started in about how her tits could not be real, they looked so fantastic and perky. Janet argued that they were very real, and if she ever let him touch them he would know. He said that now was as good a time as any and Janet just laughed nervously. Clyde stood up and walked behind Janet, bending down a bit behind her and running a hand up under her left tit. Janet was somewhat in shock, and asked what Clyde thought he was doing, and he said he was trying to see if she was telling the truth. He told her it was too hard to tell, but he knew how to know for sure. Clyde took his right hand, and slid it up under her shirt, moving it up her stomach, and pulling the right cup of her bra up over her tit. He cupped her tit, squeezing slightly, and closed his thumb and forefinger over her nipple, squeezing slightly as well. She moaned softly, and Clyde began to do the same thing with his left hand. He began massaging her tits as she moaned and squirmed in her chair a bit. Suddenly they heard a cough right outside the door Clyde quickly removed his hands from her tits and headed for the door.

Janet quickly got herself back in order, and once she had composed herself, went back to work. She was in a daze and confused all evening long. It had been a long time since anyone had made her feel the way Clyde had earlier in the day. Sure her husband, Robert, had continued to tell her how beautiful she was, but she always felt that he only did that because they were married, and he was too nice to tell her the truth. To have another man show a sexual interest in her, made her feel fantastic and she wanted more. But she also felt she had to stay faithful to Robert. She went to bed not knowing what she should do.
She didn’t sleep well that night, thinking about Clyde’s hands on her, and what else he might do. She looked over at Robert laying next to her, and decided she would at least get some satisfaction, maybe making things easier for her at work.

She moved the blankets off of Robert, and slowly pulled his shorts down. She bent over him and started stroking his cock. She watched as it began to grow in her hand, and soon she was softly sliding her mouth over his ever hardening cock. She looked up when he woke up and smiled at him. She stopped what she was doing and moved up his body. She started kissing him as she straddled him, reaching down and guiding his cock into her. Once he was in, she sat up, and slowly started riding Robert’s cock. She reached down to take his hands, and pulled them up to her tits. Once he started rubbing her tits, she reached down and started to rub her clit as she rode him. Her long, curly, dark hair fell down her back, just touching his legs. As she started to ride him harder, moaning loudly, he couldn’t hold back much longer. As he felt her reach her orgasm, he pushed up into her, cumming hard as she came as well.

As they both finished cumming, Janet leaned back down, kissing Robert and thanking him. He thanked her back, as she moved off him, and headed to the bathroom to get ready for work. Once Janet was at work, the morning went fairly normal. When she saw Clyde or Earl, they made their comments as normal. However, a little while after lunch everything changed.

Janet was in the stockroom getting some supplies for her office when Clyde came into the room, closing the door behind him. The room was small, and very cramped. Clyde moved up behind where Janet was standing and pushed himself against her. He told her he was happy that he was able to find out how real her tits were. As he said this, his hands came up Janet’s sides and up under her tits again. She started to stammer a bit, trying to tell him he needed to stop, but the words just were not forming. As he massaged her tits, she moaned softly, and whatever she had planned on saying was gone. Soon, Clyde had her shirt unbuttoned and her bra pulled up over the top of her tits. He was massaging them and pinching her nipples. As he was doing this, she could feel the hardness of his cock being pressed against her ass.
Janet started pushing back against Clyde, rubbing his hard cock against her ass.

Soon, Clyde slid his hand down to Janet’s thigh. He slowly started inching her skirt up, until he was able to slide his hand underneath. He moved his hand inbetween Janet’s legs, and she unconsciously spread them enough to give his fingers access. He quickly slid his fingers into her already wet pussy, soon finding her clit. Clyde started rubbing her clit, and it wasn’t long before Janet started to moan loudly. In just a few minutes, Janet was cumming as Clyde fingered her. It was all she could do to not scream out as she came, but she knew someone would hear.

Clyde removed his fingers from her clit and turned her around to face him. He told her it was now his turn, and he started to undo his pants. She was a little scared at this point, not sure exactly what Clyde was expecting at this point. Then he told her to get down on her knees, and she knelt in front of him. Once she was looking at his big and hard cock, he guided it towards her mouth. She had never seen a cock this big, and wasn’t sure if she could handle it. She slid her mouth over the head of Clydes cock, and began slowly sucking . Clyde told her to take it deeper and she tried, but his cock was just so big. Next thing Janet knew, Clyde was grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her hard onto his cock. She started to gag a bit, and this only seemed to spur Clyde on, pushing deeper and harder into her mouth with each thrust. It didn’t take Clyde long before he was telling Janet that he was going to cum down her throat. He pushed about halfway in and started cumming into Janet’s mouth. She did her best to swallow it all, but some dripped down her chin. Once he was done cumming, he pulled out and quickly pulled his pants back up. He thanked Janet, and then left the room, leaving her to get cleaned up on her own. Janet got herself put back together just as one of the girls from the front office came into the room.

Janet was extremely horny when she got home from work that evening. Unfortunately, her daughter, Hailey, had a friend over, so Robert and Janet were not able to do anything until after the friend had left and they all went to bed. That night Robert and Janet had some of the most amazing sex since their marriage. Unfortunately, the next day, Robert was on his way out of town for his work for about a week. Janet wasn’t sure what she was going to do if things continued at work this week without Robert at home to take her sexual frustrations out on.

The next day, Janet did all she could to keep herself away from Clyde and Earl. She was worried and didn’t trust herself if she ended up alone with Clyde again. She had made it through the day, and was on her way out to the light rail line when Clyde cut her off. He asked her why she had been avoiding him all day, and she told him how she felt. Clyde just smiled as he quickly looked around. When he decided that everyone else had left for the day, he grabbed Janet by the hand and led her into the closest meeting room. After quickly locking the door, he pushed Janet up against the wall and started kissing her passionately.

It didn’t take Clyde long to have Janet’s skirt up around her waist, and he slid her panties down until they easily slid down her legs to the floor. As he kissed her, his hand slid between her legs and he quickly and somewhat roughly started to rub her dripping wet pussy. In a few moments Janet was cumming from Clyde’s fingers. After she had cum, Clyde backed away and undid his pants, pulling his huge cock free. Once again, Janet dropped to her knees and began sucking Clyde’s cock. However, after he was nice and hard, he pulled out, bringing Janet to her feet.

Clyde pushed Janet down and bent her over the meeting table. He spread her legs apart, and before she had a chance to object, he pushed his cock hard and deep into her wet pussy. She cried out in surprise, but it didn’t take her long until her cries turned to moans of pleasure. Clyde was pounding hard into Janet, grabbing her hair and pulling back as he drove as deep and hard as he could. Soon, Clyde was moaning loudly, then he pushed his cock as hard and deep as he could as he filled Janet with his cum. He pumped into her a few more times, his cum dripping from her pussy onto the meeting room floor.

After sitting for a minute with his cock buried in Janet’s cum filled pussy, Clyde finally pulled out of her, long lengths of cum falling from Janet’s gaping pussy. Clyde got himself put back together and started toward the door. He looked back, Janet was still laying on the table, softly crying. Clyde smiled and told her that he would see her in the morning.

Janet didn’t know what to do. She had just had sex with another man for the first time in 16 years. While it had felt amazing, and she desperately wanted to do it again, she also knew it was wrong to be cheating on her husband.

The next day, Clyde and Earl’s teasing and comments had escalated. Janet figured that Clyde must have told Earl what happened for him to have increased the level of teasing. It wasn’t long into the day when Clyde cornered her in the stockroom once again. This time, he didn’t even say anything to her. He came up behind her, pressing himself against her from behind. He pushed her down a bit so she was leaning with her hands on the little table, and he pulled her skirt up, sliding her panties down her legs. She was in such shock that she didn’t know what to do. Clyde then used his foot to slide her feet apart, and then she felt his cock push into her hard. She couldn’t believe he was doing this right here and right now, when anyone could walk in on them and possibly hear them.

Clyde began pushing hard and quick into Janet’s pussy. As she started to get louder, he put one of his hands over her mouth to keep her quiet. For some reason, this turned them both on tremendously and they were both soon cumming. When Clyde pulled out, he reached down and picked up Janet’s panties. HE held them up for her to see and told her he expected her to not where them anymore, and he left.
Over the next couple of days, Clyde found her when he could and did the same thing. He took her hard and quick once a day during the week. When Friday came, Janet didn’t see Clyde or Earl for most of the day. She thought she was going to go through the day without anything happening, and she would go home and have sex with Robert over the weekend. But, as the day was ending, and many people had left the office early for the weekend, she came across Clyde who pulled her into the meeting room where they had first fucked earlier in the week.

This time it was Janet that took the initiative. She pushed Clyde against the wall and started kissing him passionately, madly undoing his pants as she kissed him. Once his big cock was free from his pants, Janet kneeled down in front of him and hungrily started sucking Clyde’s cock. Clyde moaned loudly and told her she was being a perfect little slut. For some reason, this made her start to suck him harder and faster. After a few minutes, Janet stood up and moved over to the table, pulling herself up to sit on the edge. She spread her legs, pulling her skirt up so Clyde could see her panty-less crotch.

Clyde smiled, moving over to her and sliding between her legs. He held his cock just outside Janet’s pussy and asked her what it was she wanted. She moaned and told him to fuck her hard. He slid his hand under her left leg and pulled it up. As he did so, he pushed his cock deep inside her. Janet moaned in pleasure as Clyde started pumping in and out of her. Soon he laid her back on the table and exposed her tits, reaching down and massaging them hard as he continued to push in and out of her. Soon, she was cumming hard, and as she came down, he pulled out and had her turn over on her stomach, bent over the table.

Clyde grabbed Janet’s hips and pushed hard into her from behind. He was pumping hard and she was begging for more. He soon grabbed her hair, pulling back hard with each thrust into her. It wasn’t much longer until she was cumming once again, and this time Clyde couldn’t hold back any longer. He pushed deep and hard as he came in her pussy once again. As he pulled out, she begged him for more. He moved around to the other side of the table and pushed his cock towards her mouth and told her that he had hoped she would say that. As Clyde pushed his cum covered cock into Janet’s mouth, she felt another set of hands on her hips just before another cock slid into her dripping pussy. She couldn’t look back, as Clyde had a handful of her hair as he pushed his cock down her throat, but she was pretty sure that Earl was now fucking her already cum filled pussy. Earl was even bigger than Clyde, and he was much rougher. She had never felt a cock drive so deep into her, and she was moaning loudly around Clyde’s cock in her mouth.

Soon Clyde was extremely hard again, and holding Janet’s head as he fucked her mouth. Earl was fucking her even harder from behind when he slipped his thumb into her ass. She cried out in pleasure an pain around Clyde’s cock in her mouth. It burned as he forced his thumb in and out of her ass, but it felt good as well. Soon he pushed his thumb as deep and as hard as he could. She cried out as he did, and he started dumping his cum deep into her pussy. It was not much longer after that Clyde was pushing his cock into Janet’s mouth and cumming, causing her to gag on his cum.

Both men pulled out and got themselves dressed, thanking her and telling her to have a good weekend before they left the room. Janet got her clothes straightened up as best she could and headed home. She had hoped to get cleaned up before Robert came home from his recent business trip. However, when she got home, Robert was already there. At first she didn’t know what to do. Then she decided, since she knew Hailey was out with friends and she was still horny, even after having two men fuck her, that she would have some more fun for the night.

After reminding him that Hailey was gone, she straddled him as he sat on the couch, kissing him passionately. She took his hand and guided it to her cum filled pussy. She could feel his fingers sliding into her as Clyde and Earls cum slightly dripped out. She wasn’t sure if Robert realized what he was feeling, but she didn’t care. Soon she was bouncing up and down on his fingers until she suddenly stopped and stood up just slightly. She quickly undid Robert’s pants, and pulled them down as quickly as she could. She pulled her skirt up, and slid down on his cock. She madly bounced up and down on his cock until he couldn’t hold it any longer and he came hard as she continued to ride him. Once she finally came, she stepped off and went into the bathroom to clean up.

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