Enter the Computer Club
"Okay, Kyon ... T-That's ... T-That's enough. Cut!"

After filming the last scene, apparently watching the entire thing made Haruhi so aroused that she demanded I, the "errand boy" of the entire operation, eat her out to get her mind focused back on things. Although I was somewhat annoyed, the girl's dripping-wet pink hole convinced me otherwise. Anyway, now that that's out of the way, on to the next scene. Hooray?

"Okay Mikuru-chan! Get in here!" Haruhi yelled, waving her megaphone around and sitting back in her director's chair. She had sent Koizumi out to gather "more props" for the next scene, but I had no idea what he was getting for her. Apparently Asahina-san didn't care what it was, the fact that she was doing this scared the hell out of her, because as usual, she was on the verge of tears. She slowly walked into the room, in nothing but ... Holy shit. She wore a modded version of the bunny costume, so that everything above her gut seemed gone, letting her breasts fall free, and the outfit was also torn to reveal her dripping mound and all of her soft, supple ass. I'm liking this scene already. Haruhi had her way with her earlier, trying to "loosen her up", which apparently involved the strap-on in the corner, and left Mikuru with juices running down her legs. She was horny, and even if she didn't totally want it, she was about to be very satisfied.

"I'm sorry for the wait. I'm back." Koizumi gave his usual smile as he walked in, followed by the shivering, scared members of the Computer Club. The president tried to ask Haruhi what she wanted, but the sight of the naked Asahina-san made every single member fall over with a massive nosebleed. Damn it, Haruhi. Why these guys?

Why not me?

"Oh, come on!" Haruhi shouted as her five guys for the scene were all nervous and apprehensive. "Look at that beautiful body. I'm telling you guys that you can totally trash it, fill her up with nothing but cock and coat her in cum, and you're scared? Either you actually fuck her, or I'll find five other guys who aren't totally scared!"

With that threat, the guys nervously leapt into action, the president approaching a nervous Mikuru as she knelt, terrified, on the floor. The lucky bastard slowly worked his penis toward, and eventually into, Asahina-san's virgin mouth. Damn. What I could have given to trade with him as I, Haruhi, and Koizumi began filming the scene, the two of them getting the angles while I maintained the group shot.

I felt my pants tighten as I watched, already suffering from blue balls after a solid hour of eating Haruhi out, and now forced to film a gangbang scene, and naturally I needed both hands for the camera, as any shaking would ruin the shot. I hated Haruhi, I really did. The fact I could taste nothing but her sweet, strong-tasting pussy was only the least of the problems. I wanted to de-flower Asahina-san since the second I met her. This sucks.

Well, my bitching aside, it seemed like the computer club members were actually starting to get into it - That, or just ignoring Asahina's whining. Either being virgins for so long had finally got them to their breaking point, or ... Hell, maybe they're just horny. I know I am. It was hard to film this, at least for me - I couldn't stop staring at Asahina-san's huge boobs from behind the camera. I figured Haruhi would slap me on the head and tell me to stop being a pervert, but from the sounds I heard it sounded like she had things of her own to deal with - Mainly which fingers she would use and how fast she'd go.

"C-Come on, Mikuru-chan!" I heard Haruhi yell through a trembling voice, obviously almost moaning. "A-Act like you like it, damn it! No one's gonna want to buy a girl crying for twenty minutes!" At this, Asahina's eyes shot open in shock.

"T-This has to go on for twenty minutes?!" She yelled, somehow forgetting that she was currently being fucked by one of the club's taller members. She may have said something else, except at this point the guys finally decided to grow a pair. In addition to the cock sliding in and out of her pussy, one of the members who hadn't yet approached grabbed the back of her head and drove his cock right into her mouth. Another came up behind her and grabbed handfuls of her breasts, massaging the masses of flesh, fingers tweaking her nipples. There he was, making her moan as he played with her wondrous breasts. And he wasn't me.

Another guy pressed his cock against her breast, jacking off as it poked at the soft flesh, the head disappearing within. I hated these guys. I really did. Asahina-san was being violated by five guys, and by the end I had no doubt her tears would be tears of pleasure, and I wouldn't get to be there, to introduce her to the pleasures of the flesh these lucky bastards were. Why? Because Haruhi blackmailed them at one point.

Life was a bitch.

"Do you need help?"

I was too busy fighting an erection to hear Nagato approach me, finally noticing her when she poked my shoulder. I turned around, seeing her staring at me.

"I can help you if your erection is bothering you." She said. Oh, this could be almost as good as sex with Asahina-san - Nagato always gave me amazing head. I nodded, and she walked around to my front, falling to her knees and working with my pants, eventually getting my (now throbbing) dick out. She took no time in taking all she could into her mouth, bobbing her head relatively fast. For a second my knees grew weak on me, but I soon regained myself and continued aiming the camera - Sure, Nagato's mouth was warm and this felt amazing, but these assholes get to fuck Asahina-san just out of nowhere. God, I hate them all.

I looked back at them, and saw something so incredible I could have came in Nagato's mouth right there. She rode one guy, began to really get into it as she bounced on his cock, each movement eliciting a response from the guy who knelt behind her, pounding her ass in perfect counter-rhythm. In front of her, she held her breasts tightly around his cock, licking his head. She seemed to really get into it, probably because she finally gave in to Haruhi's demands to make it feel real, to really work like she was loving the cock, and it seemed that, increasingly, she did. The other two members, not lucky enough to be getting a piece of her, just jerked off at her sides.

My eyes drifted to Koizumi, who continued to shift position like an expert, getting the right shots, and I wondered how he could be so close to Asahina-san in that outfit, getting fucked, and be able to restrain himself. I could barely get by with Nagato on her knees sucking me, and yet he seemed composed and aloof, as though he were totally asexual. It was kind of mindblowing. Then I looked at Haruhi, who was practially leaving a trail of her pussy juices along as she also circled the gangbang, furiously pounding her vagina with her fingers, moaning as she egged Mikuru on some more. Looks like eating her out for a freaking hour straight wasn't enough. I just hoped she'd actually let me use my cock after the post-scene "I'm horny" demands she'd make.

"Ahh! Faster! T-That ... Feels good!" It was obviously Asahina was faking these moans, but they sounded real enough to the guys around her (or maybe they just didn't know what actual moaning sounded like.) Their cocks continued to pound away at her, the speed from the ones inside her going fast enough to make her huge breasts bounce - Add this to the fact that Nagato was really starting to get busy on me, and it's a wonder I didn't blow my load right there. I could feel Nagato's tongue begin to work all around me, licking every spot she knew that would give me the most pleasure. Asahina's "moaning" continued as the boys began to go a bit more crazy on her. "T-This ... This actually feels good n-now! M-More, please!"

A shame, though, that their inexperience caught up with them. The guy who was getting the greatest titfuck he would ever have blew his load all over her face, and the guys in her ass and pussy followed suit. Lucky bastards didn't deserve to fuck her.

She wasn't satisfied, but luckily, they seemed good for another go as all the guys shifted position, cum dripping from her mouth, ass, and pussy as she sat on the guy who came in her ass, the guy from her pussy filled her mouth and gave her a taste of what had to be the greatest-tasting pussy imaginable, and the guy from her mouth slid easily into her ass. A shame for the two guys who still didn't get to claim a hole, but with her hands free, they at least got some hand jobs from her soft, delicate hands. I hated them.

I moaned, my focus on the shot almost faltering as Nagato continued to suck me even harder. I could hear a sound beneath her, most likely she was fingering herself as she slobbered all over my cock, and I wondered how I didn't blow my load down her throat yet. There I was, getting expert head from Nagato, and watching Asahina-san be utterly violated and at least not hating it anymore. It was such a hot sight, and barring that, there was still Haruhi eagerly plunging fingers into herself, moaning even louder now. I knew this one would end up being a disaster for the audio track, given all but Koizumi were adding enough background noise from trying to hold back the urge to join that it surely would mar the audio.

Nagato's mouth was finally getting to me. I can't hold it back anymore.

"Na-ga-to ..." I moaned, my knees shaking from the pleasure. She began to bob her head as fast as she possibly could, and in the middle of my body shivering, I did the dumbest thing possible - I dropped the camera. When I picked it up and rewound it, the second the guys began to moan and shoot all over Asahina-san, the camera took a huge swoop down to their feet - Basically the climax of the whole scene was ruined. Haruhi noticed this just as she came as well, so her yelling was held back by a rather loud moan.

"K-Kyon! W-What ... Mmm .. W-What the hell did you do?! Now we have to shoot it all over again!"

The five boys and Asahina all froze, looking at Haruhi. Asahina looked like she could cry, and the boys looked like they had all won the lottery.


"Yes, we'll do it until we get it right! Someone get all the cum off Mikuru-chan!" Haruhi commanded, sitting back in her chair. The way she sat revealed that her panties were soaked from her earlier fingering. Nagato stood up, looking at me as she gulped down my cum that was still in her mouth. She gave me one last stare, turning around to grab a towel and go clean up Asahina for the next shot.

Great. All that, and what happened? They were going to stuff Asahina-san with their cocks. Again. And I still wasn't getting any. Lucky bastards.

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