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When I lost my virginity

This is the story of when I lost my virginity. The story is a true story.
I went over to my girlfriend’s apartment on the evening of April 27, 1990, a Friday, to visit her. Her name was Beverly. She was 38 when the events of the evening took place. I was 23 when the events of the evening happen. That evening was in early spring and it was a warm evening. Before the evening was over I would lose my virginity. Beverly had coal black straight hair. I had been at her apartment several times and she would come over to my place as well. In all of our conversations we rarely talked about sex. We had met each other at work. We hit it off at the start and we courted each other for several months before the events took place on the stated day when I lost my virginity.
I would get over to her apartment usually at 5 o’clock in the late afternoon and would stay til about 9 o’clock or 9:30 in the evening. I would leave around that time to go home so both of us would have the proper rest we needed for work the next day. Sometimes I would stay as late as 10 o’clock at night before I would leave. Each time that I would go over to her apartment I always knock and waited for her to come to the door, unless she called out to come in, when she knew it was me.
On the late afternoon of the stated date above, I knock on the door and waited for her to come to let me in.
“Hello, Leroy,” Beverly said greeting me when she answered my knock. “Come in.”
“Hi, Beverly,” I said. “Thank you.”
Going into her apartment, Beverly closed the door and she being the proper hostess offered me a Dr. Pepper. I accepted the Dr. Pepper, which was ice-cold. After getting a Dr. Pepper for me and one for her, she went back to sit in her cushion padded chair. The chair had a matching footrest. I followed her over to the chair and sat down on the matching footrest, drinking the Dr. Pepper.
Thirty minutes later, we left to go to Burger King for dinner. Burger King wasn’t very far from her apartment. So we walk down to Burger King. At Burger King I opened the door for her and let her go in first. She had a Cheeseburger, Fries, and Dr. Pepper. I had the same thing. When we would go out, I always was on the alert to keep us safe.
Our order was ready a few minutes later. When our number was called, I got up to get our order. We had a nice dinner and pleasant conversation. Thirty minutes later we were done with dinner. During dinner, Beverly made mention that she would like to go to Wal*Mart which wasn’t far away, so we went to Wal*Mart on the way back to her apartment. We spent several minutes at Wal*Mart before we left.
Arriving back at her apartment, she sat down in her chair. I sat again on the footrest. A few minutes later, she asked me if I would give her a back rub. I told her that sure I would rub her back, thinking what the harm in giving her a back rub. So I got up and moved to the right side sitting on the arm of her chair. I told her to lean forward. She leaned forward giving me better access to her back. At first I was going to give her back rub with my hands on the outside of her blouse.
Several minutes went by rubbing her back through her blouse, but she wasn’t feeling the massage, feeling her back not being relieved from its soreness.
“Leroy, pulled the back of my blouse up,” Beverly asked in a nice pleasant voice.
I raised the back of her blouse, saw where her bra went across her back. Raising the back of the blouse, I glanced down to her lower back to see where her back ended and her Ass started. For the first time I saw the top of her crack in the middle of her Ass checks. I knew what was farther down her crack. I resumed giving her back rub when I pushed the back of her blouse up, thus I was then rubbing her skin. Since she had her bra on, I rubbed her back above and below her bra strap. While I was rubbing her back, Beverly asked me if I would undo her bra. Her request was a simple one. I knew that she had one of two ways to put it on or off. One was she could reach behind her and unhook her bra and pull it off, or she could pull the shoulder straps down and over her arms, then pulled it around til the cups were in the back thus undo the garment and take it off. I honored her request and undid her bra, pushing the loose ends to her sides out of my way, while I was giving her, her back massage. With the loose ends out of the way, I had her whole back to work my hands over, where I could really give her a very good back massage. Unknown to me I was working her sexual arousal up with the back massage I was given her.
A minute later, Beverly reached up her left sleeve pulling the shoulder strap down and over her arm. She did the same thing with the other shoulder strap. With them off, she reached up under her blouse and pulled her bra off. She flung it to the side.
“Whew that feels better with my bra off,” Beverly said feeling better without her bra on.
“I imagined it does,” I said.
“It does, I can start to cool off under by breasts.”
I frequently saw her crack between her Ass checks, as I was working my hands over her back. I work my hands up on her shoulders down where her back went into her sides, with my fingers touching her sides. While I was going all over her back, I was given her a massage on her sides. Massaging her sides, I felt the outer contours of her tits with my fingertips. I wanted to feel her full tits after feeling the outer edges of them. Feeling the outer edges of her tits, I noticed a change was taking place in the couch of my jeans. My penis was beginning to get hard.
Suddenly I felt a bit warm in my clothes. With one hand rubbing her back, I undid the buttons of my shirt, to get it off, as well as my shoes and socks. Seeing my shirt laying on top of her bra in the floor, Beverly told me to stop for a minute. She undid her blouse and I helped her get it off. There she was sitting in front of me half dress and half naked. With her blouse off, my dick got a bit harder.
Seeing her full tits, I thought to myself “Holy Shit.” Her tits were not so small, but nice and big. Her left tit was slightly bigger than her right one was.
“That was the way they grew, Leroy,” Beverly said explaining why her breasts was that way.
“Mind if I touch them,” I said.
“You may,” Beverly said.
She moved in the chair and her arms where I could feel of her tits. Beverly knew that I wanted to feel her full tits since I felt the outer contours of her titties. Still sitting on the arm of the chair, I reached around to feel of her tits. I pressed on them, massaging them as well as fondling them. I squeezed her nipples till they were up. Feeling her nipples swelling as I was fondling her tits, she leaned back in the chair letting the sensational feeling of her tits being played with sweep over her body. I could tell that she was enjoying having her tits played with, making soft moaning sounds that told me that I was really pleasing her.
All the time while I was playing with her tits, my penis was getting harder and harder by the minute, till I had to get my pants off so my penis could stand out erect.
Getting up from the arm of the chair, I stepped around to the front. Reaching my hand out indicating that I would help her up out of the chair, Beverly took my hand as she got up out of the chair. She and I went to her bedroom. There I undid the fasteners of my pants and pulled them off along with my undershorts. There I was standing in front of Beverly fully naked with a hard on.
“That’s a penis,” Beverly said seeing my penis hard. My dick was so hard it was fully erect that I thought “Man if my dick gets any harder it will break in two.” My penis was that hard at its maximum.
I shook my head in agreement with Beverly. I looked at her and asked her if she knew what I would do with my penis.
“You will put it in me,” Beverly replied.
“That’s right, Beverly. Eventually I will push it in you and fuck you,” I said. “But first how would you like to suck my penis?”
“Come over here,” Beverly said.
Stepping over to her, she took my penis in her mouth and began to suck and stroke it, wrapping her hand around my penis shaft, as I stood there watching her suck my love pole.
“Oh yes that’s it, Beverly. Suck it,” I said encouraging her to keep it up.
She sucked my cock and stroked it going all the way down to the base of my dick. She kept this up for several minutes till I decided it was time that I got a good look at that pussy of hers.
I reached down to undo her shoes and take them off, along with her socks, after I told her to stop sucking and stroking my penis.
“Lay down on the bed,” I told her.
She lay down on the bed. Grasping the waistband of her pants I pulled them down. Beverly raised her hips up slightly as I was pulling her pants and panties down. I pull both down and off at the same time. There she was fully naked in front of me. There staring at me was her nice looking pussy. She had short smooth public hair around her pussy.
Beverly knew what was coming next, so without any hesitation, she spread her legs apart. Positioning myself between her legs, I lower my mouth down to her pussy. She knew what I was going to do, give her oral sex. Placing my fingers on her labia lips, I parted them and began to lick her pussy. I darted my tongue in and out of her vagina. As I did I pushed a finger in her, then two in her vagina, fingering her. My fingers soon got wet and easier to slip in. As I licked her labia lips and her vaginal opening, I was rubbing and stimulating her clitoris. While I was darting my tongue in and out of her vagina and fingering her, I took my mouth and making it like a vacuum cleaner, I suck her entire pussy in my mouth. I held it there for a minute or two holding my own breath, letting her get the feeling of having her entire pussy suck into a male’s mouth. This drove feeling through her body, straight to her brain, which she never experience before. I heard her said “Oh, God, yes.” Sucking her entire pussy into my mouth was a new sexual sensational experience and feeling to her.
“I like that when you suck my entire pussy into your mouth, Leroy,” Beverly said when I let it out of my mouth.
“I thought that you would like that surprise,” I said to Beverly.
Several minutes later, with her pussy lubricate on the inside that would make it easier for my cock to slide in her when that time came for me to penetrate her. I shifted my gaze upwards towards her tits, to tease myself, playfully. Coming up from her labia lips I lick her lower abdomen, drove my tongue into her belly button, continuing working up I lick her rib cage. I could tell that she liked my licking of her naked body.
Pausing at her tits to lick and suck them, I suck and lick her tits til they were wet and glistering in the light that came from overhead.
“Are you ready for my dick in you?” I asked Beverly.
“I am ready for your penis. Put it in me,” Beverly said.
Positioning myself between her legs, taking my cock in my hand, I rub her clint once and guided my penis into her vagina thrusting in her.
“Can you feel me inside of you?” I asked Beverly.
“Yes, I can feel your penis in me,” Beverly answered.
I felt my dick stretching her love tunnel open. Beverly softly moans as she felt my dick in her vagina. I lower myself down on her as I began earnestly fuck her, with each thrust of my cock I thrusted in her deeper. She put her hands on my hips while wrapping her legs around my legs to help keep me on her as I fucked her. I could feel her vagina muscles contracting tighten around my dick when I moved it backward and relaxing when I thrust forward in her.
The tighter her vagina was contracting gripping my cock, squeezing it and relaxing, I knew that it was a matter of time before I pump my load of cum in her. The harder and deeper I fucked her, the tighter her love tunnel griped my dick to squeeze it and relaxing. As I fuck her, she and I kiss each other. At one point as I was fucking her, Beverly thought that I was pushing my balls in her.
“Leroy, feels like you are pushing your balls inside of me,” Beverly said, feeling my nuts up against her labia lips.
“No, I’m not pushing my balls in you. Unless you want me do,” I said to her.
“No that’s alright,” Beverly said.
Even thought that I couldn’t push my nuts in her, I eventually would give her what was inside of my nuts, my seed.
While I fuck her, I suck on her neck. The spot that I suck on tasted on the salty side.
Soon I felt my cock to begin pumping and out came my load of cum in her. I slowed my pace down til the last drops of cum was out. Thirty minutes, after I penetrated her, out came my cum.
I laid there on her for a minute or two longer, basking in the knowledge that I was no longer a male virgin that Beverly had taken my virginity.
“You like how I fucked you?” I asked Beverly.
“I did like how you fuck me,” Beverly answered. “Your penis felt comfortable in me.”
A minute or two later when the realization set in that I had lost my virginity, I pulled out of her. I couldn’t believe that my dick was still in the erect state when I pull it out.
Rolling off of her, I told her to roll over onto her stomach. Beverly rolled over onto her stomach. Spreading her legs apart, I position myself behind and enter her from her rear end. Taking my dick I spread her Ass checks apart to insert my dick in her anus to give her Anal sex. Feeling my dickhead at the entrance to her anus she knew that I was attempting to enter her anus and said no not in her asshole. I then lower my cock down farther to thrust in her pussy again.
Moving my hands under her tits, cupping them, I motion to Beverly to roll with me onto her side. The position that we assume is known as the Spoons Position. Positioning ourselves in the Spoons, we bent our legs, with me pressing close to her. I proceeded to fuck her in the Spoons Position. I fondled her tits playing with them, squeezing them. Soon I exploded in her pussy another load of my seed. Squeezing my whole new load of cum we laid there til the last drops of cum was squeezed out. We laid there catching our breaths for a few minutes. Then I withdrew my penis from her.
Finishing our sex that we had that evening in her apartment I felt satisfied and so did Beverly.
“How did you like that?” I asked her.
“I love it every bit,” Beverly answered.
“Well, I’m glad that you did love having sex with me,” I said. “I loved being in you. We should do it again soon.”
“We should do it again,” Beverly answered in agreement. “But not right now.”
It was time for me to leave to go home when we finished dressing. Saying good-night to Beverly and that I had a very enjoyable evening I left after we kiss each other.

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Oh yeah baby u done it .

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Still Sucks. Try again, Some parts are good.

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