This happened to me 3 years ago in Year 11 at School.

It was just a normal school day, go to a few lessons, eat some lunch, chill with mates, and then go to me next lesson. I had chemistry this day, at 1 O'clock. To get up to the floor with lessons there was a 5 flight staircase to go up from ground level, but 2 other flights leading into a lower level where the store rooms where and even further where it was pretty dark and just 1 basement door.

As I walked passed on my own I noticed some noises from under the winding stair case, I looked down and I could just see some clothes on the steps and 2 dark brown bodies moving about, I though 'shit, there fucking down there', I peered over and could only see his back moving, the bottom level had a little cove set back below the stairs, covered by the above floor, which I was stood on. I though nothing much of it and carried on to my lesson.

It was the last lesson of the day so I was horny as fuck and couldn't wait to get home for obvious reasons. So I was last our of the class and went back down the stairs, and thought I take a closer look at the 2 indian teens fucking. I got down to the level before the last, peered over and they were gone, I saw 3 open condom wrappers and 1 used condom. I was seriously horny and though fuck it, I'll wank down there and look about.

I got to the bottom when everyone was gone, under the little cove and pulled my 7 incher right out of my trousers and jerked off looking at the cum in the condom. I had a little idea too, I picked up the 3 empty wrappers dug my fingers in and had a good ammount of lube covering my fingers so ferociously pumped my cock with that. I had never used lube before but I know condom wrappers were coated in it. It made bell swollen purple head look really shiny in the light, which I loved the look of, I was just rubbing my cock looking about a bit when I saw another condom wrapper that looked new. I reached for it and it was, thinking to myself 'damn, how many times have they been down here, almost in public view aswell', so I read the label, "Durex Standard with extra Lubrication". I opened the wrapper and pulled out a fresh condom, I though I'd try it on, something I've never done before but knew what to do. So a grabbed this little satchell of lube that read 'for him and her', but I love having a sopping wet cock and juicy hand so Emptied the whole thing over it, dribbling it into the ridges of my 6 inch girth, thick meat shaft, and onto the engorged head lubing it up real good, then some on my hand for uber slippery fun. I threw the packet and lube satchel in the bin and put the ring the condom on the tip of my dick, and rolled it down, jus' like on the videos, it felt weird, the inside was lubed so that meant even more! It unraveled down about 6 and a half inches on my cock before it stopped, which almost covered my dick but was enough. I'll tell you something though, it was so tight, my cock is pretty thick compared to a 7 inch length and the restricing condom looking so smooth and lubes on my swollen cock head and bulging, vein filled shaft looked even thicker.

So I pumped my cock for a few minutes, my hand lube sliding over effortlessly as I shot a few rounds of cum into the little tip of the condom, filling it cup quick. This expirience was pretty amazing, I pulled the condom off carefully not wanting to turn it inside out and get gunk everywhere, but my cock was still rediculously wet and hard. I dropped the condom on the floor, and picked up my bag, but had a great idea, I was going to leave the 2 15 year old indian fuckers a little note for next time they went down and fucked each other. Got a pen and wrote 'I've seen all your condom wrappers and used condom looking pretty full, you 2 have been having sex yeah? Well I found your condom for next time, used you lube on my 7 inch stinking cock and put your condom on and masterbated and cummed right in it, hope to see you soon'.

I was laughing away to my self, and left the A4 sized note, clearly visable sized letters, at the bottom of the steps so they could see it, I also left my cum filled condom laid by the side and drew and arrow to it saying 'my big cock could hardly fit in, but I left you some nice juice'. I then lined up all 3 of their wrappers beside the paper and got their used condom and poured the indian dudes cum all over the top.

I wrote another little note and put it beside that reading 'naughty indian fuckers, I hope to see you soon and we might have some fun, I hope to suck your nasty indian cock and let you cum all over me, and finger your indian girls brown pussy, we can use all the condom lub to get her super wet'!

My mind was racing, thinking about if an event as such could ever occur, we could have the best 3 some ever, and I could lose my Virginity to that indian tight teen, and lick thick creamy wet pussy juice for the first time, finger her and get all the lube up my arm and sniff her autthentic asian pussy stink, I could also have some real fun with the indian boy too, both the same age, me dreaming of his 6 inch cock expanding my mouth and licking his shiny cock head and sucking right down on the mushroom, oh how I love the sight of a swollen penis head thicker and shinier than the rest of the cock. I dreamed of ramming my cock up a tight boys ass aswell, so wet and juicy with excessive ammounts of lube, the sight of my nice cock head sliding in and juice oozing, my meat shaft disapearing and feeling his well lubes ass walls squeeze my cock. I had a thing for indian boys on porn sites too, there smooth asses, little pink butt holes and brown penis heads, lovely, hopefully we could all do something together.

Part 2 Up Soon!

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2012-01-06 14:10:13
You cloudn't pay me to ignore these posts!

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2011-03-10 21:00:52
I love shiny cock heads too, I like them when they are all fat and thicker than the shaft. There's a Turkish guy at my school with a nice 6.5 inch cock I suck in the gym showers, I love sniffing his cock and letiing him cum all over my mouth and chin, who else here likes smelling the penis head?

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