Learning about my kitty for the first time...
When I was 7, I remember having a best friend. This best friend was a boy, who was, if I remember correctly, he was 12. His name was Jay and we had been friends for a while.

Well, one night Jay ended up spending the night because his parents had left for some RV show in another state. I dont really remember where or anything.

Anyway, it was the middle of July and it was HOT. We were living in Florida at the time, and it was super humid. Jay and I were out in my backyard that afternoon playing in the pool. I had on a two peice bikini, it was pink and had white hearts. I was only 7 so this bathing suit was acceptable.

I guess adults assumed young children are unaware of each other sexually, well, that's not always the case.

Jay had on a pair of black swimming trunks. We were playing "marco polo", and I was "marco". I was tredding water in the middle of the pool with my eyes closed yelling "marco!" when Jay came up behind me and accidently "bumped" his hand into my butt. Shocked, I opened my eyes to see him smiling. Jay told me it was only an accident, and that it was okay. I believed him seeing as how he was older and he was my best friend.

I was about to close my eyes again when out of no where Jay kissed me on my lips. He asked me if I liked it, I remember blushing alittle, but I told him that I did like it. He smiled again and told me to follow him to the shallow end where the underwater benches were. He sat down on one of them and took my hands and pulled me closer to him, right up between his legs.

I remember him constantly checking the backdoor and windows for any signs of my parents. My mom was a stay at home mom, and I knew she was probably asleep, she was also heavly pregnant with my sister, and my father was in the Marines and was away field training that day.

He looked at me and asked me if I liked him, I told him I did, and thats when he reached up and touched my private area. I shuddered at his touch, I wasnt scared, or upset by it either, I was shocked to feel that I liked it, and I wanted him to touch me more. He stroked the crotch of my bikini with his index finger underwater. It felt amazing. I remember closing my eyes and telling him I liked it.

Mind you, I was only 7.

Jay motioned for me to follow him out of the pool, and into the pool house. Now, the pool house was built to be totally private. I'm sure my parents used that pool house quite a bit themselves. Us children usually only used it to change or use the bathroom. Anyway, I remember following him into the pool house, he shut the door and locked it. Now, you would think I would be scared, or upset or...anything. But I was excited. Completely turned on for the first time in my very young life. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I wanted Jay to touch me there again.

I followed him over to the bathroom first. Inside the bathroom was a toilet, a sink, and a shower stall. Jay motioned for me to step into the shower stall with him. He asked me if I wanted him to take off my bathing suit, I told him I did.

Jay smiled and told me he wasnt goint to hurt me, and that I would like everything he was going to do. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands slide down my wasit and his fingers slip under the crotch of my bathingsuit. I could feel his warm index finger as it carressed my "kitty" as Jay began to call it from this day forward. I felt his finger reach my clit and I let out a gasp, just as I did, Jay stopped and pulled away. He asked if I was okay, and I told him I was fine, and that it just felt really good when he touched that spot. I remember also telling him that it made me kinda have to pee. I was about to step out of the shower stall to use the toilet when he pulled me back in. He asked me if he could watch me pee.

Now here, in this case, I was extemely shy about people seeing me use the bathroom. I blushed and looked down at my feet. I could feel the urge to pee become stronger, and I squeezed my legs together to hold it back. Jay smiled and leaned in and kissed my shoulders, then my neck, and then finally my lips. I felt myself go weak with pleasure, and I could feel Jay's hand stroking my "kitty" again, he looked down and pulled my bikini bottoms to the side. My pussy was completely exposed to him, he could see everything now. I felt like my bladder was going to explode if I didnt empty it and soon. "Please?" he asked. "Let me watch?" he pleaded. I spread my legs apart just alittle and closed my eyes. Jay was holding my bottoms to the side and using his thumb and index finger he pulled my kitty's lips apart. Just then I looked down and moaned loudly as a jet of urine exploded out of my pussy and on to the floor of the shower. I arched my hips out in desperate need to relieve myself. That was when I realized what Jay was doing with his other hand. He rubbing his own privates on the outside of his trunks. I could see a large "buldge" under his hand as he stroked it watching me pee. Finally, my bladder was empty.

I remember that was when I saw a boy's penis for the first time.

Jay began to rub my kitty with his index finger and middle finger, I felt my back arch out towards him, wanting him to touch me. He stopped, and then told me he had something he wanted to show me. He took my hand and put it on his erection. I could feel his warmth, and his hard need. I remember I could feel his pulse, the throbbing...and yet I had no idea what was coming.

He asked me if I wanted to watch him pee now. He told me he wanted me to watch him. Then, he told me he wanted me to help. I had NO idea what this meant. He reached down and pulled out his young manhood. I had never seen a penis before, and I remember looking at it, and wanting to touch it....wanting it to touch me. He took my hand and put it on his "snake" (as he called it). He told me not to squeeze, and that if I did, the flow would stop. His snake was warm, and soft. It didnt take him long to begin to relieve himself. A long stream on urine poured out on the floor, where I had just peed. He closed his eyes and groaned with one hand on mine on his shaft, and his other hand was touching his testicles. I wiggled his snake a little, amuzed at the antics of his urine stream. He finished and told me to "shake his snake", and of course I did.

After we finished in the shower, he led me out of the bathroom, and we walked over to the couch. I laid down on the couch, wanting so badly for Jay to touch me some more, wanting him to make this "discomfort" go away. (I was too young to really underdstand what being horny meant lol) Jay leaned over me, he removed my bikini bottoms and put them on the floor. He then removed his own swimming trunks as well. I remember thinking, "what are we doing?", and I remember just wanting him to touch me and my kitty again. He knelt down between my legs, his face was so close to my kitty. I could feel his breath between my legs, on my pussy lips...I shivered and arched my hips towards him. Jay smiled and kissed my young womanhood. He kissed it so slightly, all I could feel was his heat. I felt my whole body tremble, and my heart raced. Then, he did something to me, that to this day, no man has ever done so well. I could feel his tongue sliding between my pussy lips, I could feel his lips on mine. His tongue carressed my clit, he sucked, and licked. I could feel my body reacting a way that my 7 year old self had never experienced before. I was moaning loudly, my hips were thrusting, my toes were curling, just then he reached up and slipped his finger into my kitty. Deep inside my kitty. At first it took me by surprise, but he didnt stop. He began to finger-fuck me as he carressed my clit with his amazing tongue. After a few moments, I screamed out, bucking widely and shuddering uncontrolably. I had my very first orgasm. Jay pulled away from me and smiled. I remember the look on his face. He asked me if I like that, and I told him I did. I was out of breath and shaking. I smiled and I asked what had just happened to me. He told me I had an orgasm, and he asked if I wanted to watch him have one too. I nodded.

Jay sat down next to me, he spread his legs wide apart and told me to watch, but not to touch. I smiled and said okay. He looked down at his snake and with one hand began to stroke it. His other hand was lightly squeezing his balls. I saw his legs begin to jerk alittle, and he closed his eyes. He began pumping his manhood harder and faster. I sat on the couch watching him in awe. No idea what to expect. He began to moan and say things like "ooooh yeah" and "oh my god yes". Finally he went rigid, his back arched and he groaned very loudly "Watch, Im cumming". I looked down and watched as his snake began to shoot white liquid on the the couch. He continued to pump until all the liquid was on the couch and on his leg. He smiled at me and told me that was how boys orgasmed and that white stuff was called cum and what he did was called masturbation.

I smiled and was already aroused again. That nagging feeling of need was back and my kitty was getting wet. I put my fingers on my kitty and could feel the moistness. Jay watched me and smiled. He asked me if I liked everything we had done, and I told him I LOVED it. He asked me if I wanted him to do more. I blushed and told him I wanted him to touch my kitty again with his mouth. He told me he had something better. I could see his snake getting hard again, as he began to stroke it back to attention. He put on a condom and told me it was for protection. He pushed me back into a laying position on the couch and straddled on top of me. I could feel his cock, pushing hard against my thiegh. I spread my legs allowing him total access to my kitty. Using his hand, he rubbed his erection on the outside of my pussy lips, I whimpered as I arched my hips up. I was unaware of what my body was doing, all I remember is wanting him to touch my kitty so bad, I wanted another orgasm. I could feel his fingers slip between my kitty lips and spread them apart, then it happened. It was so quick but I will never forget. His snake plunged into my kitty. It only hurt for a minute. Soon, he was thrusting deep inside me and I could feel my orgasm building. I reached down and began to rub my clit and thrust my hips in tune with his thrusts. I began to moan loudly, my whole body felt like it was on fire. I could feel my kitty swallowing his snake over and over, deeper and deeper as I masturbated my clit. Jay was moaning and groaning and saying things like like "Yessss, oh my god." "Oh my god that feels so good." "You like me inside your kitty dont you?" All I could do was moan back in pure pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm took over me. I could feel myself start to piss as each orgasm took me. I heard Jay say he liked it when I pissed on him while he fucked me. Just as the last orgasm hit me, I heard Jay scream out as his orgasm took over. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my kitty, as he cam inside me. The thrusts he made while he was climaxing were hard, and almost painful, but I loved the feeling of his snake throbbing inside me. When he finished he pulled out and collapsed on the couch. He smiled at me and asked me if I liked that. I told him it was amazing, and I loved it. He then told me that was called sex, and that he had seen it done on a video. He told me it was secret and only him and I could know what we had done. I smiled and told him I wouldnt tell, as long as we could do it some more.

Well, this is how I lost my virginity at the very young age of 7 years old to a 12 year old boy. I learned that my kitty was for more than just peeing and that it could feel amazing to do things to it. I also learned about boys and their private parts. I also learned about masturbation, which I continued to do almost every day.

Hope you enjoyed my story. This is one of many more to come.

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2015-08-24 13:53:25
This is way too young! how did u even get away with this! its just filth.

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2015-04-14 01:57:40
This is disgusting she is seven the age of my youngest sister why would any one to that it is way too young and that is gross

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2015-02-11 17:33:48
Awesome story should of started at 4 like a good slut

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2014-07-24 09:40:40
I was also molested at a young age and this is absolutely disgusting to me, to think people get off to it I'd in my nightmares. I agree with the anonymous person who posted that message. If you had it happen to you then you wouldn't be talking shit, thats to the person who called her a fucktard. I'm a male and having that happen to me fucked me up. I'm done with my rant. Boycotting this, have a nice day

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2014-06-23 05:11:46
I love young sex

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