Dawn accidently becomes a porn star. lol

The spotlight shone in Dawn’s eyes and she brought her arm up to shield them. Squinting through the glare into the middle distance, she could barely make out the figures of nine, maybe ten people, standing, sitting, and no doubt looking at her. There were other shapes there, too – not human or Pokémon. Two of them were tall, ending in glowing yellow-white discs. They were the spotlights, she could see that now, and they were pointing directly at her. There was a long, fuzzy thing on a stick, like a Diglett - a boom mike. So that meant the other two things she could make out were video cameras... and they were also looking directly at her.

Was... Was she... on TV?

Dawn’s mouth dropped. She was on TV! It had to be true! That was what the man had said, after all: that she would be a star!

She smiled widely and her eyes twinkled. She was going to be a movie star!

Her mind wandered to her big day – the premiere of her first movie. She was the star and she was climbing out of the limousine onto the red carpet, dressed in a long, elegant dress – her beanie had been left at home, letting her hair fall down as excited photographers took pictures of their newest celebrity. They told her how beautiful she looked, and how stunning and refined. And there was her Mom, looking so proud, with Ash and Brock and Pikachu beside her, waving her on... Brock and Mom were standing a little too close for her liking. What was going on there? Never mind. With Piplup at her side, Dawn swept down the red carpet to cheers and salutations...

She snapped back to reality. It was quite warm under those spotlights, in a way that didn’t feel quite right. Must be nerves. After all, this was her first starring role!

Although, what was she supposed to do? She was just standing there! Deciding she had to find out, but not wanting to ruin the scene by asking, Dawn turned around and viewed the set.

On first glance, she seemed to be in a normal, one-room house – except that there were only two walls. For the cameras, Dawn thought confidently, now firmly in her role as a TV professional. There was a door and a window, and an ordinary dresser, just like the one she had at home. Hers had three drawers that she kept her underwear and beanie collection in, as well as her Pokéballs when she put them away at night. She opened it to see what was inside.

Of course, it wasn’t her dresser. There were things in it that she didn’t recognize. It was probably a boy’s dresser; it had a selection of floppy rocket ships and a string of what looked like small Pokéballs connected together in a necklace – except the two ends didn’t meet and one had some kind of ring pull attached. It was probably a boy thing. They were entertained by simple things.

She left the drawer open and turned to the bed that lay in the center of the room, which struck Dawn as a strange place to put a bed. The other thing was its size – it was much, much larger than a normal-sized bed, like the one she had at home. She could sleep in this bed with her Mom, Ash, Brock, Pikachu and all her Pokémon, even out of their Pokéballs, with room to spare. It was silly how big the bed was.

She decided that it must belong to a police officer because there were handcuffs attached to the headboard.

This was frustrating! How could she give an Oscar-winning performance if she didn’t know what she was supposed to do?

She was about to march over to the director and give him a piece of her mind – amateurs, huh! – when she stubbed her toe on the end of the bed.

“OW! That hurt!” she cried, nursing her throbbing toe. She rubbed it up and down, hopping on the spot, blushing as she did. This was so embarrassing! And on camera, too!

The spotlight bore into her, the heat from its glare increasing her embarrassment. And still, something wasn’t quite right. She was missing something important...

Her hand stopped rubbing her toe, the immediate, jarring pain gone. It suddenly occurred to her...

“Where’s my boot?”

But it wasn’t just her boot. She looked down at her bare foot, still clasped in her hand. She felt her way over her ankle and up the shin to the knee. It wasn’t just her pink booties that were gone; somehow, during the lightning-fast wardrobe session she had managed to lose her stockings as well!

She contemplated her bare legs a moment longer, confused. She looked up towards the men, still hidden by the light of the spotlight – and about that spotlight, there was something weird about how warm it felt against her skin...


She finally twigged. She looked down and saw, paying attention for the first time.

“Where’s my skirt...? Where’s my clothes!?”

Dawn wasn’t wearing her skirt. In fact, Dawn wasn’t wearing much of anything. In fact, in the burning glare of the two large spotlights, in front of the two rolling cameras and in a TV station transmitting to all of the Sinnoh region, Dawn was now completely naked except for her beanie.

“Huh?” she said, all fantasies of being a movie star disappearing in a puff of reality. “Huh?”

There was a knock on the door. Dawn squealed and quickly covered herself, not realizing it was already too late. Her face flushed an even deeper crimson. She started to panic.

“Don’t come in!” she cried as she backed up against the bed, shielding her body from the prying cameras. She started to crouch down low, trying to reveal less of herself to her audience; in doing so, she inadvertently flashed her most private place to everyone.

Against her plea, the set’s fake door opened – and without anyone even inviting the visitor in! Dawn could only look up in awe as a gigantic, muscular macho man walked in... completely naked, except for a tool belt around his waist. Her wide eyes settled on his enormous hanging Diglett.

“Hello little lady, I’m here to fix your sink,” he said in a deep, manly monotone.


Back in the Pokémon Center, Brock sat down on the couch with a glass of milk and put on his favorite program. Wherever he was in the world, he would always try to turn the TV on at this time of night. It would be the same kind of program no matter where he was in the world, and he was eager to get a glimpse of some spicy Sinnoh action.

“And now on Pokémon TV – late night Poképorn, starring new trainer Dawn. Dawn is concerned when her plumbing stops working, and calls in special Poképlumber Gunther to give her pipes a good once-over.”

“Dawn!?” Brock cried as the picture changed to a single room, where the blue-haired girl was crouching on the floor, naked, as the door opened to reveal her partner for the evening. She was still wearing her usual hat; this, coupled with her bright red cheeks and adorable panicked expression, just served to make the scene all the more erotic.

“You little Pokéslut,” said Brock, as he unzipped his fly and removed his penis, ready to join in with the evening’s entertainment. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to mess with Poképorn?”


Dawn was speechless and babbling as Gunther slapped her cheek with his mighty Diglett. She had absolutely no idea what was going on, but fell back in awe at the size and scale of his Pokérod. It was enormous, and right in her face. Surely she was supposed to do something, but what? All she could do was stare at the rock-hard pole, hypnotic in its jerks as it traced its tip all over her face.

“If you can’t pay,” said Gunther mono-syllabically. “There are other ways.”

Dawn followed the trail of his penis with her eyes. “Wh... What?” she whimpered, softly, bewildered. This was all outside of her experience.

Gunther said, “Lick my Geodude.”

Dawn blinked. She couldn’t see a Pokémon, but guessed correctly that he was referring to his massive Popsicle.

She took a sideways look at the camera. It was still pointing at her, Dawn sitting on the floor, leaning back against the bed, her legs carelessly open, revealing herself to everyone. Gunther was standing inside her personal space with his pelvis right in front of her and his erect penis... caressing her face. She looked very small against his titanic girth, this little lady with nothing on but a white beanie.

Like a deer caught in headlights – that was her expression. She was so confused by what was happening, but felt a great pressure to perform. What was it he wanted? Lick it? With the cameras on her, and intimidated by this massive man, Dawn made an internal decision and slowly extended her tongue.

Gunther brought his cock up in front of her mouth. She inclined her head forwards, slowly, and when she was almost touching...

She pulled back. With eyes full of terror and awe she asked Gunther:

“Is it tasty?”

His expressionless face did not change. He said, “It tastes like candy.”

She took a moment to consider this. Then, gulping down her fear, she brought her head forward with her outstretched tongue...

And licked the tip of his shaft.

She brought her tongue back. And did it again. And again. Then, with increasing confidence, she began to treat it like an ice lolly.

Only, it wasn’t cold – it was warm. Very warm. And Dawn had never licked something so fleshy, yet so hard.

She brought her lips up to the tip and kissed it, softly. She withdrew again, slightly, seeing what would happen next. As there was no discernible reaction, Dawn leaned in again and opened her mouth wider, giving it what was known as a ‘Deep Kiss’.

She spent a few minutes slobbering over the head of his willy before she got the impression that she should give the rest of his mighty Pikachu some attention. She licked the underside of the shaft, lower, then lower still, arching her back underneath the object of her affection as she got closer and closer to the end.

She could see his balls swinging gently in front of her, and idly wondered if there would be a Pokémon inside.

She was at the root now, the enormous thing resting on her forehead. She could feel his weight. It wasn’t much, but she could still feel the heft of it on her, like a warm hand patting her head. Looking up at its underside, she wondered what else she was supposed to do with this strange thing; her decision made, she brought out her tongue and dabbed at the root, and then, leaning her neck backwards, she ran it all along his massive length until she was back at the tip where she’d started.

She still wanted to perform. She didn’t know what she was doing, or why, but Dawn felt that there were more new tricks to be learned here.

A few experimental tongue movements later (and a few looks to camera, too – she mustn’t do that!), and she had the bright idea to start using more than just her mouth.

She gripped the fleshy stick in her fist. The meat felt warm in her hand. She was fascinated by this strange thing, pulsating in her grasp, and she thought it was like a coiled spring, ready to erupt... but what would happen when it did? Would it evolve into something... bigger? No, that couldn’t be possible, surely!

“Now wank me off, Pokéslut.”

She didn’t know what the word meant, but guessed what it was he wanted. She slid her hand slowly up the shaft, feeling the flesh move beneath her touch like warm elastic. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and it felt so natural in an icky, flesh-popping kind of way.

She inclined her wrist the other way, and then pulled the skin back down the shaft, all the way to the root. She then went back up, and down again, peeling and covering, her movements smooth and ponderous. She studied each action in intimate detail, the man-stick so big, so real in front of her; she had never seen one before, much less had any reason to think about one, and the presence of a warm, throbbing pole of meat was more instructive than any of the pop-up animal books she was used to reading at home. In fact, silly as it was to say, she almost felt that the size – easily as long as her forearm – made it seem more real, as if it was a grotesque exaggeration of what a real one would look like.

But it was real. And it was growing. It jerked, here and there, tentatively yet authoritatively, to the Pokémon trainer’s ministering grip, as if giving her instructions: you will do this, you will do that, and she felt strangely compelled to obey. Operating on clinical fascination alone, the inexperienced girl’s movements started to become jerkier, more rapid, and she was greeted by a meaty pole that saluted her with ever-increasing frequency.

Still dazed and confused by the rapidity and alien nature of her experience, Dawn started off her first ever evening as a movie star by pleasuring a man.


“Ohhh yeah,” said Brock as he furiously whacked off to his friend. “Dawn! Take that dirty, dirty cock you little Pokéslut! Oh yeah!”

“Sir!” cried Nurse Joy. She was standing with her hands on her hips and a very cross expression on her face. “This is a public waiting room! Control yourself!”


Dawn was now frantically pulling Gunther off, staring at his rod with the keen interest of a scientist at work. Something was happening here and she didn’t know what it was. Gunther himself, up till now so stoic and unmoving, was now grunting in response, and sweat was beginning to form on his brow.

“Now wank me off into your mouth,” droned Gunther.

She understood! She was being trained for some important role! She had done the licking thing, and was now doing the movement thing, so what they were trying to do was teach her to do both at the same time!

Dawn opened her mouth wide and brought her lips around the tip of his cock with a loud yaoumph. Whatever anyone might say of her, she was a quick study and eager to learn more. What would the next lesson be? She looked up inquisitively as she jerked him off into her mouth. She wanted to show them all how good she was!

The cameras obliged her. By the end of this night Dawn would be a porn star, whether she liked it or not.


Brock had since been joined by many other enthusiastic Poképorn 2-B-A Master-bators, much to Nurse Joy’s chagrin. She had since given up on trying to stop their enthusiastic whoops of self-lovemaking and had instead cordoned off a special area of the Pokémon Center’s waiting room for them to enjoy themselves without getting in the way of the other (female) patrons. The men had taken to this arrangement without complaint – the corner was where the TV was.

They had christened their den ‘Dawn’s Alley’. They were having a ball, and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.


Now kissing and licking his shaft, Dawn hadn’t even noticed that her hands had slid down her body and were now buried between her closed legs. She shifted her weight again and again as, slowly but satisfyingly, she began touch herself. She didn’t notice that she was doing this and had never even done it before; something inside her just told her hand that this was what it was meant to do. If she’d had time to think about it, she would have said that it was her natural acting instincts taking over.

The kissing had soon stopped and given way to sucking. Again, this was natural instinct. The meaty rod was leaping about inside her mouth; she felt it slap against her tongue and off the walls again, convulsing in preparation for whatever weird and wonderful thing was about to happen.

It had to be evolution. After all, if you gave enough love and attention to a Pokémon it would evolve into a different form, so why not the same for man... things?

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. I’m going to give you a salty reward.”

A reward? What was it? Could it be... her first Oscar!? No, it couldn’t be. Not during her first performance. But then... she had been doing a really good job, and he’d given her several grunts of approval...

She decided to act surprised when it arrived. Oh gosh, it was so exciting! She stuck out her tongue and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

The big, muscular man’s face was contorted above her in an expression of deep concentration. Clearly, he was focusing on his own performance, and perhaps wanted to win his own Oscar? Either way, Dawn could see that something remarkable was about to happen.

As the naive Pokémon trainer received her first facial, she didn’t spit or gag as many other girls would have done. Oh no, Dawn was a professional. Her body was so aroused – though she hadn’t the wit to notice her own squirming yet – and her mind so fascinated by the spectacle that she was being shown, that she barely even registered the taste of semen on her tongue, and was so used to eating whatever she found on her travels through endless miles of wilderness that she didn’t really mind it.

She had absolutely no idea what was going on, though, so she screamed and flinched, closing her eyes against the splash attack of Gunther’s mighty meat-hose as it doused the young Pokéwhore point blank in the face. To her credit (or simple stupidity) she didn’t close her mouth, and so partook of a particularly messy facial involving streams of cum that splashed, ran, then dripped into her mouth, a small puddle of effluence forming on her outstretched tongue.

As the splat attack ceased, and she felt relatively safe from future assault, Dawn recalled the earlier metaphor about meaty ice pops, and decided that the pile of fluid in her mouth must be food. So she ate it.

It was salty and a bit horrible, but being a traveler, she was used to exotic dishes, and ate the whole thing up.

Mind you, if she ever got round to writing her own super-special Sinnoh restaurant guide, then this place would definitely not get the full five stars!

She wouldn’t tell that to Gunther directly, though. That would just be mean.

She opened her eyes, grudgingly at first, but then with renewed confidence. She looked up at her acting partner for the evening – he, with his body glistening with sweat, heaving from his recent exertion, and she, bright-eyed and flushed of cheek, face stained with stubborn splotches of gooey cum – and asked a very foolish question.

“Is... is the scene over yet...?” she asked, innocently.


Shortly, Dawn was sitting on Gunther’s mammoth lap, facing the camera and giving him a foot job. She cradled his cock in between the ball and heel of each of her feet, the both of them barely touching from the man’s impressive girth. Her face was a mixture of fear, confusion... and curiosity. Her cheeks were flushed, but it wasn’t solely out of embarrassment. Her breathing was rapid and shallow; she was panting like a Buizel. And Gunther, for his part, was now finger-deep inside the Pokéslut’s quivering pussy.

Dawn felt lightning in her pussy: short stabs that disappeared and reappeared with every stroke of Gunther’s big finger. It felt so weird, but for some reason she didn’t want it to stop. She found herself moving her hips to wrap herself around him. There was some kind of hunger inside her that made her crave his touch. She felt like she was getting closer to exploding... what would happen to her?

Was this what happened when Pokémon evolved? Was she going to change into something else?

“Uh!” she groaned, unable to contain her voice, and being surprised by this fact. Why was she moaning...?

“Oh...!” It happened again, but this time she felt a surge of heat inside her chest, a kind of involuntary excitement that she couldn’t contain – or explain.

She held her breath in preparation. Was it going to happen again? Her heart danced inside her naked chest – she could barely hope. She could feel the anticipation like a ball of flame, tense, ready to burst, filling her heart with pounding warmth. The cameras forgotten, the finger ignored, she concentrated on only one thing: the void of anticipation created by the unexplainable, never-before felt sensation, that would either bring her incomparable joy or crushing disappointment with its absence...

The warm ice stabbed her again, and as it did Gunther flicked her nipples, which doubled the pleasure, causing her to crest the wave twice at the same time. It was so unexpected, so astonishingly wonderful that she laughed; and as she did, the fire spread throughout her body and her pussy walls tensed around Gunther’s finger...

Which made his attentions all the more... astonishing.

She giggled as she wriggled on top of Gunther’s muscular frame, unable to contain her excitement and now totally focused on the burgeoning sensations that were even now awakening in her pussy.

And as Gunther increased the pace of his attentions, it got better...!

“More!” squealed Dawn, her face spread into an idiot grin.


"Hey, Brock, what’cha doin’? Oh hey, is that Dawn?”

“Ooohh yeaaah...”

“What’s she doin’?”

“Giving it everything she’s got...”

Ash frowned, then shrugged. “I don’t really get it, but that’s the spirit! Go, Dawn, go!”

“Yes, Dawn! Go! Go! Go!”

And the audience all started cheering: “Go, Dawn, go, Dawn, go...!”


And Dawn was going.

After Gunther put two fingers in, she had gotten the message that girth = pleasure; and from there it was only a short mental leap (which was just as well, for her) from that to this.

Dawn was now squatting over his erect penis, its enormous size meaning that she had to stand on his thighs just to get the leverage needed to position herself above it. She gulped as she looked down between her legs. This was going to be a daunting experience, she could tell. This was like climbing a mountain.

The size was simply awe-inspiring. She thought for a minute that it wouldn’t fit. In the end, where normal fear would have held her back, the thought that she was currently on TV convinced her to go for it. There was no way she was going to let her fans down now!

As she took the final plunge, her last thought before she abandoned her virginity was, “I’d better win an Oscar for this...”


Dawn went like a pneumatic drill, pumping up and down on the huge cock with great wet slaps. It was almost comical the way her tiny body looked when framed against Gunther’s Herculean musculature, his figure an immovable mass of steely bicep, and her just a little Pokéslut in a beanie, her entire body heaving and jiggling as she frantically devoured his Diglett.

She was lost to the urgent pleasure of the moment, not caring that she was naked in a room full of strangers – or even that she might be naked on TV, right now – and only slightly caring about the eventual accolades her acting talent would award her. In fact, as her mind drifted away on another fantasy, she thought that if she could win an award by doing this, then that would be the best...

Yes! she thought, excitedly. If this was all it took to win an Oscar, then she’d be happy just to do this every day! It was so easy, and it felt sooo good!

She began to imagine the scene: her arriving at the awards ceremony, stepping out of the car totally naked except for her beanie (she liked her beanies, and only took them off for formal dress) and waving at her adoring fans... And photographers would take her picture as she went down the red carpet, not by walking as she would normally do, but sitting on a space-hopper with a dildo mounted on top...

(Not that she knew what a dildo was; in her mind she had just invented it)

But the sheer power of Gunther’s mega-cock, even as he himself stolidly remained still, tore through Dawn’s fantasy and brought her back to the now. There was no way she could ignore what was happening to her right now – she was impaling herself on a HUGE cock, pumping herself towards an orgasm that would shatter her mind and leave her body weak and gasping – and so, so grateful. But she didn’t know that – all Dawn the movie star knew was that she was working her way towards something, and that something loomed in the near future like a white-hot inferno. Her nerves were burning with unprecedented pleasure with each pump of her hips. When she went down, the pulsating meat lolly tore through her sexy parts, squeezing through the sensitive walls of her inner sex and filling her to bursting with both meat and sensation; her eyes would pop open wide and stare, sightlessly at the lights overhead, as if she could hear the choirs of angels singing of glory as each thrust brought her closer to their Heavenly domain. And then, a jolt of pleasure would sear through her body, filling her everywhere, but especially in the ball of fire in her chest and the area down below that she didn’t even have a word for; and she would channel this burst into her legs and force them to rise, up, up, all the way up, until Gunther’s enormous winky was about half-way out of her pussy...

And as the feeling of fullness passed, she would experience the sensation of longing – not lust, exactly, because she knew nothing of lewdness and didn’t have the emotional experience to process any such feeling – but of both regret that the lovely meaty rod was no longer filling her, and of the simple childish desire to stick it back in.

And all of this in just one thrust. She was going at it like a bitch.

This... feels... so... good!! she thought, having had no idea that anything could be this wonderful. She didn’t say it out loud, not out of any kind of embarrassment, but because she was too busy gasping and hiccuping and making all sorts of weird and wonderful noises, squeaking and grinding, slapping and groaning. And all of this meant that she didn’t have time to concentrate on her acting, which was a shame because she was going to be a movie star and it was important to give her public what they wanted.

Come to think of it, she’d never actually seen anything like this on TV... Was this really what the people wanted to see? She usually watched the soap operas, and in those no one ever got to do things like this.

Her Herculean man-which grabbed her waist (in one hand!), and she stopped her humping, gasping as her heart continued to pump frantically in her chest and her pussy craved more, more, MORE lovely pump-pump Pokérod action.

“You are a whore,” said Gunther, suddenly.

“Am I?” she gasped, confused. “Um... what’s a whore?”

“Someone who has lots of sex.”

“Um, oh really?” said the Pokétramp. “Is... Is what we were doing... is that ‘seh-ecks’?”

“Yes. We are having sex.”

“Then... Then, I am a whore,” she said decisively, becoming keenly aware that there were still cameras watching.

This was her chance!

“In fact... I’ll be the best whore in the world, if you give me a chance!”

Gunther’s face, as ever, remained as impassive as rock. “You are a dirty whore.”

Dawn looked down at herself and frowned. “Am I?”


“Yes!!” said Brock.

“Yes!!” echoed all of the other members of the new Dawn Fan Club, having a whale of a time with their willies in their hands and a song in their hearts. They were having a great day.

Ash had absolutely no idea what was going on. But he’s a bit... special.


“You are a dirty little whore,” Gunther continued, with the acting skills of a Californian Governor.

Dawn didn’t know what he was talking about – she was also a bit special. But she was sure he didn’t mean to be rude. No one who would give her an hour of mind-violating luxury like that – for free, no less – could possibly be a bad person. As such, she inspected her body. The naked soles of her feet were a little dirty – but only because the floor was dusty. Dawn herself always kept herself clean by having a bath every day, usually outdoors where she could commune with nature in the nude.

(Except for her beanie – she only liked to take that off on special occasions, as has been explained)

“I suppose I am a bit dirty,” she replied, charitably. “I’m a bit of a dirty whore.”

“You are a very dirty whore,” said Gunther. “You are a dirty girl who has sex with a plumber you do not know. Now you must be punished.”

Punished? What did that mean? Dawn’s face fell. What did she do? She thought back to everything that had happened over the last confusing, wonderful hour of inexplicable bliss... But couldn’t think of anything she had done wrong. Not that she would have been able to, really, as it was all so alien to her.

“I will fuck you till you like it.”

Dawn didn’t know what ‘fuck’ meant, and she was about to ask the question when she suddenly felt her pussy lips being prided open by Gunther’s magnificent cock, and a massive spike of rock-hard flesh impaling itself upon her. It was clear that she didn’t have to say a word – she was about to find out first hand.

“Whoooaah...” breathed Dawn, as she experienced a brave new world.


Ash frowned, his brain working.

“Hey, isn’t that what you made me do to Misty?”

A shadow crossed Brock’s face for a moment. “Uhm... yeah...”

“That was pretty fun. And you made those videos that you sold out the back of the Pokémon Center? Then her belly got fat and you said that we had to leave the country...”

“Yeah, we should probably never talk about that again...” mumbled the older man as he focused his attention upon the spectacle of the world’s newest pornstar having her brains fucked out.


She was on her back, knees pressed to her collar and legs spread akimbo, being pounded mercilessly in final, jerking spasms of sexual ecstasy. She was screaming, pressed into a stranger’s mattress by a man whose cock was so far up her she couldn’t believe she could take it all in. Her mind had melted to be replaced by a dizzying wall of static, and her body screamed with her. It did this by shooting lightning through her system, electrifying all the nerves in her body and filling them with naked, burning pleasure.

She was going to cum again. She felt a crazy, mad impulse to wrap her legs around his back and pull his gorgeous meat insider her, keeping him for herself, but she was in no position to make any move, her body already stretched to its aerobic limit. She was gasping – she couldn’t breathe. The heat from his chest smothered her, made her sweat. She wanted to wiggle, but was pressed into position. She could only take it, take it, take it.

The tremor started in her pussy and washed over her in an instant; she went into spasms and twisted as much as she could beneath his manly bulk. Her eyes went wide. Her mouth moved into an ‘O’. Dawn the Pokéslut felt the life leave her body and wash out of her nethers like a tsunami. She had cum a couple of times during this film but never, ever had it been like this.

For a second that lasted eternity, she died.

And then she came back. Gasping. Her heart pounding in her chest. She was hot – the air was stuffy. Her body was empty, shivering. And she felt satisfaction like she never had before.

“Open your mouth,” came a Teutonic voice a million miles away. Obeying immediately without question, Dawn the Pokémon trainer opened her mouth.

Dozing, half-drunkenly, she mumbled, “I can’t eat anymore...”

And found she was wrong.


“Brock, what’s he doing?”

Brock gasped for air as he tore the last strip off the toilet roll. It had been a fast and frantic session, heightened by the fact that he personally knew the Pokéslut in question.

“This is the best bit,” he said.

“I don’t get it,” said Ash.

“Sir!” shouted Nurse Joy, now wearing a gas mask. “You are scaring the visitors and you smell like a toilet! Will you please leave now?”

Brock put up a single finger. “Just a minute,” he said. “I think Dawn’s going to get a rude awakening.”


Dawn was fully baptized as a Poképorn slut-whore in a ceremony similar to that of a Formula 1 driver bursting open a bottle of champagne, but instead of the champagne it was a giant willy, and rather than the spectators, the bubbly liquid was being shot on her instead.

She felt like she’d run a marathon. A wet and sticky one with a cumshot at the end.

“And CUT,” went the Director.

Dawn smiled, more satisfied than she had ever been in her life.

Show Over

Officer Jenny arrested Brock for disturbing the peace. He got one phone call and used it to call Dawn’s Mom. She bailed him out of prison.

He decided to find out if she was as slutty as her daughter. She was. She was filthy. Absolutely filthy.

Film Over

“Wait a minute!” cried Dawn indignantly, hands on hips, naked as the day she was born. “Where’s my Oscar?”

The film crew looked as each other, coming to terms with the fact that they had an adorable idiot in their midst. Finally, one of them had an idea, and retrieved an item from the bedside drawer, handing it to the porn star.

“Gasp!” said Dawn (yes, said). “Is that... a real Oscar!?”

She gripped the dildo firmly in her hand, the rubbery phallus wobbling crazily in her grasp. She couldn’t believe it... a real Oscar in her hand!

“It’s so... beautiful...” she cooed, eyeing it closely. “Could I get one with my name engraved on it...?”

Her childishly hopeful tone was just too cute to resist, and the production crew just shrugged at each other.

“Don’t see why not,” they said.

* * *

And so it was that Dawn returned home and thrust a wobbly dildo in her mother’s face.

“Look, Mom! Look what I got...!!” she exclaimed excitedly. “It’s real...!!”

The adult, for her part, just stared at her only daughter, unsure for a moment how to react. Then she just sighed and shook her head.

“Oh, Dawn. I told you not to mess with Poképorn...”

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that was awsome

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2013-05-28 22:08:00
lol, the ash and misty part was totes makin me rofl

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2013-05-28 22:07:46
lol, the ash and misty part was totes makin me rofl

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2013-05-22 18:47:15
I long for summer also. This is splimy stunning. Fresh and beautiful rose and soon the other buds will be opened and there will be another beautiful and fresh roses. You probably were very inspired to take such amazing picture.Touching and very poetic picture. I love roses and your rose is very special. Hugs and warm greetings from Kaya.

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2013-04-01 22:01:58
rofllmao fuck ash and misty part

holee shit lol

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