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My employer is an unscrupulous man. He is very rich and very well connected. However, most of those connections are all coerced. He has an extensive collection of information on numerous people around the country and he does not flinch when it comes time to threaten release of that information in order to force the individual into giving him what he wants, which is usually controlling interest in a business venture. Sometimes the individuals need a little convincing, or additional information needs to be gathered regarding them. That is where I come in………
Assignment #3

I have some very unique talents and am very discrete which is why he hired me. He pays very, very well per assignment; six figures, never starting at less than $150,000. Sometimes the assignments can be distasteful, but not enough to make me give up the money. The boss is usually very specific on what he wants done so much that he provides written details of some very specific things he wants accomplished, in specific manners. We discussed the assignment; although there were some details I was not totally comfortable with, I put my personal feelings and likes/dislikes aside as soon as he put half the cash in my hand. I am not going to explain the details of the assignment before I describe how I carried out the assignment. I think the gist of the assignment will become apparent as I relate the details.
The assignment was aimed at an insanely jealous, insecure man whose wife runs his transportation corporation from his shadow. The only reason she has the lifestyle she enjoys and so desperately needs is because she is married to him. She saw how his previous wife went the top of the world to a third floor tenement in a run down building near the rail yard. All because she let another man innocently put his arm around her shoulder at a cocktail party. He told her the story and told her that if another man touches her, for any reason, under ANY circumstances, she would suffer the same fate. She vowed nothing like this would ever happen to her. Hardwick knows all he has to do is get leverage on her and he can control the husband. So, he calls me, gives me another envelope of instructions and I begin.

Not only did Hardwick want leverage on this woman, he wanted her taken against her will and in a situation that she knew could be repeated so she would always be “looking over her shoulder”. I studied her movements for a couple weeks, learned her routine, then went into action.

I knew what time she would arrive at the synagogue so I arrived there a little before that. I parked the rental van on the small side street next to the secondary entrance door. I have mounted seventeen mini cameras in the van. The interior is completely covered and from multiple angles. Hardwick should be able to glean all the footage he needs from the numerous films. About 10 minutes later I saw her park two blocks down the street from me and begin walking toward the side door. Her tight black designer slacks defining her hot ass, her tits straining against her white silky button up shirt which has the top three buttons undone to expose the swell of those magnificent tits! I think the rabbi and her have a little something going on. Their meeting for today is about to be cancelled! She is 5’-5” tall, brown hair, green eyes, 36C tits, 126 pounds. She has a nicely rounded ass leading to long legs. Her skin tone is such that she always appears to have a light tan.

When she was half a block away I stepped out, approached and met up with her, and said "If you know what's good for you just remain calm.” She eyed the revolver through the opening of my jacket. “If you do not want to be a news story just act normal and walk towards that van ". To any onlookers we appeared to be a normal couple. At the van I opened the passenger door and shoved her inside closing the door behind me as I pushed her into the back. No one could see in the darkly tinted passenger door windows and there were no side or rear door windows. “Be quiet. Do as you are told. If you speak a single word I will gag you.” I ominously state. I see a wide eyed look on her face.

There are blankets strewn about the metal floor of the van along with some miscellaneous items I may need. I roughly push her down onto the blankets on her stomach. She grunts and struggles to get up so I set on her ass, facing her feet and grab a belt off the floor and wrap it around her ankles and quickly bound them together! I feel my cock pulsing and am getting very excited at the prospect of this! I feel her ample ass squishing around under me as she struggles against me. I spin around on top of her, working much faster now, and remove the belt from my pants and grab her flailing arms and roughly bind her wrists behind her back. She whimpers so I lean over, grab her hair, roughly jerk her head back stretching her neck and throat taut and say "Remember, not a sound or I will gag you". I dropped her head and rose up to remove my pants and shoes. I made sure she watched to see my rock hard, 9” long precummy cock spring up out of my pants. My cock reaches its thickest point in the middle of my shaft and remains that thickness on down to my pubes – 3” diameter (9 ½” circumference) so it usually makes for an impressive sight. A slight shudder went through her - I think she was secretly getting excited, while also being scared! I moved very quickly. I reached under her and unfastened her slacks and roughly jerked them down to her bound ankles. I ripped her panties off and admired her soft ass a few moments before I straddled her. I could see her thick bush peeking out from between her clinched thighs. Her body jerked as she felt my hot cock and pendulous balls against her ass cheeks.

"Yes - you are going to get that fucking you came here for! Just from me instead of the rabbi!"

I smacked her succulent as cheeks several times, watching them jiggle and turn slightly pink. I was getting more excited each time my hand smacked her hot ass!! I spread her ass cheeks wide, painfully straining her dark brown asshole. I see that her fat, hairy cunt has also split open a little. I can see a bit of moisture inside the lips of her cunt! I spit on her asshole and jam two fingers deep inside. She flinches with the suddenness of the intrusion. I pump my fingers a few times. I bend my fingers at the knuckles, pressing against the wall of her pussy, trying to make my fingertips come out of her hairy pussy entrance! Her cunt opens up a little more. There is definitely extra moisture in her pussy; I see it glistening on her pink flesh. Her ass is stretched painfully around my fingers and she groans deeply as I twist them around. I jerk my fingers out of her ass. I grab my cock and aim it at her fat pussy. I rub the precum slicked head between her lips to lube it. I slam my cock up her fuck tunnel and begin to pound her pussy hard! I lean over and bite her neck hard! I bite her earlobe and pull back on it as I slam fuck her cunt! I feel the head of my cock bounce off her cervix. I grind in deeply, pause and then rotate my hips to feel her insides being shoved around by my big knob. I let her earlobe slip from between my teeth and grunt out "I am just lubing my cock because..." then I yank it out of her pussy, and finish grunting out "I am going to fuck your ass!!!" “Oh No” she quietly gasps.

I grasp my cock, place it against her asshole and unceremoniously push my big knob in. She starts to cry out; I quickly jam the fingers that had just been in her ass into her mouth. Gripping her jaw I severely pull her head around and authoritatively snarl into her ear “be quiet!” Her tiny asshole is stretched around the crown of my cock; fuck that is tight. Her ass ring has constricted, just as my crown passed, clamping very firmly around my slick shaft. I almost cum! Her tiny hole is stretched almost to its max just by my cock knob! She is really going to feel it when I sink the rest of my wrist thick cock into her!! I thrust my hips forward. Tears began to stream down her cheeks and a guttural, gurgling sound came out of her throat. I feel the painful pressure her ass ring is applying to my cock begin to subside just as my cock passes the halfway point. Her body is quivering rapidly as my cock continues steadily up her ass. I continue shoving my cock in until my balls rest against her where her thighs are pressed together! She sucks in a tremendously large breath of air. I still have about an inch of my cock that is not in her ass so I pump her ass hard; using it like a well lubed pussy! Each time I slam forward my groin mashes her ass cheeks which allows that last inch of my invading cock to enter her shit chute. She is sweating profusely and grunting every time I ram my cock into her. I remove my fingers from her mouth and support myself up on my hands. Now I use all my weight and strength to slam my meat into her distended hole. She begins to slide across the van floor each time I slam my cock into her ass. I lean down a little and grab her shoulder with one hand to keep her from sliding away each time I bury my cock in her. This gives me a little more penetration with every thrust.

I lower myself onto my forearms – one on the van floor, one on her back with that hand still grasping her shoulder. I continue thrusting violently. My stomach starts slapping against her ass; the sound echoes off the van walls! I take my hand off her shoulder, reach under, and then frig her clit hard as I continue to slam her ass! I am like a rabid dog in heat - fucking her ass wildly!! She starts sliding across the floor again. I rise and grasp her hips and roughly pull her up onto her knees, her face pressing firmly against the van floor. I lean over a little and place one hand flat against her pussy, the heel of my palm mashing her clit against her pubic bone. With my other hand I grab one of her generous tits and squeeze it hard through the material of her shirt, mashing it, twisting, stretching it painfully. Each time I ruthlessly slam my big cock into her I pull back on her tit with all my strength and powerfully push upward on her pussy using that leverage to completely mash her ass flesh and get the best angle to ensure my big cock is completely up her tiny asshole! I feel the slick flesh of her fat pussy squeeze between my fingers each time I roughly, powerfully press up with my hand. I feel her body quivering beneath me again. I start biting all along her shoulders, across the back of her neck, leaving teeth marks!! What?? She is beginning to fuck me back! Suddenly she tenses up - my god - she is cumming!

I frig her clit hard and fast! She cries out slightly as she orgasms, afraid to make too much noise. I feel her asshole clenching and releasing as her body spasms through her orgasm. I jerk my cock out of her ass; I see her angry red, distended hole start to close up as she collapses back onto the floor of the van. Her ass juice and my precum is stringing down from the tip of my cock. I quickly move up beside her head, grab her hair and roughly pull up stretching her neck tightly, raising her face up and shove my cock as deep down her throat as I can, but not all 9”. Her eyes bulge out and her nostrils flare open! I almost cum again! Using that hand full of hair I roll her onto her back not letting my cock slip from her mouth. I face fuck her hard, her eyes began to water, she can’t get a breath, my balls are slamming her nose and my pubic bone is smashing her chin! I drive my cock in as far as possible and hold it there for a few seconds. My balls completely cover her nose and spill into her eyes. I lean forward and brace myself with my hands beside her hips on the van floor. I look down between us and watch as I rapidly slam my cock in and out of her throat. I see her neck bulge each time my big knob penetrates her throat. Her slick muscles are really working my cock as she gags and struggles around my pistoning cock. FUCK, I am going to cum now! I jam my cock into her throat as it swells then erupts squirting warm jets of cum down her throat! She gags and struggles to swallow. Some of my cum leaks out of her mouth onto the blankets! I keep her mouth forced down onto my cock until my orgasm subsides and she has swallowed all the cum in her mouth. I jerk my cock out of her mouth and say "See, I told you so, if you were not quiet I would gag you". I put my pants on, unfastened her then got into the driver’s seat. As she got dressed I drive around the block and pull up next to her car. She steps out and I drive off fully confident she will say nothing about this for fear of losing her lifestyle.

Once again Hardwick was pleased with my work. He was able to splice together a very “good” film from all the mini cameras I had in the van.

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2015-03-10 04:39:45
Notice you reused plot, setting, and actions of the van rape from your previous story,"Hard "role" tucking in this video. Very lazy thing to do.

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