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Tracey has kept a few secrets from her daughters
Their Unusual Mommy
by BrettJ © 2011

The Golden sisters, Tanya and Teagan, were thrilled when the taxi pulled up to their mother’s luxurious new condominium. It was going to be wonderful to live with Mommy again, the past 3 years they had missed her very much. Not that living with their grandmother was awful; the 52-year old woman was a lot of fun and doted on the girls. But her home was small and there wasn’t a lot for a 15 and 16-year old to do. Their mom’s community had more people their age and mom, at only 35, was a free spirit and thought “young”.

Tracey Golden ran out of her home and hugged her girls. She was grateful beyond words to her mother for helping to raise the girls for the past 3 years while she went to Law School. It couldn’t have been easy for her, especially with her husband, Tracey’s father, dying so young. Still, Taya Golden buckled down, worked her way up in the shipping company she worked for and was now office manager. She encouraged her daughter to improve her life and thereby, improve the lives of her girls. Tracey always listened to her mother, for mommy had always looked out for her, always been there for her and always protected her. She had loved her father too, but Tracey and Taya were especially close. With her girls living with her now, she hoped that she could build that kind of relationship with them as well.

Teagan was practically jumping up and down. “Oh mommy, mommy, we missed you so much. Living with Gran was nice, but we’re so glad to be living with you. Wow, your new place is so nice, are we really going to get our own rooms?”

Tracey laughed as her youngest daughter ran around. “She’s still a motor-mouth, eh?” She laughed as she hugged Tanya.

“Yep, but otherwise, she’s a great kid,” Tanya said of her younger sister.

“Neither one of you are kids anymore, not really,” Tracey smiled at her daughter. She brushed strands of blonde hair from her face as her excited youngest ran back into the room, nearly knocking her over as she hugged her mom.

“We’re really, really going to live here from now on?” Teagan said as she settled on to the soft, leather couch.

“Yes you are, but girls, there are some things we’re going to need to discuss. You’re adults now, young ladies and I think there are things you need to know about, important things,” Tracey said in a solemn tone. She took one of Teagan’s hands and one of Tanya’s.

“You mean like, about sex, mom?” Tanya said, her green eyes meeting her mother’s blue eyes.

“In a way darling, yes,” Tracey sighed. “This isn’t going to be easy girls, but I’ve kept a lot of things from you and if you’re going to be living here full-time, I don’t want to have to live my life in hiding. So prepare yourselves, you’re in for a few shocks tonight,” Tracey told them.

“You said it yourself mom, we’re growing up, we can handle it,” Teagan smiled.

“I hope so babies, I hope so,” Tracey said. “I’ll be back in a minute, wait here.”

The sisters stared at each other and were puzzled. They were even more astonished when their mother came back into the room wearing a suit that covered most of her torso and very high boots. It hugged her curvy frame and looked very different, although Teagan couldn’t take her eyes off her mother.

“I’m going to share things with you tonight babies, things you might not understand, so feel free to ask questions. Your mommy is … well, I’m a kinky slut. I don’t mind using that word, because I’m a very sexual person, I crave sex and kinks. This outfit I’m wearing, it’s made of latex and it’s very snug. It makes mommy horny. Are you with me so far?”

Both girls nodded, dumbstruck.

“Next, you might have noticed or you might not, but I don’t date a lot. Well, I do date … but I rarely date men. I prefer having sex with women, as you’ll learn later. I like women a bit older and I love younger women … like you two.” Tracey told them. She looked at them and licked her lips. “I must confess, there are a few of your friends I find very appealing and I’d love to have sex with them. I’m sure their tight, naughty little pussies taste delicious.”

Tanya looked a bit freaked, odd, as she was normally the calm one and Teagan was the one who bubbled over about everything. Tracey took a deep breath and continued.

“I have lots of naughty, swinging friends, but there is a need to keep my private life private, do you understand?” Both girls nodded. “Good, because there’s more.” Tracey looked intently at both of her daughters.

“I just told you that I love young, sexy women and I have two of the sexiest daughters EVER. So, if my two lovely girls are willing, I’d love to have sex with both of you,” Tracey confessed.

The girls moved back, stunned. Oddly, it was Teagan who recovered first. She leaned forward and kissed her mother sensually, pressing her 32D tits close to Tracey’s body. “It’s cool you’re being so honest with us, mommy. Yeah … yeah, I think I could get into that.”

Tanya was non-plussed. “Are you nuts? Lesbian sex and with our own mom?!”

Teagan shrugged. “If it feels good, do it. No one’s going to force you Tanya, but I’m going to do it. It’s going to be fun, right Mom?” Teagan sat back and crossed her legs; Tracey looked at the pretty blonde with undisguised admiration.

“There’s still more girls, a lot more. You both know you’re adopted; I’ve made no secret of that. I never married and until the brokerage house I worked for went bust, I made enough money to support us all,” Tracey confessed. “Well, here’s the thing … I wanted to have children, two girls, but no adoption agency was going to let a 20-year old adopt 2 kids no matter how much money they had. So, I … lied about my age and your grandmother went along with it.”

“Holy fuck Mom, so how old ARE you?” Tanya wanted to know.

“I’m actually only 30 and your grandmother is only 47 … well, not quite, her birthday is in a few months,” Tracey told them.

Teagan giggled nervously. “Wow, this is really all too-freaking-much, but we still love you mommy.”

Tracey turned to Tanya. “Do you still love me, baby?”

Tanya sighed. “Yeah, I guess. It’s just a lot to take in mom, you know?”

“Yes, I understand. There’s still more,” Tracey continued.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Tanya groaned. “Now what?”

“A few years ago, after your grandfather died, your Gran was very lonely. She was only 42 and you know he was almost 60. She was helping me with you two and she hadn’t dated since she was 16 and she was horny. So your mommy kind of … helped her out,” Tracey told them.

“Helped her out? How?” Teagan asked.

That was when Tracey dropped her ultimate bombshell. She stood up and took off the tight, purple latex thong she had been wearing to reveal …

“Holy FUCK, Mom’s got a … THING!” Tanya gasped.

“Don’t call it a thing sis, it’s a cock,” Teagan groaned. “Fuck mom, you have a cock. I don’t get it. Are you a transsexual or a drag queen or …?”

“No darling, your mommy is what they call a hermaphrodite. I was born with a pussy and a cock, although my pussy is very tiny. These …” Tracey hefted her 34D tits “… are 100% real, no silicone. To answer your questions, yes, my cock can get full erect and even cum and yes, I’ve fucked your Gran with it. She loves it … she howls like a slut when I fuck her,” Tracey giggled.

“Oh God, this is all too, too much,” Tanya groaned.

“I think it’s fucking hot,” Teagan sighed. “It’s all perverted and nasty. I want to do it with you, Mommy. I can hardly wait for you to fuck me with that thing, how big is it?”

“About 7 inches when hard, but it’s very sensitive. When a girl sucks on it, it gets hard fast,” Tracey grinned, thrilled with Teagan’s response.

“Hold on, hold on, slow down here,” Tanya waved her hands. “Can’t they do surgeries to fix this? Why didn’t you have one of those and why is this the first we’re hearing about all of this?”

“Okay Tanya, calm down. Yes, they have surgeries, but believe it or not, your grandfather didn’t know. My mother hid it from him, because we couldn’t have afforded the surgery and daddy would have felt so guilty. Then, when I was about Teagan’s age, something happened that made me change my mind.”

Teagan leaned forward. “Tell us mommy, tell us. I want to hear it all.”

Tracey saw that Tanya was fighting her curiosity, but she leaned closer to hear what her mother would reveal next.

“With your grandmother’s help, I was able to keep it hidden, but when I was 15, I knew I had to tell someone. I decided to tell my best friend, your Aunt Tiffany. She wanted me to see it, so I told her that I’d show her my cock if she’d show me her pussy. She agreed and the next time she slept over, we got out of our underwear and showed our bodies to each other. She started stroking mommy’s cock and it started to get hard. I was fondling her cute little pussy and it was getting wet. Before either one of us could stop, your Aunt Tiffany was on top of me and my cock was going into her pussy. Maybe we should have stopped, but her pussy was so tight and hot and wet, well, like I said … mommy is a slut. In short, Aunt Tiffany and I took each other’s virginity that night. I think your grandmother knew, but she’s never said a word,” Tracey smiled.

“And so you decided to keep your cock?” Teagan said, wide-eyed.

“Yes. Your aunt told me I should and I thought it over and agreed I could have more fun that way,” Tracey smiled.

“When did you and Aunt Tiffy stop?” Teagan asked.

“Who says we stopped?” Tracey giggled. “Aunt Tiffy calls me her little dick girl and I love it. Whenever your Uncle Ethan is out of town, we get together. Last time, we included your cousin Lara. I got her cherry too, what a hot little slut. We ended the night with me in your cousin’s pussy and your aunt fucking her ass with a strap-on!” Tracey grinned.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe all of this. My mom is a fucking dick girl perv,” Tanya said.

“Well, I think it’s neat. I’ve always wanted to make it with a girl; mommy can be my first and fuck me too. I’m down with that mommy, I want you to fuck me and make me your little slut,” The 15-year old blonde said.

“That’s good baby, mommy will love fucking your snug little pussy,” Tracey grinned, tweaking one of her daughter’s nipples playfully. “What about you Tanya … in or out?”

Tanya sighed. “I suppose I don’t have a choice, do I?”

“Don’t be ridiculous darling, of course you have a choice,” Tracey told her.

“Not really, mom. If you and Teagan are screwing all the time and if you’re having girls over, I’m going to get curious and eventually, I’d likely get drawn in. It makes more sense to do it now and get some experience under my belt. I’m not opposed to sex, I’ve fucked a few guys,” Tanya confessed.

“Damn, I was hoping to get your cherry,” Tracey pouted.

“Tell you what mom,” Tanya leaned forward, cupping one of her mother’s latex-covered tits in her hand. She slid her tongue into Tracey’s mouth and frenched her. “You can be the first cock in my ass.”

“Good to see my girls are actually such naughty little sluts, it will make for less complications,” Tracey grinned. “If you go into your bedrooms, you’ll find a little present waiting there for both of you. Join me in my room whenever you’re ready.” Tracey walked away and she could feel both of her daughter’s watching her. Her life from now on was going to be tremendously happy. She would train her daughters to be sexy little slut-bitches, just like she was.

15 minutes later, the girls walked into her room and Tracey’s cock twitched. Her girls looked so fuckable and edible; she couldn’t wait to screw them both.

Tanya was wearing a little schoolgirl outfit, but the white blouse dipped low in front and was tied under her 34D tits. Her stomach was bared, flat and tan. The plaid skirt was short and not much more than a strip of cloth, she wore a white lace thong, white stockings and “stripper” heels.

Teagan looked vastly different. The adorable blonde was in black PVC, a corset, thong and high “fuck me” boots with a stiletto heel. She licked her lips and was the first to join her mother on the bed.

“God mommy, you look like such a slut,” Teagan sighed as her mother’s lips covered her own. There was little mother-daughter affection in their embrace; it was entirely physical and full of perverted desire.

“So do you angel, so does Tanya,” Tracey smiled when she broke their kiss. “Mommy’s nasty little sluts.”

“Let me suck your cock mommy, I’ve never done that,” Teagan pleaded. “You can eat Tanya’s pussy, that’ll be so sexy.”

“Do you want me to eat your pussy, baby?” Tracey smiled, holding out her arms for her oldest daughter.

“Yeah mom, do it,” Tanya sighed. “Eat my slutty cunt.”

“Thattagirl baby, now you’re in the spirit of things,” Tracey grinned as Tanya’s pussy neared her face. “Oh Teagan baby, you’re doing mommy so nice!”

Her daughter’s soft mouth was around her cock and Tracey thought she had died and gone to heaven. Her lifestyle might be perverted, but it brought her so much happiness, she had been able to help Taya through a difficult time and now she was providing pleasure to her equally-kinky daughters. Teagan’s lips were like butter and she felt her cock get stiff as her daughter sucked. Her mouth worked harder on Tanya’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, I don’t know WHY I fought this, so good, so fucking good!” Tanya groaned. “Eat me mommy, Teagan, you look so fucking hot sucking mommy!”

Teagan was not going to be content just sucking. Her pussy was drenched and she needed no lubrication, the heat of the latex on her cunt had warmed her considerably. She slid on to her mother’s cock and in an instant; her virginity was a thing of the past.

“Oh shit, it hurts, but it hurts so good. Come closer Tanya, kiss me and we’ll all be joined, fucking mommy, her naughty bitches!” Teagan shrieked.

“Yes baby, we’re mommy’s whores!” Tanya groaned before her lips met her sister’s and they exchanged tongues, then sucked on each other’s tongues for a bit. Then, to her surprise, Teagan felt her pussy being filled with cum. Tanya was thrilled to see their perverted mommy cumming in her sister’s tight, virginal snatch. She didn’t care about the mess, she moved between Teagan’s thighs and licked her clean. Tracey watched with delight, thrilled that Tanya had now accepted her own perversions.

“Don’t worry about getting pregnant baby, mommy’s sterile,” Tracey grinned, giggling as her daughter’s snuggled close. Both of them had their hands on her now-soft cock.

“We’d have your babies anyway mommy, we’re sluts, remember?” Tanya teased. Teagan giggled.

“How long does it take for you to get hard again, mommy?” Teagan wanted to know.

“It depends baby, a little while, why?” Tracey responded.

“You have to fuck Tanya, I want to see that next,” Teagan pouted. “If we’re going to be sluts, we’ll need lots of practice.”

“She’s right mommy, we will,” Tanya purred, cupping one of her sister’s nipples, then biting it. “Come here sis, we’ll do a `69’, you can be on top. That’s bound to get mommy turned on again.”

Watching her teen daughters in the ages-old lesbian position did indeed get to Tracey. It wasn’t long before her pecker was ready again and she was eagerly fucking Tanya who was slurping as much cunt juice out of Teagan’s hole as she could manage. The family didn’t stop having sex until almost 4 AM.

Tracey woke first the next day and decided to make brunch for her girls. With slightly bleary eyes, they came downstairs around noon. Tracey was on the phone with her mother.

“Yes Mom, everything’s fine, they’re here and settled in. Well, of course we did. Yes mom, they are my daughters in every way. You would? Sure, that would be wonderful,” Tracey said as she hung up the phone.

“That was Gran, right mom?” Teagan said as she poured syrup on her waffles. “What did she have to say?”

“Yeah mom, how’s she doing?” Tanya said as she took some bacon for herself. Both girls were wearing only bra and panty sets.

“She’s okay, but a little lonely, she misses her granddaughters, so I’ve invited her to come for dinner. Teagan, there’s a little cute little French Maid outfit in your room, Tanya, in your closet you will find another cute little schoolgirl outfit similar to the one you wore last night, only with thigh-high black leather boots. I’m going to wear my Jungle Girl outfit with my loincloth,” Tracey smiled, patting her twitching cock. “We’re all going to welcome your Gran in the way a loving family should.” She smiled as Teagan and Tanya hugged her from either side. “We both promise to be the tastiest desserts of all, mommy” Teagan purred as they kissed their dick-girl mom.

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