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this story is about a girl who meets a guy at the bar
This is a fiction story about a girl that goes to a bar and meets a guy. So plz feel free to leave comments this is on my second story and my first one didn't do so good. How about we get on with the story

Standing alone against the bar,she gazes around the room with her
Long,wavy strawberry blonde hair and bluish,green,lonely eyes laced
With black mascara and green eye shadow. She has a thick figure with
Full breast and thighs. She takes a sip of her captain morgan mixed with
Coke when she catches the eye of a gorgeous young man.

She stares as if she is undressing him with her tipsy eyes as he walks across
The dance floor. There is something that makes him stand out from all the
Other men in the room."He is different," she thinks to herself,as she studies
His medium build body,with the back of a hard worker that so easily turns her

His blonde hair and hazel eyes that are shaped so perfectly to make her heart
Melt while staring in to them. As he walks up to the bar she feels nervous as if he
Has already taken over her body without even laying one soft hand on her. She tries
To look away to keep him from noticing but this feeling was too over powering and she
Couldn't help but to stare.

As he approaches her, she can feel her heart pounding out of her chest "what are you drinking"
He asks with a sexy yet manly tone. "Captain and coke" she replies.
He turns to the bartender and request another drink for her. She smiles
Uncontrollably as he turns to her to say "that's my favorite drink also." She was
applauded to find out they have something in common as she had previously believed
He was different. Before she knew it, they were lost in each other's company on the dance
Floor, swaying to a slow country song.

With his ripped, strong arms wrapped around her so tight as if they have been together for
Years. He softly whispers into her ear, "let's go somewhere to be alone" not looking at him,
She can't help but smile with happiness. She grabs his hand and leads him toward the door
Eager to have him all to herself even if only for one night. They arrive at his apartment after
Opening the door, her in front of him, he lightly grabs her full figured waist and turns her to
Face him. His mouth leaning in to kiss her soft,warm pink lips, she finds it hard to breathe as
His tongue slips into her small but luscious mouth. His touch is so soft but firm at the same

Gliding from her lips to her neck, she let's out a sigh. His warm tongue caressing the side of
Her neck gets her going even more. His masculine hands brushing the back of her neck, up to
Pulling the back of her hair. Her body filled with excitement, she slowly reaches her hands to his
Belt and begins to unbuckle it and pulls it off. Unfastening his pants and zipper,she can feel his
Erection before sliding them off. Without any control she is pulling up his shirt over his head and
Drop it onto the floor. The feel of his toned,tight back makes her feel safe,even though she
Doesn't even know his name.

He takes his time undressing her as he makes it clear to stare at every part of her full figured body.
His hand massaging her breast while he pushes her up against the wall. Grabbing her arms,he placed
Them above her head with his hands firmly around her wrists. Moving his tongue from her ear to her
Neck to her breasts. Her nipple inside of his mouth and makes her moan slightly louder than before.
Going down toward her belly button, moving his tongue faster around it and down toward her vagina
As he lifts her right leg onto his shoulder as he kneels down. The feeling of his hot,wet tongue on her
Vagina has her extremely aroused. He stays down south for about 10 minutes with her hands on his head
Helping to navigate his tongue to her G -spot.

Once she has already reached her climax she pulls him up and pins him against the wall only to go down
On him. She places her mouth around his penis and sucks soft and slow at first. His groaning loudly makes
Her go faster and stroke it with her hand at the same time. She twirls her tongue around the head of his penis
And licks it side to side. He can't take it anymore and wants to be inside of her,to feel her wet,warm vagina on his hard erected penis. He lays her on the floor and climbs over top of her saying "how do you want it?" She is too into it to even acknowledge he whispered to her. He pushed up on her with his penis and it slides right in cause she is so wet.

The tightness of her vagina makes him groan even louder,while the size of his large penis makes her reach
Another climax,he can feel it getting tighter and tighter as she comes on his penis inside of her,he feels his
Climax coming on stronger and stronger,groaning louder and louder,it feels so good he doesn't want to stop
But she pushes him away to have him stand and places her mouth on his penis once again. The sucking of her mouth around it and the movement of her tongue makes him go crazy,his body tightens with his hands
Placed firmly on her head moving it back and fourth. He feels his urge coming on and stops moving her as
His cum squirts into her mouth and down her throat. She moves back and spits it out. He takes her to his bed where they fall fast asleep into each others arms! Feel free to leave comments


2011-03-12 16:53:55
so is this story a yes or no

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-12 16:47:04
I liked it very much. I hope it did not end with a 1 nighter.

I hate those, I always wound up feeling used.

Once I got a Check off 1st(I beleive in Ladyies 1st), and she wanted to and did quit. I just chucked it up to remorse and Religious Guilt. Let it go was not that Hot anyway.

This is a good story.


2011-03-12 16:13:57
feel free to leave comments

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