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Two friends sharing.
Amy and Michelle were the best of friends. They met five years ago at the law firm where they are both legal secretaries. They decided they wanted to have some fun and went to the local dance club. Amy wore a red loose-fitting short skirt with a black mesh shirt and lacy black bra. Her shoes were your basic black pumps and her nails matched her little red skirt. Michelle wore a short, baby blue dress that would raise up when she spun around on the dance floor and gave anyone, lucky enough to look at the right time, a little peek of her ample backside. They both did their share of flirting and slamming down tequila shots. Michelle had not eaten much all day so the tequila was having more effect on her than Amy. Around midnight Michelle decided she was tired and not feeling good so she called a cab and went home. Not long after she left, a tall handsome guy approached Amy. As he got closer Amy gave him the once over. Long brown hair, dark and soulful brown eyes, and no wedding ring. She was thinking this just might be a promising encounter. Little did she know what the night had in store for her. As the stranger arrived at her table he asked if she would like to dance. She said yes and they moved their way to the dance floor. Just as they made it to the floor "Push It" by Salt and Peppa began playing. As they were dancing Amy took notice of the stranger's moves and was rather impressed. She was thinking moves like that could come in handy in other ways as well. As the song ended "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails started. They decided to stay and dance to that song as well. They were both starting to feel a little excited and more comfortable with each other. They moved toward each other and began grinding their bodies together. Their writhing became a sensual and rhythmic movement.

Amy was now very interested to see if the stranger could move as well in the bedroom as he did on the dance floor. She grabbed his hand and lead him back to the table where she was sitting. She pushed him into the chair behind him and straddled him. She put her hands on either side of his face and began kissing him. She opened her mouth a little and he slipped his tongue into it. Their tongues danced as feverishly as their bodies had just a moment ago. Amy told the stranger she doesn't normally do this kind of thing, but there was just something about him that she found irresistable. The stranger told her that he felt the same way. Amy then asked if he wanted to take things back to her place. The stranger agreed, took her hand a lead her out the door. Once outside he pushed her up against the wall and they began kissing passionately once again. Their hands explored every inch of each other's body. Amy pushed him away and asked if she needed to call a cab. He told her no, that he would drive them to her place, and not to worry that he had not had anything to drink so she would be safe. He lead her to where his car was parked. She was impressed once again as she saw the stranger's car. It was a black Jaguar with gray leather interior. He opened the door for her and she sat down and moved her long, sexy legs into the car. Amy gave him directions to her apartment which was only about three blocks away.

Once at the front door of her apartment they began kissing and fondling each other once again. Their passion was building up so quickly they could hardly control themselves. Amy managed to fumble around in her purse and find her keys, all the while kissing the handsome stranger. Once inside they ripped off each other's clothes and Amy couldn't wait anymore. She dropped to her knees and she began stroking his cock and then took it into her mouth. His cock grew larger and stiffer and began throbbing. As she pleasured him with her mouth and tongue she also massaged his balls. Not wanting him to explode so soon, Amy stood up, grabbed his cock, and lead him to the bedroom. She then shoved him onto her bed and climbed on top of him. She then turned around and they pleasured each other with their hands and mouths. After what seemed like an eternity of extacy, the stranger positioned Amy on all fours. He then took her from behind, shoving his rock-hard cock into her tight, juicy pussy. Amy soon found out that the stranger definitely could move as well in bed as he did on the dance floor. They had a night of unbridled passion. They worked themselves up so much that once they climaxed in unison it wasn't long that Amy fell asleep in the stranger's arms.

The next morning Amy slept through her alarm and woke up a little late. She hurridly took a shower, and got dressed. The stranger asked Amy if it would be alright for him to take a shower before he left. She said that would be fine, but to make sure he locked the door as he left. Amy finally made her way into work, exhausted and with scenes from last night flashing in her mind. She soon began trying to focus on her work, as she had a very important meeting later that morning. She read over some papers for the meeting and made a few notes. It then dawned on her that she forgot to take her blood pressure medicine. It was going to be a fairly stressful day so she really needed to take her medicine. Just then Michelle walked into her office and asked her how things went after she left last night. Amy, with a coy smile on her face, told her it went ok and that she would tell her everything later. She then handed Michelle her apartment key and asked if she would mind going to get her medicine for her while she finished preparing for the morning meeting. Michelle was not busy at the moment so she agreed. A few minutes later Amy had a sudden panic as she remembered she left the stranger at her apartment. She hadn't had time to tell Michelle about him. What if he was still there when Michelle walked in? That could be a very bad situation. She feared MIchelle might try to knock him out or call the police on him. She feverishly called Michelle's cell phone to let her know so she wouldn't be startled. It was no use, Michelle had turned her phone off so all Amy got was her voice mail. She decided to leave a message in hopes that Michelle might turn on her phone before she got to the apartment. Michelle however, did not turn on her phone.

Michelle took out Amy's key and started to unlock the door. She then realized it was already unlocked. This alarmed her, but she knew she had to investigate. She slowly opened the door and heard the water running in the bathroom. She grabbed the baseball bat that Amy kept beside her bedroom door. Michelle then creeped carefully to the bathroom. She was startled to see a shadow behind the shower curtain, the water running and the room filled with steam from the hot water. She raised the bat in her right hand and threw back the shower curtain with her left. This scared the wet, naked stranger. He quickly thrust his hands out and told her to put the bat down. Michelle gripped the bat even tighter and asked him what he was doing in her friend's shower. He frantically explained to her the scenario from last night. He was unable to completely convince her that it was alright for him to be there. She then turned on her phone, not even noticing the message waiting for her, and called Amy. While Michelle was dialing, the stranger grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. The receptionist let Amy know that Michelle was on the line for her. Amy let out a sigh of relief and picked up the handset. She asked Michelle if she got her message. Michelle told her she had not checked her messages, but that she was at the apartment and asked if she knew there was a guy in her shower. Amy assured her that she did know he was there and that he was a guy that she met last night. Michelle let out a small laugh and said that she would definitely talk to her later. Amy laughed and they both hung up. Michelle put the phone back in her coat pocket and propped the bat up against the bathroom wall. She flashed a sheepish smile at the stranger and apologized for almost knocking him in the head. He told her it was ok and that he would have done the same thing if he was in her place.

Michelle grabbed Amy's pills from the medicine cabinet and walked out of the bathroom, all the time snickering to herself. Before she got too far, she turned her head back just in time to catch a peek of the stranger removing the towel. She was too frightened earlier to check him out, but she took notice of the stranger's muscular body this time. She turned her head back around with a big smile on her face and bit her bottom lip. Suddenly she had a very exciting and naughty thought. She was in the same place as a handsome, dripping-wet, and naked man. It would be very exciting to go right back into the bathroom and just throw caution to the wind. She wrestled over the idea in her head. She couldn't do that, after all she didn't know this guy at all. On the other hand, Amy was with the guy and she was still alive, so how bad could he be? Also from the little peek she got, the stranger was very well endowed.

She decided to go for it. After all, she may never have a chance like this again. She put the pills down on the counter and made her way nervously back to the bathroom. When she got to the doorway, she saw the stranger pulling his shirt over his head. She run over and stopped him, and pulled his shirt off again. The stranger was surprised, but undeniably excited. Michelle reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into her. They looked intently into each other's eyes and couldn't help but smile. They kissed and Michelle let the stranger explore her body with his hands. He reached inside her blouse and squeezed her right breast. He could tell she was as turned on as he was because he felt her nipple turn as hard as a rock. As they were kissing Michelle pulled him along as she moved backwards. They made their way to Amy's bedroom and collapsed onto the bed. Michelle slid down the stranger's body and moved down to the floor on her knees. He then unbuttoned her blouse and slowly slid it off. He squeezed both of her large, heaving breasts and gently pinched her nipples. Michelle pushed his legs apart and grabbed his cock. She ran her hand up and down his rigid member. After a few strokes she moved her lips to the tip of his cock and began gently sucking on the head. This felt so good to the stranger and he could tell she was no amatuer at this act. She then opened her luscious lips and slid her mouth over his cock. As she moved along his shaft she let her teeth rub across it, being careful not to apply too much pressure. This sent an extra surge of excitement through his body and he instinctly grabbed her hair. Having her hair pulled was a major turn on for Michelle, so this only made her want to please him more. She moved back up his shaft, gliding her tongue on it as she got closer to the tip. She then played with the tip of his cock with her tongue. She circled and flicked it quickly while she rubbed his balls in her hand. The stranger was so worked up that he felt like his cock was going to burst. Michelle feeling his body start to tremble gave his cock a couple more strokes, then licked her way up his stomach and chest. Finally her lips met his and they began kissing. The stranger grabbed the back of her head and ran his fingers through her hair while their tongues penetrated each other's lips. The stranger then stood up and put Michelle on the bed. She laid down and put her head on the pillow. He finished removing Michelle's clothes. He spread her legs apart and began rubbing her pussy lips. He felt her clit harden and her juices begin to flow. As he slipped two fingers inside her he rubbed her clit with his thumb. He soon found just the right spot and the juices flowed out of her pussy like a waterfall. Michelle let out a loud, breathy moan and arched her back a little. The stranger knew she was ready for his cock, so he grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her pussy lips a few times, covering it with her sweet juices. Then without warning, he thrust his manhood inside her tight pussy. She let out a loud moan at this moment when pleasure mixed with a little pain. The stranger wrapped his arms around Michelle's thighs and moved back and forth with fierce intensity. The sounds of sex filled the room as Michelle moaned and their skin slapped together. The stranger strained to push his cock as deep as possible into Michelle's warm, juicy pussy. Just as he was on the brink of releasing his load inside Michelle he pulled out and laid down. Michelle positioned herself on top of him. The stranger reached up and massaged her breasts some more as she moved toward him and they kissed passionately. Michelle then moved back a little and slipped his cock inside her once again. She slowly moved her pussy up and down his hard, glistening cock. She arched her back and threw her head back as his cock went deeper inside her than ever before. As the rush of extacy went through Michelle she began moving up and down faster and faster, her breasts bouncing to the rhythm of their love-making. They couldn't take it any longer. The intensity was too much, The stranger shot his load inside Michelle as a rush of juices ran from her pussy, down his shaft, and onto the bed. Michelle moved off the stranger and collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes of kissing, Michelle had a moment of clarity and remembered why she was there. She got up and told the stranger to put his clothes on and get out. She urgently put her clothes on, then ripped the sheets off the bed and shoved them into the clothes hamper. She grabbed the pills on the counter. The stranger put his clothes on and walked toward Michelle. They kissed a few more times and Michelle pushed him away and said they needed to go right now. Michelle was so worried about getting back to work that she didn't bother to give the stranger her phone number and didn't even give him a chance to ask or hers. She finally pushed him out the door and locked it behind them. She ran to her car and the stranger made his way to his. He stopped, and just as he was about to ask if he could see her again, Michelle hopped in her car and shut the door. The stranger reluctantly got in his car and drove off.

Michelle got back to work and made a bee-line for Amy's office. As Michelle was walking down the hall people began pouring out of the room where Amy was to have her meeting. Amy then walked out and saw Michelle, bottle in hand. Michelle could tell by the look on Amy's face that she was less than happy. Amy made her way to her office and Michelle followed her. As Michelle handed her the medicine, Amy asked her where she had been and what took her so long. Nervousness, adrenaline, and excitement all ran through Michelle at the same time. She carefully explained to Amy exactly what had happened. Once she was done with the whole sorted tale of passion, she apologized over and over.

Amy was understandibly even more upset after hearing that her best friend had just had sex in her apartment with the guy she had just slept with the night before. Michelle knew that there was nothing more that she could say, so she left Amy's office hoping that her friend would calm down and that this one moment of indisrection would not ruin their friendship. After several minutes Amy did finally calm down and realized that she had overreacted. After all, he was a complete stranger and Michelle was her best friend. She went to Michelle's office and asked her if they could talk. Michelle said sure, and they began sharing all the intimate details of their encounters with the stranger.

Amy and Michelle both thought of the stranger from time to time. They wondered if he might show up at Amy's door again some day. They discussed the possibilities of what could happen if he did, and agreed it might be even more exciting to be with him at the same time. The thought intrigued them both, and even though they never saw the stranger again, they did find someone else to help them fulfill their fantasy. It was a wonderful experience, but they agreed that it was a one time thing. They never wanted anything to ruin their friendship, so they resolved themselves to sharing their individual sexual experiences.

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2011-04-25 12:50:20
They had plans of getting together just the 2 of them and eating each other.

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Good Story Liked it.

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