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Rosemary's training continues
This is the sequel to 'Slut School 1 & 2' Please read them first.

The next Friday night Rosemary rang my front door bell right on time. I was naked when I opened the door to her. As soon as she was inside the door she kicked off her rubber thongs, then I helped her take off the skimpy sun dress that she was wearing, and there we were, both naked. We wrapped our arms around each other and pressed our boobs and our cunts together. It didn't look as if Rosemary was traumatised by the events of last Monday night. Thank goodness!

“Hi Julia. Where are Jules and Jim?”

“They'll be here soon. I just want to talk to you one-on-one first.”

“OK. What?”

“Rosemary, you've progressed much faster than I had ever thought possible. I just want to check that you're not freaking out.”

“Hey! I'm here, I'm naked, and I'm ready for whatever you throw at me. I told Ralph, before I left home, that I thought that Jules and Jim would both fuck me tonight. He said that he would wait up for me because he wanted to hear the details.”

“Before any of that, I want to hear your take on Monday night. What did you and Ralph say to each other the next day?”

“OK. In the cab on the way home, I knew that Ralph was going to fuck you in front of Sam and me, and Sam was going to fuck me in front of you two. When it happened I was surprised that I didn't feel jealous. Maybe it was because Sam was finger fucking me while you two fucked and I was stroking Sam's cock, or maybe it was because Ralph kept looking me in the eye and smiling at me or winking; I think that that was his way of including me in what was happening.”

“When you two both came, I expected Sam to plunge his cock into my cunt, but instead he positioned us in a 69 with me on top. His cock was pushing in and out of my mouth and his tongue was exploring my slit, from my hole up to my clit and back. God! It was so exciting to be doing this in front of my husband and the woman who he had just fucked.”

“After I had cum a couple of times he came in my mouth and I managed to swallow it all. I loved the feeling that came after we had both cum, especially when he pulled me against him and we cuddled together.”

“Half an hour later he finally fucked me, missionary style, and I came again. I loved it. After you and Sam left, Ralph made gentle love to me and told me how much he loved me. We fell asleep, and over slept next morning, which meant that there was no time to discuss what had happened the previous night before we both rushed off to work.”

“Half way through the morning Ralph rang me at my work and asked me if I was OK. I told him that I could not concentrate on my work because I kept thinking about the night before. One minute I was thrilled by the shear nastiness of what we had done the night before, next minute I was horrified by the damage that I feared that I had done to our marriage.”

“He told me to concentrate on being thrilled, because, when we talked about it that night he hoped to convince me that no damage had been done to our marriage. After all, I had appeared to enjoy seeing him taking pleasure in fucking you, Julia, and he had taken great pleasure in watching the lust on my face as Sam fucked me.”

“For the rest of the day, I still couldn't concentrate on my work, but I stopped worrying about our marriage and allowed myself to enjoy the feelings that I had experienced the night before.”

“Normally I get home before Ralph and start preparing the evening meal, but Ralph had made a special effort to be home before me, because he knew that it was important that we talked about the night before. We kissed, he told me how much he loved me (a lot), then he told me to change into something sexy because he was taking me out to dinner. I asked him how sexy. He said classy sexy, not slutty sexy.”

“I came down wearing my best little black dress. and my fuck-me red high heels. I had no bra or panties underneath my dress, but so far only I knew that. We took a taxi to my favourite restaurant overlooking the harbour, and he encouraged me to order whatever I fancied. He ordered two glasses of Bolinger to start, and a special bottle of wine to follow. Then he turned to me.”

“'Rosemary', he said, 'I love you so much and last night has only made me love you more. I hope and pray that you feel the same way. If you can say “yes” you will make me the happiest man alive.' What could I say? All my doubts vanished as I leaned across to him and kissed him passionately. 'Oh! Yes, Ralph. I'm so happy that you still love me.' That night, and every night since, we've made gentle but beautiful love together.”

“He tells me that nights like Monday night will happen again, but only when I tell him that I am ready for them. I'm so happy.”

“That sounds perfect.” I said, “So when did he find out that you wore no panties or bra?”

“In the taxi going home from the restaurant, I took his hand and pushed it into my cunt. I ended up with my mouth pressed against his, trying to stifle my moans as he finger fucked me to a beautiful orgasm. When we got out of the cab the driver gave me a big grin, so I think that he knew what had happened, anyway. Ralph only realised that I had no bra when we got home and I stripped off.”

I asked Rosemary if she wanted to tell me anything or ask me anything.

“Yes one question that only occurred to me afterwards. The other night in the bar, Ralph said that I should not fuck or suck anyone, for health reasons, yet you and he encouraged me to invite Sam home with us, knowing that he would be fucking me. How come?”

“Well Sam is a special case. Ralph and I both know him well and we trust him not to give you any STDs.”

Then I said, “I think that, while we wait for Jules and Jim to get here, we should take your training a step further. I'd like you to eat my pussy, please.”

“But, I'm not a lesbian.”

“I didn't for a moment think that you were. Nor, I assure you, am I. Still almost everyone is a little bit bi. It's good if we can admit this to ourselves, and enjoy it. How about it?”

“OK. You'll have to tell me what to do.”

“Just do to me the things that you like done to you. If I want something different I'll tell you.”

I spread my legs for her and she dived in. For a beginner she was very good. Within minutes I was building to my orgasm.

“Oh! Fuck yes! Oh!”

“Hello! Hello! It seems that you started without us. Are we too late?”

“Not at all.” I replied, “Rosemary is ready for you two to fuck her. I was just encouraging her to recognise the bisexual side of herself. Despite a little reticence she did a really good job on me. Thank you, Rosemary.”

Then I continued, “Rosemary? Have you ever been fucked in the arse?”

“No. But I don't think that I want to.”

“Why are you here Rosemary?”

“To learn to be a slut.”

“Well, the most deliciously sluttish thing that I can think of is being fucked by three cocks in your three holes at the same time, but for that you must first learn to take a cock in your arsehole. How about it? I think that you will enjoy it, once you get over your inhibitions.”

“Mmm. Well it was really hot when I watched Jules fucking your arse while Jim was in your cunt. I suppose that I should try it at least. Will they be gentle?”

“Of course! Jules, will you get the lube please? What I suggest is that you take Jules in your arse first, then, even if you don't enjoy that you can still look forward to Jim fucking your cunt. How does that sound?”

“OK, I guess. I'm still not enthusiastic, but I am here to learn.”

About ten minutes later: “Oh! Oh! Fuck me!!! Oh, yes! Oh, Jules.”

Jules was plunging his cock in and out of Rosemary's arsehole, while diddling her clit with one hand. Far from the pain that she had feared she was enjoying a magnificent orgasm. Then Jules pumped his load of cum into her and she came again. Jules' cock shrank and slipped out of her arse, followed by a trickle of his cum, mixed with the lube that he had used. Rosemary and Jules lay together in post-coital bliss. Rosemary actually dozed off.

I left them on the bed for a while, not wanting to spoil the experience for Rosemary, but I remembered that Ralph was waiting up to hear about Rosemary's new experience tonight. After some time I suggested that Jim try to wake her gently, but he found that she had slipped into a deep sleep, and he could not wake her without taking extreme measures, like shaking her violently. I was still keen that she leave each session with us with a pleasurable memory, so I told him to leave her asleep.

I rang Ralph and explained the situation. He was thrilled that Rosemary had enjoyed being fucked in the arse. At the same time he was really disappointed that he would have to wait until tomorrow to hear her deion of her fuck. Finally, as a compromise, I invited him to breakfast early next morning, and he accepted.

Then Jim and I got into bed beside Rosemary and Jules, who was also asleep. We have a huge bed which can comfortably accommodate Jules, Jim and me plus a couple of visitors. Jim and I fucked each other, then we too fell asleep.

To be continued in Slut School 4.

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when he took off his pants his cock was so cvreud that it was a half circle and reminded her of the shape of a Cherrio. She said, she couldn’t figure out how to have sex with it.

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