On a rainy day.....
On rainy night while I was coming home until my ex-boyfriend kidnapped me. I was 20 and still a virgin I wanted to stay that way until marriage. John my ex took me to his house and tossed me on the floor of his bedroom. I broke up with him because we wanted to get me pregnant. So then John took off my clothes with force. He cut my bra and panties off with a scissor. He stripped himself his cock was 8 to 10 inches. He took me thrust me on the bed and started to kiss me. I felt him move down to my breasts it felt painful I had sort of large breasts. Then the worst was him moving to my pussy, he licked it and kissed it. I thought I felt him bite me so I gave a blood curdling scream. But the neighborhood John lived in was abandoned. No one would come here. Just then I felt his cock touching my pussy I was begging him not to go in me but he did. I was so wet it didn't hurt but just then he cumed. I was starting to cry and he said, " I guess you will be pregnant with my wonderful child '. He has violated my asshole to it doesn't feel good having that every day. Ever since I got the baby girl I would be fucked three times a day after meals. Now I am 23 John still loves me I don't. I have been living with him ever since. My little girl Jessica is three, She is learning about porn from her father everyday. She said she wants to do porn when she grows up. John told me our little Jessica will have a baby with him. One more thing now I get a cock in my asshole, and Jessica watches.

Please don't give me any bad comments it is very hard living with John. My name is really Sparkle.

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2014-02-28 13:51:56
yZTokW Fantastic article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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2014-01-08 21:05:35
h2B4K3 I cannot thank you enough for the post. Will read on...

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2013-12-09 17:24:08
thats sad, sounds like something from YOUR MOMS BASEMENT OOOWWW!!! gigidee gigidee guuu

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2013-10-03 14:44:24
This is fucking sick!!

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