A miracle birth
The vet would examine me occasionally usually while I was strapped in my milking rack. He would shove a thermometer up my ass and then put a vinyl glove on that went up past his elbow. He would lube it up then insert his whole arm into my vagina. He would feel around in there and then withdraw and squeeze my breasts some. He seemed satisfied with my progress and would leave without saying a word. As the months went by and I got bigger and bigger it was more difficult to make the journey over to the milking barn. I waddled over there with my big belly and tits. I had long gotten over my nakedness and would let loose with pee and poop wherever I felt like it. Let someone else clean it up.
They eventually just let me sleep in my milking stall so I didn't have to walk there everyday. When I had about 2 months to go they stopped milking me. It was very painful to let my tits dry up. They were swollen and hot. They gave me some injections to help. All I did everyday was lay around eat, drink, pee and poop. The vet came in more and more as I approached my due date. As my time was running out he had a more and more concerned look on his face.

One morning I woke up and had a stomach ache. I was cramping and felt like I had to pee. I crawled to the corner and started to piss when all of a sudden a big rush of fluid gushed out of me immediately followed by a strong cramp. I knew I couldn't pee that much so it must have come from my pussy. Those must not be cramps, but contractions. I was going into labor. I called out for help but the sounds of all the milking machines drowned out my cries. After what seemed like hours of contractions getting closer and closer together a ranch hand finally came in to check on me.

I looked up at him and was able to say, “Please get the doctor, I am in labor.”

He ran out and soon the doctor, his assistants and the ranch boss rushed in. The doctor instructed the assistants to pick me up and place me in the milking rack. This would give him better access to the birth canal he had created and hopefully aid in he birth of my baby. The placed me in the rack and strapped me down. One of them placed the bit in my mouth so I had something to bite down on. The doctor placed a long glove on his arm and shoved it up inside me. He felt around and then withdrew it.

He said, “You are almost dilated all the way, it won't be long now.” The ranch boss was pacing and I got the feeling he was more concerned that the calf would make it instead of me. The contractions were very close together now and I had an overwhelming desire to push. The doctor felt around inside me again and said, “OK Mama you need to push now, this baby calf is ready to come out.” On the next contraction I bore down and pushed with all my might. As each cramp hit I push again. The vet said, “Good keep doing that, you are making progress.” I kept doing it over and over again. I was so tired but I seemed to not be making much progress. I heard someone shout out, “I see a leg” The vet said to me, “Listen Mama I have helped birth hundreds of calfs. I am going to need to help you get him out. You keep pushing and I am going to grab him and help pull. Boys hold her down while I grab on.” The ranch hand and assistants held me and the vet sat down behind me and placed his feet on the rack for leverage. He reached up and grabbed the leg of my calf that was sticking out of me and said, “OK now push.” I did and at the same time he pulled. I started to feel some movement and soon he was able to grab another leg. I was totally worn out and knew I would pass out soon. I didn't know how many more times I could push. Finally when one more big contraction hit I pushed with every last bit of strength I had. I felt him pulling and pulling and finally the calfs head and shoulders cleared my opening and the rest of him came out with a rush of fluid and goo. He landed in the vets lap. The vet cleared his mouth so he could breath and I heard his first bleat. “It's a boy.” The vet said and a cheer rose up from the ranch boss and everyone else.

As soon as I heard that first bleat from my newborn calf I felt a change in my breasts. I was so tired but as I laid there in the milking rack I had an overwhelming desire to nurse my baby. The vet and his assistants cleaned him off and after awhile he was able to stand on wobbly legs and they led him over to my breasts where I was already dripping milk. My new son latched on to one of my teats just like nature intended. I was sobbing quietly, so happy I was able to give birth successfully and both me and my calf had survived. The feeling of a new life nursing on my milk was overwhelming. They left me alone with my baby while the vet cleaned me up and checked to see that I wasn't damaged from the birth. They moved me back to my regular stall and let my new baby calf stay with his mama. I rested and let him nurse whenever he wanted to. I drank lots of water and ate like there was never enough.

After a couple of months he had grown so much. He was eating grain and I knew he would have to be weaned from my milk soon. One morning when I woke up he was gone. I looked around in a panic. The door to my stall opened and the ranch boss walked in.

He said, “Mama you did so good. That bull calf of yours will be a champion some day. It was time to wean him and we will take good care of him. He is very valuable. You will still get to see him. I want to tell you about our new plans. You have become an outstanding milk producer. The demand for your special milk is through the roof. We need to start back on our regular production cycle. I have talked to the vet. He thinks in a couple of months if everything goes right we should be able to breed you again. He says that you did so well in the birthing of your calf that you should be able to become a prolific breeder for us. We still own the bull that bred you the first time and there should be no reason why it wouldn't work again.”

He turned and left again not asking me my opinion. Was this going to be my fate? Being milked like a cow everyday and getting fucked by a huge bull so I could get pregnant again? A sudden rush of goose bumps came over me. I had dreamed of that huge bull cock entering me again and I knew that's what I wanted.

So I fell back into my old routine. I was milked twice a day. I had a clean stall and decent food. I would get shots now and then. More hormones I am sure. I noticed my ass was getting quite large and my hips had widened. My breasts stayed huge and looked more and more like cow udders everyday. My labia was becoming more pronounced and the lips stuck out and looked swollen. One day the vet came in my milking stall and personally gave me a shot. He said, “OK Mama this one should do the trick. In a couple of weeks you should be in heat and ovulating.” That meant they were getting me ready to be bred. I shuddered with the anticipation.

Sure enough in a couple of weeks I could feel changes in me. My breasts were more tender. I felt a warmth in my gut. The most noticeable change was my vagina started producing a thick fluid that was sticky and slick at the same time. I was producing copious amounts of the stuff. It was actually dripping from me. I guess they noticed this because one day instead of taking me to the milking barn like normal my ranch hand led me across the paddock to another building I had never been in. It was a medium size barn and inside I saw the ranch boss, the vet and a few other ranch hands standing around. They led me over to what looked like my milking rack but this one was stronger looking. A couple of the ranch hands bent me over it and strapped me down. I still had my bit in my mouth. My big ass was sticking up in the air and my swollen dripping labia was fully exposed for all to see. The vet came over and stuck a thermometer in my ass and checked my temperature. When he pulled it out and looked at it he turned to the boss and said, “She's ready.” Some of the ranch hands moved a big device over to me. I recognized it as the breeding ramp Holly had used when she bred me to the bull the first time. When they had positioned the ramp over me I smiled knowing this was going to happen. I was going to be bred again to a bull.

I smelled him before I saw him. That same earthy animal smell. I heard his heavy hoofs as they led him forward. It was the same bull that had bred with me before. I could hear him snorting, sniffing the air in the barn. Did he smell me? They led this huge beast closer. I could feel his hot breath on my butt. He was breathing in my scent. They didn't have to spray anything extra on me. I was in heat. On his own he lowered his huge head down closer to the source of the smell. I felt his hot breath on my lips and then he stuck his huge wet tongue out and licked my folds to have a taste of the source of this wondrous smell. I moaned from that feeling. I heard one of the ranch hands say. “Man look at his bull cock, it's getting huge.” I knew just how huge it could get. He continued to lick me. My clit was now huge. 2 inches long and across. I was going to cum soon. I guess they thought he was ready because the pulled him forward to go up the ramp. As he moved his great bulk up the ramp over me I knew he was getting closer to being inside of me. He was snorting now and I knew they were lining him up. I guess things looked good because I heard someone slap his rump and he moved forward. I felt the huge flared head of his cock touch my outer lips. There was no need for additional lubrication I was leaking like a faucet. They slapped him again and he took another step forward and two feet of thick bull cock went up inside of me.

I heard some gasps from my audience. Once the big bull felt my warmth and tightness he knew what to do. He stepped forward again and the rest of his cock, all 3 feet of it went inside of me. I heard a few “Oh my God's” from the crowd, but soon I was lost in the feeling of being bred to this beast. Did he remember me? Did I feel the same as before? He started to squeeze his huge ass muscles and move his bull cock in and out of me. He was in so far I felt his big bull balls slapping my new clit. This was going to send me over the edge for sure. He was picking up his pace, slamming his big flared head into my cervix each time. The only sound I heard was his heavy snorting. He was pistoning in me now close to his climax. I lost it myself and had my first female orgasm. I shot out fluid all over his cock and balls and my vagina spasmed. That squeezing sent him over the edge too and I felt his seed boil up along the long length of him. He stopped and pressed forward as far as he could go, sealing himself against my cervix. I felt his seed gush out of the end of his great cock. The pressure sending it directly into my womb. Shot after shot of potent bull semen went far up inside me. It seemed to go on forever when finally he started to slow down having unloaded his huge volume in me. His cock started to soften but it was like he didn't want to pull out. Finally when the ranch hands knew he was done they started to back him down the ramp. His cock though soft now was still huge. It came out of me like a big snake. When the head got to my entrance it came out with a pop like a champagne bottle being opened. They placed a pan under me to catch any valuable bull semen that dripped out of me while they led their champion away.

After they led my breeding partner away a ranch hand came back to check the collection tray he placed underneath me. When he looked in it he called the vet over. The vet looked down and said, “Hmm nothings in it. I guess she took the bull’s full load up inside her. That’s about 2 liters of semen. That’s enough to get 100 cows pregnant.” There was a lot of backslapping and high fives among the crew. Pretty soon everyone left the barn except my normal ranch hand. He unstrapped me from the rack and led me back to my stall to rest.

I returned to my normal routine the next morning of twice a day milkings. About two weeks later when I woke up I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t eat because my stomach was upset. They led me to the milking barn and my private stall and hooked me up like normal. The ranch hand noticed that my breasts were tenderer to his touch and felt warm. About an hour in to my morning milking the vet stopped by. He patted me on my ass, which was quite wide now, and started an examination. He stuck a thermometer up my butt and moved up and felt my breast. He then got out a stethoscope and listened around my belly. Finally he put a long glove on his arm and stuck it way up inside my pussy and felt around. When he was done he put his things away and knelt down to talk to me.

He said, “Mama I have some good news. You are most definitely pregnant again. I am worried though. When I listened to your belly I heard two heartbeats. I’ll have to confirm it with a sonogram but I think you are going to have twins” My heart skipped a beat. He continued, “That bull shot so much semen into you that any egg you had floating around in there was going to get fertilized. The hormone we gave you to put you into heat must have caused you to drop two eggs instead of one. But don’t worry, you handled your first pregnancy well and we will do everything we can to get you to carry these to full term” He stood up, rubbed my ass, gave it a little spank and then left.

It was confirmed that I was pregnant with twin calves. My pregnancy progressed pretty much the same as the last one but I was getting a lot bigger. They stopped my milk production early to let me rest. About a month before my due date my water broke and I went into labor. The vet had been watching me carefully and said this was normal with twins. They used the same method as before with me strapped to a rack face down with my ass in the air. I had to push really hard, but the vet knew what he was doing and helped pull two healthy baby bull calves out of me. They were a little on the small side, but he assured me they would grow up to be champions. It was quite a feeling having my two babies each suckling on both of my teats.

A number of years have gone by since I arrived at the HO ranch. It really feels like my home now. I have calved five times so far. For some reason they are always bull calves. They usually breed me in the late summer and I calve in the spring. My last two that were born were from being bred to my first born son. He grew up to be even bigger then his father. I sure know his cock is a lot bigger if that is possible. He won Grand Champion at the State Fair. I guess incest is commonplace in the cattle business. I am pregnant once again, but this time I was bred to a Champion Black Angus Bull from a neighboring ranch. My owners insisted we do it the natural way instead of artificial insemination. The owners of the bull had no idea that it was me being bred. This ranch wants to keep that a secret. If I can produce a quality crossbred Brangus bull calf they already have a buyer that will pay a lot of money for him. I have gotten used to my calves being sold. It’s a little sad but that is just the way this business is.

I have become very valuable to them and they know it. My milk production has dropped off a little as I have gotten a little older but they are still getting top dollar for it and if the supply drops then the price will just go up. My breasts are still large but not as firm as they used to be. They hang lower now and with my long permanently stretched nipples they both look more like a cows udder then a human breast. The ranch hands still tell me they are beautiful but I know there are just being kind to me. My ass and hips are quite wide now. Almost as wide as a real cow. Giving birth has become a piece of cake. They have decided to let me get pregnant about five or six more times, but will spread them out more. What they have also found is that the breeding bulls produce a lot more potent semen and a higher volume of it if they let them breed with me instead of just jacking them off. So when I am not pregnant they take me into the breeding barn and let a bull fuck me having placed a rubber diaphragm over my cervix. They will then collect the potent semen as it flows out of me into a special container. When I am into this type of collection routine I usually have sex with the bulls 2-3 times a week, but I have done it with two different bulls in the same day when they had a buyer that was in a rush for fresh semen.

Not a bad life I think. Will they ever let me retire? I don’t know, someday I hope, but not yet. So much of my old life has been totally forgotten. I can’t even remember my old name. I am just Mama Cow now, number 348, and that’s fine with me.

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