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Not the first story I've written, but I had an extreme fantasy about this girl. Hope she doesn't see it.
It's beyond me how some one as petite as my little sister could find clothes that were so form fitting, much less that she was wearing them at home while alone in her bed room, but I will never forget that evening, or any evening thereafter.
Her music was blaring through the walls, while I was trying to take a nap, no less. So, after growing tired of hearing the same Red Hot Chili Peppers song played over and over, I knocked on her door. It was ajar, and I quickly realized that she couldn't hear me knocking, no matter how forcefully I did so. I walked in. Though I don't like doing so most of the time, I didn't feel I had a choice in this situation. My head was killing me. I could smell the weed and I was out, so I was hoping, at least, she would let me take a hit or two.
She looked up a bit startled, surely thinking that our mother had arrived home and had walked in on her smoking. She was slouched in bed, wearing a tight white tank top that clung to her 34a sized breasts, and a pair of horizontally striped rainbow panties, that clung to her hips and right against her mound, but no apparent cameltoe. She had her thighs pressed together and quickly put the bong down next to the bed.
"Hey, Hannah, let me have a hit of that."
"I just killed it."
"Well pack up another one, and put some pants on, and turn your fuckin' stereo down."
"I don't have to put pants on, I'm in my room, and you shouldn't walk in here like this. No, you're not allowed to smoke MY pot."
"Well, I can always tell Mom that your boyfriend just left ten minutes ago, and that your other boyfriend left an hour before that, and that two of my friends were leaving just as I got home another hour and a half before that."
She huffed and patted beside her on the mattress, scooting over to one side as I sat down and she packed another hit, immediately handing it over. I took a big drag and held it in, passing it back to her as I pressed against the headboard. Blowing it out, I kept my eyes closed and blew it out slowly.
"Damn. Headache?" she said, poking my side.
"You got it." as I opened my eyes.
She smiled when I looked over at her, she sat the bong back down by the side of the bed. "Pretty good stuff, isn't it?"
"Definitely. I only need that one. How much did you smoke?"
"I packed it twice...all the way."
"Damn, why?"
"Honestly, it makes me horny as hell. I've been fucking all day. But you knew that, already." she stuck her tongue out at me, taunting.
"Yeah, I heard some of it, too. Thanks."
"You're welcome." sarcasm, but I was used to that from her.
"Well at least one of us is getting laid. My girl dumped me, I guess it was for the best, anyway."
"Probably, she was a fucking bitch to you."
"She was on birth control and still made me use a condom."
"WHY!?" she exclaimed, "fuck condoms, I never make some one use them. I like being filled up."
"No, it's fucking hot! And there was too much of a hesitation, there, bro."
"I would've liked to, admittedly."
She stretched out, being five-foot-four with shoulder length brown hair and dark eyes, and weighing about 130 pounds. Even I recognized that my little sister was very cute, and if I wasn't her brother, I would probably be trying to fuck her myself.
She quickly hopped forward on the bed on her knees while bending over, pressing her shoulders down on the edge of the bottom of the bed, leaning over to turn her stereo down a bit so we didn't have to talk so loudly over it. She had a cute ass, and the way the cotton from her panties clung tightly to her body didn't help my thoughts. When she sat back, she slouched again so she wasn't sitting completely upright, the panties being pulled back, exposing a tiny tuft of pubic hair and clinging tightly to the shape of her pussy, the lightly defined cameltoe drawing my eye for a quick glance until she regained composure.
"Besides," I said, "she never liked when I came, anyway. She always said there was too much."
She perked up a bit at this point and laughed, wiggling a bit beside me, she looked at my boxers, "Nice hardon. Looks big. Gonna tuck that back in?"
I looked down and noticed the tip of my cock, just the very tip peeking out of the fly of my boxers. The button was still together, and the slit wasn't even showing out of the fly, but the small fleshy piece of skin was, clearly, a part of my cock, "Meh, too lazy."
"Let me see," she slapped my thigh.
"Ouch, you fucking bitch. Why not, I guess you've seen everyone else's." I unbuttoned the fly and let it fall around my cock, six inches long, but very thick. She smiled wide and laughed a little.
"WHAT?!?" I freaked out a little, my pride a bit hurt. She suddenly grabbed it around the base and squeezed, almost painfully, her fingers barely making it all the way around my cock.
"It's fucking FAT!" she jerked me off very slowly a few times, pulling a large drop of precum from the tip, "wow, that's a monster. I've never seen that much come out of one before."
I was stunned, I could hardly do anything but watch in a stoned stupor as my little sister grabbed my cock and stroked me tightly, as if she had done it many times before. While slowly moving her face closer to my cock, she pushed her tongue out and licked the precum off of the tip. She wrapped her hand around the head of my cock, while leaving the tip exposed, and pulled downward, opening the hole of my throbbing piece. She dipped her tongue inside, then sucked on the tip while she pushed her hand back down to the bottom, pulling the head into her mouth and rolling her tongue around it before pressing her tongue to the underside of my cock and sucking in pulses.
She closed her mouth around tightly after pushing all the way down, making herself gag for a few seconds, before sucking as hard as she could all the way off of it. Her lips finally fluttered over the ridge of the head of my cock and pulled off with a pop.
She smiled, "I would never make you wear a condom. My pussy's full already, but I want more. Want to see?"
I nodded, trying not to reveal that I appreciated what a huge slut my sister was. She let go of my throbbing cock, but kept her eyes trained on it, sitting on the bed and leaning back a bit. She pulled her striped panties over, already soaked in cum with a painfully obvious stain right over her open, lubricated hole. Her well-trimmed pubic hair clung to her body, the small patch soaked in the mixed juices that were being pushed out as a result of her own extreme arousal. The cum pumped inside by several other males starting to overflow, she arched her back and pushed her hips up to keep it inside, wiping off a large dollop from the outside and immediately sucking it off of her fingers, swallowing without hesitation.
"...That's only four?" I asked, watching her do the filthiest thing I had ever seen a girl do (but not the filthiest I would see).
"No, it's more or eight, I lost count after awhile. I swallowed three!" she said, pushing two fingers inside of her hole with an obscene squelching sound, scooping them out with another large wad of cum that she also immediately swallowed.
"Holy-" I started to say as she shoved them back in, this time pulling them out and pushing them right into my mouth. I swallowed, feeling obliged.
"OH, wow, that's fucking hot," she said, and spread her hole open so i could see how used she was that day, "want more?"
I easily slid my tongue inside of her open fuckhole, getting her to hold it open, and wrapped my lips over her whole cunt, sucking hard enough to hurt as the rest of the mess inside fell into my mouth. I swallowed hard and sat up.
"That was unfair. I worked hard for that. Now you have to give me more."
I grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking on it hard to pull her over to my side of the bed, and grabbed around her waist to flip her over at the same time, shoving her shoulders down against the mattress. I pulled my arm from around her waist and pushed it between her legs from behind, lifting her ass into the air roughly with my palm covering her soaking wet mound, having to press with the tips of my fingers above her pussy somewhat hard to keep my hand from slipping off. I then hooked my fingers underneath the waistband of her panties and yanked them down, still keeping a tight grip on her hair as I pulled them under her knees and off of her ankles. I rubbed the thin, soaked, stained cotton against her pussy hole, trying to cover them in the remaining cummy mixture.
"Hey, not so rough." she said, attempting to roll over to her back again. Without hesitation, I immediately yanked on her hair hard enough to hurt, she yelped a little, but calmed down and didn't complain otherwise. At the same time, I roughly shoved 2 fingers into her hole, covered with the panties. I began feeding the soaked fabric into her open cunt until only one of the sidestraps was left outside.
"You're weird!" she exclaimed.
"I felt you tighten your cunt around my fingers when i shoved those in and yanked your hair, don't pretend. Plus," I quickly, and with some minor force, smacked her pussy several times in a row, my fingertips against the hood of her clit as she moaned lightly at first, but grew in intensity as the shocks of pain went through her body, "your clit is like a rock."
"I'm just high, that doesn't me-" I yanked the soaked panties out of her cunt and shoved them into her mouth as soon as I saw her teeth part a bit to finish her sentence, "mmf..."
Letting go of her hair, I smacked her face hard enough to leave a mark, "Suck on those."
She did, swaying her ass left to right in front of me as I rested my cock between her buttocks. I grabbed the inside of her thighs after reaching around her hips, yanking them open so her legs were spread wide. I grabbed my cock and pushed it inside easily, another wet squelching sound filling the room from her pussy, I twitched it inside.
"You worthless little cunt. You really do let anyone fuck you," I pulled her by the hips up a bit, pushing forward so the tip was smashed against her cervix, "have you ever fucking charged some one to fuck you?"
"mmmhmm!!" she groaned, looking over her shoulder at me while rocking her hips back and forth to feel my cock slip in and out of her burning hot, dripping wet fuckhole.
"Not much, I bet." I quickly pulled out almost all the way, letting the ridge of my cockhead pop out, I followed by slamming it back in as hard as I could.
The panties fell out of her mouth as she screamed from the shot of pain working up her spine, "Fifty! Fifty and I let them cum inside!"
"But fucking your brother, for free, that's even more fucked up and that's why you're dripping on your fucking mattress."
Her eyes rolled back, her whole body shuttering, I could easily feel the goosebumps pop out over her hips, ass, and the back of her thighs as I ran my hands downward, I slapped her ass almost as hard as I could, "Good girl." I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as she pulled off of it for a moment, immediately reaching back between her legs and shoving it back in.
I pushed my arm up her stomach and leaned over her a bit, grasping around the base of her neck, I held tight to impede her ability to breathe and yanked her hair back, letting her hair go as soon as I jerked her back. As she turned to look over her shoulder, I spit on her lower back and face, slapping her hard again, I felt her clamp down around my cock once more. My cock throbbing, I started spraying a hot, thick load into her quivering cunthole, grabbing a cup from the bedstand nearby, I let the wet fuckmix drip out into it, slowly pulling my cock out from inside of her and being sure to collect all of the mixture into the cup.
After finally pulling my cock out of her used, loosened cunthole, I pushed two fingers inside, scooping all of our cum into the cup and handed it to her. I watched her gulp it straight down.
"Happy now?"
"...yes. Now get the fuck out."


2011-11-16 14:57:09
thanks for the story maybe next one his friends do her while passed out

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2011-04-24 05:26:05
good story, he needs to start selling her to his friends

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