Jenni's best friend parents died, I adopt Kati as my Daughter
Over the next few months, Jenni, Kati and I became very close, both girls were now my lovers, we shared my bed every night, Kati found so many reasons and ways to spend the night it was like she practically lived with us, we considered her family, hell, she had even moved in a few of her things since she was over so much. I was in love with my daughter, and I loved Kati almost as much.

Kati was almost as bad as Jenni when it came to my cock, when I was home there wasn’t a moment that Jenni and Kati didn’t want my cock, Jenni had taught her well on how to suck cock, she was my other little cock whore, and it was natural for her to call me daddy now, in fact Jenni was the one who got her use to calling me daddy. At one point she had even wished that I was her daddy, the events that would unfold would make that happen.

A few months after catching Jenni and Kati together, and Kati being a part of our little sexual family, Kati’s parents were in an accident, her father had been drinking, Kati lost both her parents, and she really didn’t have much along the lines of family, her grandparents were too old to take her and no one wanted a teenager, even though she was sixteen, almost an adult.

So Kati asked if she could live with us, she was just like a daughter to me, I mean after all she spent most of her time with Jenni and me, Her and Jenni were almost inseparable, so with a phone call to the lawyer and her grandparents, which is where she was suppose to go, I got permission to adopt her.
It was a rather fast paced adoption, it was like it was already set up, it only took two months, Kati didn’t seem to broken up over her parents death, she had already replaced them in her heart with me.
On the day that the papers were official, I decided to take the girls out to celebrate, (no drinking). Whatever the girls wanted to do is what we were going to do, money was no option with my baby girls, and it would be another milestone in our relationship.

First thing I did was take the girls to the mall so they could pick out some outfits to wear, I handed them the credit card and they were off, my mind wandered as to what they would buy, I was getting excited at the possibilities of anticipation of what they would be wearing.
I decided to head off to Victoria’s secret, I wanted to get them each something special to wear around the house, and then it was off to Spencer’s, a novelty shop that was at the mall which happens to sell adult toys as well, I figured the girls could use a few new toys to play with, and I had an idea for a couple toys I wanted to get as well. It was going to be a very, very good night, I now had two daughters, and they were both mine, my lovers, my life.

About an hour later I met back up with the girls to have some lunch before we left the mall, just something quick to eat, it was already two o’clock, and we had a lot to do to get ready for the night we were about to have.

We got home about three thirty, the girls headed to the shower, I spoke to the girls, “Jenni, Kati?” both in tune said “yes Daddy?” “I don’t want either of you wearing panties tonight ok.” I told them, “ok daddy,” again they said at the same time. So I headed to the bathroom downstairs so that we could all get ready at the same time, there would be plenty of time for sex later.

After we finished our showers, I passed the girls as they were exiting the bathroom, I told the girls that they were not to get dressed in my room, and that I had a surprise in there for them for later, they smiled huge grins as they headed off to Jenni’s room to get dressed, and I headed to mine to set up what I had bought and get dressed as well, We were going to leave around seven, I had made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, and then it was off to a local show, it was like a comedy tour, all in all it would be a very fun night, but Before we left for the night, I wanted to make sure everything was ready for the evening when we got back from our night out on the town.

As I finished dressing I pulled the bag out that was full of things from Spencer’s, laid it on the bed, the first thing I grabbed was the two sets of bed straps, I put both sets under the mattress and adjusted them where they needed to be, next I pulled out three toys I had bought, one set of bullets, and two identical vibrators for the girls, I put all the batteries that I needed in them and placed them on the side of the bed.
I yelled up to the girls that it was time to get going, I waited at the bottom of the stairs to watch them come down, I was in awe when I saw these two beautiful women start walking down the steps, I got an instant hard on.

Jenni was coming down the stairs first, she was wearing a tight black top, showed her breast off very nicely, as I looked down her body, she was wearing a jean mini skirt that hugged her ass like they were painted on, a pair of nylons, and some really sexy four inch black heels, like fuck me shoes, Next was Kati, she had a red top on, not quite as tight as Jenni’s, but still showed her beautiful breast, next on her was a skirt as well not as short as Jenni’s but it was just as tight, showing her ass nicely to, a pair of nylons and her shoes were red, same style as Jenni’s, they could have been twins.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs they each kissed me on my cheeks, In return I kissed each of them deeply and told them how beautiful they both looked and that I was the luckiest motherfucker on the planet, they both smiled and in turn said together “thank you daddy, you look handsome as well.” And we were out the door.

I opened the car door for the ladies and headed to the restaurant, we picked a nice little Mexican restaurant, but a little upper class too, and I didn’t want the girls going out looking this good and not be able to show them off. Any guy that would see me with these beauties was going to be very jealous men.
Dinner went very well, the girls sat beside me, Kati on the left and Jenni on the right, the conversation veered towards what I had planned for the evening, but I wasn’t going to tell them I wanted it to be a surprise, then I felt a hand start up my leg from my knee, it was Kati moving towards my cock, I turn towards her and kidded her as her hand found my cock, then on the other side of me my Jenni grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy, to my surprise she had no panties on, I could feel the smoothness of her pussy on my finger tips.

My cock was rock fucking hard, I had the hand of one daughter on my cock and my hand was on my other daughter’s bald pussy, this was going to be a dinner to never forget.

The waiter came to the table to take our order, since there was a table cloth on the table he couldn’t see what was happening under the table, and boy would he fucking flip.

He made notice to my girls, and said, “Senior, you have two very beautiful daughters.” Looking at him I smiled and said, “Yes I am very lucky, in more ways than you know,” The waiter was probably around eighteen, just older than my girls, he started talking to Jenni, smiling like he thought he was going to make a connection, he asked me if it was ok if he could ask my daughter out, I replied, “that’s up to her,” Looking at Jenni he asked, “would you like to go out sometime,” Jenni smiled and politely told him, “I am sorry, but we can’t go out,” he asked, “why?” and what Jenni answered back was something I couldn’t believe, “well because I am fucking my daddy and he’s the only man for me,” that boys pants popped out, he got a hard on.

He finally gained enough composure to take our order, we placed it and he left the table, I saw him drop the order with the cook and then ran off to the bathroom, probably to crank one off with what he just heard, fucking pervert, I hope he washes his hands.

I turned my attention back to what was going on at the table, I slid one finger between Jenni’s moist pussy lips, she was so fucking wet, I inserted a second finger in her pussy, and she leaned back a little with her eyes closed as my fingers penetrated her deeply, Kati on the other hand had unzipped my pants and had her hand in my shorts, with her hand wrapped around my hard throbbing cock, slowly stroking it up and down, the head of my cock rubbed against my shorts making it sensitive.

My fingers were soaked being buried in Jenni’s pussy, I had my thumb rubbing her clit, she started shaking nearing an orgasm, while Kati was stroking my cock in my pants, Jenni leaned in and grab my head and kissed me hard on the lips, just as I was about to cum in my pants the waiter returned with our appetizers, damn it, I was so fucking close to Cumming, and I knew Jenni was too.

The waiter had a puzzled look on his face as we straightened up in our seats, with huge smiles on our face. He had come with the first part of our dinner; I could tell that he was pondering what we had been doing, if he only knew.

As the waiter left the table Jenni grabbed the hand that had been in her pussy and licked it clean of her juices, made my cock jump in my pants, then Kati leaned over me and kissed Jenni tasting Jenni’s juices on her lips, it was fucking hot, I couldn’t wait to get these ladies home and taste both of their juices on my lips.

The waiter came back with the rest of the dinner, still puzzled as to what was going on, the waiter looked at Jenni and asked, “are you sure you wouldn’t like to go out sometime?” Jenni smiled, and replied, “Do you see this man sitting here? He is my daddy, and my daddy is the only man that I want to fuck, not you or anyone else!” the waiter looked at Kati as to ask her the same question but was stopped short when Kati said, “before you ask no, he is my daddy too and I am fucking him as well, so no I am not interested in you either.”

The waiter scurried away with his head hung down like he was pouting, I watched him as he made his way to the waiters waiting area, and started talking and pointing at our table, no doubt he was telling them about what we had said to him, I didn’t fucking care, I had these two ladies and no one would ever take them from me.

We continued eating our dinner, trying very hard to keep our hands to each other to save it for when we were out of the restaurant, but as I looked around I noticed that the wait staff couldn’t stop looking over at us, but as I watched them, a woman walked up to the table, she stated she was the manager and her name was Julie, she was an attractive woman, she had a nice body, beautiful vibrant red hair, falling just past her shoulders.

Julie asked if what we had said to the waiter was true, I replied, “yes it was, and he was bugging us.” “Was that the truth?” Julie asked. “Are you a cop or something? I asked. She replied, “no not a cop, but very interested in possibly joining you sometime, would you like my number?” I looked at Jenni and asked, “What do you think?” “She is beautiful daddy, I think she’s hot, get her number Daddy.” I looked at Julie and smile and said I would love to have her number, she pulled out a pen and paper, jotted down her number and planted a kiss on the paper, handed it to me, and as she started to walk away the waiter walked up, she grabbed his arm and I heard her tell him that whatever the bill, it’s on the house. I smiled as I watched her sexy ass walk away with a little bit of a strut to it, she knew what she was doing, she was fucking teasing me to know end.

We finished dinner about fifteen minutes later, it was a great meal, and anything that we needed the manager, Julie made sure we got it, when I looked at the bill it was just under seventy dollars, wow I thought, I need to pay for at least part of it, but Julie snatched the bill from my hand and said, “I told you it was on the house sweetie,” I smiled and said, “thank you, that was very nice of you.” With an evil smile Julie shot back, “don’t worry, I am sure we can figure something out, if you know what I mean.” With that, we said goodbye and headed to the car.

Our next stop for the evening was a movie, it was kind of a chick flick, but I wanted my girls happy, it was a movie they had picked out, called Eat, Pray, Love, as much as I wasn’t into chick flicks I went to make them happy, and I had a feeling they were going to make me happy while we watched the movie.
We got to the movie; it was almost nine, the movie started at nine fifteen, so we had plenty of time to get our seats. We got our popcorn and goodies and went into the theater, to my surprise there weren’t very many people in there, most of them were either lower or towards the middle, the girls decided to get seats all the way at the top where no one else was, and nobody was behind us.

I sat down, jenni was on one side of me, Kati was on the other, the arms of the chairs lifted up so there wasn’t anything between the girls and I, it was rather comfortable, I could let my hands roam all over their bodies like this, I was thinking dirty thoughts, my cock was getting hard.
The lights dimmed and the movie started, I had an arm around each girl with a huge smile on my face, and a hard on in my pants, what could be better?

We watched to movie, about thirty minutes into it, I slid my hands off the girls shoulders to their laps, I knew that they were not wearing panties because I had told them not to, so it was perfect for what I was about to do, just the thought of their naked pussy was enough to make me crazy.
Both of my hands found what they were searching for, the girls pussies, I pulled their skirts up just enough to slide my fingers into their pussies, Jenni sighed, as she felt my fingers penetrate her, Kati actually jumped a little bit as she felt my fingers begin to probe her pussy, both of them were very wet, and I could feel the heat from their pussies, I pulled my fingers out and licked each one of them tasting their juices, it was intoxicating and so fucking hot.

I returned my fingers between their legs and started to finger fuck them, making sure my fingers went deep and my thumb played with their clits, Jenni kept it as quiet as she could, but Kati was starting to get a little loud, I leaned over and told her she needs to keep it down or we will get in trouble, she put her hand over her mouth to help keep it muffled, instead she took my fingers into her mouth and started sucking on them.

I kept finger fucking them with two fingers, harder and harder, as deep as I could get my fingers, I wanted my girls to cum for me, to cum for their daddy, about another five minutes I felt the girls start to shake, Jenni grabbed my arm, Kati grabbed my leg, they were Cumming together, and this was fucking hot. I held my fingers in their pussies until their orgasms had finished, when I pulled my fingers out, Kati grabbed the one that had been in Jenni and Jenni grabbed the one that had been in Kati, they licked my fingers clean of their juices.

My cock was rock fucking hard, ready to burst out of my pants, that’s when I felt Jenni’s hand go over my belt and into my pants, grabbing my cock with her soft hands, it felt so wonderful, her hands always felt good on my cock, while Jenni was in my pants Kati helped by undoing my belt, button and zipper on my pants, finally my cock popped free of its confinement.

My cock was poking out of my boxers, hard as iron, Jenni pulled Kati close to her in front of me and I heard her tell Kati, “suck daddy’s cock,” Kati Looked surprised and said, “I can’t do that in here,” Jenni reached her hand up behind Kati’s head and forced her down on my cock, literally pulling on her hair as she did.

With Kati’s lips wrapped around my cock and Jenni holding her head down, jenni leaned over and kissed me, once she moved her hand off of Kati’s head, Kati went at my cock like no tomorrow, sucking it and stroking it, but I had to be careful I didn’t want to cum, I still had other plans for the night with them.
After a few minutes, Jenni pulled Kati off my cock so that she could suck on it, Jenni sucked my cock like no other, she was the best I had ever had, but then again she had been sucking my cock since she was ten so she knew how to really work it, she knew what daddy liked, I knew she could make me cum if I wasn’t careful to hold it in.

I had to stop Jenni only after a few minutes, she was sucking my cock that good, when I lifted her head from my lap it was just in time because an usher was walking in and up the stairs to check on things, Jenni Leaned over me grabbed Kati and kissed her hard on the lips just as the usher looked over, he nearly dropped his flash light, but didn’t say anything he just turned around and walked away.
I put my pants back together and straightened myself up, my cock was still rock hard, but I knew that before the night was through it would be taken care of, and to think I came close to Cumming two times already, the load that I would blow later will be huge, hell it will be enough for both of them, and oh how much they loved their daddy’s seed.

There was only a few minutes left in the movie, so we finished watching it, when the movies over I wanted the girls to wait until most of the people had left, but as people were leaving I noticed a lot of them looking up at us, a few with smiling, others looked at us in disgust.
I didn’t care and neither did the girls we were happy, but for all they knew we weren’t father and daughters; we were just perverts in the movies.

We headed home, It took everything I could to try and keep the girls off of me while I was driving, so since they couldn’t mess with me they got in the backseat and started to mess with each other, I didn’t think it would get as heavy as it did, but boy was I wrong, it got smoking hot.

I adjusted the rear view mirror so that I could look as I drove, but making sure I paid attention to the road, it was more verbal that I heard than actually seeing, Jenni took her shirt off, and then helped Kati out of hers, within minutes they were kissing and fondling each other in a hot mess, then I heard Jenni tell Kati, “I want you to eat my pussy,” Kati asked, “are you sure Jenni?” “I told you to eat my pussy Kati, eat my pussy now!” as Like in the movies Jenni grabbed Kati’s head and pushed her into her wet waiting pussy.
My cock bounced back to life, I liked the dominating side of Jenni, she mush of got that from me, it was a totaling fucking turn on, I heard Jenni moan, then told Kati, “slide your fingers into my pussy, finger fuck my cunt you little bitch,” the words coming out of her mouth were words I had never heard her use before, but it was turning me on and giving me ideas.

I wonder if they were like this when they were alone and I wasn’t around. I think I will find out later.
I continued driving, and listening and catching a peek every now and then, they were both topless now, no bras, no shirts, their skirts hiked up around their waist, only now they had moved into a sixty nine position, they were eating each other’s pussies out like it was their last dinner, both girls were moaning and squirming in the back seat, Jenni was on the bottom her back was arched up, Kati being on top was really grinding her pussy on Jenni’s face, I almost lost my load.

I need to get these girls home quick so I could join in the fun, this was a show I really wanted to watch, not just peek or listen, and I wanted it in front of me live, It took us about thirty minutes to get to the house, we were five minutes away I told the girls that they needed to put themselves back together before we got to the house, with one final orgasm from each of them they, started to put their clothes back on, they were done by the time we got to the house.

I barely got the door closed behind me when I walked into the house when the girls turn around and started to rip my clothes off of me, tearing their clothes off at the same damn time, here we were three naked bodies, ready for a fuck fest that had been building up over the course of the night.
I told the girls, “ladies, daddy has a surprise for you up in our bedroom,” the girls got huge smiles on their faces and ran their naked bodies up the stairs, titties bouncing, and ass’s shaking, it was a beautiful sight, I heard the girls shriek out in joy as they saw the toys and straps on the bed.

I headed up the stairs, my hard cock bouncing between my legs, I couldn’t wait to get in the room and get ready to do to these girls what I have been doing for a long time, fuck them good and deposit my daddy seed deep inside them.

I made the girls lay on the bed, one facing the head of the bed, one at the foot of the bed, as they laid down, I proceeded to attach the straps to each of the girls legs and arms, making sure they couldn’t move, then I placed blind folds on each of the girls so that they couldn’t see what I was doing.

First I took the bullets, and placed one in Jenni’s pussy, and then one in Kati’s pussy, once I made sure they were in, I turned it on to the lowest setting, both girls jumped, I smiled, then I started to alternate the speeds on it watching the girls try to squirm, but not being able to for the fact that they were tied down.
Their pussies were wet, I put the control down and left it running, I used a hand on each girl as my fingers found their clits, I slid a finger into each of them and my thumb on their clits masturbating them, their bodies were being violated by the toy and my fingers, Jenni was moaning and begging me to fuck her, Kati was almost screaming and begging me to fuck her too, but that would be coming soon.

Next I grabbed the dildos that I had bought as well for the evening, I pulled the bullets out and inserted the vibrators inside their pussies, and turned them up on high, made the girls jump, Jenni moaned, “oh daddy, I like that,” I kissed her as I pushed it in deeper, I heard Kati moaning as well, but no words, I leaned over and kissed her too, I shoved her toy deep inside her as well, these two girls were in orgasm heaven as their bodies twisted, jerked and spasm from the toys in their pussies, my cock could be harder than it was.

I brought my cock up to Jenni’s mouth and shoved the head between her lips, she opened her mouth to accept my penetration, and I slowly fucked her mouth making sure she took it as deep as she could.
When I was close to Cumming, I pulled my cock from between her lips, and pulled the toy from between her legs, then undid her straps, but left Kati tied down and blind folded, I whispered into Jenni’s ear to do what she wanted to Kati, Jenni got an evil smile on her face as she kissed me deeply.

Jenni took the toy that had been used on her and placed it on Kati’s clit, causing her to arch her back hard and exploded into an orgasm, after a few minutes Jenni replaced the toy between her own legs and got between Kati’ thighs and started eating her pussy, as I guided my cock to Kati’s mouth, forcing my huge cock into her mouth, she sucked on it and licked it like a kid with a lollipop, but I still didn’t want to c um yet so as I got closer to Cumming I pulled my cock out of her mouth then kissed her, Jenni had eaten her pussy into multiple orgasms.

When Jenni saw that I had moved my cock from her, she kissed up Kati’s body stopping at her breast to suck on her hard nipples, she even bit them making Kati scream, then Jenni kissed her on the lips, Kati was still tied down and blind folded.

Jenni looked at me and said, “Daddy I want you to fuck Kati while I sit on her face and make her eat my pussy, fuck her hard daddy,” I smiled and undid the straps to Kati’s legs, and got between them, Jenni turned to face me as she put her pussy over Kati’s mouth, and I slid my cock in with one thrust.
Lifting her legs up as I buried my cock, I had Jenni right in front of me, I took one of her breast into my mouth, keeping a nice rhythm while fucking Kati, she was doing one hell of a job on Jenni’s pussy because Jenni was shaking and trembling with orgasm after orgasm.

“Daddy, I don’t want you to cum in her yet, I have other plans before that,” I replied, “anything for you my baby girl.” Jenni lifted off of Kati’s face, her face was covered with Jenni’s cum, I let Kati’s legs down as I leaned forward to lick Jenni’s juices off of Kati’s face, and she tasted so fucking good.
Jenni released Kati from the straps and took off her blind fold, Kati grabbed Jenni and kissed her hard on the lips, it was beautiful. Then both girls looked at me and told me to lay down it was daddy’s turn to enjoy his girls, Jenni told Kati to sit on my face, and face her as Jenni lowered herself on my cock, my cock was hurting to shoot my load, it had been building all day.

Jenni knew how to ride my cock, nice and slow then a rhythm that blew my mind every time, , Kati’s pussy fit perfectly on my lips, my tongue slid deep inside her, tasting her juices, drinking her in, what I couldn’t see was Kati and Jenni, but they were playing with each others titties, and kissing each other, all I could think in my mind was it has to be fucking hot to see, but my cock and mouth were happy with their task they had.

While eating Kati’s pussy, I felt a finger on my chin as Jenni started playing with Kati’s clit making her grind her pussy harder on my mouth, and then felt fingers by my cock, it was Kati playing with Jenni’s pussy, it was nothing but an orgasmic mess and it was wonderful, I was in heaven with my two baby girls.
Jenni and Kati had multiple orgasms, now it was time to change it up, I wanted Kati on my cock and Jenni on my mouth, I wanted to taste my baby girl, her pussy was the sweetest I had ever had, Kati was sweet too but damn Jenni was the best I had ever had.

The girls moved off of me getting ready to switch up, buy before they did I was caught by surprise, Jenni came to my lips and started to kiss and lick all of Kati’s juices off of me like a hungry she wolf, then Kati slid down to my cock and engulfed it, licking and tasting all of Jenni’s juices from it, it was like the both had a thirst for each other’s juices, and a hunger for me.

Now Jenni held my cock as Kati set het hot wet pussy down on it, Jenni looked down at me and said, “open wide Daddy, her comes your baby girl’s wet pussy,” I smiled as my face disappeared between her thighs and he pussy was on my face, she smelled so wonderful, tasted as sweet as honey and was hotter than Georgia asphalt in the middle of July.

It was almost an instant replay of what they had been doing when they were on top of me in the other position, both girls seemed to orgasm at the same time, both of their bodies shaking and rocking hard, it was amazing what I could do to these two little cock whores, but they were my cock whores and I was keeping them forever.

It was time to get my release, I had been holding it for a long time today, I think that I had enough cum built up to load both of these beauties up, to pump them full of daddy seed, I lifted Jenni off my face and then Kati off my cock, laid them both back onto the bed, I wanted to fuck my girls good and hard to finish the night off.

I wanted Jenni on her back and Kati on top of her, so I could fuck Jenni then Kati, top and bottom, I could fuck Jenni on the bottom then pop my cock into Kati and switch back and forth fucking their pussies hard and deep.

While I was fucking the girls they were playing and kissing it was fucking hot, it made my cock even harder, and my daddy seed was ready to explode from my cock deep inside these beauties, I pulled my cock out and had Kati lay on her back next to Jenni, I wanted to look into their eyes as I filled their pussies with my daddy juice.

Jenni was first, she was always first, I had promised her that no matter what I would always cum in her first, she was my true baby girl, my daughter, but like I said I had enough built up that I was going to make sure both of them were dripping from my juices in them.

I pinned Jenni’s arms down as my cock buried deep inside her in one push, making her moan, I pounded her pussy hard, the way she liked it, Kati was sucking on her tits, Jenni’s body started to shake in an explosive orgasm, her face and body blushed red as she felt me shoot a load deep inside her, but I was careful not to shoot it all in her I wanted to make sure I filled Kati up as well, one final push to bury my cock and to keep from Cumming I held it there until her orgasm started to subside, I kissed Jenni deep as my cock slid out of her hot wet cum covered pussy.

As I moved over to Kati, jenni told her to get on her hands and knees, I was puzzled at first until she uttered her next command, “daddy I want you to fuck her doggy style as she licks your cum from my pussy,” I smiled and assumed my place behind Kati’s ass, as Jenni settled herself in front of Kati’s head, she grabbed her hair and pushed her down to eat her pussy, and as she did I heard her say, “that’s right Kati, be a good little bitch and suck daddy’s cum from my wet pussy,” and to my surprise Kati answered, “you know I love eating your pussy after daddy cum's in it,” “been doing it for years, just like you love sucking my pussy when daddy cum's in it .”

I never knew that they did this, no wonder Jenni and Kati never really “cleaned” up after I fucked them, they cleaned each other up, and that was fucking hot. As I pounded Kati hard from behind she ate Jenni’s pussy like she was starving.

I felt my balls start to get tight I was getting ready to cum, Kati’s body was blushing as she began to cum, jenni was screaming, “fuck her daddy, fuck her pussy hard,” as Jenni was exploding into an orgasm from Kati eating her out, it was the last straw as my cock exploded deep inside Kati, I grabbed her hips and pounded even harder as I shot my load, when I was drained I left my cock deep inside her I didn’t want any to leak out yet, Jenni was shaking and moaning in her own little orgasmic world.

I had finally released my load that had been building all day it felt so fucking good to have filled both my baby girls up with my seed.

We were all spent it had been one hell of a night of sex, and love, I loved my girls they make me the happiest man in the world and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I hope Jenni and I had made Kati’s adoption party one she would never forget.
Jenni slid between Kati’s legs, she wanted to taste her daddy’s cum from Kati’s pussy, she ate Kati out until she orgasm again, then we collapsed together on the bed and drifted off to sleep, to dream of what had happened, and what was yet still to come.

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Not sure if I should rate this positive or negative. Too much wrong in the spelling g and grammar, along with the poor punctuation and massive amount of duication of dialogue. Good plot although somewhat duplicative of a previous story using a restaurant manager named Julie. Work on yor skills and maybe I will come back and grade it.

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