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Blind Date

I moved to Sydney about 12 weeks ago and started university at UTS, about 4 weeks later. My study group consisted of 4 women, me and 2 other men. I got on with them pretty well and we started visiting pubs in the area, to find the best place to drink. As I got to know these people I found out that 3 of the women were lesbians. I’ve got nothing against lesbians but there seems to be a lot more now days. Anyway I did get on well with Tracey, who already had a boyfriend.

Tracey and I would always talk about different stuff, study and so on. On this one Friday night just after we started our second beer for the afternoon, Tracey received a call on her mobile phone. She started speaking to the person on the other end. I wasn’t at all to interested, when Tracey said, “Yeah I’ve got a friend that will come out. Yeah he’s kind of cute. Hang on.” Then she said, to me, “Jason do you have a girlfriend? You’re not gay are you?” I just shook my head and she said, “Good, you’re coming with me. I’ll tell you in a minute.” Then she went back to the phone and told the other person, “Yeah he’s single and he’ll come out too. Good I’ll meet you soon. Great.” And that was it.

After the phone call she told me that her boyfriend and friends of hers were going out on the town and they had another female friend that was single. Straight away I didn’t like being matched on a blind date, as I had a bad experience once before. I said, “I hope you don’t want to try and match me up with someone? I hate that kind of thing.” Tracey looked at me and said, “No we’re just trying to make sure that everyone’s paired. There’s Mick, my boyfriend, Rhoda and David and there’s Jessie. We’re going to meet for dinner then go on to ‘Jackson’s on George’ Mick hates it when there’s a fifth wheel. So you’re coming ok.” I just nodded

We had finished our third schooner of beer when Tracey told us that we should go and meet the rest of the crowd. We walked down to China Town to an out of the way restaurant. Tracey was telling me about this place, they found, with the best food for a cheap price. As we entered Tracey went straight over to a man and planted a kiss on his face. I saw sitting behind him another couple only. I thought that’s right I’m the fifth wheel. I walked over to Tracey and was introduced to Mick, the man she kissed then Rhonda and David. As I sat down, not wanting to ask if my paired partner decided not to come, I saw this beauty come walking out from the rear of the restaurant.

She was about 170cm tall, honey blond hair, tied in a pony tail, slim waist, decent size breast, but her smile was infectious. Mick slapped me on the shoulder and said, “This is Jessie, I hope you like?” I just nodded my head. Jessie came over and we were introduced. As soon as I saw Jessie, she seemed familiar to me. I couldn’t remember where I had met her before, so I dismissed it. Anyway we sat down and started talking she was telling me that she worked in the same department as Mick, and she was new in town, after transferring from Brisbane.
Jessie and I talked we had similar tastes when it came to ordering. She asked about my studies and my life. I told her about studying computer science, that my parents and sister lived in Canberra and that I was looking for a job. As the dinner progressed Jessie and I seemed to have a lot in common. After dinner, we all went to Jacksons on George and enjoyed the atmosphere there.

It was 2am when I suggested to Jessie to take a walk along the fore shores of the Botanical Gardens, she agreed and immediately we set left the others. As we walked along our conversation went through many different topics. Jessie really seemed to be a unique woman, who eyes always lit up when she was excited about something, whose smile was infectious and seemed to be interested in me.

It was later in the morning we’d been walking for nearly 2 hours. Jessie was suggesting that it was time that she went home. We went looking at train time tables, but the next wasn’t until 6am I suggested to Jessie that she could crash at my place, using the sofa bed in the lounge. Jessie hesitated for a while. I smiled and told her she could trust me, so reluctantly she agreed.

We back to my place and I set her up on my sofa bed. As soon as she was comfortable I left and went to my bed. I thought to myself that this was an extensively beautiful babe, who was smart and funny. I didn’t want to jeopardize as it may be that she was really into me. So, I lay on my bed just thinking about Jessie. She was so hot I could just imagine what she looked like with out clothes on. I started stroking my cock, bringing it to its maximum erect height, just thinking of Jessie. I was taking my time when I heard, “Uhhmmm” I looked at the door and standing in the doorway was Jessie, watching. She said, “Is that for me?” I didn’t know what to do and just said, “Uh. Yeah.”

Jessie walked over and took off her top, leaving her in panties. Jessie stood above me and leant down taking hold of my member. She started stroking my cock, which felt wonderful and I was starting to feel cum rise up from my balls. Jessie stopped took off her panties and lay down next to me, taking hold of my cock as she did so.

I took hold of her head and kissed her hard on the lips. Jessie kissed me back and our tongues probed each other. As we broken our kiss I leant down and took her nipple between my teeth and pulled on it. Jessie just groaned at the feeling of the pain and pleasure. I reached down and grabbed hold of Jessie’s pussy, which was bald of any hair or follicle. Using my fingers, I started rubbing her in a circular motion across her slit.

Jessie was moaning louder, she was still holding onto my cock, every so often she would jerk it then stop again. Jessie’s juices started to flow from her slit and as they poured onto my hand I rubbed it onto her skin. Also, her juice had that fragrant aroma, which could be best described as a spicy perfume. I sucked on her nipple nursing it into my mouth Jessie was groaning and panting as I sucked on her. I let her nipple go and kissed her breast, then moved down to her navel and kissed all around it. I stuck my tongue out and begun to rim her belly button, letting my tongue slip in every so often. Using my mouth, I covered her navel and let my tongue bath her to the depth of her navel.

I could feel, every so often, small ripples run through her body. Jessie was groaning deep from her mouth, when she placed her hands upon my head and started to push me towards her pussy. I allowed my head to be driven to her pussy and drank in the aroma that was seeping out, along with her juices. I placed myself between her legs and took time to look at her cunt lips. I saw her pussy lips, which appeared as a delicate flower, and the majora which appeared to be puffy, at her arousal.

I placed my mouth around her slit and using my tongue, let it glide up to the clitoris, and then ran it down until it just touched perineum, then I start over again. The more I tongued the slit the more I tasted her juices which became plentiful. I let the juices run over my tongue and sucked it into my mouth tasting the delicacy which was Jessie. I placed my hands on either side of her slit and spread her flower wide, opening her hooded clit to me. I used my tongue to bath around and at the clitoris, until I felt that soft tissue harden to a point. By now Jessie had placed her hands around my head and was pushing her cunt into my mouth.

The ripples that were still running through her body were all directed to her clitoris and I could feel as well as hear her mount towards an intense orgasm. I stopped my licking and took her clit into my mouth and clamped my teeth around it, sucking as hard as I could. This was all that was need and sent Jessie over the hill. Her orgasm was incredible with her cunt expelling large amounts of juice from her pussy, her legs fastening to both sides of my head. I could feel her body stiffening to her incredible orgasm, which gave voice from her throat in form of a deep moan.

I held onto her clitoris until her orgasm subsided enough to allow me to raise my head. I raised myself up and climbed up next to her, lying down on the bed. I still had her juices plastered all over my face. I could smell her spicy aroma which filled my nose of this beautiful woman. Jessie turned over on her side and faced me. She moved her head so our lips could meet and kiss deeply. Jessie started licking my lips after which she said, “Oh that was fantastic, and I can still taste myself on you.” Jessie kissed me once more then took her mouth away and kissed me on the chest. She moved her mouth down and took one of my nipples into her mouth nursing on me, which only heightened my arousal further.

Jessie moved her mouth to my navel and licked it, and then she moved her mouth to my cock. She laid her head down upon my pubic mound looking at my manhood and using her index finger to run up one side of my cock then down the other. Then she touched my piss slit and drew it away, letting a trail of pre cum follow her finger. She stuck the finger into her mouth and withdrew it. Jessie raised her head and licked around the edge of my cock. She bathed the head with her tongue which was all I needed and I shot my load at her face. Some of my cum hit her eyes, other went into her hair, still more was shot into her mouth. Jessie straight away placed the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked as much as she could and then swallowed what she had taken. I watched as this woman scooped up the cum that was on her face and placed it into her mouth. Finally when she had taken what was left she laid next to me and said, “Has it been a long time since you had a blow job.” I just nodded.

Jessie and I lay there side by side. I asked her about her life and she told me a bit about it and also how her brother had taken her virginity. She told me about how he loved to be sucked and that he taught her how to please him. She also told me that she had other family but didn’t know where they were, as she hadn’t seen them since she was 5 years old. We lay there just talking when I reached over and started flicking her nipple with my finger. Soon, I was pulling on it and rolling it between my finger and thumb. Jessie reached down and started to jerk me off again, until I was hard.

Now I reached down and stuck my index finger into her wet slit, pumped it in and out, then rubbed it into her clit. I was ready and Jessie just said, “Well I think you have a job to do?” and she smiled. I moved over on top of Jessie and placed the head of my cock into her waiting snatch. I slowly pushed in and straight away felt the velvety feeling of her inner walls, grasping my member as it made its way up inside her. I was able to push all the way into her until I bottom out at the entrance of her womb, the cervix.

Now I began to slide in and out of this beautiful woman’s delicate canal. I could feel her juices surrounding me, as I rammed into her. Soon Jessie raised her legs and surrounded my hips, placing her heels on my arse. She knew how to fuck using her heel to aid me when I rammed into her cunt and our groins collided into each other. Now we were humping at each other and I was forcing my cock as deep as I could into her cunt.

Jessie was still panting and now moaning each time I forced my way in. I could feel small orgasms building and shattering in Jessie body, as her cunt would tighten whenever she groaned deeply from her throat. Jessie had at least three orgasms when I felt my seed run up through my cock towards its ejection. I knew that I wanted to hang on a little longer hoping that Jessie would have one more orgasm, when her cunt gripped my cock so tightly that I didn’t have a hope so I plunged in as far as I could go feeling my cock slip into her cervix and shoot its load into her waiting womb. Jessie just groaned louder, louder than I’ve heard and I knew that this was a very excitable woman.
We lay there arm in arm, when I felt that I should get off Jessie. I rolled to one side and lay on my back until we both got our breath back and I was able to roll onto my side. I looked over at Jessie who was still lying on her back and out of breath. I said, “You go off like a rocket.” She said, between breaths, “You fuck like a jack hammer. That was the best I’ve ever had.” I was pleased with my performance and hoped this girl would also see the other side of me too. I laid back down and after a short time feel asleep.

Part 2 That Next Morning


2013-05-07 21:23:01
Thank you for sharing your story. It got me interested. :)

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2011-03-14 06:03:48
10/10 Mate, I have really enjoy this story
Please, keep going.

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2011-03-14 01:30:31
good, need to be longer though, with more about the actual sex... still very good job

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