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Amber didnt expect to run into John ever again...
She stood there....her heart thumping in her chest, as he watched her, his eyes looking straight into hers. He wanted so badly to be strong, to not melt and tell her how much he missed her. And at the same time, he was so angry with her, for giving up on what they had.

Amber was completely overwhelmed, and caught off guard, guys at a table across from John yelling out at her for more drinks, bass thumping as the DJ played music in between stage shows, and the man who had her heart, sitting in front of her, clearly showing he wasn't ready to let her go.

She was unable to speak, her gaze wouldn't leave his, she knew she had let him down, ran away and done everything she shouldn't have. Always so outspoken and forthright with John, making for some monumental arguments, always ending with amazing sex and going to bed happy, this was completely the opposite. She had done everything she swore she would never ever do. She had let down the one man who she knew deep down, loved her for who she was.

"John..." was all she could manage to get out. "Wh...what are you doing here?" As she watched him, trying to divert her gaze as Glen, her boss looked on, to make sure she was OK.

"I came to see you Amber", he said firmly. "I finally tracked you down, but I never thought I'd find you in a place like this", as he looked her up and down deliberately, then looking in her eyes to see her reaction to that comment. The old Amber would've fired straight back, but not now. She said nothing in reply, knowing it wasn't her time to speak at all, she had to take whatever he threw at her, she had cut him deep, and she knew it.

He looked directly at her breasts, spilling out of her corset, some amazing cleavage. "I see you're fond of showing a swarm of men your assets now then"?, as he glared at her, knowing what a stickler she was for not being considered a whore, or giving off any remotely sexual signals to guys. "How things change", John said, sipping his scotch and coke.

She suddenly felt self conscious, knowing what he must think of her right now, hoping he knows why she's doing this, wanting so badly to gain his acceptance, but outwardly trying to portray that she was strong and confident, and didn't need his judgements of her anymore. "Actually, not a lot changes, the environment might, but the person doesn't", she said, looking straight back at him. "Yeah...right", he says, eyeing the money tucked into the cleavage of her corset, at the front. "So...$2000", John says, circling his finger around the top of the glass. "I assume your boss told you?", his eyes not meeting hers now. "Yes, he did, but why would you do that John?", Amber is confused, looking at him. "Because I miss you, and I obviously need to pay to get your attention these days...", he says condescendingly. "Go Fuck Yourself John", she says as she goes to storm away and Glen eyes her marching past. "You ok?", he says. "Fine...Im fine", Amber says as she walks out the back desperate for some air, feeling claustrophobic, her corset not helping, as she fans herself with her hand and stands in the cold air.

She sits out there on the steps for 5 minutes, then composes herself, reapplys her scarlett red lipstick, sprays some more Coco Chanel, and walks over confidently to John. "Come this way", she says as she swishes past him, walking with grace, leading him to a corridor to the side, with 6 rooms all in a row, and a bouncer manning each of the doors, on alert, ready if required. John follows like a puppy, he stares at her ass the entire time, having missed her amazing body so much, visions of her arching her back and screaming in ecstacy flooding back into his mind as he walks, his scotch and coke in hand. They get to a room and the Bouncer says Hello to Amber, suprised that shes going in there, normally not her style at all as he eyes John suspiciously.

"If you need me, yell", he says as he eyes John up and down, as John walks in a little smugly, knowing every guy in here would love to be in his position right now, in his tailored Armani suit, he walks inside and sits on the chair in the middle of the room, drink in hand, as he sips and watches Amber. She looks at him "'re actually serious about this then?", she says, as she stands at the cd player. "I never joke about money, Amber, you of all people should know this", he says as he lets his gaze move up from her ankles up to her ass, her body turning him on so much, even just gazing, as he adjusts himself a little, and takes off his suit jacket. "Could you put Britney Spears on, that baby one more time song, thats the one I want", he smirks as he hangs his suit jacket on the table and walks back to his seat, knowing she would be having instant flashbacks to their schoolgirl roleplay fantasies where she was a naughty little girl who needed to be punished with a good fucking by her teacher.

She doesnt look at him, sighing loudly, as she loads it up and it starts, she turns to him and parts her legs a little, standing 5 feet away from him as the music starts and she runs her hands from her hips up over her breasts and up through her hair, and seductively walks over to him, her eyes not leaving his. Its obvious his heart is racing, hes missed her so much, nervously sipping his drink, as she gets up within reach of him, and straddles his legs, parted a little bit, and sits, taking the drink out of his hand and placing it on the ground next to them, as she runs her hands through the back of his hairline. She can smell his cologne, she's always loved it. She knows the effect she has on him, and hopes he doesnt realise the effect he has on her. He can only stare at her longingly, his breathing heavier, as he watches her, and she tries to maintain some sort of confidence that isnt real. The only guy shes ever lapdanced for before, is John. And now, here she is, on his lap, pushing her breasts into his chest, as she blows softly over his left earlobe, and into his ear. She can hear him breathing onto her face, he is being a gentleman and not touching her, knowing she could grab the Bouncer at any moment if he did. She wants so desperately to kiss his earlobe, like she used to, as she ran her hands up and down his spine, but she knows she cant. She cant cross the line. She is happy that the loud music lessens the noise of her breathing, as she lets her hair run over his face and neck, and then sits back a little to look at him, as she straddles his body. Her corset wasnt built for sitting! And her breasts are almost showing nipple now, as he cant help but look down at them, the want for her is displayed clearly in his eyes, as she grabs his tie, and acts like her hands are climbing it, one after the other, moving up, until her face is right next to his.

He can hear her breathing now, the desire is obvious in her eyes too, he doesnt know that her pussy is tingling, its been so long, she hasnt let anyone else get close to her the way John was. Shes desperate for him to fuck her, to make her scream, to make her shudder, to feel his dick deep inside her, as she rides him, and digs her nails into his back. Shes not thinking straight, shes lost in her own little world, as their lips meet. Hard to define who even made the first move, but they lock, tongues instantly finding each other, as the kiss intensifies. So much passion, so much emotion, but yet so tender, as she feels his strong hands move around her body, and he caresses her lower back as they kiss softly and passionately. She remembers all of their makeout sessions in his car, in between classes, or meetings, dropping her off at home, they always loved to kiss. The song ended, and neither of them noticed, but they continued to make out for 10 minutes. Nobody pushing things too far, just enjoying being close to each other, and feeling each others lips once again.

The Bouncer knocks on the door, as Ambers fingers are running through Johns hair, her arms pulling his body so close to hers, as soft moans escape them both. John, ever the gentleman, doesnt let his hands move anywhere, other than to run through her long blonde locks. The knock at the door makes her jump, as they both realise what they're doing. Amber quickly climbs off John, and clears her throat, adjusting her corset and running her index finger over her lips to fix her lipstick a little. Knowing the number one rule is to not kiss the clients, but thinking Glen must know John was looking for something else if he was willing to pay $2000. She knew there were girls at work who had sex with clients in these rooms, but it wasnt something any girl was really open about.

He adjusts his tie, and stands up, knowing hes crossed the line, wondering what he should say. Such a confident, self assured business man, reduced to not knowing what to say to the girl he loves more than anything, as he walks to the table, and picks up his jacket and puts it on, and he lingers there, taking something out of his pocket. She sees him put a wad of cash on the table, paying the $2000 he said he would. His back to her as she watches him. She so desperately wants to tell him shes sorry, sorry for everything, and that she loves him, but she doesnt get the words out. She watches as he turns, and the Bouncer opens the door now, signalling the session is over, he looks at her, his gaze meeting hers for several seconds. She watches him, the confident business man isnt there, a man who is hurt is. He looks defeated, disappointed, like she broke him in two. Like hes talking to her with his eyes. She can hardly look at him, she knows... As he swallows and walks, still watching her, as shes afraid to move. Even if she wanted to speak no words would come out. He walks straight past her and nods at the Bouncer as he exits. Amber turns to the door, and see's that hes gone. She now knew for sure she had ruined something amazing...
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