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Alisons new house
I have known Alison for many years and about 4 years ago her husband left her for another woman. Silly fool that he was as she is gorgeous.

Eventually they divorced and he left Alison with the house to sell and it sold and she bought a small 2 bedroom house as there was just her.

It is a nice house. 2 decent sized bedrooms and a bathroom with a bath and shower cubicle, sink and toilet the only problem was the colour of the untiled partition of the wall in the bathroom. It was a deep blue

The main bedroom needed redecorating and the rest of the house could do with a smarten up.

As I was out of work and had done some work as a painter & decorator I said I would decorate the house for her and she said she would pay me for doing it.

We agreed that she would use the back bedroom and leave the master bedroom for me to strip the paper off and I would do that and re coat the bathroom in white. We realised it would need several coats to cover the bathroom but that was OK

She had been in the house about 2 weeks when I got round to starting.

I arrived Monday morning with paint, paper & all the necessary things.
She had already started to strip the bedroom paper and so we agreed I would finish this off and give the bathroom a coat of paint as well.

I made a start on the bathroom
Moved her washing basket into the shower cubicle and started to get ready for the painting.
She told me she was going out and would be back about lunch time

Once she had gone I took a peek in the wash basket.
There were several items of her clothing in there including a pair of light blue panties.
I took them out and held them up and thought that they were very pretty and imagined them round her gorgeous little bottom.
In the gusset was a white / yellow stain and as I held this up to my face I could smell her pussy juices.

I slipped my overall down and sat on the toilet and put the panties over my head and started to wank imagining I was tasting her cunt

Eventually I shot my load, cleaned up and put the panties back in the basket

About 1pm Alison arrived back and seemed pleased with the progress, The bathroom had one coat on and I had got about half way round the bedroom stripping the paper off.

about 3 I decided to give the bathroom another coat and went in. Alison was downstairs and not bothering me

I locked the door, not realising that the lock didn't actually work.

I ventured into the wash basket again and slid my hand down a bit further to find a pair of dark blue knickers with a stain in the crotch and then too the blue ones and sat on the toilet

I put the dark blue ones over my face and wrapped the light blue ones round my cock and started my fantasy wanking session.
I was sitting there with my head back and eyes closed when suddenly the door opened and there stood Alison with a cup of tea in her hand

She asked me what the bloody hell I thought I was doing
I quickly removed the blue panties from my face and stood up and pulled up my overall but she had seen too much

She came in and stood there
You pervert she said
Does Julie know you do this?
No I said
Well she will when I tell her she said
Please don't tell her I begged
Who Else's knickers have you sniffed and wanked over?
Please don't tell Julie I begged
OK she said carry on with what you were doing
What I said
Carry on with what you were doing
I sat back on the toilet and put my hand inside my overall.
No! knickers over your face and knickers round your cock.

I sat down and tied the panties round my face and started to masturbate in front of her
she walked over and started to stroke my cock.

Do you like the smell of me?
what do I smell like?
Gorgeous I said
I think you had better come and smell the real thing don't you

She took hold of my hand led me out of the bathroom
Kick those overalls off she said and I obeyed
Take that shirt off as well
I obeyed

She led me into her bedroom
Kneel down she said

I knelt in obedience

The she slipped her hands up her skirt and pulled her white knickers down and laid on the bed
Hutching her skirt right up and then opening her legs to reveal a hairy pussy.

kiss it she said
I objected
Kiss it or Julie gets to know
I kissed her at the top of the hairy bit
Lower she said
I kissed her just above the clitoris
she demanded
I kissed her onto clitoris and by now I could smell her
This time I kissed her on the pussy lips

Taste me she said

Put your tongue inside me
I obliged and tasted her nectar

suck me till I orgasm she demanded and I obliged

I felt her body bucking as I tongued her cunt and slid my fingers into her love hole
I went up and sucked on her clitoris and eventually she screamed with pleasure and her whole bottom lifted up as she went into the orgasm.

I released her and she lay there panting on the bed.

Fuck me now she said

Alison I am married

Fuck me she said just stop arguing and fuck me

I climbed onto the bed and slid my hard cock into her tightening cunt
It's been over 4 years since I had a man in there she said so fuck me I want to feel what it is like again

I don't have any condoms I argued
For fucks sake stop arguing and fucking fuck me - what part of that don't you understand.

I went into her and fucked her
Fuck me harder she said fuck me really hard

I let rip into her and eventually shot my load

We laid there exhausted and eventually I shrank and slid out of her

I asked if that felt better and she said that it did

I got up and cleaned up and went back to the painting.

About 5 o clock I cleaned up and said I was going home
Alison came up and gave me a kiss
Not a word of this to Julie I said
Of course not she said and I left

The next day I arrived about 9 and Alison opened the door in her dressing gown

Sorry I said Am I too early

No she said I thought we would have sex before you started the day

Alison No we cant continue like this
Yes we can and you started it wearing my panties now you are mine to do with as I like

This is all wrong i argued
Well wearing my knickers was all wrong wasn't it?

Yes but I thought we sorted all that out yesterday afternoon

Oh so giving me a fuck sorts it all out does it?

Now upstairs and the knickers I want you to wear today are on the bathroom seat.

I realised that resistance was futile and went upstairs and undressed and put the panties on. A tiny red g string.

I went into the bedroom and she was already in bed
I climbed in at the side of her and kissed her on the mouth

I am paying you to decorate my bathroom and bedroom she reminded me so I am paying you to be in this house and if I have other jobs I need doing then you will do those while I pay you.

My hands slipped between her legs and felt a very small teddy and though this I felt her hairy snatch

I think I need you to suck me again she said and pushed my head south towards her crotch.

I undid the poppers on the bottom of the teddy and got to grips with the beautiful smelling cunt, this time I was knelt at the side of her and as I sucked on her her fingers went inside the G string and started to caress my cock

It's such a long time since I played with a man as well she said

Eventually I sucked her to orgasm and got up from between her legs, my face covered in pussy juice.

Oh I haven't had a bath since yesterday I thought you liked my smell so much I would make it really smelly for you

Do you like me hairy or would you prefer me to be shaved

I said I liked he as she was and she asked me again if I liked my women shaved
I said shaved is nice

Then I will shave it for our lunchtime appointment she said

Alison we cant go on like this I am supposed to be decorating your bathroom and bedroom

Well I think you ought to decorate my pussy with some sperm she said and pointed to her cunt and said - Time to fuck me

She opened her legs and bent her knees and I duly obliged by inserting my cock into her wet tight cunt and fucking her again.
This time, when I had cum, she told me to come out and pass her the small mirror on the side of the bed

She put the mirror between her legs and looked at the sperm oozing out
Now that is well decorated she said

I got up and put my overall on and went to the bathroom to start to give it another coat of paint. She stood in the bathroom door completely naked and said that I was doing a good job.

About half an hour later she announced she was going out and that there was coffee downstairs if I needed it.

She arrived back after lunch and came upstairs to see how I was getting on. I had finished stripping the bedroom and was starting to undercoat the window ledge and door frame

She came back into the room with a pair of panties in her hand and swung them round on one finger and said It's playtime and tossed the panties across the room towards me. Join me in my bedroom she said.
I went into the bathroom and put the panties on and went into her bedroom. She was in bed and pulled the sheets back and said to me to come and join her.

I climbed in at the side of her and we kissed and cuddled and I realised she was naked.

I need my pussy kissing she announced and I headed south. as I got close the the pussy I realised that all the hair had gone she was totally shaved.

You are shaved I said, Yes just for you, It's been a long time since I was shaved.

Where did you do that I asked.

In your bath she said

You have been round to our house?

Yes I asked Julie if I could have a bath since you were occupying my bathroom
And you shaved yourself in our bath

Yes I did

Now suck me

I went down on her and sucked her bald pussy
OMG she tasted wonderful

Once she had come she invited me in to fuck her and fuck her I did.
This time when the sperm was oozing out of her I could see every fold on her pussy lips glistening with my love juice on it.

I estimated that the decorating would take about 4 days but it took almost 7 most of the reason was the amount of places I was decorating her cunt.
I think my best moment with her was when she invited me to take her doggy style. That was a wonderful feeling to be able to ram my cock up her cunt and really let rip into her beautiful body.

She still asks me to do odd jobs for her and I get very well rewarded and Julie has no idea!!!!

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2011-03-13 18:17:12
That. Sucked. Barely any detail, to straightforward, and no imGination

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