She was the owner's wife....
I did deliver the stuff to the house, but the rest is pure fantasy.....too bad.

When I was in college, I had a part-time job working at a small stereo equipment chain. There were 5 stores owned by a guy named Billy and his younger brother Paul. Paul was the guy who hired me and was the general manager of the stores and was cool as hell. Billy was the money guy and was a colossal prick. He would look at you like you just pissed on his shoe, even if you just sold a complete home entertainment system. Billy's wife Lynn was the company bookkeeper and had an office at one of the stores. My job was sweet....3 days a week I'd drive the circuit of stores and pick-up and deliver different stuff among the stores. Sometimes, I'd take stuff to a customer's house as a favor to was usually one of his asshole buddies I did this for. The jagoffs never even gave a tip for the extra work.

One day after my shift, Lynn called me aside. She and Billy had bought a set of 4 bigass speakers for their house and needed me to bring them over. Billy was out of town at some conference for pricks or something and Lynn couldn't fit them in her car....a little BMW convertible. Since they lived fairly close by me and Paul needed the van, I was able to fit the speakers in my car and would drop them off for her. They told me they'd pay me an extra couple hours for my time. Off we went.....

Arriving at the house, Lynn parked in the driveway and showed me where to back up my car to. She opened the garage and showed me where she wanted the speakers....2 in the den and 2 in their bedroom. I put the 2 in the den first and by the time I got the other 2 in the bedroom I was sweating pretty good. It was a warm day and all 4 speakers went up a huge flight of stairs. Lynn led me to the kitchen and poured me a glass of ice water. I downed 2 or 3 glasses and started to cool off.

Lynn sat down with me and we started to chat. She asked me how I liked the job and the company. I told her it was fine for now and appreciated the work, as jobs are always tough to come by. She asked me about the store managers and how they treated me when I made my rounds. "They're all pretty nice, except for that Don guy. He's kind of a jerk, but not as bad as..." I said, catching myself before I blurted out what a prick Billy was.

She laughed a bit and said, "As bad as Billy?"

I said yeah, that's what I was going to say and apologized for having the thought. She said there was no need to apologize...she was married to the guy and knew what a prick he could be. "He has really changed from when we got married. By the time he and Paul got the business up and running, he almost forgot he had a home and wife. He's always away at some trade show or whatever. Hell, I'm the one who keeps us running most of the time."

I could tell she was resentful of the guy and how he treated her, and was wondering how he could do so. Lynn was about 45 and still was stunning. There was a collage of pictures at the main store from their early days and she was a real babe back in the day and was aging great. She had long bleached hair that didn't look cheaply done and obviously hit the gym a couple times a week.....her legs and thighs were tight and she had a nice set of tits that she showed off in tight t-shirts a lot. In short, she was a MILF without the kids.

"Well, he's crazy. If i were him, I'd make sure you knew I still cared." I rambled. I was getting sort of nervous, wondering if I was going to say something stupid to cost me my job.

"How would you do that?" she asked me. I noticed she had slid her chair a bit closer to me. I told her I'd spend as much time with her as I could and would make sure her needs were met. She smiled and told me we needed to go position the speakers so the installers could hook them up the next day. We went to the den first and arranged them around the furniture. Heading to the bedroom, I had this odd feeling that she was setting this up almost perfectly.

I moved the speakers to where she wanted them, on either side of the TV console after trying a couple different spots for them. She settled on the spot and told me that was good for now. I stretched my muscles and neck. All that extra work made me a bit sore. She asked me if I wanted more water but I said no. She came closer to me and asked me if I meant if when I said I'd take care of her needs if we were married. I stammered a yes, that I would.

"What about now? Honestly, Billy hasn't fucked me in months. I think he's fucking someone on the side and I'm sick of fucking my vibrator. I need a real cock to suck and get jammed in my pussy. A vibrator can't lick my clit either. Wanna fuck me?"

I couldn't even answer. All I could do was scramble for my belt buckle. She led me over tp the bed and sat me down. Slowly, she began to strip for me. Taking off her bra, she exposed a great set of fake tits....36D at least....telling me they cost Billy a pretty penny!!! She slid her panties off and stood before me bareass naked, her pussy already wet and lips swelling open. As she came to me, I grabbed her and slid a finger inside her. She put a leg up on the bed so she was nice and open for me.

I fingered her nice and slow and she cradled my head in her arms while I did. Strumming her clit with my thumb, she rubbed her pussy hard against my hand, increasing the pace with her hips and I did with my thumb. Her breathing got hard and heavy and she pulled my hair HARD as she began to rock with a quick orgasm. Panting and moaning, she fucked my hand with her hot cunt. I felt her juices running down my hand and knew she was going to be a great fuck.

I laid her down on the bed and stood to undress. She laid there and watched me. I was 21 at the time and looked good. I was trim and athletic and have a nice-sized cock. By that time, I was hard as a rock and stood at my full nearly 10 inches. She licked her lips and told me she didn't expect to come so fast, but hadn't had a real orgasm in forever. I told her to get ready for another and got down between her legs, spreading them open. She was in fast agreement and spread them as wide as she could.

"Oh God, lick my fucking cunt. I've been dying for a mouth on me for months." she begged me. I went deep with my tongue, licking up her juices and teasing her butthole. She went wild, talking dirty and slapping the bedcovers in ecstasy. I finally got to her clit and she exploded in another rough orgasm right away....she was READY for some male attention!! She went back to pulling my hair and talking dirty while she came, grinding her spasming cunt into my face.

I kept up the furious clit-licking while she came, not letting up for a second. She could barely catch her breath and was only able to gasp in delight at what I was doing. I took my finger and tickled her butthole with it, then gently inserted it into her. She rolled her eyes back in her head and went to another level. Alternating licks of her fully-throbbing clit and thrusts of my finger, I could hardly believe what I was seeing....she made a funny noise, shook all over with another giant orgasm and went limp.

I moved up towards her face and called her name. She opened her eyes and she looked like a different person, totally transformed by releasing all that tension she had building up for those months. If I didn't know better, I'd have said she was possessed. Maybe she was, I don't know. What I do know is that she practically flung me onto my back and started sucking my dick like a fat kid inhales chocolate cake.

She obviously had years of experience sucking cock and was great at it. She took every inch of me easily, played with my balls and used her tongue like an expert. Soon, my balls were covered in her spit and my hand was tangled in her hair and I rammed her head onto my pecker, trying to bust thru the back of her head. It was like a contest...who could make the other quit first. As it was, she made me quit first. My balls began to tighten and tingle and I knew she had won. I threw my hands back and let her finish me off.

I felt my cock start to jump and i released my load into her mouth. She didn't miss a beat, swallowing every drop I pumped into her. It felt like I came a gallon and she was up to the task. Finally, I was spent and collapsed. She sucked every drop out of me and licked me dry. My face was covered with her pussy juice and I was still incredibly turned on, not even close to getting soft. She mounted me quickly and buried me inside her.

We met each other's thrusts with one of our own. I pounded up into her and she slammed down onto me. She was shaved almost clean, save for a Brazil strip and I usually trimmed my pubes, so as we slammed into each other, all wet with juices and spit, it sounded like someone clapping in the room. I grabbed her hips and drove her down even harder as we fucked. Those big fake tits bounced in my face, so I paid them proper attention with my mouth, kissing and licking and sucking them with abandon.

She arched her back and did something new...she planted her feet on either side of me and started ramming herself down with her own body weight behind her thrusts. She grabbed the headboard to balance herself and she fucked the hell out of me. Pussy juice was gushing out of her by now and I could feel a puddle growing under me. Every downward thrust made a squishing sound and the juice got pushed out of her. Finally, she reached the orgasm she was going for and began to scream and yell like a banshee. As her cunt quivered around my cock, she collapsed onto me, grunting in rhythm with the spasms I felt her coming pussy deliver.

When she finished, I rolled us both over and got on top of her. She was ready for more fucking and I was amazed at what neglecting this woman had turned her into....a completely fuck-starved beast.

I felt my balls start to stir again as I drilled her cunt and she felt it too. I tried to hold off as long as I could, but she was so tight and turned on I couldn't. I let loose with my second orgasm, right into her deep and willing pussy. She squeezed my cock with her strong cunt muscles and milked me dry with them. I let my weight fall on top of her, hoping she was satisfied. I was feeling the effects of a day of work, the extra work and that incredible wound of fucking and was ready to pass out. She wasn't.

"I want more. I haven't felt like this in years. Fuck me some more." she commanded. Reaching deep into my reserves of strength, I knew I had to keep going right away or was going to get soft and be shot. I didn't even know if I could get off again, but wasn't going to let her win again.

I rolled her over onto her hands and knees and got behind her. My cock was still pretty hard, but it needed to get wet again soon. I pushed my cock up her her pussy lips and thrust, but missed my mark. She stiffened and gasped and I looked down...I had rammed right into her asshole by mistake. She tried to push me out, but her resistance made the blood flow right back into my cock, giving me a lead-pipe boner again. She struggled for a second, begging me to go slow if that was what I wanted.

"Spread your cheeks for me, Lynn. Give me some room to fuck your asshole." She reached behind her and complied, opening herself as wide as she could go, moaning the whole time. She was incredibly tight and I could feel her sphincter grasp me with each thrust.

"I...haven't.....done....this....since...OUCH!!", she panted between gasps, grunts and moans. Since she asked for it, I started to pound her a bit harder, then harder, then harder. She picked up the pace of her reverse thrusts and was two fingers deep into her own pussy. Feeling like I could go forever by now, I began to hammer her as hard as I could. I wanted nothing more than to make her quit first, then make her finish me off as a spoil of victory.

After a minute or two of this ass-pounding, she began to shake and quiver all over. Knowing she was close, I stood up while staying buried inside her and changed my angle. It was enough for her as her final orgasm started to explode thru her. She came and came, almost ripping my cock off with her asshole. When she was finished, she dropped onto the bed, slid me out of her abused shitpipe and told me she had enough....she was done. I wasn't.

"I have one more load to drop. Get over here."

I still had no idea what i was going to do until I did it. I flipped her over onto her back and straddled her chest. My cock was covered in all sorts of juices, fluids and fuckslop and I plopped it between those big fake tits. I made her press them together and started pumping away. They grasped me nice and tight and I slid between them nice. With every upward thrust, I stuck the head of my cock into her mouth. She responded well, licking me with each stroke. It felt great, but I wanted to do one more thing. I slid up to her face and rammed into her mouth, choking her with my meat.

She spluttered and gagged and couldn't breathe because I had pinched her nose shut. She opened her mouth to get some air and I plunged deep into her gullet. As I fucked her throat, tears ran down her face, spit ran out of her mouth and resistance ran from her body. She lay there and took it like I paid a dime for her. The cries and sobs she started making were enough to make me get that feeling in my balls.

I pulled out of her and started jerking myself off, aiming for her face. She knew what was coming...literally...and opened her mouth. The first bolt exploded right between her eyes onto the bridge of her nose. It actually splashed back onto my thigh. The next couple followed suit, covering her face with hot, sticky cum. I couldn't believe this was my 3rd time coming and I was hammering her with such force.

The last couple strands landed in her mouth and on her tits. I knew I was spent for good, but wasn't going to let her off the hook just yet. "Lick me clean, Lynn. My cock is filthy with your pussy and ass. Now suck." She knew she had no choice and hesitantly took me back into her mouth. She gagged from the taste, but I didn't care. She cleaned me nice and slow, polishing my aching cock and swallowing the fuckslop she cleaned from me.

I got up off her and asked her how she felt. She was still crying, both from release and from what I did to her. She said she was okay, but wanted to be alone. I dressed and left.

The next few times I saw her at work, she wouldn't even look at me. In time, she was cool when I was around. I also was able to smile any time Billy acted like the jagoff he was, knowing I fucked the shit out of his wife and made her my whore who slurped up her own asshole off my cock.

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after moving the speakers, the jump to her asking for a fuck is way,way too fast. here is where the eroticism takes place, slooooowly, being only, say, 70% certain that something more is coming; wanting it and carefully manouvering towards it; then even if it is certain, not jumping to it but manouvering some more

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