Two cousins experiment with each other and have the best summer ever!
This work is purely fictional and takes place in current times.

My name’s Josh. I’m 14, 5’9”, and I have an average cock for my age I’m also straight.
Last summer, my grandma got me and my cousin (also straight) whom I hadn’t spoken with for more than 8 years together. I though it would be completely awkward, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We quickly became quite close and we were constantly together. We were hanging around naked in the guest room every night. I jerked off but he didn’t but he knew that I did every night. I only saw him naked once, and that was when we went to the swimming pool. He had a mass of pubes covering what looked like an average sized dick.
I was really looking forward to his summer for about 5 months now. I couldn’t wait to see my cousin James again. I arrived at my grandma’s about a week earlier again and so we had to pick him up at the train station when he got into town. When he got into the car and sat beside him our hands briefly touched and neither of us pulled away, but neither of us looked at the other either.
When we got home we went up to my bedroom where we would switch between sleeping on the bed and the blow up mattress. We talked for a while, then decided on going down to the beach that was down a few trails. We didn’t think we’d go into the water but when we got there it was such a good day it was hard to resist. We hadn’t brought trunks though. So because it was such a deserted area of beach, we skinny dipped. I pulled of my shirt, pants, and socks and looked up. He was still taking off his shirt. I pulled of my grey briefs. I had always been quite self-conscious of my cock as I had never actually compared with anybody my age before, so I quickly turned around and walked toward the water. When my dick was completely hidden under the water I turned around and saw him walking towards the water while pulling down his boxers in a sexy, yet obviously joking way. I felt myself getting hard, and once again turned around, my face obviously red. When I looked back once more he was still walking, with his manhood proudly swinging between his legs. I looked up at his face and he was grinning. His pupils darted to the right corner of his eyes. I looked that way. There was a woman watching us. Watching us a lot. She had perfect tits that were barely covered by her bikini. There. That gave me a reason to be hard.
“She’s hot.” Exclaimed James.
“Yeah.” I replied.
“I’d fuck her right up the ass if I could.” He said.
“I’d titty fuck her.” I said.
Right then she got up and started walking towards us. She had a very obvious camel-toe. When she got near us she turned and started walking up the stairs away from the beach. Damn. I had gotten my hopes up for nothing. But she did have an amazing ass. I was mesmerized as it swung back and forth.
Then my attention was returned to James. Also obviously staring at her ass. I broke the silence. “So do you jack off now?” I asked.
He was caught off guard. “Yeah.” The words stumbled out of his mouth.
“I could go for a quick wank” I said.
“Yeah me too.”
And with that we started swimming to the big rock in the middle of the bay where we were swimming.
When we got there he was the first to get on the rock. He stood up tall and yelled at the top of his lungs.
“I’m jacking off! Everybody gather ‘round!” He sat down with a grin on his face.
I got up on the rock as well. James sat down, then so did I. He put his hand around his dick and started going at it. I was staring, as he as at me. I then spat on my hand and put it around my dick. I started pumping up and down.
In 5 minutes I was done. I shot my load all over the little rock making it really slippery. I then got up and jumped into the water, arms flailing. James was close behind me.
We were swimming towards the beach, side by side, when I felt his hand around my dick. I looked up at him and he gave me an evil grin. He released my dick, leaving me stunned and swam faster towards the beach. We got back to the house and my grandparents were out. I decided that I was going to have a shower. When I got back to my room I found James completely naked, watching porn and jacking off. He saw me, and quickly got up and went to the bathroom to have his shower. I looked at the computer and what I saw surprised me. I hadn’t thought James was gay. Not even after earlier today. But on his computer was gay porn. Lots and lots of it. Now this gave me an idea. As I had walked in totally naked after my shower, I got on my side, looking at the computer, and started jacking off.
When he got back, he saw me, and smiled. Naughtily. He was also naked. And he stood there, with a boner, while looking at my boner. They were both dripping with pre-cum. No words were spoken, but he came right up to me and started sucking my cock. He swirled his tongue around on my head, then went licked up and down the bottom of the shaft. He moved to my balls and held them in his mouth. He started sucking them. Then he moved up to my dick and started bobbing up and down. He put his fingers into my mouth and I started sucking on them, he then put one in my ass. He moved it up and down. Then the second, and third. I was moaning really loudly know. I felt my balls tighten and I arched my back. “I’m gonna cum!” I screamed. And I came all over his face, getting some in his mouth. He didn’t swallow. Instead he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. He opened his mouth and I opened mine. We swirled our tongues around in an erotic dance inside our mouths. He swirled my um around in our mouths. We both took some and swallowed.
I pushed him over then and did the same to him. I swirled my tongue on his dick and licked his balls. But then I pushed his legs over his head and put my face in his ass. I started to lick around his hole, and then in his hole. I pushed my tongue in as far as it went. I started pushing in and out, making him moan in ecstasy. The whole time I was jacking him off with my hand. When he came, we kissed again. His cum tasted a lot better than mine. Sweeter, but also more sour. Less of a bleachy smell and taste as mine.
We had a lot more experiences that summer. But we’re both still straight.

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Lol "but we're both still straight" XD

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